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  1. Can you attach one of the offending files? I suspect some weird profiling issue.
  2. I can sort it by restarting the app or in fact, leaving the Export dialog - though if it's getting stuck and remaining that way, there's more to it but I'm sure we'll figure it out. I do feel like I have to purposely break it or tap really quickly to reproduce though. Either way, once the underlying issue has been fixed you should be fine.
  3. Hey Gr Eg Or, We've managed to reproduce this. Either by tapping between formats in quick succession or holding one format and tapping another. I'll get it logged.
  4. Hey cgw, We will be pulling in the new LibRaw update 0.21 into a future beta but it might be worth getting one of the raw files to submit to dev in anticipating there may be an issue when we make the pull. If you're able to attach one that would be great.
  5. Can you attach the file? It looks like you're working on an artboard - was this from V1 by any chance or just opened from V2 Designer?
  6. I have this with an RTX 3080 and have absolutely no performance issues or related crashes. I think if you are crashing with hardware like that, you are more than likely encountering a software bug as opposed to running out of resources related crash. If you notice a pattern or particluar area where you crash, that's what we need to focus our attention to. Crash reports and a recipe are what the developers usually require to diagnose and fix any issues.
  7. Without being able to reproduce it, I have nothing to submit to the developers. markw suggested that you try a new user and this would help identify where the issue is coming from. If there's a 3rd party app causing an issue (and there has been in the past) we can slowly start disabling groups of running processes to narrow it down. My concern is that if it's related to the 8-Core Intel Xeon W which we do not have access to—or similar.
  8. @DeepDesertPhoto Can you please attach the raw file? This likely requires a similar but slightly different fix specifically for your Nikon.
  9. I'll look through the crash report once attached. I'd also encourage you to enable OpenCL as it looks like you disabled it. As long as your graphics drivers are up to date, there should be no issue with your GTX 1050 Ti and I doubt is the cause of the crashes.
  10. Hey Ade H, It looks fine for me, but then I have my MacBook's brightness set to 100%. It does get more difficult to see when I lower the brightness so you have a point.
  11. @Ron P. do you know of a thread where we've acknowledged this? I cannot find a report in our database and I've checked a few threads for the bug report tag and cannot find anything. I'm loathed to log a duplicate report. I'm not expecting you to trawl through threads for ages but just wondered if you could find one quickly with the tag.
  12. I am unable to reproduce this on Windows. I've tried your images and a bunch of my own - I'm not entirely sure what's going wrong. For now, they should be easy to correct but I would very much like to reproduce this. I've logged this - thank you.
  13. I spent 10 minutes in the Develop Persona making adjustments, adding presets and switching back and forth. I then developed the image and did further adjustments etc. with no issues. This was all developing to 32 bit with HDR enabled. I'm failing to see what we are supposed to be testing here @GreenSWOhio You haven't provided any background information such as steps, system specs, crash reports etc. Until we have that, there's not much I can suggest unfortunately.
  14. Fine for me too: It looks like you are stuck on Zero - does zooming make the image pop in at all?
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