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  1. No. MacOS did a search for the software and then installed it. There was no DMG file as you would usually get with new software.
  2. Hi. I've reinstalled the printer driver and it's still hanging. I can't locate the actual printer driver files - there's just loads of small files in the Epson folder in the Printers Directory of Libraries. Where would i find the file you want? It's an Epson Stylus photo 1500W.
  3. Thanks. Open in Preview and Save as PDF don't hang. Maybe it's the printer driver? I'll reinstall it and let you know what happens. I'm getting a similar problem with Affinity Publisher but that just continually crashes rather than hangs whenever I try to print. I've posted on the AP Bugs for Mac OS forum and am still waiting on a response.
  4. Thanks for the quick response. Attached are two screen recordings. The spinning beach ball is not showing up on the recordings but on the first it appeared as soon as I clicked on print and on the second it appeared when I tried to change the paper size. After both I had to Force Quit. Affinity Designer hang.mov Affinity Designer hang 2.mov
  5. Here it is. I'm trying to print "Drinks Mat Back" but it does the same on most of the other artboards. R&R Main file.afdesign
  6. Trying to print a document and finding a constant freeze up or hanging. It gets as far as the Print dialogue box but when I try to select an artboard to print, I just get the spinning beach ball and have to force quit. I tried copying the artboard to a new document but got the same result. Attached is the Crash Report from when I had to force quit. Affinity Designer crash Date:Time: 2019-12-04 17:21:56 +0000.pdf
  7. Sorry - only just saw this response but it's happening again. Not on a new document but intermittently on any document. Used to just be on CTL P so a workaround was to print through the Menu dropdown but now whenever I amend the print settings - eg adding crop marks. Using an Epson Stylus Photo 1500. Attached is a Crash Report PDF. Process: Affinity Publisher [2408].pdf
  8. Still getting constant crashes whenever I try to print anything. I'm using Publisher 1.7.3 and Mac OS El Capitan. Happening nearly every time now. Not good.
  9. It doesn't take a lot of working out how to duplicate a single label x number of times onto an A4 sheet. Now tell me how to print out just the 4th label on the 5th row or else four copies of the third label on the first row. This is the sort of functionality that PagePlus has which means that you don't have to print out multiple identical labels every time. This is what I'm looking for.
  10. One of the best features of PagePlus is its ability to design and selectively print out standard Avery address labels- either repeats of a single label or a sequence from a range. Each page is set up as one label design. Is this on the road map for Affinity Publisher - possibly even in the first commercial release??
  11. Also, is it possible to have a function to reorder the numeric list of guides in the Guides Manager in ascending or descending order? When adding a new guide, it seems to default to adding it at the end of the list so you end up with a random list of guides which is not easy to navigate especially if you add say a vertical guide to the left of an existing guide.
  12. I'm trying to plan out a diecut shape in AD for cutting and I have the measurements and shapes I need. I can draw a square or rectangle for instance with the Pen tool and specify in Transform how large each side is. If I draw an irregular shape, how can I specify the exact size of each side of this - or else specify the distance between each node without painstakingly having to drag it and align it against my grid? Is there a way to do this yet?
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