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  1. I'd recommend watching this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kDaAMIfgHZA Regarding the wrong label being displayed on the context toolbar—I'll see if any of my colleagues have seen this. It's definitely worth investigating.
  2. Hey πkso, The differences might appear subtle but as a test, do the following: Stabiliser: Window Stabiliser and Window: 128. Now drag and draw a long oval shape. You should notice that the line will extend and the curve will take time to catch up with your cursor. Stabiliser: Rope stabiliser and Length 128. Now do the same as above. What you will notice this time is that the curve keeps up with the cursor but remains at a fixed distance. Resulting in a sharper oval. What's weird is that you said you saw Lenth associated with Windows stabiliser. I haven't seen this but I'll try and reproduce it. If you have your language set to English, it uses UK English so Stabiliser is correct If you set it to US English, it will be Stabilizer. If you're more familiar with US term, you can change it under Preferences > General > Language
  3. Chris B

    Force Closing on New Stack

    Hey SillyKitten, welcome to the Affinity Forums. Can you attach the images you're using? I've tried it 3 times with varying formats and it seems ok.
  4. Try copy and pasting all the objects to a new document (or just the ones you need) and see if that helps. You can also try exporting it as a PDF and import it again. Just make sure you do it on a copy of the file. If I could reproduce it we'd be able to get an idea of what we need to do to prevent this in the future...
  5. Hey RickyO, The Flood Select Tool being slow is known to the developers. We'll hopefully get this resolved in a future patch. Your machine is not at fault here. Sorry for the inconvenience
  6. Hey Shamankim, Thank you for attaching the file. Unfortunately, we have identified an issue that has been logged with the developers. Because I cannot be sure how long this may take to resolve, you may want to seek the refund from the App Store for now. I'm very sorry.
  7. Hey thsjstin, welcome to the Affinity Forums. Do you mean when you are transforming nodes or shapes? We've got a log of this happening when transforming nodes so I'll bump the report for you.
  8. Chris B

    Affinity freezes and then shuts down.

    Hi Bez, welcome to the Affinity Forums. Was this a one-off or does it happen regularly? It doesn't sound like you've done anything strenuous so I'd be surprised if this happens consistently. Do you recall what size the document was and what pt size you had set for the Pencil Tool?
  9. Hey Shamankim, welcome to the Affinity Forums. Your camera is on the supported devices list so it should be working. Can you attach the original raw file so we can investigate, please?
  10. Chris B

    Selection brush and gradient lag

    If you haven't changed any of the Photo settings, it might be the raw file you were working on. Any chance you could attach it for me so I can give it a go?
  11. Chris B

    Selection brush and gradient lag

    Hi Jim, You could try the Designer trial. There is a Selection Brush Tool in the Pixel Persona and you have access to the Gradient Tool as well.
  12. Chris B

    Selection brush and gradient lag

    Hi Jim, welcome to the Affinity Forums. There shouldn't be a general issue with either the Selection Brush Tool or the Gradient Tool. Can you give us some information about the size and type of document you are currently working with? Things like resolution/dpi etc. will help. Can you also check what settings you have in Preferences > Performance? Particularly what you have set for View Quality and Renderer. Cheers
  13. Hm, I've seen a few reports of serious lag when using the Corner Tool excessively. Is this something you've used a lot? I've had a quick scan of your document and can't see any but there are a lot of objects when they are all enabled so I might have missed it. I assume a new file works without any issues?
  14. Unfortunately, this is still an issue. We issue we have is related to combining forms in the text. We might know more once Publisher is released.
  15. Chris B

    Mediocre apple pencil performance

    Hey Yonatan, welcome to the Affinity Forums. This has been mentioned a few times and it is with the developers. Another example is the app not knowing when to move or resize an object. I'll add this feedback to the log—thank you.