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  1. Hi 00Ghz, I think you could speed-up your algorithm and therefore the release date by getting rid of 2 unused variables in your code: workHarder, releaseFaster. ;)
  2. Thanks Pedro, These are great tutorials. Thank you and keep them coming. Did you consider self-publishing a book with advanced tutorials about AD and AP? I think that the community would appreciate your efforts and would make your time spent on making these tutorials more worthwhile for you. Regards
  3. Hi Peter_MK The difference between the Character Styles and Paragraph Styles are subtle as you know. You may argue that the distinction is very clear. I explored the Text Styles options in Designer extensively. As a matter of fact they are more powerful than any of the 2 you mentioned in your post. You have the power to keep the distinction between the Paragraph Styles and Character Styles as in inDesign or QX or you can share certain characteristics between Character and Paragraph Styles if you so wish. What I'm saying is that you can model the inDesign/QX styles quite easily and you can choose to model another approach that shares certain characteristics across text and character styles. This is something new and if you don't want to use it you don't have to. Best regards
  4. I usually agree with your posts Hokusai but this time I strongly disagree. Serif folks have held a carrot in front of our eyes for the last 3 years. So there is nothing refreshing about it. They've know for a long time that the revealed timeframe for the Publisher won't be met. I know it wasn't a deadline or a promise but nevertheless. Also, the only reliable way to get quality programmers to augment the Serif engineering team is to poach them. I'm sure they (the Serif team) are aware of that too. Best regards
  5. Hi PeterPanino, It doesn't have to be either or. it might as well be both and... Regards
  6. HI Alfred, The difference is in the fact that the windows users have been hoping and waiting for the Publisher for Windows, whereas the mac users have been patiently waiting for it. :D
  7. I think it's a useless gimmick. And it took them 3 year to develop that crap. Dear God. They are really struggling to come up with something new.
  8. Well I read it all. Thank you for putting the record straight as it were. :)
  9. I think we are going in circles here. I agree that there is no substitute for real talent and no amount of studies will compensate for that. However, most of us use various programs to do a given job as quickly as possible and as professionally as possible to be competitive and to pay for the overhead incurred, etc. We can argue what professional means but let's take it at face value here. In case of Affinity Designer I expect to find the tools that can facilitate my job as a desktop publisher. We can argue what an average desktop publisher is and what tools he/she needs. This forum here represents a vast array of users. Those who want to design simple flyers and whose who design books, magazines, catalogues, etc. These two groups of people need completely different set of tools. I doubt whether Affinity can satisfy both types of users keeping the program closed, that is without allowing others to develop solutions, etc. All this however is pure speculation because we simply don't know what to expect. Yes, I can use other programs to achieve similar results but at what cost. And yes, I expect Affinity Publisher to compete head to head with Quark and inDesign. Regards
  10. Sorry, but I can't see the video you posted.
  11. We seem to have some problems with the preferences window on macOSX sierra in the latest beta 11. See Keyboard Shortcuts, Photoshop Plugins, User Interface
  12. Seems like a very good idea to me. It should be in Serif's interest to help migrate the Serif line customers to the Affinity line.
  13. Hello Yogi9409, Unfortunately, you are wrong. This SerifPlus line was actually not profitable at all. That's why the decision was made to start a new product Affinity. If you search these forums a bit you will find that (by their own admission) the new line is at 10 times as much profitable and that was even before they decided to develop the Affinity Products for windows. Another reason to not develop the SerifPlus line any longer was a very old code-base, meaning, too much effort would have to be spent to modernise it, so better start from scratch. And so the decision was made to start afresh. Everybody is a bit impatient regarding the Publisher but there is nothing we can do except wait. Regards
  14. No need to manifest your stupidity so quickly. Mac and Windows users coexist here incredibly well. Enjoy using Affinity Photo for Windows.