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  1. Have you raised this before in here? https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/forum/122-feedback-for-the-affinity-v2-suite-of-products/ I do think it's a good idea but like I said, just a bit beyond the current scope—that doesn't mean it would never be considered. Cheers
  2. @dcarvalho84 as the Serif Info Bot suggests, we believe we have successfully fixed this issue. We can see a clear difference between the previous betas that this was reported against and the internal 2165 build. I am really hoping that it has greatly improved for you as well. Again, thanks for your patience.
  3. Hey FDK, This change will not do what you are asking. It's simply to change the background colour to make assets with images more visible depending on their attribute. It sounds like your process is quite niche and beyond the scope of what the Asset Panel was intended for.
  4. Extending on what Dan said, if you move the app (or another app) around but click the same area on the screen, is that also a dead zone?
  5. Hi Sunshadow, Unfortunately, I have been unable to reproduce the issue. Any chance you could provide a screen recording? TinyTake by MangoApps-28-11-2023-07-20-12.mp4 Do you have another display connected? If so, does disconnecting it resolve the issue?
  6. I believe that was the calendar project and not the graphic on the jumpers. I just wanted a few examples but hopefully we can get this sorted. Thank you so much for your testing and your patience.
  7. Hey Sunshadow, I can check this when I get home. I've got a 49" 5120 x 1440p monitor and a 34" 3440 x 1440p monitor available to me so hopefully we can reproduce this and get it logged with the developers. I'll reply tonight once I've checked.
  8. Thanks for the video @dcarvalho84 Would you mind sharing that file (or a similar one) with the developers? I've made a private dropbox for them to access the file if you're happy to upload it here: https://www.dropbox.com/request/DGVkrVhFD4dUARpcQY4i Nobody outside of the Development team would be able to access this and the file(s) will be removed once we have investigated.
  9. Hey tzvi20, The Styles Panel is indeed wrong here. It should be Delete (as it is on macOS) so that's the bug. I'll get this logged. Thank you.
  10. Morning. I've just installed a free trial of the DxO FilmPack 7 and it seems to be working for me. Can you please review the recording and let me know if I'm doing something different please? DxO FilmPack 7.mp4 I am running a beta of Photo.
  11. Hey dcarvalho84, Sorry this hasn't been fixed yet. This would not be an easy fix as it would likely require a complete overhaul of the rendering engine. The issue is logged with the developers for their consideration. You will be notified when a fix is made and tested by QA via the Serif Info Bot. I would, for now, set the renderer to either Low Quality (Fastest) or High Quality (Slowest) until the developers get around to addressing this. For what it's worth, I always set my setting to High Quality as it gives the best user experience and if you've got a half-decent machine, you will likely never notice any extreme issues. May I ask what kind of performance hit you see?
  12. Hi anto, that looks like the same thing as in this thread. As you know, we've not been able to reproduce it
  13. Hi anto, Not sure I follow you exactly. Drag and drop from where? Finder? Stock Panel? Dragging an image to the UI will open a new window. Dragging an image to the canvas area will drop it on the canvas.
  14. Apologies this is taking so long. I have updated the bug report to remind the developers this is still an ongoing issue.
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