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  1. Frozen Death Knight

    Beta update?

    They actually are working on GPU acceleration for Windows (see link). It seems however that GPU acceleration is a lot harder to implement on Windows, which to me isn't too surprising considering how open PC systems are over Macs. I know it sucks having to wait (would be a pretty big upgrade for me when I paint actually), but all we can do is have some patience and wait for the developers to figure out a solution. If it manages to come out this year I would be more than thrilled.
  2. Frozen Death Knight

    My attempts at tackling Affinity Photo painting/drawing

    Made this quick drawing in AP during April Fools to surprise a friend of mine on Twitter. The character is someone called prince Franz from an animated television series my friend used to watch as a child.
  3. Frozen Death Knight

    Problem with soft brushes in 8-bit mode and "halo" gradients

    @Chris B Hey again! It's been a bit more than month now since last we spoke, so I wanted to contact you again to see if you had any more information to share about the issue we discussed. Did you and the developer come to some sort of conclusion? Is this issue going to be hard to fix before the official 1.7 release, and if so, within what estimated time frame can we expect it to arrive? Thanks!
  4. Agreed. It doesn't help that because of all the new symmetry features being added, the tool bar is getting so full of stuff that the Protect Transparency check box is being hidden away far in the right corner on 1080p screens. I lock transparency fairly often, so it would be a nice quality of life change for me if it got changed.
  5. Frozen Death Knight

    What's your top three pragmatic 1.7 wishlist?

    1. Better R click shortcuts to stuff that already exist inside Affinity (i.e. merge selected should be in the R click menu when interacting with layers). 2. Quality of life improvements, like being able to alt+drag layers to duplicate them like it works in Photoshop. Another would be the ability to flip/rotate individual layers instead of the entire canvas, as well as making the new symmetry tool have a reset position to center of canvas option (could make it so that double clicking the square shape actually resets the position back to default or using any of the modification keys when clicking on it). 3. More consistency across tools regarding specific modification keys. For instance, you can use ctrl on any of the shape tools to be able to transform each from the center of the shape. However, none of the marquee tools or the crop tool is able to use ctrl to transform the shape from the center, which is how it works in Photoshop as well. I do have a 4th one as well, but since I don't know how complicated it is to actually fix, I will just briefly mention it. Smoother transparency transitions for soft brush strokes on 8-bit canvases, so that the quality matches Photoshop 8-bit. There are a few issues there that make painting in Affinity not so ideal, so any fix to this will make my day.
  6. Frozen Death Knight

    Problem with soft brushes in 8-bit mode and "halo" gradients

    Okay, thanks for the info! I am looking forward to your reply about that then.
  7. Frozen Death Knight

    Problem with soft brushes in 8-bit mode and "halo" gradients

    @Chris B Hey, I'm back with a file! Halo Soft Brush Artifacts.afphoto I double checked if I had wet edges active, and it wasn't activated in the original screenshot. Here's some additional info about the file, my hardware, and AP settings if it is of any help: - The ICC profile used was sRGB IEC61966-2.1 and an RGB/8 canvas. - I run Windows 10 64-bit with an Nvidia Geforce GTX 980 graphics card, 32 GB DDR3 RAM, and an Intel Core i7-4770K 3.50GHz CPU. - My monitor/tablet is a Wacom Cintiq 13" HD with standard monitor settings. - The brush used was a standard soft brush in the Basic folder in the Brushes panel, with Accumulation Jitter set to Pressure at 100% (as mentioned earlier, no wet edges activated). Hope this helps! ^^
  8. Frozen Death Knight

    Problem with soft brushes in 8-bit mode and "halo" gradients

    All right, will be back later today with the file!
  9. The feature to draw straight horizontal and vertical lines got added in a few builds ago in the 1.7 Beta by holding down shift when drawing (at least I know it works on Windows). It works just like it does in Photoshop. Should probably put this topic to rest now.
  10. Frozen Death Knight

    Problem with soft brushes in 8-bit mode and "halo" gradients

    Okay! That screenshot of yours in AP looks better than what I can get on my home desktop. Maybe I should post an actual file so you can check if there are any issues with how I set up the document or if it is a monitor issue on my end? I don't have it right now, but once I get home I will post it.
  11. Frozen Death Knight

    Problem with soft brushes in 8-bit mode and "halo" gradients

    I am pretty sure I didn't have wet edges enabled when I did this test (still, I will have to double check once I get home from work). Been trying to solve it on my own, but to no avail. The monitor I used was my Wacom Cintiq 13 inch HD screen with default settings, so that can be safely ruled out, since this problem is unique for Affinity Photo based on personal testing with other non-Affinity software on the same screen. Document profile can possibly be the culprit, but I haven't really fiddled with it much and just use the standard one when creating a new document. What settings did you use when testing?
  12. I wanted to bring this issue some attention to the developers regarding soft brushes creating uneven gradients that are jagged between each value. The only way I have been able to find a fix to this is by switching the canvas to 16-bit mode (I work with RGB), but this also takes up a lot of resources, which can be quite taxing when I work on canvases at 6000 pixels or more. Here is an image comparing two gradients I painted with the exact same brush I use, but one was drawn while using 16-bit and the other with 8-bit. This particular problem does not exist in Photoshop. In Photoshop you don't have to work with 16-bit canvases to create the smoother gradients like in the example image from Affinity Photo. Then there is another issue with painting with soft brushes; the halos. While it isn't completely apparent in the above example image, when you softly apply your brush stroke to the canvas, the problem becomes way more apparent: This, along with the 8-bit issues, make soft brush painting less than ideal at times. Using blurs and other techniques can help fixing some of the more serious problem areas in your paintings, but that shouldn't really be needed as far as I'm concerned. I don't know what is causing this problem, but I do hope we can see a proper fix in at least the forseeable future. Fixing issues like these will go a long way in making me 100% recommend Affinity products to other people (still recommending it, but I always have to bring up little issues like these that can make it tougher to convince people).
  13. Frozen Death Knight

    Have you changed shift to allow straight lines with brushes?

    I compared the feature with how it works in Photoshop, and it works the same way as you described in that program. Not much of an issue for me who is used to those controls. Also, the reason shift is using "continue last stroke" when making lines is so you can make straight lines while clicking on points on a canvas to make sure the dots get connected. Maybe that command could be changed to ctrl while keeping horizontal and vertical straight lines on shift, but personally I hope to see the concept evolve to where Affinity has a ruler system that can make straight lines while measuring things like distance and angles from 0 to 180 degrees, as well as allowing other types of measurements. To the developers I would suggest taking inspiration from programs like Lazy Nezumi Pro that has a pretty complex perspective measuring system for drawing, or just simply assist the add-on developer for Lazy Nezumi to add direct support to all Affinity products.
  14. I just tried using the brush tool in the new beta build and noticed that pressing shift now produces straight lines horizontally and vertically. Didn't notice this change in the patch notes, so I wanted to ask fellow beta users if they are able to replicate this to confirm it functioning the same for the rest of you. Anyway, if my eyes don't deceive me, thanks a lot Affinity team for adding this in! I know a lot of other artists who will be super happy with this feature!
  15. Okay! I sure hope so, since it's a fairly important part of my workflow in Photoshop. ^-^