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  1. I have been requesting this feature since the beta stage for version 1.0 I used it a LOT in FreeHand, and I even posted some exemples of how it was done in FreeHand. This is really a MUST HAVE!!
  2. Open the attached document. Select the Compound Mask Layer, righ-click and choose Edit Mask from the drop-down menu. Instant crash. At least, it happens. watch_crash.afphoto
  3. Oh, and yes, I know that we can create a simple compound with shapes and use that as a mask. But, for consistency sake, compound mask layers should also consider shapes. Or, at least, not crash when the user chooses to Edit the mask.
  4. Add a new Compound Mask layer to any image/pixel layer. Create a couple or more shapes (circle, or rectangle, or star, or whatever). Place them inside the Compound Mask layer. The image/pixel only shows in the intersection of all the shapes. Now, right click the Compound Mask layer and choose Edit Mask. Affinity Photo 2 crashes!!! Also, shouldn't we have the Add/Subtract/Intersect/XOR options for a shape mask, and not only for bitmap masks?
  5. Read the manual and the "Associated Tool" is just the tool that gets automatically active when a specific brush is chosen. So, I guess there is no way yet to make a "paint" tool follow a path.
  6. Is there any way to use a path (freehand path, or parametric vector shape) to guide a "painting" tool? I placed "painting" between quotes because it could also be a Blur, Sharpen, Smudge, Dodge, Burn... tool. If there is a way, I haven't found it. When creating a new brush, there is a drop down to define an associated tool but I can't seem to find out what it does. And, if there isn't such an option, there should be one.
  7. I'm a loooooong time Photoshop user. And when I say "loooooooog time", I mean I started with version 1.0 of Photoshop. Although I still have to work with Photoshop at my workplace (since the agency where I work, uses the Creative Suite), at home I use Affinity Photo (except for work having to do with intensive alpha mask work, as Photoshop is still much, much better at it). However, I do try to transition as much as possible to Affinity Photo, for all bitmap related work (I fully transitioned to Affinity Designer for all my vector work). But I still find some things that I have to admit that Photoshop does better and the Dodge and Burn tools are some of those things. Take a look at the attached image and tell me what you guys think.
  8. This is one of those things that would easily be possible if scripting was available.
  9. I have my Recent Files option in System Preferences > General set to '10' and I still get no recent items list in the "Open Recent" option of any Affinity application. I'm on Mac OS Catalina (10.15.7).
  10. Thank you. It worked!!! But I was hopping that the Locate button would tell me where the error was. The Find/Replace worked but didn't showed me where the missing font was.
  11. I have an Affinity Publish file that, whenever I open it, warns me that a font is missing. When I select it in the Font Manager and press Locate, nothing happens. Also, choosing a replacement font and re-saving the file does nothing, as it tells me that there is a font missing the next time I open it. How can I clear this error?
  12. Thank you so much. I assumed that it wasn't possible because as soon as I turned off the Separate mode, all my studios that resided in my second screen were all gone. I created a new studio configuration for my two screens now, using non-Separated mode. Thank you so much.
  13. I work on a two-screen system, so that is not and option :-(
  14. I don't know if this qualifies as a bug, but whenever I open a document in Affinity Publish, I get that document in a windows that I always have to resize manually to fill up my screen space. I can't even use the zoom button (I'm no MacOS) because doing so, makes the windows expand to the whole screen and the top of the document ends up behind the top toolbar. Is there any way to make Affinity Publish remember the window size so that I don't need to re-scale the document window each time I open the document?
  15. Python or javascript, as it works in any platform. If I create a script/tool I wan't it to be available on MacOs, iOS and Windows, without having to re-code it. I also don't want to look out for scripts/tools and realize that they only work for an OS that is not the one I'm using.
  16. Thank you!!! That was it. Now it only reports spelling mistakes, because I had to include some english words in my Portuguese text
  17. Here are the captures of a snippet of a text box (with Portuguese text), a capture of the Character Language options and a capture of the Profiler errors. It has lots of these "Missing dictionary" errors.
  18. I have the same problem. My text is REALLY in portuguese and I get all these "Missing dictionary" errors. What do they mean? Is there really a dictionary missing? The text boxes are set to the Portuguese Language and I have no red underlined text. However, the Profiler still states that Portuguese dictionaries are missing.
  19. Freehand had an amazing blending tool. I even made a video showing it. And I'm sure Serif would make it even better. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F3Rh8OcI9zU
  20. So much could be done with such a tool. And I know Serif would make something wonderful. Much better that the blend tool of Illustrator. Come on!!! It has been asked for since Designer was in beta
  21. Some applications only import vector files in Illustrator 8 format. For exemplo, Viz Artist (the application that I use at the TV station I work on) has a plugin to import vector files, but it requires Illustrator 8. It is a very old format and I believe it is well documented, unlike more recent Illustrator formats. But, for apps that onlu require basic Illustrator format, the Illustrator 8 format is usually the standard. Couldn't this be added to Affinity Designer?
  22. Better yet, and it would provide a "parametric editable power duplicate" would be a powerful Blend Tool.
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