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  1. Chris B

    Corrupted file - URGENT

    Hi jeanmib, I'm sorry to hear that. Can you upload the file to our private Dropbox so I can ask the developers to have a look for you. Thanks.
  2. Thanks Alfred. I've reproduced this. I'll pass it to the developers on your behalf
  3. Hi Gamtak, Are you double-clicking? A single-click just highlights a page so you can do further commands/actions but to display the desired page, you need to double-click it.
  4. Chris B

    Vector Crop tool

    Hey VeraIkon, welcome to the Affinity Forums. I'm struggling to reproduce this. What type of image is it? Are you doing a File > Open or a File > Place? Are you duplicating via shortcut or right-click or from the Edit > Duplicate? It might be worth attaching your image (if possible) as well.
  5. Chris B

    Affinity Designer makes my mouse stop working

    Hey polyflow, Does the mouse work without its drivers as a standard Windows pointing device? I'm not for a second you use that as a workaround and use it without the drivers—I just want to see what happens. Does it come with its own software that lets you disable certain functions? I imagine there's something in the driver that is causing this issue and we were wondering if you could try and disable the functions one by one to see if we can identify the cause. I will, of course, let the developers know but without having this mouse it's going to be very difficult for us to diagnose the issue and fix it. We did install the driver to see if anything happened (long shot—I know) but everything was fine.
  6. Chris B

    cannot select and move an object

    Bumped with dev again.
  7. Hey Typo998, I believe the font weights should be placed in order of weight (Narrow at the bottom and Bold at the bottom. Blend Modes should be ordered in groups of what they do and you'd usually want Normal to be at the top for convenience. The others you've raised could probably do with some developer consideration though. I'll pass your feedback on though. Thanks
  8. Chris B

    Installed and opens fine but....

    Well if it is graphics related, couldn't worx try setting the app to WARP? What about trying this: Open Affinity Immediately go to Edit > Preferences Performance > Renderer > WARP Close the dialog and say No when the app asks you to restart Force Quit Relaunch Affinity (should now be using WARP) See if you can start a New Document
  9. I'll update the affected version on the bug report. Thanks Garry.
  10. Chris B

    Installed and opens fine but....

    Hi worx, Can you navigate to C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Roaming\Affinity\Designer\1.0\temp\ and delete whatever is in the temp folder. Hopefully, this will fix it. I'm sorry you've had so much trouble with this.
  11. Thanks for the update. The apps share some common file names so installing into the same folder can cause issues. We should probably warn you during the installation process that this might be an issue. Glad you sorted it though.
  12. I've checked some other apps and their font browser always appears on top of a panel or tab. I've logged it with development so they will decide the best course of action. The problem I have with the current behaviour is that you should be able to float a panel where you want it but if that affects the functionality of another panel, i.e. the font chooser, it causes a problem (for me at least). This only seems to affect the Mac. Windows always forced the font chooser to appear over the panel, which I think is correct.
  13. Got it thanks!
  14. Ah... And it continues to crash? I noticed when I inserted it, everything froze for a few seconds but it recovered. I assume this was whilst it was generating the thumbnails as they all popped in at once. I'll work on that, then.
  15. Thanks I've added the pack so I'll have a play. We've seen a number of crashes with linking frames and believe we have an idea what is causing it.