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  1. Maybe I'm missing something, but, .... Would be nice if there was a way to save a page quickly as a master page; either by keystrokes or darg-n-drop.
  2. How do we submit the InDesign feature to Serif for adaptation???
  3. Forgot to mention: The second tab in the app (App Sync), allows for application addition (that's pretty straight forward), but I'm still missing the steps in the Affinity apps which I need to perform to put everything right with the world. Thanks in advance.
  4. REcently purchased a better monitor for improved color representation. Chose the ASUS ProArt series. They are factory tuned and come with an app, ChromaTune, to select the Application sync function. Problem is, I cannot find any documentation on the Affinity side as to how to set the synchronization. Anyone have any ideas as the steps in Affinity P/D/P (v1 or v2) as to how to go about that, or if it is even possible.
  5. Thanks! You're correct (...pain). They (and the rest of the code/app-writing universe) could do remarkably better in writing documentation.
  6. Maybe I'm just missing a couple of things here, but I'm not seeing better options for these issues. So, I thought I'd just mention them: The fewer clicks we have to make, the more work we can get done, and the less amount of mental distraction to our creative thought patterns and processes. (1) At the end of my day, I need to shutdown my work. The next day, I have to re-open it. If I've had say, five or more files open and in progress at the end of that earlier day, when I go to re-open them, I have to do each separately, which is tedious and frankly, unnecessary. If simple check boxes could be put in front of the files in the drop-downs: File/Open Recent, we could just check the boxes we want and with one click open them all. MUCH FASTER AND EFFICIENT! (Also, allowing an option in the Preferences so we can adjust how many files we want listed in the Open Recent dialogue box would be helpful.) BTW, the label should be "Open Recently", not "Open Recent": grammar counts..... (2) When I have multiple files open each has a tab along the top, above the ruler (assuming the Show Ruler option is active). If I go to re-arrange those tabs by sliding them left or right, it's a MESS. they either slip out of the sequence, or open in their own box. Not good. Could that tab line be made a titch taller? Or, could there be a mouse right-click option to provide a drop-down ordering selection box??? Just a couple of thoughts. Thanks in advance.
  7. As is commonly known, syncing colors in graphics work can be challenging. To the end of wanting as accurate as possible color reproduction, we have tried a few products. Some of which are from datacolor.com. I recently inquired of them is their Spyder Checkr Photo product was compatible with Affinity products, given their ongoing support of Adobe products. In overview, they do not support Affinity products. As they stated: Might be something you may want to look into; or, if you are aware of other competing products (to datacolor), would really like to know about them. Specifically, it was their Spyder Checkr Photo product I was interested in. Thanks.
  8. Why would they use an MSIX installer? What benefits are served?? Doing so and breaking with the Windows standard seems to just add another layer of administration/care/service to the environment. (Not a fan.)
  9. Did I miss something in the emails, forums, et al that offered this information? If not, could it please be included for those who come after us? This is the sort of information we used to receive as standard practice a decade ago, and for some unknown (probably assumptive) reason(s), it now is always omitted; (apparently developers don't see the need....). For many of us (end users) it is required if we are going to dev our working environments. Thanks in advance.
  10. I just added to my first post (quoted in your response). I found that work around in the Start button on the taskbar. But, .... I still can't find the executables in file manager so I can better understand whether V2s overwrote V1s, or, are stand-alone installs. There's benefits either way, but would really like to know ahead of time. I hate to use the "oops" word. Hoping they will fix this with next rev. Thanks,
  11. Was able to find the V2 apps by clicking on the Windows "Start" icon in the lower left corner of the desktop. It comes up in the "Recommended" section; which I can open from there as well as right-click and "Pin to Taskbar". Did I miss something in the online instructions for V2s??? It is still unclear if I should have right-clicked on each app and chosen "Run as Administrator" first, and then right-clicked on it again to pin to taskbar; or, if that would have made any difference(s) in future openings of each app respectively....??? (Still can't fine the executables for each V2.....) Anyone know? Thanks again.
  12. Installed all three V2's, installed add-ins as registered. All that seems to work fine. However, when I open any of the three apps from my existing desktop icons, it still opens V1s. Rebooted Windows, tried again: same result. (Was able to pen the new V2 apps from the downloaded install executables which informed me each had already been installed and offered the option to open the program, which is what I opted for.) (When the installs of the V2s were completed, there wasn't any option to create new icons or replace old V1 icons. Also, it didn't inform where installs were being made and whether or not they over-wrote V1s or were new, clean/fresh independent installs. When I went looking in win file mgr, not seeing Affinity installs with today's date anywhere. [Really need better documentation and/or instruction content tabling, if those instructions and insights are already in the new docs - - just not finding them.] Anyone know where I can find the executables for the V2s so I can link them to the desktop??? Thanks in advance.
  13. That's fine with me. I pay for quality, and consider Affinity to be QUALITY. (I want them around for a long time.)
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