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  1. Thanks @Old Bruce. But I wanted to show that this way should also work but it doesn't.
  2. Finding an m dash and replacing it with an n dash between words doesn't seem to work. I want to replace all m dashes with n dashes plus add a space on each side of the en dash. I know that this RE pattern doesn't take into account m dashes that are not between words (please ignore that). Search.mov
  3. Now that we have Regular Expressions it would be great to save them as presets so that we can call them later. Thanks.
  4. That has already been reported and will hopefully be fixed in the next beta.
  5. I've reported that already so hopefully this will be fixed in the next beta.
  6. Loaded your file on both Mac and Windows without crashes.
  7. As far as I remember Apple HIG state that if you hit the Return or Enter keys, the Dialog box should be dismissed immediately. Basically, these keys act as your pointer device. We don't click twice the OK button to dismiss it.
  8. It's a know problem. Please reset your Studio. View > Studio > Reset Studio. You should be able to access it after that.
  9. If I use the mouse to close Add Pages Dialog then all is good. If however I use the Return Key to close the dialog I need to hit it twice in order to close it. The Dialog should close after the first Return. It seems that the first Return registers the number of pages and the second one closes the dialog. Return.mov
  10. Whether I use constraints to group items on a page, or whether I use just a box to combine items on a page, the text box with Baseline Grid does not update properly. Please see this short video: Redraw.mov
  11. Publisher crashes when adding an Anchor through the Hyperlinks Panel. EDIT: More specifically, it crashes if there is no Anchor point defined first through Text > Interactive > Anchor. iMac. MacOS Mojave. Version 10.14.4 Beta.
  12. The picture says it all. (Text Frame Panel) MacOS Mojave 10.14.4 beta.
  13. You need be be careful. You need to pick your fights. A lot of people have used Publisher for "important projects" without any problem but those who did so also accepted potential loss of information. In the end you know best whether a given project is worth the risk and whether you can recreate it using another tool if need be, time permitting.