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  1. OK understood, I docked them (panels) now and everything is fine... Thanks for your super quick reply and help
  2. Eeerrr... I dont know! Moving these panels around, I dont see/feel they dock... carca
  3. I have the follow. "problem": When opening a new image, the upper corner is obviously set at the intersection of the two (x, y) 0 values. Unfortunately, the grid on my AF Photo does not start at both 0, but at -200 on one side and -50 on the other side resulting in an image set on the right of the screen, partly covered by the different panels I use. Of course, it is easy to "push" the image to the far left, but I cannot find a way to have this done automatically on opening a new image. Supressing the grid does not change the problem... Any suggestion? I could not find a solution on the net, meaning that the solution is sooo easy, or that nobody experiences this problem! Help, I am going crazy!! carca
  4. OK, works fine... Thanks a lot for the quick help, I am testing the whole bunch! carca
  5. Is there a possibility to download makros for Affinity photo somewhere? I am specially interested into all photographic matters... carca
  6. Hello, I have been with the Affinity adventure from begin on and am mainly interested in Affinity Photo as a hobby photograph. Nevertheless, I have bought Designer and Publisher as soon as they were available because I liked the "systematic" of the concept. To be honest, I dont use much these 2 other programs because I have not take the time to study them in detail so far.. Now, one of the (very) good side of all these programs are the official videos, specially in the case of Affinity Photo... Would it be a good idea to start a video range about using all 3 programs together (or rather one after the other) to realise a specific projet. This would make the concept still more concrete. If these exist already, I would be eager to see the videos. If not, time to try and realise some!!! carca
  7. OK, now I have "made it"!! (See enclosed photo). Sure it looks more a glued label on the plane rather than the original logo they are so proud of but the initial question was on the princip and I have got it and I am going to do it better. Thanks so much for the help. carca
  8. Ok, I have now seen your video and understand roughly what you suggest... I am just stuck after the first manouver! I frame the text ok, and I suppose (I could not see it because you zoomed my small image) that I have to cut the selected text area. When I do this (with command cut), the selected area disapears, but I do not get the corresponding icon that apears in your video on the right, above the icon of the plane. Certainly because I used the "wrong" command. Can you further explain? Thanks in advance Carca
  9. Thanks for thre super quick reply and the instructions... I check it this evening and report if successfull... Carca
  10. When I horizontally mirror a a photo (a Quantas plane) with Geometrie/hor mirror) I get a perfectly mirrored image... Unfortunately the text (the Quantas logo in this case) is equally "mirrored" and not to be read... How can I settle this? Carca
  11. OK, well noted, thanks, I will just wait and see. Carca
  12. OK, thanks for your comments, but in the end, I am not "wiser"... I have downloaded the update from the Affinity photo site, so I suppose it is "real", but I cannot find any comment or description of the changes anywhere on the forum. Hasnt anybody noticed? (with the exception of Avicenna) Carca
  13. I have been informed today (Nov 21st) (through the program itself) about a new update (1.6.1) which I have downloaded and installed. Everything fine... Why dont I see any information about this in the forum (or have I missed something?), specially to see which changes have been made in this new version... Carca
  14. Ok, well noted and thanks for your quick reply.... I have tried it and it works, of course. But it is very "constraining" because it affects all other programs at the same time. So, I ll buy a magnifying glas!! I am enjoying both programs (Photo and Designer), really good... Any plan (seriff or others) for a dedicated magazine? Carca
  15. Hello, hello, I have not found a possibility to make the tools icon BIGGER ( yes, old age strikken!) Does anybody knows if this is possible? Carca
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