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  1. Frozen Death Knight

    And then that happened!

    Happy anniversary! Been fun seeing the Affinity brand evolve and grow the last two years that I have owned the programs. Looking forward to what you have in store next!
  2. Okay, I sent it over to you. I made a copy of the helmet part with a selection. Just use merge down on it and the issue should be reproducible (I hope!).
  3. Hey! No worries. Which issue couldn't you replicate? The one where merging moves the layers to the right, the one where merge selected and merge down don't merge with groups and shapes, or the one where rasterizing doesn't actually rasterize all selected layers? I could send the file I was working on over to you if needed, but how do i send it privately?
  4. First off, I was using the latest Beta build when I did my testing. Now to the topic at hand. I have noticed several issues with merging layers in Affinity, specifically Photo, that make them not function as well I had hoped. I have made videos showcasing issues where merge selected and merge down do not properly rasterize the objects that should get rasterized when using them. Also, even in the cases where they do work, the new layer gets moved out of position every time (I was using an artboard canvas after porting the file over from Publisher). Desktop 2019.08.06 - Desktop 2019.08.06 - Desktop 2019.08.07 - These issues are what I would consider bugs. Here is what I think needs fixing. Merge selected needs to automatically rasterize every selected object in your layer stack so you can can properly merge them together. Right now it does literally nothing to groups, shapes, and other types of special layers that aren't pixel layers when selecting them, which is not how I expect this feature to work (see Photoshop). Merge down also needs to automatically rasterize every object below it, so if a group of hundreds or even thousands of objects are below the layer, merge down needs to rasterize that entire group and merge with layer you wanted to merge down. Right now you have to rasterize before being able to use these merging options, which should not be the case. Speaking of rasterize, this feature doesn't rasterize every selected objects in the Layers panel, making the previous issues quite annoying. Rasterize needs to always work on every selected layer, not just one layer at a time. Finally, merging layers should always keep the newly created layer stationary. No moving around afterwards. It might have something to do with me using an artboard, since I don't recall this ever happening with a regular canvas. P.S. I know I found another bug regarding merging that I didn't have a chance to record at the time, so once I find out how to replicate it, I will try to post it here.
  5. Frozen Death Knight

    BETA ETA (Windows Icon)

    Oh boy, can't wait to try out the new ETA!
  6. Frozen Death Knight

    [AD] [AP] Misc illustrations

    I like it. Although I think you could sell the speed of the UFO if there was some form of motion blur to it.
  7. Frozen Death Knight

    Drawing and Vectoring - DONUT - Tips & Tricks

    Just had to do this quick edit. Couldn't resist. XD
  8. Frozen Death Knight

    DXF Export Support

    I think he meant Serif as a company, not a tool in their programs.
  9. I am not, and that's also the case for the majority of people on this planet. I don't need to label myself to not treat women or other races like crap. Either way, I am not here to discuss politics on a forum about editing software. If you want to advocate for social justice, then learn to pick your battles, because this was not relevant to the topic in the slightest, and you even got the facts wrong about the people involved, making you look like an absolute fool. Anyway, I've said enough about this, since I don't want to derail this anymore than you already did.
  10. Likewise. After reading through the last few pages those comments of yours stuck out like a sour thumb in an otherwise decent discussion.
  11. Maybe you should worry more about your own "casual sexism", since you saw something sexist where none of the parties involved did, including the supposed "victim"? Just a thought.
  12. Frozen Death Knight

    Red Eyed Tree Frog (AD)

    From a distance it could be taken as an actual photo with effects added over it. I really like how you managed to make it look like actual bumps on the skin to break up the "smoothness" that a lot of vector art tends to have. Good job!
  13. Frozen Death Knight

    Digital art

    @Josie I made a quick video tutorial on how to do it in Designer. I am using a PC, but I think it still gets the point across, since I am not using any shortcuts. As long as you find the buttons and commands on your iPad for invert pixel selection and Blend Options (if you're using the black cat) you should be able to follow along. Desktop_2019_07.22_-_19_28_25_04.mp4
  14. It seems like the devs have added TGA export support in the latest Mac Beta build. If some Mac user can confirm this is the case for us PC users, since we can't test this yet, it would be much appreciated. ^-^
  15. Frozen Death Knight

    Brush settings RMB + CTRL

    It's not a matter of the colour picker itself being slow. It has to do with Affinity lacking a visual indicator when pressing alt from the start. Read this. I made a tutorial on how to create a fast colour picker with some precision. It is a temporary solution until the developers add a proper indicator, but it does in fact work.

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