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  1. Hey JGD, Thank you—I have been trying to reproduce this after a few reports but didn't try switching Personas for some reason... I've got it now so I can log it! QA (which is a small team) primarily use the betas and the developers are busy developing. The other support staff and majority of Serif employees will use the retail. I'm not sure how many people use the beta but I bet the percentage of people like yourself who take time and effort to report bugs isn't anywhere as big of a number as those who install it and never speak to us.
  2. You are quite right! My mistake—I checked both retail and beta and they were both set to Apple Core so I incorrectly assumed. I never reset my Mac either as that's where I have all my customisations etc. Thanks for the correction anon2.
  3. Hey frankw80, I've just tried this in the beta and retail using the default JPEG export settings and I can't see this issue. I exported it from my Mac and opened it on Windows. Have you changed any of the export settings?
  4. Have you tried fully gutting the apps and doing a fresh install? I know it sounds like a pain and you shouldn't have to do it but it's worth a shot. Could you also please try and install the beta and see if you run into the same issue: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/128418-affinity-photo-windows-customer-beta-190864/ Just try the Photo one for now. I'm not suggesting you use and run the beta but if we get the same issue, it might direct us more toward a Windows/software conflict as opposed to an existing installation issue.
  5. Hey GUSSAN, Do you have the shortcut enabled in Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts?
  6. Hey hwknd, Make sure you aren't installing both apps into the same folder as this can cause issues. Also make sure any Windows updates have completed and you've restarted the machine. Also make sure you're trying to install and run the current versions https://store.serif.com/en-gb/update/windows/photo/1/ https://store.serif.com/en-gb/update/windows/designer/1/
  7. Hi Dave, We need to know locations of where you're saving to etc. and what permissions you've got set. Are you primarily saving to cloud/removable storage? The Save button appearing white might be to do with your Highlight settings in Preferences > General
  8. Hi Tony, welcome to the forums. Have you tried to re-add the plugin search folders and Alow the Unknown plugins etc? It might be worth doing—though I wouldn't have anticipated them not working by updating the retail version.
  9. Hey Saile95, Windows will be using Serif Labs but on macOS it uses Apple Core by default. Does changing it to Serif Labs on macOS (via the Assistant button at the top—it looks like a tuxedo) resolve this?
  10. Sorry IPv6 - I meant to come back to this. I am seeing this crash and can get it every time with the recipe. It's logged.
  11. Hey aneiwand, You're definitely seeing the Nvidia dll crash. We think this related to Capture One's Explorer integration. Either turning it off can potentially resolve this or uninstalling/reinstalling Capture One has solved it for some others. We've told Nvidia about this but I think Capture One needs to sort something their end.
  12. Hi Max N, Is OpenCL enabled? I've tried with and without but don't see it happening. Can you get this consistently?
  13. Hello Svetlana777, welcome to the forums. Does the 'Fit Type' > 'Fit to Printable' change anything? I think we need to know more about your document (size etc.) Perhaps attach it or a sample if you can.
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