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  1. Just curious to see what everyone considers to be the most precise, exquisite, correctable, impressive, monitor and graphics card combination to use for photography and graphics design. (I'd just google the question, but personally I consider that to be a request for abuse from every advertiser on the globe. Would like to hear from Affinity users given I now use that.) Thanks in advance.
  2. That's input that I need. I'm already aware of the results of zooming; and the issues I'm experiencing are independent of those actions. And I sincerely thank you for taking the time. What your input does help with is narrowing down the issue, and I thank you for that. Since the images look good for you, it pushes me in the direction of seeing if my problem is due to a graphics card or driver issue; or even the OS. It is the first time this has happened on this workstation, and among a long list of possible variables, there has been a recent Win10 update, and for some strange reason a request to re-register my copy of Win10Pro. Very odd - never happened before in the three years it's been installed on this machine and no hardware has been added or swapped-out. ( I did uninstall some ebook readers I was testing and clean the registry, which may or may not have been related....). Just as a note, I'm using an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050Ti with the NVIDIA version driver, driving ASUS VE258 and VS247 monitors; just in case anyone else may be having similar issues with similar video production.) Thanks again; and, hoping to hear from others and yourself, who wouldn't mind taking a look at the images.
  3. Using Designer, running on Win10Pro, v.1903 OS BUild 18.362.239. Everything has been working well. Just tried to create some test logos and variations. Used Artistic Text Tool for the text bits. On some versions, I used the smoke brushes purchased through Affinity. Text had the effects of Outer Shadow and Outer Glow. I tried having the text elements grouped and ungrouped. The on-screen views looked great. I saved each version before trying to export. I viewed the export results in MS Photos, the elements were quite edgy/pixelated. In MS Paint, Photos and 3D Paint, the images appeared blurry. In AutoDesk SketchBook, the image was pixelated. When imported into WORD, the images were quite blurry. When I exported the finished versions in svg, jpg and png formats, the results were terrible: pixelated, edgy, and not of the correct sizing. In the case of svg exports, the text effects looked odd (squares of shading around each letter - see example attached). I then tried many versions of removing brushes, changing fonts, removing text effects, starting afresh from scratch, changing resolution (using both 72 and 300 dpi in RGB). I've never had this issue before, so am really confused as to what is different or what I did wrong. Could use some input. Thanks in Advance! RickyO Logo 1D - Text Only - Shadowed 1 - 240x100px.afdesign Logo 1D - Text Only - Shadowed 1 - 240x100px.svg
  4. Was watching a tutorial for AP on Udemy. When the author covered/switched to the Export Personna (he was on a Mac, I'm on Windows), I noticed he had five tabs above the top/left corner of the image window which offered sizing options for the export; i.e. "Export 1x", "Export 2x", "Export 3x", "Revert to auto sized", and the existing size of the image being exported. I have none of those options in 1.7 AP that I can see or find. Is it simply not available in the Win version; or, is there an on/off selection I missed? Thanks in Advance.
  5. I believe offering templates in a few website editing suites has led to their quick and successful acceptance. Not offering any endorsements, but products such as Elementor, DIVI, and others. Many offer internal methods for creating one's own template library, but also a ton of pre-builts.
  6. Seems overly complicated, especially when put on a timeline. Too easy to have parallel, out-of-sync versions and dev tracks. Unnecessary. Just my experience.
  7. Walt, I appreciate your effort. Unfortunately, I'm even more confused. Forty years in IT and dev, and the usage of the term beta over the years was consistent and quite different from what Serif is using. But that's on me. (We always used alpha, followed by beta, and then onto a final release; with all thereafter being updates, whether minor or major. This system you're describing is new to me, and seems a bit complicated: customer beta, public beta, co-existence of beta with final release versions. Is it just me, or, .....).
  8. Thanks. But with the release tomorrow, aren't the betas history? It should be the mark of moving from beta to final. No?
  9. Thanks Walt. I'm just trying to figure out any advantages to retaining the beta.....
  10. For those of us who have been testing the beta, when we receive the 1.7 version on Wednesday, how should we install it on Windows? I.e. do we do an uninstall of the beta followed by an install of 1.7; or, do we just install 1.7 over the top of the beta??
  11. Thank you. (Sometimes, I wish tutorial authors would mention all the steps they are making.) Thanks again!
  12. Just upgraded to Photo 1.7, and was watching video on new features at about 52 secs on timeline). They pointed out the 'Stock' tab for stock photo availability. My install is not showing that. What did I do wrong? Thanks.
  13. It is common for this to happen. However, my thoughts are it would only add a burden on Serif to have to staff and add functionality to accredit each offerings. Not sure how that would impact allowing them to focus more on core issues. But still, I'm sure you will see such plugins appear. Look at WordPress as an example.
  14. I'll be the first to admit, I am NOT an accomplished photo artist. In fact, I would put myself at a "3" or "4" on a 1 - to - 10 ability scale. Therefore, I am always looking for more and more lessons to increase my skills and enhance my talents. In doing so, I hope to gain the most from the Affinity tutorials, given I'm a registered user of all three apps. And therein lies the frustration. In short, when I attempt to watch the Affinity tutorials, the presenter starts by introducing the subject, and then proceeds to open an image, and in doing so, nearly always opens up a series of layers he has already created. Unfortunately, he has also renamed them, so those of us who are learning, have no (grrrrrr) clue of how or why he created them. Therefore, HOW ARE WE EXPECTED TO KNOW WHAT, OR HOW HE IS PROCEEDING? It's obvious he is 'assuming' we all can successfully guess what the hell he has done, why, and with which tools. (Beyond frustrating; more importantly, it is a terrible representation of Affinity.) Specifically, these tutorials are high on the 'frustration menu': Blend Modes (https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/tutorials/photo/desktop/video/310319088/). He calls them 'render passes'. No definition of 'render passes', (I can interpret such a term in a number of ways given it's out of context. I spent the better part of any hour searching for 'render passes' without luck.) Layers (https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/tutorials/photo/desktop/video/311178905/). Even in this video covering basic layering, he begins with a highly populated list of layers. HE KNOWS WHAT THOSE LAYERS ARE, WE DO NOT! How can we get a strong, integrated understanding (i.e. without obvious questions popping up such as, "What are those layers, why did he chose them, and how did he create them?") It would only take a few minutes to explain them and build the lesson from the beginning instead of beginning the tutorial at some arbitrary point along a learning curve. At the least, reference those tutorials which provide the lessons for creating the components he is utilizing. The list of other similar examples is long. The solution is to include the steps he has left out prior to his video starting point. PLEASE, make videos for the audience, not the perspective of the presenter. If you are going to start with pre-created elements in support of a subject, take the time to explain them. You know what they are, but if you expect us to get value from the tutorial, you have to explain yourself so we are on the same page as you. Thank You.
  15. I agree, would be very helpful; especially a selectable option. (Thanks for stating your option respectfully!)
  16. What's wrong with that??? A lot of time, effort and expense goes into development. They deserve the right to market it as they choose. No need to be sarcastic about it.
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