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  1. Chris B

    Stock panel - "connection failed"

    This has now been logged with the development team
  2. A few of us have tried this and we cannot get it. Any chance of a video? Sorry to be a pain!
  3. Chris B

    Crash when creating Panorama

    Hey Steve, welcome to the Affinity Forums. I've tried this with a few of my own panoramas and I cannot reproduce it. It looks like we have the same iMac and I'm on Catalina too. Any chance you can upload the images you're stitching to this private Dropbox account so I can have a go?
  4. Oh, that's not great—not sure what has happened there but I'll let development know. Thank you h_d
  5. Hey Rolbrecht, I'm really struggling to reproduce this. I'd be interested to see if anyone else can reproduce it. Are there any additional steps I could try?
  6. Hey Asti, This appears to be fixed in the beta so you can grab that or wait for the retail version to be updated to 1.8 (I don't know when that will be though).
  7. Chris B

    Develop Persona - Rotation

    Nobody knows everything! I ran into it again today when testing this and forgot to update the bug report so it's a good job you mentioned it!
  8. Chris B

    Develop Persona - Rotation

    This is a known issue. Thanks for the reminder. I'll update the report. Sorry!
  9. Chris B

    Random crashes, running slow

    Hello Willbilly, Does this happen on simple documents or is it more common on documents with lots of layers/filters? If it is the latter, could you share an .afphoto file with us so we can investigate please?
  10. Chris B

    Develop Persona - Rotation

    I'm not entirely sure why it does this—I've asked.
  11. Hey Linia, We have managed to recover the file, however we had to use the beta. This means the file will only open in the beta version of the app and not the retail. You can install the beta and run it alongside the retail version if you wish. Here's a link to the beta: The file is attached. If I can recover it in the retail version I will let you know. kindofrecovered.afphoto
  12. Chris B

    Tapered Line Bug

    This does seem a bit more prominent with our XP-Pen than it does a Wacom tablet. I'm not sure if it's something to do with the surface of the tablet or the driver. It doesn't happen all the time though—maybe one in ten strokes for me.
  13. Chris B

    Where is the file's name in RAW Develop.

    Interesting. I've done a reset on my app since installing the beta so I imagine this is why mine as there. I'll investigate!
  14. Chris B

    The app is constantly crashing

    Hey majorel_pa, Does this happen with standard images? The iPad you are using should be absolutely fine for the app. If the crashing doesn't happen with a standard image, it may be worth attaching one of the raw files—what camera is it from? How often are the crashes? Can you make it crash on request?
  15. No, that should definitely be working Are you using the standard keyboard to do this? Or have you mapped keys to your tablet?

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