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  1. Hey dannyhealy1, Are they still missing when you restart the app? I saw another user report this a few days ago. Do you have any external monitors connected?
  2. Hey guys, I think development have identified an issue in this area and are working towards fixing it.
  3. Hey HenkBrwr, Can you follow the advice in my initial reply and save the history in the document and send it to me? I've never been able to reproduce this so maybe your actual document can give us a clue. Are you using your finger or an Apple Pencil?
  4. The text frame should disappear but the text should also change size. If you keep your finger on < or > can you see it changing? Does the pt size on the context toolbar at the top change?
  5. It does work for me. If I write out some Art text and highlight it, then press Shift+Ctrl+Alt+> the point size will increment in much smaller values by adding points in the mix. Remember you have to hold Shift as well, we just don't display that as we assume you would know Shift is required for the < and > but like Alfred said, we could make it more black and white as to not add confusion. I think you're absolutely right in raising this.
  6. I agree with Alfred. I'm happy to see what dev think.
  7. Thanks guys, this is fixed in the current beta and we will update the release version once we are satisfied with said beta. Edit - Oops, just realised it's still in % in the Develop Persona.
  8. Hey nmeunier, I just opened the biggest image I have available to me (24MP) and it took a bit longer than usual to update the thumbnail when I pressed Home. I also added about 30 strokes with a 4096 brush. Any chance you can attach a sample image for me, or send me one? I think at these sizes and brush sizes, it is to be expected that the app will slow down but it should be recovering.
  9. Hey Pjkemp, welcome to the Affinity Forums. It seems to be working ok for me, I've been using it all morning actually. What type of document are you working with? Do you definitely have a Pixel layer selected?
  10. Hey cmatei, It looks like a few users have been reporting similar issues. I've contacted development and they have confirmed they are working on this. Thanks so much for your post.
  11. Hey voodooru, development have confirmed they know about this and are working on it. Thanks for your post.
  12. Hey blue_heron, development have confirmed they know about this and are working on it. I'm not entirely sure what the issue is but at least they are aware. Thanks for the report.
  13. Hey voodooru, I've just responded to blue_heron's thread where I am inclined to agree. It appears something may have changed recently so I'm chasing it up with development.
  14. Hey blue_heron, I've noticed this too. I definitely seem to be having more trouble than I used to while refining. I've asked development if they've changed anything and I'll let you know once I hear back.
  15. Hey Affinity iPad Student, What size and type of image are you using? I've been working with a 4MP image and it was fine but it was taking a little while to actually finish the refining process when doing bigger areas.