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  1. When editing the EPS, it shows the lines. When I edit same in Adobe Illustrator or Xara Designer Pro, it comes out neat without lines. Perhaps, Affinity Designer (I have last update) Windows X64 needs to update to correct EPS ! I look forward to hear from you Rgds Ashish 782.eps
  2. It will be really great that Affinity Publisher be doted with Templates for different printing works. For non-graphic (professional) persons like me... who do so many graphic works, Templates are a blessings. Besides, Serifs products have them and it helps so much. By the way, I am immensely pleased to have installed the so-much awaited Affinity Publisher yesterday. Congratulations and lots of success.
  3. I have taken the liberty to get some features from other professional software and are listing them which is non-exhaustive. (I have not downloaded the Beta since I am installing other software after a reformatting of my PC) and perhaps, it may have some of what are being listed. Symmetry drawing mode Easy Shadow tool Live Sketch Tool Easy Library for Apply and manage fills and transparencies For non-graphic designers or professionals and easy nodes/pen tools Non-destructive effects and be able to customize vector objects that can be edited Easy layout tools non-confused colour schemes and Creative vector Tools be able to re-use curve segments Lots of fonts QR Code generator Free Clipart HD Templates for Social media Ads Professional Templates for different sizes publications: Magazine/Newspaper, Letter-heads, Business Cards, Menu, Flyers (3 windows, 4 windows) etc Thank you.
  4. Would be great if Publisher can open Draw Plus X 8 documents/files. thank you.

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