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  1. Seneca

    Add a couple preset page sizes please

    It should take you less than 30 seconds to add these sizes to "My Presets" tab yourself.
  2. This has not been fixed in .535. Hopefully it'll be addressed soon.
  3. I didn't want to complicate the matters in my earlier post (I noticed it as well) but there seems to be a problem with this in Publisher. I would advise you to report this strange behaviour in the Affinity Publisher Bugs section.
  4. I am on Publisher Beta 531 but you can try this: 1 Update the table of contents 2. Disable Numbered List from the top bar. Let me know whether it works for you.
  5. Seneca

    Pasting MS Word content with tracked changes

    You only loose track changes if you accept the changes and save the Word document. If you close your Word document without saving you don't loose anything. So I would advise you to accept all the track changes copy your text to Publisher and close your Word document without saving any changes. Currently, Publisher doesn't have any track changes facility as far as I am aware of so the solution above should not cause you any slip-ups. :-)
  6. Can you attach the file so I can have a look at it and see whether I can offer any explanation.
  7. Thanks @Jon P, Files uploaded I live dangerously, on latest betas so even my macOS Catalina is on Version 10.15.3 beta (19D62e) so this might be the cause of it though.
  8. I have a problem I hadn't experienced before with any earlier Publisher betas. The files that used to open until .531 beta crash now. These are usually files with 32 pages or more. Sometimes a document crashes a couple of seconds after opening the file without any interaction on my part. If you send me an upload link I can share these files with you privately.
  9. Seneca

    "Minus" symbol

    Problem is that not all fonts have this analphabetic symbol. What is Publisher to do in this scenario? Ignore the command, substitute it for a hyphen? This is tricky.
  10. This seems to be working for me no problem. styles.mov
  11. I can't reproduce that on my system. Would you mind sharing with me set by step instructions that makes Publisher crash for you?
  12. Hi @garrettm30, Well, it works for me here. I created text frames on master pages and it works and then I tried it on text boxes created on pages and it works. I've just downloaded the latest Publisher beta and I tried on that and it works.
  13. Happy New Year Publisher Beta!

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