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  1. As you know, the launch prices of both Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer were very reasonable, in fact, very cheap, £30-40. The same should apply to Affinity Publisher when it becomes available.
  2. Hello HDoowop, Yes you can if you have Adobe Illustrator on your computer. Just open the file in Illustrator. Then select all by pressing Command + A (Control A windows). Switch to Affinity Designer. Then do File -> New From Clipboard. And there you have it. Regards
  3. Towards the end of the movie there was something that amounted to paragraph rules in inDesign parlance. I hope we will be able to set the Left, Top, Right and Bottom rules on a paragraph and most importantly that these are part of the Paragraph Style. Otherwise they will be pretty useless. Also, it would be super-cool if we were able to choose an element for Left, Top, Right and Bottom from the Assets Catalogue that would scale according to the paragraph height and length. And why stop there, why couldn't we have Top-Left, Top-Right, Bottom-Left and Bottom-Right places to choose elements for from the Assets Catalogue. I see so many possibilities there.
  4. Please read previous posts here. It says clearly that it is going to be released simultaneously for both Mac and Windows and the iPad version will follow later.
  5. I agree, it would be very foolish to read too much into that. Although, an early access into the alpha version of the product would be super cool. I think that a lot of good feedback on features that work and features that might be tweaked coming from the community would be super beneficial to the developers. Text Styles would be one area that might benefit greatly from that feedback. We've been at for for more that 30 years so we know a thing or two about that. This is just one example of course and there will be many others. Regards
  6. Hi Danile Gibert, It unrealistic to expect all that from the word go. I also use inDesign for my work and I need all those features to be effective in what I do. I would also add automation. To be honest I don't expect Affinity Publisher to be ready for that kind of work any time soon - 5 years from now or more. What I would love to see though is for the developers to release an early Alpha release for us to start testing it and giving the developers an early feedback about features that work and features that can be improved upon. I don't care if it crashes every 5 mins or so. I think that would be super cool.
  7. Hi 00Ghz, I think you could speed-up your algorithm and therefore the release date by getting rid of 2 unused variables in your code: workHarder, releaseFaster. ;)
  8. Thanks Pedro, These are great tutorials. Thank you and keep them coming. Did you consider self-publishing a book with advanced tutorials about AD and AP? I think that the community would appreciate your efforts and would make your time spent on making these tutorials more worthwhile for you. Regards
  9. Hi Peter_MK The difference between the Character Styles and Paragraph Styles are subtle as you know. You may argue that the distinction is very clear. I explored the Text Styles options in Designer extensively. As a matter of fact they are more powerful than any of the 2 you mentioned in your post. You have the power to keep the distinction between the Paragraph Styles and Character Styles as in inDesign or QX or you can share certain characteristics between Character and Paragraph Styles if you so wish. What I'm saying is that you can model the inDesign/QX styles quite easily and you can choose to model another approach that shares certain characteristics across text and character styles. This is something new and if you don't want to use it you don't have to. Best regards
  10. I usually agree with your posts Hokusai but this time I strongly disagree. Serif folks have held a carrot in front of our eyes for the last 3 years. So there is nothing refreshing about it. They've know for a long time that the revealed timeframe for the Publisher won't be met. I know it wasn't a deadline or a promise but nevertheless. Also, the only reliable way to get quality programmers to augment the Serif engineering team is to poach them. I'm sure they (the Serif team) are aware of that too. Best regards
  11. Hi PeterPanino, It doesn't have to be either or. it might as well be both and... Regards
  12. HI Alfred, The difference is in the fact that the windows users have been hoping and waiting for the Publisher for Windows, whereas the mac users have been patiently waiting for it. :D
  13. I think it's a useless gimmick. And it took them 3 year to develop that crap. Dear God. They are really struggling to come up with something new.