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  1. Can you also provide us with your Mac specs including the driver version if you are using a dedicated GPU.
  2. Hey Matteo, Can you confirm what Display settings you have in Affinity Designer > Preferences > Performance? Could you record a QuickTime video se we can see exactly what is happening?
  3. Hey levirphillips, As Friskel has said, this is a known issue but I would encourage you to read the linked threads to confirm. I'll follow the thread so we can update you.
  4. Hey sk4nner, Can you attach one of your documents that this happens with? I logged an issue a few weeks ago which I believe is similar to this.
  5. Hey Patrick, The exported PNG's will have stripped out a lot of redundant data. Native Affinity files are quite large files but this is by design. We optimise for speed as opposed to file size. This is because the Affinity file will contain things like snapshots, history, metadata and copies of any images inside it.
  6. Thanks jport, I've logged this with development to see if they can find the cause of the crash.
  7. I think DM1 is right. These kind of crashes will be very dependant a large number of things. I'm a little surprised that going from a meagre 8 to 20 resumed the crashes. If you could send us a file it might help us figure out the trigger.
  8. Hey Patrick, Sorry I didn't see your message—I was pulled onto some other testing. I've just ran through it myself and got the same outcome; so I'm not sure if that's the cause as my apps run fine. It could definitely be a factor though. Do you have any other drives you can temporarily try installing the app to? I'd be interested to see what happens if you install it to another SSD or standard HDD. I'm not offering this suggestion as a solution by the way. I just want to see if perhaps there's a conflict even when the app is installed to another drive.
  9. Hey Affinity iPad Student, I can't reproduce this with the current version. I've trued a few 100+mb PSD's and a few big TIFF files. Any chance you can attach your file and tell me which area you're selecting and refining?
  10. Why would you need to throw your existing work away? It has been explained that dragging a new instance of that Symbol out will give you the second handle to scale the objects. I have logged this with development to see if we can get it fixed. I'm sorry this has caused you so much trouble. I'll update the thread once I get some feedback from development.
  11. Hm, not seeing it. I'll put some time aside when I get chance and have a proper look. I only compared two or three articles such as 'Place images'. Thanks Alfred.
  12. Anything in particular regarding Designer? I had a quick look for Mac references and didn't find anything of note.
  13. Hey Kronpano, I was using that site, however I wasn't using a Tone Map with enough of a contrast change. I've reproduced this now. I can log an improvement request with the dev team for you. Thanks.
  14. This is what I'm getting: Create an ellipse Add it as a symbol Drag out the symbol a few times Resize each symbol so they are all different sizes Add some Artistic text, drag it inside the Symbol layer and position accordingly. This will be scaled when you drag a corner Add another ellipse Draw some Artistic text on its path Drag inside the Symbol layer. Note, this is not scaled when you drag a corner of one of the repeated Symbols. Also note that only the shape you dragged the text path inside of has the additional node on the outside When you drag a new instance of the symbol out, you should get the additional corner handle—but existing symbols (other than the one you dragged the text layer into) do not and therefore, do not scale.
  15. Hey Fooshman, welcome to the Affinity Forums. Ramp should still work when Matte Edges is disabled, however you will need some Feather as this pushes out the selection from the foreground pixels. You don't necessarily need Matte Edges enabled unless you're trying to refine a straight selection. So applying a tiny bit of Feather can work well with Ramp. If you're still not happy with this, it might be worth supplying a sample document so we can see what you're working on.