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  1. Oh Take a look at this. It was AMAZING!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=866U1YKSpwo
  2. Is there any way to change an item that is a Master Page item, into an editable item, from within a page that has a Master Page applied? For example, I create a Master Page item that is a centered framed text box that is formatted but has no text or just a placeholder text. In InDesign, if I recall correctly, I could Command+click (or Command+double click) and the element that was part of the Master Page would become a regular page item, ready for editing. Is this possible?
  3. Will it be possible to link text between framed text and text on a path? Is it already possible and I'm just not getting how it is done?
  4. It's not just those characters. All characters with diacritics, inside a plain .txt file come out wrong.
  5. Yes, the same happens here. And, in several latin languages (portuguese, for example, that is my native language), most words have diacritics.
  6. I still think that a Blend tool is a must. Forgive me for being repetitive but I will post here a video that I created a long time ago, showing the abilities of the Blend tool of the defunct FreeHand (dead for over 12 years now): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F3Rh8OcI9zU&t=10s
  7. One of the tools I miss the most is the Blend tool. I already posted some examples on how it is so useful, previously.
  8. rui_mac

    Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview

    I'm also looking forward to know more about Affinity Publish and try a beta. Adobe InDesign is one of the best pieces of software from Adobe (Photoshop too... Illustrator is not so good, in my opinion). Although I love using InDesign, from what I know about using Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo, I know I will completely ditch InDesigner in favor of Affinity Publish. So, please, provide us with more information, please
  9. rui_mac

    1.6.x mac beta?

    When will we see it? Yes, yes... I know... when its ready
  10. Back in my old FreeHand days, when a color was added to the palette, the default name would be something like 100c67m37y80k if the color was defined as CMYK or something like 150r208g90b if the color was defined as RGB. We should have a way to change the names of any selected swatch to the color components, automatically. Just add a "Name colors as components" option to the swatches menu.
  11. rui_mac


    Actually, GraphicConverter is a misleading name. I bought GraphicConverter several years ago and it is much more than simply a file converter. Just being devils advocate and trying to keeps this as correct as possible
  12. rui_mac


    Actually, it is like the Layer Effects, but with localized application, instead of affecting the whole object. And, with optional fallof and shape definition. If applied in between layers/objects, they would affect all layers/objects below and within the defined shape. If applied as a child of a layer/object, they would only affect that layer/object.
  13. rui_mac


    Having realtime, virtual deformers, that don't really destroy geometry but simply deform it when they are turned on is a great concept. We could have deformers for: - Roughing - Smoothing - Thickening and narrowing lines - Curling Etc...
  14. rui_mac


    Nitroman is an amazing developer but has the funniest accent