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  1. I hope that the team is working on a trio relationship: footnotes, endnotes, sidetones, rather than just the usual duo: footnotes & endnotes. I'd love to see a discussion here on what we'd like to have regarding the footnotes, sidenotes and endnotes. I hope it's going to be more flexible than the competing offerings. Being able to format them in columns independent of the main text would be great – just an example.
  2. IDML is not proprietary as it is published by Adobe as you well know. 🙂 I would love to see a day when major page-making software houses (no need to specify them here) collaborate on a standard (XML/IDML/WhateverML) that would specify a way to display it consistently on each software. Something similar to what has been achieved in the HTML world (Opera, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc).
  3. Hi @KennyCampbell, I don't understand what you mean by column splitting. Do you mean dividing, say, a 3 column text box into 3 independent text boxes? If so then inDesign cannot do it unless you use a script that does it for you.
  4. Dragging a layer unto a History layer icon deletes that layer. I think this is an unintended behaviour. I checked 1.8.6 and this bug/unintended behaviour is also there.
  5. Thanks for the next beta. I would suggest to add the Duplicate Link command to the contextual Layer menu as well.
  6. Maybe you should advise the devs how to compile their code correctly.
  7. You can work with any tools designer offers. If you create a star it will create a new layer but you can then merge it down to the pattern layer to become the pattern. Unfortunately, when you work on a different layer any layer above the pattern layer you have no idea of the pattern dimensions. The only way to remedy this is to create guides to indicate the patter working area. I hope that this can be improved so that the pattern dimensions can be seen even working on other layers.
  8. I think this is a bug and you should report it. If you create any other object like an oval, etc., then the wrap works OK. So this bug only affect tables. The only way to remedy that at the moment is to increase Unten: by about 10pts to make the line jump to just below the Table.
  9. I read somewhere that blank lines are removed automatically by publisher so we don't have to worry about it. If they do appear then maybe it's because these empty lines contain spaces or white characters that force them to appear on the merged document.
  10. You have to tab out of both X and Y inputs in the New Patter Layer to get the size of the pattern you want. Otherwise the program reads the only entry in any of the input fields. See below: pattern.mov
  11. Same here. Shapes created with tools like ovals, rectangles work OK. That's why I specifically mentioned the one that crashes all the time.
  12. Basically, the latest beta crashes as soon as you start manipulating the medical glyph shape from the Assets Panel.
  13. @MEB, @Sean P, I was in the process of recording a short video showing the problem and lo and behold it did work at that time. Don't know what to say except that it's working now. I even checked the latest Photo beta and it didn't work there for me either. Now, however, both work fine. Weird. Sorry for taking up the bandwidth. The problem just went away.
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