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  1. I tried the system-wide Mac shortcut for Emoji: cmd-cntr- space and it brought them up, but it's affinity's own interface. I've just tracked it down under 'Edit' menu - 'Emoji & Symbols' - seems an odd place to put it!
  2. Don't know if this is a regression, but when I create a new document with Prefer Linked, then place an image, it comes in embedded according to Resource manager. Document setup confirms Prefer Linked was selected correctly. Replace image from context bar, and clicking the new Options, then prefer linked DOES work correctly. I've also tried starting as embedded and switching to linked in Document setup - same result. I've restarted AD from first launch just in case, no change.
  3. @Gabe sure, it's a Publisher export itself A-Rocha-project-banners-800x2200mm-press.pdf
  4. On MacOS with any app of the suite in fullscreen, if you do File > New document, the templates dialogue spits you out of fullscreen to make your choice. When you make a selection, the dialogue closes leaving you completely out of the affinity app you were in, you then have to remember to swipe back to the fullscreen app where your new document is waiting for you, wondering where you were! Just feels a bit clunky, all other dialogues leave in the fullscreen app.
  5. Just testing placing large (not huge) pdfs, around 110mb, takes around 50 seconds with spinning beachball and cpu wizzing up over 100%, same pdf in APub 1.8.6 takes 5 secs. Similar slow results in Designer beta. Tested other similar size pdfs, same result. All tests done with a new blank A4 document, prefer linked or embedded makes no difference. I know it's an ageing Mac (see signature), just flagging it up due to the difference between 1.8 and this.
  6. On zoom in/out, the Mac traffic lights (close/minimise/fullscreen) are jumping down to the left and back up again - either with menu, shortcut, or trackpad pinch
  7. Hi Jon, sorry, I can't reproduce either now. It was just a simple sheet of first names and I added one more entry. Crashed repeatedly, but today with same excel file all is well. If I manage to reporoduce I'll update here.
  8. - I read it as down the columns then next the rows - you're right, they're right, I get it now
  9. With Data merge Node Tool selected, the Layout Order seems back to front to me - see screenshot, columns then rows should go down the screen first?
  10. Placed a data source, then updated the excel file in excel. I update the source in Data Merge Manager, but when I click Generate, an alert comes up saying source has changed, update or ignore or cancel - update or ignore cause instant crash.
  11. Wow, Data merge node does more than data merge - if you add an object in there that gets duplicated too - it's like power duplicate in a grid - pretty cool!
  12. I'm also getting the same weird things with text frame tab, like @janichsan there's no scroll bar, and depending what other panel is open, clicking the Text Frame tab may not open the tab at all - instead clicking on it 'blanks' the other open tabs - Macos 10.14.5, Publisher 1.7.3 - screen record below Screen Recording 2019-10-08 at 07.36.27.mov Screen Recording 2019-10-08 at 07.36.27.m4v
  13. Don't know if there's a way to select the node beneath, but you could do shift+arrow to nudge the top node a set distance, then nudge it back once you've moved the one you want: select top node shift+right arrow to move it select next node and move wherever you want select original top node again shift+left arrow to put it back where it was How far it moves depends what you have set in preferences > tools > modifier nudge distance, but it should be enough to work from the defaults
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