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  1. Hello @Tarthur, I assume that you are talking about Publisher pages. You can also drag your content from one page to another. Just zoom out to see both pages and there you go.
  2. One of the team member commented on this request in another thread and said that RTL support will take years to implement. So don't expect it soon.
  3. Seneca

    resize layers palette

    Hi @eeeveee, Did you try to close and re-open the Layer Palette?
  4. I followed your detailed instructions and I can confirm that Publisher crashes for me to.
  5. Hi Gary, I haven't tried it but this might be a 2 step process. 1. Generate TOC as per @walt.farrell 2. Apply Number and Bullets Paragraph Style (this needs to be defined to suit your needs) oner the generated TOC.
  6. You could also try latest beta to see whether it fixed your problems.
  7. You can easily do it in inDesign. You can control each corner independently. This is not possible in Publisher at the moment. In many respects Decorations in Publisher are more powerful than inDesign equivalent features. However, controlling corners is sorely lacking here. I hope that this will be added in the near future.
  8. Are you trying to place a Pdf file in a text box? A text box accepts only text and text files with .docx extension. Even so, Publisher should not crash even you if attempted to do so. It should simply dim all files that it can't cope with in the Place dialog box.
  9. Exporting IDML files is as important for Affinity Publisher as importing it, I would have thought.
  10. Are u sure you have the latest versions of affinity products?
  11. I would continue using PP for all the projects started with PP, if I were you. I would employ Publisher for all new jobs, though. This is how I would go about it.
  12. I really understand your frustration. All I can say is that I use inDesign for my day-to-day work and I try to use Publisher for smaller types of work as much as I can. I don't consider Publisher ready for heavy lifting yet. It's inDesign 1.0 for all intents and purposes. As a matter of fact, it's way better than what inDesign 1.0 was. Personally, I think we will need to get used to using more than just one publishing application. And I think it's a good thing. :-)
  13. I suggest you stop shouting [all caps] and stop making unsubstantiated claims. It's in everybody's interest to make AP a success. It's in Affinity's interest to make it work. But it's not their fault that some fonts are internally broken. They don't have the obligation to make these fonts work. However, in time, I'm sure the broken font handling will be improved.
  14. Inlined picture behaves correctly in a paragraph but not if inlined in a table. Attached is a short video showing the bug. EDIT: On further inspection, Inlined pictures in a paragraph get distorted as well. resize.mov Table Picture.afpub