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  1. Yep! One thing I wish was added however was a setting for increasing the length of lines if they don't interesect while using the Shape Builder Tool so that it is possible to fill in spaces where the vectors aren't closed. I know Blender has something like this when using Grease Pencil, so it would be cool to see in Affinity as well.
  2. I am not seeing any changes in the Export pop-up window when accessing it. Are you referring to the Export Persona instead perhaps?
  3. I have this texture map where I need to edit specific channels without affecting others. I know in Photoshop you can go to Layer Style and disable specific channels, but I haven't seen anything of the sort inside Affinity Photo. Any ideas?
  4. Yep. With this announcement they also stated that the sales have exceeded expectations by nearly three times the amount within the first week. Clearly this launch offer has paid off for them and eventually for us who bought V2.
  5. Thanks! Yeah, indeed. My school told us during the ZBrush sculpting course to use them. Since I use Blender a lot too to sculpt and want to mix Blender+ZBrush in my workflow I felt like I needed to recreate this specific matcap to keep quality consistent. It's a good matcap for sure!
  6. My first finished project in V2 was to create EXR matcaps I could use in Blender for sculpting that support multi-channel options. Pretty happy with the results and fellow sculptors have had a pretty positive reception to them.
  7. The horizontal list of export options needs to go, period. It's not practical in the slightest to have the list the way it is in V1. Having icons can still be doable, but they should not be coloured, and the list should be vertical as to reduce the wasted space. As more export formats get added, having all of them coloured will just make it look worse and worse as time goes by.
  8. Photoshop didn't have this for decades until 20.0 for Photoshop CC, which was only 4 years ago. I agree that it should be a feature, however. It's convenient. I don't think Serif would appreciate a "threat". Don't want to get into trouble. 😜
  9. @cgidesign Ah, okay! I will try that. Reason why I wanted the .RGB and .A is because I have checked other matcaps done through Blender, which look like this when opened in Affinity: You think just adding .RGBA and removing the .A layers will fix it?
  10. Been learning how to create matcaps for 3D modelling lately through Affinity. However, one thing I am trying to fix is that exporting .exr-files does not actually retain all the layers necessary to make a Blender matcap that can read a specular channel. Here is how it is supposed to look like: Here is the export result: Any way to fix this, or do I have to make a bug report?
  11. Affinity on my Ryzen 9 5950x loads in about 3-4 seconds (for Photoshop around 7-8 seconds). Can't complain.
  12. @MEB I think the reason why the Assistant considers this an "Assistant action" is because of this: So because of the wording, it means undoing anything on this list will undo simple stuff like adding a mask as well. An unintended consequence perhaps, but it is doing what it's supposed to. Perhaps allowing people to uncheck this option for each individually to give users more control would be more desirable? Or rewrite the wording of this and make an exception would be preferable?
  13. I guess it's because people asked for it? The Assistant is pretty unconventional to other similar softwares, so any default would feel a bit weird I believe.
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