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  1. thank you @walt.farrell I think i forgot an important part. I use maps from OpenStreetMap and download PDFs from them. But then I have to recolor them accoring to my clients wishes. In Illustrator it is pretty easy to do this with the mentioned function, but I haven't seen anything like it in Affinity Designer.
  2. Hello, I'm currently working on layouts for printed maps. I would like to change the colors for individual object groups such as federal highways, motorways, forests, etc. In Illustrator there is a practical function "Define all colors used" for this purpose. This creates a list with all the colors used as global colors. Changing the colors now is a breeze. I found this function in Affinity Designer, but the colors are not global so I have to manually select and recolor all objects. Am I doing something wrong?
  3. can you attach the affected ai or pub file?
  4. Hello, I find working with guidelines in Affinity products very exhausting. Especially when you work with many guides you quickly lose track of things. Maybe there is a faster way or I missed something, but for my documents with many guides I have to open the Guides Manager and then move the corresponding guideline first to see which I want to edit. Would it be possible that a double click on an guideline opens the Guide Manager with the corresponding guideline already selected? That would make work a lot easier. Thanks.
  5. @walt.farrell I used Affinity Store Publisher purchase: Navigate to ~\Library\Application Support\ Copy and Paste the Affinity Publisher Beta" folder Rename the copy "Affinity Publisher" This will essentially just move all the custom user data over to retail it works with color settings and toolbar but not the other settings, studios...
  6. The studio presets are unfortunately not transferred. They are displayed, but when I use one, the interface remains unchanged. Does anyone else have this problem?
  7. For example, if you copy the X coordinates of an object in the Transform Studio and paste them as X coordinates for another object, the comma is replaced by a point when you paste it. And this point is then deleted after confirming with Enter, so that the values are far too high. I guess this only affects individual languages, in my case German. Unfortunately, the order in my screenshot is from bottom to top ...
  8. wuhuuuuu 🥳 @AdamW thanks so much, at least for my documents it works!
  9. @Patrick Connor these are documents for customers. Unfortunately, it contains elements protected by copyright. So I can't share it publicly. Can I upload it privately?
  10. Hi, with the latest beta (RC) I can no longer open some old documents. Publisher crashes right away. I have already tried to reset the settings and deactivate metal, unfortunately without success. Publisher also crashes when I try to open the recovery document. n the current AppStore version, the documents can be opened without any problems. Does anyone else have problems with opening old documents?
  11. @Joerg Thoeming I understand your anger very well. But I also believe the Affinity team is working hard as hell to fix the bugs. Unfortunately I have to agree with you that the apps are not a serious alternative to Adobe for agencies at the moment. All of this honestly reminds me of the early days of InDesign (Version 1.0+) where many of the standard functions from QuarkXpress or Freehand were still missing and many, many bugs made work very difficult. That's why I only work with Affinity on smaller projects because the risk that something doesn't work is simply too high for professi
  12. I think the affinity team is aware of this bug since I already reported it in the beta forum
  13. Hi, It seems to me that in the latest version of Publisher, the icons in the swatches palette are very small compared to the others. This affects the icons for the foreground and background and also the pipette. The pipette also seems too small to me in the toolbar. Is that intentional?
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