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  1. Thank You! So many responses, lots to try out. I'll be giving your suggestion a try. Thanks again.
  2. To All, THANK YOU! Attached is a png export (so that I'm not sending a 16Mb file). Not great, but will serve the purpose (part of a book on home buying). In it's current state, it gives me the focus I like, bright to the front with retained texture, ranging to the rear which is most shadows, with mid-lighting between. Thanks to all again.
  3. Thank you! It's all a learning curve. Asked one question and learned a half-dozen things I hadn't known. (I'll have to do this more often....) I think I found an issue that I created, oh well. I'll give your method a try of course. Thanks again.
  4. Thank you! Being still quite new, I understand the broad view of what you sent. Just hazy on the specific steps in the nesting them inside the (refined) highlights selection. You certainly nailed it. Any chance you can provide the URL to a video of the step-by-step? Thanks again.
  5. Indeed, very helpful! Due to your choice of verbiage, I actually found my issue by fiddling with some of the adjustment layers I had produced. (In this case, "less is greater than more".) It's an example of implementation of multi-variable calculus.... The video is a bit above my pay grade; but I was due a promotion. Thanks again.
  6. Thank You for the Extremely FAST response. Will give it a run. Thanks again!
  7. I'm still learning. I have an image of some landscaping boulders, see attachment. As you can see, the sunlight reflects quite brightly on them; far too much for the shot. What is a way(s) to correct just the rocks or area of the rocks without effecting the rest of the image? The problem probably started with how I photographed the shot, but it was the only angle that would work, and the time of day was not of my making. (The image is a jpeg, simply because the file size of the afp file is far too large to send along. I want to do the work in Photo, so assume any instruction offered will be done as such.) If there is an accurate YouTube or similar video, it works for me. Thanks in advance.
  8. You stated, "Another method would be to create rectangles at either edge, add an fx: gaussian blur and change the layer blend mode of the rectangles to Erase. " It appears you have compounded rectangles. Could you please give a more detailed explanation of what you did? Thank you.
  9. Thanks. I sincerely appreciate the help from all of you. It definitely helps set the direction, confirm or eliminate paths of logic, and shorten the time.
  10. How do we get this recorded into the affinity support section??
  11. Believe it or not, I found it. It’s in the Malwarebytes Browser Guard, v.2.2.0, last updated 3/6/2020 from Malwarebytes.com website. After disabling it, the dl worked. That little extension is going bye-bye.... Thanks to everyone.
  12. Someone want to tell me how after uninstalling MW, rebooting, scrubbing the Win10Pro registry, rebooting, I still get the Malwarebytes download warning/stop page??? Something smell ripe in this garden.....
  13. Interestingly enough, also have a similar dl problem using appsumo.com Appears they use another dl service which employs very long URLs to the specific downloads. That service appears to be klclick.com. Too obvious that both are long URLs.
  14. Yes, was considering it. If I do, I'll scrub the registry as well before re-installing. Giving MW a few more hours to see if they come up with anything. All has gone well with it for months. Have dl'ed earlier Affinity updates no problems. Makes me wonder if there's a variable I'm just not aware of; and if so, why now? Thanks
  15. Just an update. Nothing heard from MW. Sent them a request for update. Now 6 hrs down the road, (3:30p CDST - US).
  16. Just tried that. Bizarre. I won't let me stop the service. Error 5: Access denied. MW support just requested a rerun of their diagnostic and copies of the logs. We'll see what they say. Thanks again.
  17. I agree. Was just doing so when I received notification of your post. And thank you. It appears we may be on the same thinking path. ==================== And of course, their chat app won't allow the thread to be re-opened "at this time". I'll write that one off as legitimate due to the current Covid/staffing issues.
  18. Just a shot in the dark, but: I'm wondering if the length of the URL to the download URL could have something to do with it. It's approx 481 characters. Or if the base domain name the link points to is an issue for MQ.... Just a bit of mind-acrobatics.
  19. Agreed; tried that (disabled it), and it still blocked the download (that's bizarre). Rebooted, still problems. And, as far as I tested, it's only specific to this instance. I chatted with their support providing my side: MW is blocking an auto-download I need from store.serif.com. I've put the website into the MW allow list, I've run your support tool, I've scanned; I've even turned MW off and it still blocks the download. I've gone to the other app's site, logged-in and attempted download directly from them as compared to the auto-notification from their app. MW still blocks the download. WHY?????? They have escalated the ticket. I suspect the issue(s) are with their app. I've had good protection in the eight or so months I've used it, so suspect this to be a clitch a bit in their code. They will be getting back to me. Hopefully, whatever they find will be usable by all of us in the future. Thx
  20. Anyone else having issues downloading latest version upgrades? We're using Malwarebytes, and it is continuously blocking download attempts, labelling the site as potentially dangerous. Even if we check to let the objection pass or go into the app to allow the serif.com site, it still stops the download. Maybe Serif could look into this or contact the vendor.
  21. Just curious to see what everyone considers to be the most precise, exquisite, correctable, impressive, monitor and graphics card combination to use for photography and graphics design. (I'd just google the question, but personally I consider that to be a request for abuse from every advertiser on the globe. Would like to hear from Affinity users given I now use that.) Thanks in advance.
  22. That's input that I need. I'm already aware of the results of zooming; and the issues I'm experiencing are independent of those actions. And I sincerely thank you for taking the time. What your input does help with is narrowing down the issue, and I thank you for that. Since the images look good for you, it pushes me in the direction of seeing if my problem is due to a graphics card or driver issue; or even the OS. It is the first time this has happened on this workstation, and among a long list of possible variables, there has been a recent Win10 update, and for some strange reason a request to re-register my copy of Win10Pro. Very odd - never happened before in the three years it's been installed on this machine and no hardware has been added or swapped-out. ( I did uninstall some ebook readers I was testing and clean the registry, which may or may not have been related....). Just as a note, I'm using an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050Ti with the NVIDIA version driver, driving ASUS VE258 and VS247 monitors; just in case anyone else may be having similar issues with similar video production.) Thanks again; and, hoping to hear from others and yourself, who wouldn't mind taking a look at the images.
  23. Using Designer, running on Win10Pro, v.1903 OS BUild 18.362.239. Everything has been working well. Just tried to create some test logos and variations. Used Artistic Text Tool for the text bits. On some versions, I used the smoke brushes purchased through Affinity. Text had the effects of Outer Shadow and Outer Glow. I tried having the text elements grouped and ungrouped. The on-screen views looked great. I saved each version before trying to export. I viewed the export results in MS Photos, the elements were quite edgy/pixelated. In MS Paint, Photos and 3D Paint, the images appeared blurry. In AutoDesk SketchBook, the image was pixelated. When imported into WORD, the images were quite blurry. When I exported the finished versions in svg, jpg and png formats, the results were terrible: pixelated, edgy, and not of the correct sizing. In the case of svg exports, the text effects looked odd (squares of shading around each letter - see example attached). I then tried many versions of removing brushes, changing fonts, removing text effects, starting afresh from scratch, changing resolution (using both 72 and 300 dpi in RGB). I've never had this issue before, so am really confused as to what is different or what I did wrong. Could use some input. Thanks in Advance! RickyO Logo 1D - Text Only - Shadowed 1 - 240x100px.afdesign Logo 1D - Text Only - Shadowed 1 - 240x100px.svg
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