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  1. Hi. I am looking for the online version of the 'help' that is built in to Publisher on the Mac. Publisher launches the awful 'help' system of Mac OS ... half a screen over the top over everything etc.etc. Is the content available online sop I can view via Safari ... like Sketch does ... Thanks. (BTW. Not the video tutorials thanks ... ).
  2. Thanks thomaso ... that got me thinking ... I thought I would try to re-create your example ... My problem is that I could not link the 'Table' Stroke and Fill colours to the 'Main' colour panel the numeric opacities ... which is possibly why the opacity settings are not linked. Clicking on or in the table's cell (in the main document) does not seem to change my colours panel ... How do I click on the documents table cell and see the Stroke and Fill colour in the Main colours panel? As I click on the different table cells, Stroke and fill in the Table panel changes correctly ... it is changing the Main colour panel that has me stumped .. they do not seem to be linked ... and yet that is where the numeric transparency resides. Thanks. <edit: Have image ... but cannot upload error: -200>
  3. Hi Carl. Thanks for the suggestion ... I am either looking in the wrong place, or the main colour panel (RHS below) does not show the same value as the cell format fill panel.
  4. I need to be specific because each row has (in this case) two cell formats ... effectively two different text set-ups ... but I want the background colours of the text to be consistent across a row. Since I can multi-select Cell-formats but cannot then change them (!) then I will have to edit them separately. No matter what I do there is always seemingly a slight difference in the transparency levels of two adjacent cells if set by dragging. FWIW .. my workflows tend to work with pixels colours and numbers across elements. I would always be happier with numbers rather than sliders ...
  5. ... and as an aside ... I have selected more than one cell format for editing ... but the changes only seem to a apply to one format ... is that as expected? I would like both of my odd row formats to have the same colour settings (whatever they may be!) ... and the same with the even.
  6. hi. I am working with table styles today ... but I am having difficulty with the opacity setting ... I can drag but neither see nor set the value numerically. When I look at the main Colour panel, I can see a number ... what am I doing wrong today?! This is what I would like to see when setting table colours: Thanks. BTW. I have tried creating odd/even swatches ... that should allow consistency in the table rows ... except that the swatches only appear to have noise and no transparency. I will not begin to understand that one ... I presume that it is by design ...
  7. Python command: print("Hello Old School coders of the World") Publisher will capitalise the p of print as soon as I type the '(', but since Python is a case sensitive language ... issues will arise! The paragraph style that I am using, 'code BASE' 'should' have language 'none'. I say should because as I go to screen shot it, it is showing a line. I can change it to none, click OK and immediately edit the style again ... and the setting was not changed :-( Seeing this: Changing to this and saving Editing the style immediately ... seeing this again ... but reading the style settings at the bottom of the box it appears to be language:none ... and it is definitely capitalising!
  8. Thanks Carl ... I had seen that ... but that is an app level switch. I am looking for a style level switch ... I want to have auto-capitalisation for most of my work (Boris might not live forever!) ... but when I turn language off, I am expecting that to also turn off capitalisation. In this particular instance, I am creating some educational coding resources where I have a style called 'Code' ... with the language turned off ... unfortunately Publisher still capitalises it ... but that changes the command ... which in turn means that my model answers code will not run!
  9. Hi. When I have set the language of a style to none, I am still seeing auto-capitalisation. Given that, IMHO, capitalisation is part of the language, I would have expected it to be turned off ... either way ... How do I turn off the auto-capitalisation? Thanks.
  10. Thanks Walt. I had not thought of the left 'stack' as being a place to dock stuff ... useful. I am hopeful that as the software matures it will evolve into something more refined (like all of us!). I remember when InDesign the 'Quark Killer' first appeared. The first few versions over the next couple of years added some really great (missing?) stuff ... after which the updates bought increasingly marginal features. I will wait and persevere. Regards.
  11. I am having trouble with the panels in publisher on a Mac. I have tried searching these forums but "Studio management", "Panel management", "View Management" elicit no meaningful results. I have been fighting with the 'studios' (whatever!) all day ... again ... and there seems to be some many issues that it must be me ... I have just accidentally dragged a tab and lost my carefully fought layout ... so please forgive my frustrations ... saving layouts is one of the aspects that I cannot yet find (alongside docking multiple panels alongside each other). Does anybody know of a single place to find clear instructions about 'Studio Management'? Thanks.
  12. OK ... I admit that I am struggling with the tables ... the inconsistent UI and tutorials together are not helpful ... even with my 30+ years of IT experience!!! Putting aside the frequent crashes (today every 15 minutes of so for the last couple of hours) ... I have a really basic question ... In a table ... (I can see the spreadsheet like column headings) ... how do I change the width of the final column. All columns seem to be adjustable by dragging bar the last one!!! The cursor changes shape ... but dragging has no effect. I can change the width to the table as a whole ... but that changes the width of every column !!!) ... what am I missing? Thanks,.
  13. Additional information Publisher 1.7.2 MacOS 10.14.6 I was able to export to a pdf and tried to print from my pdf viewer. That worked :-)
  14. Whether cmd-P or file > print ... same effect ... Crash. The offending file is basically an edited pdf with some text boxes and a little text on top. When I create a new document with a simple shape ... print does not crash ... so I suggest that it might be something to do with the file. I have attached the Apple error log (txt file) as well as the offending Publisher document. Regards Martin. Publisher Crash log on Print.txt Thrustmaster Elite Joystick Hotas.afpub
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