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  1. Hi Mina, I see the bug here. I'll get it passed on for you. Cheers
  2. Hey Novavito, Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be any info for that crash reference. Can you make it crash again and go to %AppData%\Affinity\Photo\1.0\CrashReports and see if there are any logs you can attach. Please do this before submitting the crash otherwise the CrashReports folder will be emptied.
  3. Chris B

    Export Bug

    I would only use 8 bit for a simplistic logo with flat colour. Your example is more of an illustration as it contains shades, noise, FX etc. Saying that, the bits I'd expect to look different after export, aren't the bits that are affected. We'll know more once we get the original file, if you still have it.
  4. Chris B

    Export Bug

    Hi WalkInVerse, Can you also link to the original file so this can be investigated? Thanks!
  5. Chris B

    Copy and paste problems

    I believe Chrome works because it is pasting unicode. We'll get this fixed at some point but I'm pleased you're content with the workarounds for now.
  6. Chris B

    Straight line bug with Paint Brush

    Hi Tazintosh, This regression was introduced with the last update. We haven't had a beta since it was reported so I hope to see this fix once we get a beta. Sorry for the trouble.
  7. Chris B

    Copy and paste problems

    Hi, Thanks for the file. It does look the be the same issue as reported. Basically, Affinity is only using RTF data from the clipboard.It should be using RTF and Unicode data. What font is displayed when you paste it into Affinity? I assume you have some Chinese fonts installed for Affinity to fall back onto? If you copy and paste from Chrome does it work? The workaround suggested was to use Notes until we can get this fixed...
  8. Chris B

    Copy and paste problems

    Hey Chava Yeung, welcome to the Affinity Forums. Can you attach a sample of the source text you are copy and pasting please? We do have a log of Chinese characters pasting in incorrectly but it's with a specific PDF. I want to check to see if this is the exact same issue you're seeing or something that's slightly different.
  9. Chris B

    Freezes when working with photo

    Hi Mark1980, welcome to the Affinity Forums. Are you working with raw? If so, what type? Can you recall what you were doing at the time of the crash? Without a recipe, crashes can be difficult to catch. We run a beta program which you might be interested in joining. The beta is a few months ahead and includes a lot of fixes so it might be worth signing up. If you're interested, please check this link - https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/41764-affinity-photo-for-ipad-customer-beta/ The beta's are generally very stable and are as stable as the Store version so don't be put off by installing it. If you don't fancy the beta, that's fine! We will need to run a few more tests to see if we can get more info.
  10. Chris B

    Affinity crashes when opening any file!!!

    Hey AMGBERLIN, Do you have to continuously right-click the exe each time to launch it successfully or did doing it once do the job? Make sure all your graphics drivers are up to date too. I've seen a lot of crashes recently due to graphics drivers. I'd suggest doing an uninstall of them first, then install new ones. Don't just update them.
  11. Chris B

    Affinity Photo (iPad) - Crashes every time

    Hey 276ccm, that file has no history so it isn't crashing. To be fair though, it sounds like the exact same crash that has been fixed already.
  12. Chris B

    Crashing Desinger

    Yes, they are stable—the only thing to be wary of is any potential regressions that may appear due to fixes. I use the beta every day and it is fine.
  13. Chris B

    Open Assets Crash

    Sorry Lex, I tried it on Windows after it crashed my Mac and went on auto-pilot. The Mac doesn't have a beta yet but you can work around this. You will need to reset the Assets. To do this, hold ctrl while launching Affinity and you will see a dialog box appear. At the bottom, check Reset Assets and uncheck the other options. If you have an extensive Assets catalogue, I would back them up first from ~/Library/Containers/com.seriflabs.affinitydesigner/Data/Library/Application Support/user/assets.propcol
  14. Chris B

    Crashing Desinger

    Hi Charles, welcome to the Affinity Forums. When the app crashes, do you get any crash references? It's possible you're unknowingly doing something to cause the crash. What kind of things do you normally do? Do you work primarily with vector or in the Pixel Persona? Have you tried the beta? It might be worth seeing how you get on with that as there's quite a few fixes since the last release. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/58648-affinity-designer-customer-beta-165109/
  15. Chris B

    Affinity Photo (iPad) - Crashes every time

    I should have made it more clear to use the copy you had just made—glad you figured that out hehe. The original will be located on the Home screen and nowhere else, unless you made a copy. If you could send me the original that would be swell. I don't think I need the copy