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  1. In that case I I'm not doing it right. I always though this was a bug. Need to investing that further. Thanks.
  2. Well try this. Create a 2 columns layout. Create a heading style with a rule above or below or both. The heading is still on the left column. Then redefine the heading style to span the columns. The rules are gone.
  3. This feature is also available in QuarkXpress. Unfortunately, if you have a ruler above or below or both in your heading then making it span columns makes it loose your rulers. That's unfortunate. Unless that was fixed recently.
  4. I've imported a number or EPS images to Publisher and do not see that behaviour.
  5. Seneca

    Letter spacing bug

    Because the software should be able to read your mind and know what letters to space.
  6. This is one way of doing it. You could achieve the same result with a single page master. masters.mov
  7. Have a look at the attached. Will that solve your problem? AsymmetricalMargins.afpub
  8. Well, you could create a third master page and apply the first 2 master pages to it and then base all your pages on that 3rd master.
  9. Well, create 2 master pages with asymmetrical margins, say, one with outside margin 30mm, inside 10, then the second master page, outside 10, inside 30 and apply those 2 masters to the left and the right spreads. And you are done.
  10. I've been thinking of suggesting the same thing as well. Yes, holding a Command key temporarily switches you to a Move tool and as soon as you let go of the Command key you are back on previous key. I use it inDesign all the time. Thank you for suggesting it and not just thinking about it like me .
  11. I have 2 concerns/bugs regarding the Find and Replace panel. 1. You can't tab from Find field to Replace with field. 2. The Replace All button is disabled initially, which is great. But once you perform a search it stays enabled. So if I wanted to find and replace something else this button is clickable but it doesn't do anything. You still have to click the Find button first to be able to then click Replace All. I think I should be able to click Replace All without clicking Find to perform the operation.
  12. I think this used to work before. You should create a bug report for this because clearly it doesn't work anymore.
  13. Try to save your files in PagePlus as PDF and then open this PDF in Publisher. You may find that you need to tweak very little to get to where you were in PagePlus.