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  1. How is the current drawing speed and performance on Linux for raster brushes? That to me is going to be a massive deal breaker once I try this myself.
  2. If that is supported it means that once Affinity works properly through stuff like Proton and/or Wine, it is then possible to paint with high precision tablet input, which is a necessity for high quality art. Considering how much progress Valve have been making with SteamOS and Proton, it is probably just a matter of time before Linux is able to run all the software I require to work. This video shows the potential of SteamOS. Once Valve officially releases a downloadable desktop version along with proper Nvidia driver support (another hurdle that Nvidia has started to fix with the help of open source drivers being in the works), I will give Linux and Proton a go to see if I can get it to work with my workflow. As it looks like right now, Windows 10 likely will be my last Windows OS considering how utterly atrocious Windows 11 is both from a user experience standpoint and from a security standpoint. The push for ads in their OSes is something I will not tolerate in any paid for retail product.
  3. @1stn00bCool! So, how well does the API for drawing with high precision input work with Affinity? Is Linux able to translate over Windows Ink to something that works, since that's what Affinity supports on Windows?
  4. Question to Linux users, what's the Linux equivalent of Windows Ink/WinTab API for drawing with tablets? How well supported are Wacom tablets?
  5. Well, it is up to the community to make Linux a viable platform for developing software. If you want it you have to work for it. That's just the nature of open source. Epic is also a massive company with billions in their pockets. They have a long history of providing easily accessible tools and funding for game development through their Unreal Engine, Quixel, and donations to projects like Blender. They are charitable because they can afford it and because it is in their best interest to strengthen their own brand that encourages working within their ecosystem. Also, if Serif was so against people using Wine, why did the lead developer for Windows just post how to fix the GUI on Linux? Being against using Wine and not putting resources into supporting Wine and Linux are not the same thing.
  6. Yep, exactly. It is also a play on words by replacing a word of a common phrase for making an insult to imply that.
  7. None of those were insults, however. Which was implied from the start.
  8. Or the more common term (check the plural form): https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/son of a bitch
  9. It is pretty obviously meant as an insult. What other phrase starts with "sons of"? The rest you should be able to figure out.
  10. 3D programs solve the naming issue with having batch renaming of objects. Just search for a specific name or object type, then change the name with different settings like based on selection hierarchy, all, etc. Would be nice if Affinity adopted that feature as well.
  11. That is most certainly not a gimmick tool. It's one of the big reasons I didn't pick up Krita or Clip Studio Paint back when I was still actively searching for a Photoshop replacement. This comes off as being fairly out of touch in a pretty ironic way considering that liquify is one out of many transformation options for paintings, photos, etc. used for professional work. The non-destructive Liquify Filter was most certainly not a gimmick either, since now you can combine a lot of various transformation Filters without ruining your work underneath. Non-destructive features are professional features.
  12. When I was doing UI design work with Artboards for school, the problem of pixel misalignment became a very, very big problem. I had to constantly change the placements of Artboards just to fix things like export slices having the wrong dimensions (every texture needed to use power of two, so a ton of errors), text and frames being misaligned so active and inactive versions of the same button did not match, etc., etc. The thing is that this problem can reappear depending on how you place Artboards. If you move an Artboard the misalignment problems can start appearing on Artboards that you previously fixed. This to me is the most annoying aspect of doing this type of work in Affinity. I was able to learn how to use the various snapping options to fix stuff (Pixel View Mode was a life saver as well), but it would be much appreciated if this kind of workflow was a lot more streamlined so very little tinkering was needed to get pixel accurate results.
  13. @Abdurhman If your tablet has buttons you can keybind the rotation operators to your tablet and then hold them down to rotate the canvas. Some tablets support sliding values by having a ring you can drag with your finger, so there's that too. I know Wacom supports scroll up and scroll down, so you can get more fine adjustment rotations that way. Personally I use a regular keyboard for rotating using these keybinds for ease of access. I stopped using tablet buttons a long time ago unless it's to toggle between multiple screens. Would be cool though if modern Wacoms actually had a scroll wheel on the pen. Would make things so much easier...
  14. The reason it was removed was because it simply was not even close to being ready. When I was testing the feature at the time there were multiple issues with it that could not just be solved with a flick of the switch. - The export settings were broken with tons of encoding artefacts across all settings. It just did not look good. - On Windows you couldn't even export with specific settings because it required an encoding library that is not even native on many Windows versions. - The camera options were limited and did not work work well with Artboards and large canvases. If you wanted the video to follow your brush strokes the camera would sporadically jump all over the place and you could just not keep track of what was going on. The camera would zoom in super far if you did small brush strokes, so you couldn't see the rest of the painting. If you were painting across several Artboards the camera would jump from canvas to canvas while being zoomed in a ton, thus disorienting the viewer. - If you disabled the camera following your brush strokes it would record every Artboard at the same time, thus making everything look small (no way to direct the camera or decide the zoom level). - There was no way of cutting stuff out in the timeline to decide where you wanted to start or stop recording. It only recorded the entire timeline and this was a big problem if you had literally thousands of history states to record from. Since you couldn't preview the results of your recording, you would have to wait for the recording to finish completely to have an idea if it was better or worse in quality. - No way to cancel the rendering of a video in a simple way. Once you hit that record button, the entire program started to freeze and you would have to wait. - It was very unstable and crashed a lot. - Rendering took very long to finish, even if the document was very simple like line art on a single layer. So yeah, it was removed for a good reason. Hopefully they revisit the idea someday since it is indeed pretty cool to have, but it has to address the problems it had before it should be even considered for an official release. Here is also a recording I made using the feature with the best settings that were available: 1649479991_Morevaluepracticing3.mp4.d8ec2ddae8bce168ba3fc267f8310e36.mp4
  15. @AftemplateI agree that there should be easy ways to customise these. Like a presets system where you choose your own default Blend Options whenever you make a new layer/group/whatever. One trick I have found though is that you can actually select multiple layers at the same time and drag the value down to 1 so you don't have to manually change one at a time. Might be a good thing to know. 2022-04-22 23-30-15.mp4
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