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  1. Hey Fairouz, welcome to the Affinity Forums Simply go to File > Place and browse to your PNG. It will then appear as a separate layer that you can move into position.
  2. Hey Voxen, I think the problem is that how would the app know when you are picking or painting? It works with your finger because it is still and steady and has a wider area. With the Pencil, it can slip and has a smaller surface area. It could probably be made to work if you can put the Pencil back on the exact pixel so the app knows you've already picked that area and you can begin painting. What if you pick an area and decide to pick a different area, it would paint instead. As far as I know development looked into it and it wasn't working well. So rather than it not working well, they just didn't include it—I think that's the crux of it.
  3. I have absolutely no idea, in all honesty, but I have seen this behavior before. I've just logged it with development along with a video of how to reproduce it so I imagine this will get fixed pretty quickly.
  4. Hey Ivan, Sorry to hear you lost your work We could probably move the context menu to make it appear slightly further away from your fingers. With a few attempts, I can actually reproduce what you did, be it cutting or deleting the layer but while also pressing the transparent area with another finger.
  5. Ah, the only way to get that is to use the web version of the Help which you can find here: Sorry if that isn't ideal, it's just the way we've decided to do it for now
  6. Hey G.M.1986, Can you give the beta a go? I have a feeling I've seen something similar but I recall it being fixed in a previous beta. It might take some time for me to get the hardware to replicate your environment. I'll go and see what I can dig up.
  7. Hey Glenn, welcome to the Affinity Forums So far I have been unable to reproduce the issue with the Depth of Field Blur. I've tried it on a myriad of formats. You said you took different pictures but I assume they are all from the same device? Have you tried doing it from a picture taken from the iPad? You said you are right-handed which means the undo buttons should be on the right-side unless you've changed the app to Left handed mode. I have already suggested the option to switch the undo/redo buttons to different sides without changing between the different modes. I personally use my right hand to draw and would prefer the undo/redo buttons on the left corner so I don't need to remove my pencil. There isn't a lot I can suggest about the saving functionality yet. We decided to initially use cloud servers to store work and rely on the internal iPad storage to save progress. I know there has been plenty of noise about this... The two-finger touch is reserved for the cut/copy/paste menu—are you saying you would like to also have undo/redo on this menu, or do away with the menu and in its place undo/redo? Please bear in mind the app is still in its infancy and we plan on adding so much more to what we already have. We're still in the process of deciding what we want so all feedback is welcome and all suggestions get considered. Thanks!
  8. Hey Rolf, Thanks for the image! I reproduced this using the Serif Labs RAW Engine however, if you go into Develop Assistant (the icon looks like a small tuxedo) and change the RAW Engine to Apple (Core Image RAW), your DNG looks absolutely fine. If you want to know more about Serif Labs and Apple (Core Image RAW) I would recommend reading what James has put in this thread -
  9. Hey Rolf, welcome to the Affinity Forums Any chance you could provide me with the image you are working with? I've got a few Leica M MOnochrom (Typ 246) samples but they seem to be working fine. Please use our private Dropbox link to send it to me.
  10. crash

    You're welcome I'm glad it's all working!
  11. crash

    You can try resetting the brushes to default. Hold Ctrl when you launch the app and check the box for brushes and then click Clear.
  12. crash

    It could be the recently installed apps you mentioned, that is if they are doing what D3DGear does and hooks into the Direct3D libraries. I'm happy to install them and see if I get the same issue. I'll report back soon!
  13. crash

    Hey AndjelicD, Can you take a look at this thread and see if you have any of those apps installed? That error message is a bit generic and has been associated with the Welcome screen causing a crash but seeing as you only seem to crash going to the Pixel Persona, I'm thinking there might be a conflict somewhere.
  14. Hey Voxen, The Apple Pencil doesn't do gestures (long press) so this is actually by design. The on-screen modifiers should mitigate this though. You can enable it from Preferences > Interface > On-screen modifier keys. Then when you are back to the Clone Tool, navigate the bar at the bottom using the small white arrow until you see 'Set Source'.