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  1. OK, well noted, thanks, I will just wait and see. Carca
  2. OK, thanks for your comments, but in the end, I am not "wiser"... I have downloaded the update from the Affinity photo site, so I suppose it is "real", but I cannot find any comment or description of the changes anywhere on the forum. Hasnt anybody noticed? (with the exception of Avicenna) Carca
  3. I have been informed today (Nov 21st) (through the program itself) about a new update (1.6.1) which I have downloaded and installed. Everything fine... Why dont I see any information about this in the forum (or have I missed something?), specially to see which changes have been made in this new version... Carca
  4. carca

    Bigger tools

    Ok, well noted and thanks for your quick reply.... I have tried it and it works, of course. But it is very "constraining" because it affects all other programs at the same time. So, I ll buy a magnifying glas!! I am enjoying both programs (Photo and Designer), really good... Any plan (seriff or others) for a dedicated magazine? Carca
  5. Hello, hello, I have not found a possibility to make the tools icon BIGGER ( yes, old age strikken!) Does anybody knows if this is possible? Carca

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