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  1. Not if you purchased it through the App Store I'm afraid, or you have a Time Machine backup. I don't think it will be too long until the macOS beta is available with the fix. I'm very sorry.
  2. 1. The fix for the mask/layer issue is available in the Windows beta. We're still waiting for macOS. No idea when this will go live. 2. Thanks. We've started seeing a few more reports of very slow saving. I believe we changed something recently and we've already contacted the developers to see what's up. 3. We've already discussed increasing the min requirements. More RAM and a proper SSD will always be recommended. 4. Maybe so, but even the smallest difference between machines can cause different crash report results. It's your choice though. Thanks!
  3. Hi PetervL, Can you check Preferences > Performance to see if you are using the Nearest Neighbour View Quality setting? Ideally, you want this on Bilinear (Best Quality).
  4. Can you see if this issue also occurs with Hibernation mode? I've also done a bit of research and it has been suggested to make sure that your graphics drivers are also fully up to date.
  5. Bizarre that it works fine for us. If you have time to write back with your exact mouse clicks and shortcut actions I'd be happy to have another look. I just cannot work out why Affinity would lose its shortcuts (especially if they are still present in the Preferences > Keyboard Shortcuts menu).
  6. Chris B

    Screen Glitch/Flicker

    Hey Fradim, AFAIK this was happening to apps that are GPU-heavy as ChristiduToit pointed out. Affinity mostly relies on the CPU but for certain tasks, we can hammer the GPU which could lead to this. It will be worth keeping an eye open for this with the release of Catalina (we will be).
  7. Chris B

    Affinity Photo Crashing issues

    Hi Adam, Is this with any profile or just the ISOnewspaper26v4? I grabbed one and added it from a random website on the net and it seems to be working absolutely fine. I need to know if it is just this particular profile (in which case I'd ask you to attach it) or if you're having a general issue here.
  8. Hey Patryk, I grabbed a G9 raw sample from the internet and I'm not quite seeing this much change. I'd say when I increase the contrast by 5% it looks about right but yours definitely looks a bit stronger. Any chance you can attach the raw file so I can check 1.6 and 1.7 to see how much it may have changed?
  9. Hey p_mac, I'm struggling to reproduce this and I've tried toggling 'Touch for Gestures only' but it makes no difference! I use my little finger as a pivot a lot of the time when painting/selecting and I've never noticed it
  10. Thanks for your help with this bug. We have now resolved the problem and will make the fix available in the next release of Affinity Photo on your platform.
  11. Thanks for your help with this bug. We have now resolved the problem and will make the fix available in the next release of Affinity Photo on your platform.
  12. Chris B

    Copy text to website

    Hey lesz3u, This looks like a bug as 1.6 doesn't do it. The change may have come about since the release of Publisher so I shall check with the developers. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. As a workaround, you can try pasting it into Notepad which will strip the formatting and unwanted symbols.
  13. Hey N1846, welcome to the Affinity Forums. There are a few apps that are known to cause conflicts with us: I'm sorry for the trouble this may have caused you.
  14. Hello DenisNZ, Two of us have tried this on different machines using the Lightroom to Affinity Photo method but we cannot reproduce this. I wonder if you are experiencing some aftermath of the issue we had with the upgrade to 1.7 regarding shortcuts. On one of the machines you can reproduce this one, could you go to %AppData%\Affinity\Photo\ and rename the 1.0 folder to 1.1 and then launch Affinity. This will perform a safe reset on the app (as we've just backed up your user data) and may resolve the issue for you.
  15. This seems to be back as far as 1.6 (if not further). It doesn't look very nice so I'll ask the developers to look into it. Thanks