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  1. Hi guys I mainly work with 32bit rendered EXR files. When I'm comping rendered objects into backplates, I need to be able to have coloured masks. This is to ensure shadows that are in alpha (masked), creates the correct tone on the backplate. A coloured mask can for example produce a blueish shadow, where a grey scale mask will produce a grey shadow. Is there perhaps a setting I'm not seeing? Whenever I convert a layer to a mask, it goes greyscale!
  2. Great! That's awesome!
  3. Thanks Keith So from the link you posted, looks like I'm allowed to install on more than 1 pc, if they'r all mine. It's been a couple of months since I 1st installed Affinity, so can't remember if it authenticates online or how it works. I take it then I simply use the same email and product key as the 1st installation, and it is suppose to work. No funny stuff like "no sorry, that code is already used"?
  4. Hi all Where can I read my EULA for Affinity Photo? I don't see a link in the app... Basically, I want to know if I can install it on my work pc, and using the same license, install it on my personal laptop?
  5. When I have someting selected, how can I add more stuff? holding shift and selecting new area, forgets the previous area
  6. Hi all When selecting an area, how can I delete or erase it? Hitting del on keyboard deletes the layer. Alt+Backspace is not available Also, is it possible to do it across all layers simultaneously?