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  1. Hi Sean, agreed, seems to be sorted in - thank you!
  2. I love the new pop-over for image size in latest Designer Beta - really hoping that makes its way across to Publisher too - especially love the 1:1 button
  3. You're right Bruce, thumbnail jumps to right size if I set stroke to none.
  4. In the new thumbnails in Layers panel - the object should fill the thumbnail, but instead is scaling like it does on the page - so small objects give you illegible thumbnails - easier to screen capture: Screen Recording 2019-03-05 at 20.37.34.mov
  5. Thank you - wow I must be getting old - I knew that once from illustrator days and completely forgot!
  6. Thought I'd found a bug in the beta at first, but it's the same in 1.6 - when you give an object a stroke, you have a choice of 'Round Joint', 'Bevel Joint' or 'Mitre Joint' for Mitre there is also a Mitre value field - typing less than 1.5 gives you a bevel edge (if I wanted that I'd just choose 'bevel' button instead) - any value of 1.5 or above gives you what I'd expect; a square joint - anyone know the purpose of this Mitre value field?
  7. iaing

    Linking placed images

    See this in another thread:
  8. iaing

    A Clip to Canvas Bug?

    It's not working yet with artboards - if you make a new document with bleed and don't add any artboard, you'll see the expected effects of 'show bleed' and 'clip to canvas' - has been reported as a bug already.
  9. I completely agree about paste FX being in right-click menu. You could also create a 'Style' to do this: right click one of your photos with the shadow and outline and choose 'create style' Make sure 'Styles' is showing in View > Studio Scroll to the bottom of the styles palette and your new style will be the last item - you can right-click that to rename it. Any new photo frames just select them, then click your style to apply it. Personally I think styles is unfinished - when you click 'create style' a dialog should pop up straight away to name it - that would give instant feedback that something has happened and take the guesswork out of finding the style you just made. And you should be able to 'update style from selection' the way you can with a text style.
  10. iaing

    Shadows flickering []

    Hi Chris, sorry, missed your reply - but yes, and still happening in .104 - recording here of an RGB file - note I am not clicking anything once a tool is selected, just moving the cursor around the screen, Screen_Recording_2018-12-05_at_12_15_48.mov
  11. That screenshot is Designer 1.6, not Publisher Beta which this thread is about. But, you can select the artboards you want to export, then in Export, choose 'Area > Selection with (or without) background' and just the selected artboards will be exported.
  12. Hi Chris, I see - if I just move the frame, then yes lock child does what you're describing - I assumed unlocking the child (while properties are set to 'none') would also mean that when I enlarge the frame with a grab handle that the image would scale up too like it does if you paste an image inside a vector shape. If you use picture frame is there any way to scale up a manually cropped image? Only way I've found is to first group the picture frame, which seems a bit of a hack. If not I'll stick with placing images inside shapes, but it makes placing an image a three step process when it should only take one. There's several ways to get an image on the page in Publisher - none seems to make it simple to place an image, crop it how you want then scale that cropped image up, I'd have thought that was a the most common use of images.
  13. This is still an issue in .192 - tabbing through colour values apart from CMYK & LAB work fine (e.g. RGB)