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  1. @garrettm30 do you know which ones bigger requests are or is there a list like the one in the forum at the beginning of affinity?
  2. A brief piece of information that may be helpful: I found out that the profiles are only taken from the publisher app itself. If you right click on the app and then choose Show Package Contents you will find the Resources folder. If you copy the profiles into it and restart the app, the profiles are available again.
  3. Is Postscript still being actively developed? I remember that we used this in prepress, but that was a very long time ago ... The direct export as PDF now works very well. The only thing where Affinity still has some catching up to do, in my opinion, is the transparency-flattening, which sometimes creates strange constellations. Saving as postscript in the print dialog is not a good idea, I think. If so, I would do it via an AdobePS printer with the appropriate Acrobat Distiller PPD. But I don't know if this printer driver still exists, at least I haven't found anything.
  4. Thanks, that works fine! Is there a way to set this function to off by default? At least for me, the cases where I need it to be switched off are much more frequent than the other way around.
  5. I have tested it and can confirm this behavior. A PDF dragged directly from the Finder into the document seems to behave differently than when it is inserted via File > place.
  6. Hello, I've posted that before, but in the current beta version the bug is still there and apparently got worse. If you assign a black drop shadow to elements (50% opacity, 100% K, darken) and then create a PDF X1a with the standard settings, then the last shadow is left out instead of added. You can see this in the separation preview in Adobe Acrobat. I have marked this with blue circles in the screenshot. On the left I used Outer Shadow. For comparison, I used Outer Glow on the right and the problem doesn't seem to exist here. Is this behavior really expected? What I then tried was to create a PDF X4 with the standard settings. Here all shadows in the separation preview are left out. Is that intended? Can anyone else reproduce this bug or am I the only one who has this happening? flattening.afpub flattening-x4.pdf flattening-x1a.pdf
  7. Hello, since the update to Big Sur I can no longer assign my own ICC profiles in the current beta version. This also applies to the current App Store version. The profiles are in User (and MacHD)>Library> ColorSync> Profiles. It works with APub and APhoto. Does anyone have the same problem or can confirm it?
  8. unfortunately I haven't found a workaround yet. This is a feature that I really miss very much. Doing all of this by hand takes a lot of time, which is why I still have to work a lot with InDesign. I really hope that the affinity team will still implement this feature.
  9. @Jon P please try it in version 1.8.4. This only happens in the latest beta. If you use the current version ob publisher, the fill remains there (see attached file). test_no_beta.afpub
  10. @thomaso can it be that PDF files are listed alphabetically first? And then all the other files. Maybe it has something to do with the new PDF passthrough option.
  11. Hi, I couldn't find an entry on this so I'm reporting it. If I place a picture or a vector graphic in a picture frame in the current beta version, this frame loses its fill color. I have attached an example document. In the example document I have created three frames. All of them have a fill color but as soon as a file is placed inside them, the color disappears.It only happens when the file is loaded into the frame via file -> place. Does anyone else have this problem? Lost_fill.afpub
  12. Hi, I'm not sure, but is it possible that the "allow advanced features" function is missing in within the pdf export options in the latest beta?
  13. If you use File > place to import an image, it is not being placed inside a picture frame, for whatever reason. Unlike InDesign or Quark, Publisher places images "directly". If you want to place an image inside a picture frame, you'll have to first draw the picture frame then use file > place to add an image to the frame. Or use the vector crop tool to mask the image. If you use File > open to import a whole PDF file then it really depends on the settings the original PDF has been exported with. And as far is I know, a picture frame is a layout software specific tool and not availible in PDF files. Hope that helps a little
  14. @Chris Christner on which page in your example file can I find a picture frame? I tried it with a new one and had no problems with picture frames and moving images.
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