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  1. Being very new, I'm using a number of tutorials to assist my learning. In many such, in both AP and AD, when they move their cursor along either the horizontal or vertical edge of the page, the center lines of the page pop-up, usually in green lines. Mine is not doing that. I've added a pixel layer, and doesn't matter if I'm using the pen tool, brush tools, or gradient tool, as I pass along the edges it still does indicate center lines. Where is the setting for turning this one?? Here is the URL of a tutorial that describes it early on:
  2. Looks like there is quite a bit of interest for the new publishing app from Serif. I hope they see this thread. Likewise, hope they iron out any issues and add as much functionality as possible. Glad I started this thread!
  3. Thanks to both of you. Alfred, can you elaborate on what features the old version had, but the new one will not? Thanks
  4. I noticed there is what appears to be an historical version which a license is still available; but in one of my other posts someone mentioned there may be a future version. Anyone have any insight? Thanks
  5. Okay, thanks. Might want to pass on to serif, it may be worth re-offering on a pay basis. I would be interested in knowing more.
  6. Thanks, but your Welcome Screen is different than mine. Yours has four rotating images, one of which is the one in your reply. Mine only has three images rotating: one for AD, one for the AP Workbook, and one to purchase the AP for iPad. I just purchased AP this morning and downloaded so I have to believe it is the most recent version. Are you on a Mac? Maybe that's the difference, as I'm using the Win version.
  7. In the HELP section, I went through the entire list, as well as did a search for "Force Macro Pack Voll". Not seeing anything for "Force Macro Pack". I'm on Win10 so does the iPad offering even work on Win10???
  8. Thanks. Just don't want to offend.
  9. I see content packs offered for the iPad version of AP, but are there any/many offered for the Windows version? If so, please point me to where I can find them. Thanks.
  10. Wouldn't it be less confusing is there was simply a new subfolder in this forum area, just for Desktop or Windows? I'm confused if I should post here or not: The instructions say go ahead by the name of the subfolder in contrary.
  11. Your link is to AP. I'm using AD. Thanks though.
  12. That's great for Photo (and thank you for all the time and effort which went into your post); but what about videos for Designer??? The Affinity page for AD videos leaves a lot of wanting: https://vimeo.com/channels/affinitydesigner
  13. That's fine; appreciate the consideration and thought. BTW, I've been trying to use the online tutorials (vimeo) for AD. Personally, I think they're a disaster. Don't seem to be aimed at inexperienced/learning users; and, it appears no one has come up with a logical order for viewing: real mish/mash of subjects with no order or organization as to difficulty or a learning plan. Disappointing. I don't mind spending the money, but it if gets me what I've seen so far, I'm missing the value. AD seems like a great program. Too bad new users have to scratch their heads in wonderment for hours and days to get a grasp on the usage. I did order the workbook. Hoping it's a shade better than the tutorials. Thanks Mate.