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  1. I can confirm that. Publisher is also affected.
  2. I managed to put 2 numbers in the circle by manipulating the Positioning and Transform, Baseline in the Character Panel. I think this should be looked at by the Serif team because clearly there is room for more text in these boxes. Regards textframes.afpub
  3. II don't know of a way to search in a selection. This is an all or nothing action at the moment, I'm afraid. A workaround is to copy your selection to a temporary document, perform find and replace and paste it back. We all hope for great improvements in this area in the future.
  4. Undoubtedly that's very true, and I took that into account, but even then the difference in speed is striking.
  5. Just tested Publisher to open a particular IDML file created in inDesign. Earlier Publisher betas would crash on opening this particular IDML file. This time Publisher opened it without any problems. I also measured, however imperfectly, the time taken to open this file by both Publisher and inDesign. Publisher opened that file in 5 seconds whereas inDesign opened it in 53 seconds. So the improvements are really great. Thank you.
  6. This should be simple. Did you try to use the following command? Apply "Your Style" to Paragraphs and Preserve Character Formatting. Right-mouse click on your paragraph style to get these option:
  7. I suggest to create Italic and Bold Character Styles (and any other Character Styles that you want to preserve). Then search for italics, bolds in your text using Find & Replace command in Affinity Publisher and replace them with Italic, Bold Character Styles. Once you do that you can then start applying your Paragraph Styles to your text and all your italic and bold instances will be preserved. You can then redefine your Character and Paragraph Styles as you wish. Regards
  8. Try Filters->Colours->Erase White Paper. It may just work for you.
  9. Not the best grammar in the world. 🙂 What I meant to say was to forget indesign in this instance and keep this feature if it's useful.
  10. It might seem like it but it's not. You are embedding it as read only once. The embedded file does not continue that process and so it's not an infinite loop.
  11. If there is an issue with this workflow it should be fixed. It would be a great pity if this was disallowed/disabled. There is nothing wrong with this workflow. The document on those pages is not being edited but simply viewed which means it is Read Only. Just because inDesign doesn't do it this it should not be allowed here.
  12. Most probably you have enabled Highlight Fields. Go to Text->Highlight Fields menu option and see whether that is ticked. If it is then untick it if you don't like all fields to be highlighted.
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