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  1. It seems, from a few searches, Chrome has some issues with this type of error. Try another browser, maybe Firefox.
  2. RickyO

    ASCII symbol inserting

    Yes, just found it..... Silly me. Thanks though. (Frustration vs. finding correct help search terms. It's a beta; to be expected.) Is there an icon for the Glyph Browser in the 'Customize Tools' area? Didn't see one. If not, maybe one could be added. Just thinking via the keyboard. Thanks again.
  3. Am I missing something?? Trying to find an intuitive/efficient way of inserting the ASCII symbols without having to use the Alt- commands. Also, don't want to have to switch typeface to get just one character. Maybe a symbol sub-tool could be added? Or, a separate tool?? Just stumbling along... Thanks in advance.
  4. This may seem somewhat simple-minded, but for those who will be first-time users, it would be nice to have optional help pop-up dialogue boxes for any of the set-up pages or parameter adjustment elements. Such a feature could be switchable (on/off) in the Preference settings. This would allow for better understanding of each parameter or setting when defining a document or project; which in-turn reduces time costs, support inquiries, et al. Just a thought.
  5. Just stumbled across this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A1mOXZneX5s. Maybe someone could come up with something for Affinity Photo to compete with it. Just a thought. Thanks.
  6. RickyO

    Searching for Bright typeface/font sets

    THANK YOU very much!
  7. RickyO

    Searching for Bright typeface/font sets

    THANKS! for the quick response. I've been doing that, but not quite getting the results I am hoping for. Would like to get the neon effect with outside blur/fade (among others...). Any ideas as to which combos may get me there? Thanks again. p.s. Am also looking for an online how-to video specific to the Xenon pack (on desktop). I'm using Win10Pro.
  8. Looking to find typeface or font bundles which have the visual effects of what the Serif Xenon Brush Pack Bundle (https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/store/product/xenon-brush-pack-bundle/ does for brushes. To be used in all three Affinity packages. Thanks in advance.
  9. Had the same issue with a previous version, but was called away on some health issues so could not respond. However, two revs later I tried again and issue had disappeared. By letting Serif know, as you have, maybe they can look into their bug hx for similar. Please let them know more details, i.e. what platform, et al. Good Luck!
  10. Thanks. More recent versions have loaded without issue. Must have been addressed. Thanks again!
  11. Thanks. Let me catch-up a bit. Hopefully, later today. Thanks again.
  12. I've downloaded multiple times; tried install multiple times; even stripped out the existing content and started fresh install. All come back "Setup failed". I can reinstall 162, but 174 continues to fail.
  13. All updates prior went fine. This one, did not. Could install back to 162, but 174 simply returned a dialogue box of "Install failed". Would be nice if some hint could be provided with the fail. Any ideas? Win10Pro with a ton of RAM and SSD space.
  14. I think this thread is touching on an area I've been just introducing myself to in the last couple of months; one that on the surface doesn't appear to be related to Affinity apps, but I believe could be (and maybe should be). It started with adjusting color on my monitors, only to discover an entire science focused on color correction starting at doc/image creation and running through final output, no matter what that output is. It entails camera correction, white balance, monitor correction, printer syncing including specificity for inks, toners, different paper types, online viewing devices (work stations, tablets, smartphones and whatever device they can invent by a week from Friday). Where it touches on Affinity is, I'm wondering if such correction/syncing/matching) couldn't somehow be better served if integrated into the early production apps, such as AP, APub, AG. Just another one of those strange ideas that keep wondering between my ears. Thanks.