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  1. @walt.farrell: Thanks for the link, Lisbon's solution below looks like the ticket but there's a bunch of stuff to be learned from the rest of that thread. @Lisbon: Perfect, that's exactly what I needed! I can tell there's going to be a long learning curve here, AP seems to have some very different concepts about pixel handling from PS.
  2. I'm new to Affinity, trying to unlearn 30 years of Photoshop habits, so please bear with me.... I want to recolor an antialiased icon, currently black, to some other color, color X. The icon is alone on a layer, so the surrounding pixels are transparent. The 100% opaque black pixels to be 100% opaque color X, and each of the antialiasing pixels that are n% transparent black to become n% transparent color X. In Photoshop, I would typically make a quick selection marquee around the whole icon, and use Cmd-Up, Cmd-Dn to nudge the image and quickly "lift" the icon pixels into a selection. Then I would recolor those to the desired transparencies described above by using Cmd-Del or Cmd-Shift-Del depending on whether I wanted to change it to the current foreground or background colors. (Operating from memory on those keystrokes; it's been a while and I don't have PS to pull them from muscle memory, but if I'm off, hopefully you know the ones I mean.) What method would I use in Affinity Photo to accomplish the same thing? Thanks! (BTW - I tried Fill with Primary Color, but it turned all the antialiasing, n% transparent pixels, solid. So maybe I'm just missing whatever step it takes to get the pixels "lifted" into a selection the way nudging does in Photoshop, and then Fill with Primary Color would fill appropriately?)
  3. I’ve been an illustrator user since v 1.0, and have finally cancelled my CS subscription and am trying to force myself to make the leap to Affinity tools. I’ve used multiple plugins over the years for area calculation in illustrator, and am finding it to be a real pinch not to have the feature in AD. A couple of posts above refer me link to a roadmap, but those are dead links, so no way I can find to check the status on this. Please, please, p,ease, area of a shape calculation!
  4. Oh, it really does – that's the tipping point, I'm ready to give it a full spin to see how much of my PS/AI workflows I can fit into it. Thanks!
  5. I'm a little confused about how Designer relates to Photo (which isn't out yet, I take it), since Designer seems to have bitmap editing. But I'm ready to toss the dice pending a little clarity on this big question: One recent Photoshop feature that I'm using heavily is Generator - I'd say it has made my life easier than any feature since they added layers! Yes, I'm that old. I wouldn't expect Designer to have the same functionality exactly and generate images from layers with ___.png names in imported Photoshop files. BUT, if I'm ready to start building new files and manually convert my legacy .psd files as needed, is there any similar kind of thing in Designer? Or if not, what's the nearest thing/easiest way to set up object or layer exports? Edit - I found the export tutorial, looks like a reasonable solution for now. I hope that Affinity considers something frictionless like Generator in the future though. Just using filename extensions (with a syntax for settings options) as Generator does is brilliant - no bouncing between multiple windows to set up export of the same object – and I know I've always got the current version of everything at all times, without having to open/find/target an "export" button. It may seem unreasonable to be dissatisfied about those "little" workflow differences, but with the projects and workflow I have, the click object, target settings window, choose multiple widgets to create settings, remember to push a button to export process will actually make me take a pretty big productivity hit compared to Generator. And surprisingly, it suddenly feels like a kind of archaic UX model by comparison, for an otherwise shiny new program. Cheers Allen
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