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  1. Wold you be able to describe the options you select when exporting to PDF?
  2. Hello @Jim Saunders, These are invisible characters that you can disable by unticking (deselecting) Text->Show Special characters. (as per your screenshot) On a personal note, these are vey "wanted" characters. I have this option on all the time. This allows me to see whether I have double-spaces in my text and all other things. They are harmless and they don't print.
  3. I tried to open your file in Publisher 2 and Designer 2 with no luck, sorry. Have you updated to the latest versions of your Affinity apps. If you are still in v1 then try to update to the latest v1 releases. If that doesn't work then, hopefully, support can chime in.
  4. Can you please try the following method first. No guarantees but it might just work.
  5. I hope you are aware that 2.0.4 is out. It would be instructive to check how Publisher 2.0.4 performs for you.
  6. This is unfortunate because I too am on the latest MacOSX 13.2 Ventura and I can't say I have that same problem.
  7. Any chance of posting a screen grab of that misalignment. My personal take on copying all presents to a new system is that you may end up wasting more time trying to figure out why things don't work rather than just recreating them from scratch.
  8. Just to let you know I can't reproduce it. I'm on a MacOSX 13.2 Ventura working in Affinity Photo. I've just opened an image and jumped to the Develop Persona without any issue.
  9. Not the end of the world but misalignments in the Style Panels should be sorted out. Also spaces between each entry across all the panels in the Text Style should really be standardised to one size.
  10. I followed your steps and I'm getting the same readings as you.
  11. I'm also on the latest Ventura and I have no issues. Something else must be going on there. Did you try to reset the Designer?
  12. Launch Affinity Photo and then go to File->Open and then select the file you want to open.
  13. All three apps share the same file format so you can open a file created in Publisher or in Designer or in Photo with any of the three Affinity applications without any issue. Is that what you are asking for?
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