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    Raised by wolves I am easily distracted by the smell of a fresh road kill or anything shiny. In the days before I was domesticated I was a sculptor and could draw some of the wildest things. Now, I change diapers, wash bottles and find lost toys.

    But you can't pay the mortgage with tread-ruined deer pelts and pieces of broken mirrors. To pay the bills I have become a well-versed graphic artist collecting a steady paycheck from the Catholic Churchâ„¢ as well as plying my trade as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator.
  1. CaptainPurple

    Visually edit tabs

    Today I Learned: from the Text Ruler you an also edit your tabs (leader, alignment, etc.) if you hold the control key and click! Back in the day I cried many a bitter tear in frustration learning how to set and edit tabs in PageMaker and InDesign (yeah, I've been around THAT long, get off my lawn). This is so much easier!