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  1. Would be cool as well if there was an option for curve fall-off by customising each value to create different sorts of effects that aren't just linear fall-offs. Basically add it to all options, including opacity.
  2. Update worked fine on my end. Good Beta. Hope for more like this.
  3. The latest improvements to the Assets panel to improve visibility is much appreciated. That said, I wish that assets had frames around their thumbnail borders at all times to be able to distinguish the difference between assets that lack a proper thumbnail and the background. For instance, "empty" Groups, Adjustment Layers, and Mask Layers don't have visible thumbnails, which to me is not a problem in of itself. It is however very hard to see if there even is an asset on the list with these qualities unless you hover over or select it. Here's a Mask Layer asset when I select it: This is how it looks when the asset is not selected: Pretty much indistinguishable from the background. Adding frames around each asset would make it a lot easier to spot assets that are lacking thumbnails. It also would be cool if Mask Layers had their black & white thumbnails visible like in the Layers panel, but the above suggestion would still suffice.
  4. Adobe used to be the main go to for pretty much any industry that involved image editing, whether it be stills, video, or textures. While they are still leading in a lot of areas, Adobe products are no longer the only viable alternatives on the market. Even if something like Photoshop is still the standard, it is still perfectly possible to replace it with alternatives depending on your specific needs. Blender, Aseprite, Inkscape, and the Affinity Suite managed to replace what I did in Photoshop and Illustrator almost completely for me (only needed to convert Affinity files to PSD for work purposes). I only use Substance Painter from Adobe regularly nowadays, which is not as easy to replace, but I do have a couple of alternatives that I am keeping my eye on for the future. I used to use After Effects back in the day as well, but since I am not working with animated vector art as of now I have less need for it. Might try using Resolve and Blender for creating UI vector protoypes in the future if the need ever comes.
  5. Well, since anything can be an asset it is still useful functionality. A simple border frame around each asset would be sufficient for me to be able to see where they are located. If no such thing is going to be implemented then I guess I will simply need to use the list option so I can at least see the names.
  6. @Chris B I hope the change also addresses the issue of assets with invisible thumbnails. I.e. assets that have no imagery, but contains stuff such as groups, layers, filters, etc. I like making custom groups that have the entire layer setup ready to go, but without any image data since I wish to paint that in on my own. That is why I gave the suggestion of border frames since there is no distinction between a tile with an asset and anything else that isn't an asset.
  7. The feature I showed was introduced in a V2 patch, so it could likely be a V2 specific bug in that case. You couldn't reset brushes to default values in V1 without selecting the brush again in the Brushes panel, so unless you are talking strictly about V1 then there would be something that's not working with the V2 features. Feedback threads tend to be better when there's no confusion involved with what's wrong. That is primarily why I am asking questions so things become clearer. Anyway, I don't have any more questions to ask. Hope the devs fix your issue.
  8. This has nothing to do with cost. A feature not working as expected is always worth bringing up. I am just trying to understand what is wrong. I don't know how it works on iPad, but on desktop resetting a brush is only possible if it is marked as red on the list. If the operator is grey it means that the settings are already on the default settings and there is nothing to reset. Duplicating a brush marked red is supposed to save the brush with the changed settings, so if you want two identical brushes you need to have the settings reset before duplicating. If this isn't the case on iPad it may very well be a bug.
  9. Doesn't this feature work the way you expect it to? If your brush is marked as red, it means that you can reset the brush back to its original state. No changes done to your brush will be saved unless you actually press Update Brush, which changes the defaults to whatever settings you have at the present. Duplicating a brush with specific settings will save your brush with those same settings, which is how it works in Photoshop last I recall.
  10. It could be a problem if you don't happen to own Photo. Is it then impossible to rasterize anything with shortcuts, or can you still change keybinds for the other Personas?
  11. Do you have any examples of performance issues? Kind of hard to know what you are referring to when not giving any examples.
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