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  1. Hey Setebos, I dropped down from 12GB to 4GB once the stack completed. Does the RAM free up when another app needs it?
  2. Hey Frozen Death Knight, I don't know if you're using the beta at all but there are so many stability fixes going in that potentially the majority of these issues are already fixed. As you said, there's no reliable way of triggering the issues so they're going to be next to impossible tot fix unless they just get fixed in the wash.
  3. Heya, This could potentially be a serious regression—could you please zip the original issues up and attach them please? The forum re-encodes JPEGs so they won't be of any use I'm afraid. Can I just make sure you're checking 'Export metadata' is checked in the Export > More dialog: A quick test this end and it seems to be working.
  4. Hey Tazintosh, What OS are you on? Have you reported this before and if so, did someone from Serif confirm? Usually if a bug has been reproduced we tag the forum post with a bug number.
  5. Hey Daveg14, You might be seeing the OpenCL crash. There is a beta that should be coming soon which has a fix for this. Mark should be releasing it at some point soon (maybe today) in the Windows beta forum.
  6. Hey DiegoIta, Welcome to the Affinity Forums I have reproduced this and will log it with the developers - thanks for the video too.
  7. Hey Old Bruce, I suspect they might be files from when the app has crashed which may not have been deleted. As I understand it, the temp files get cleared on runup not when the app closes. I might be wrong so I'll try and find out for sure.
  8. Hey srg, Yes I realise cameras using higher MP is getting more common - that's generally fine for Affinity apps. However what I'm saying is that having a large number of live filters/adjustments is what kills the app. People often do not expect this as they come from say, Photoshop which does not use live filters/adjustments in the same way we do (constantly being rendered by zooms etc). I would definitely merge a group of adjustments or filters once you are happy. Just an FYI for anyone else reading this - make sure that you merge at 100% view because live filters can slightly change once they become baked into a pixel layer so a view of 100% will always give you an accurate preview.
  9. Hey mrqwak, I have logged this as an improvement and emphasised that this is to improve usability. Two developers I spoke with agreed the behaviour you requested would be better
  10. I can't even reproduce it. I asked around the team and they couldn't either. @Subclavius - I notice in the video you're changing the opacity and then clicking the slider dropdown again to hide it which is unnecessary. Do you still get the issue if you don't do that?
  11. Thanks for replying. Rasterising is definitely a solution. Whilst we can use live adjustments and filters (which is handy) they can be incredibly resource hungry. A destructive filter would not show this behaviour as the canvas is rasterised and there's far less data to display. Live filters and adjustments are constantly being rendered when zooming and unfortunately somtimes you have to either rasterise or merge—or even hide the layer.
  12. 😂 Thanks. I did check to see what a few apps did and the one that rhymes with schmadobe did seem to have a nice solution.
  13. Hi IngridQ, I can't add much more to what v_kyr has suggested already (thanks) but we need to get you back into the state where the app is installed and we can attempt to launch it. Once we have reached that, please check the known 3rd party apps which can cause issues - https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/44770-issues-caused-by-third-party-software/ Make sure you have all your Windows updates installed and then ensure you've got any remaining drivers updated such as whatever GPU is driving the Lenovo. There might even be an installed utility which can check all this.
  14. Odd. Any chance you can record your screen with the on-screen keyboard running whilst running this? https://www.nirsoft.net/utils/keyboard_state_view.html We've tried replicating it with a DE keyboard and DE input but it works fine for us...
  15. Hey yanyunzhushu, Thanks for uploading that. I disabled OpenCL from Preferences > Performance and could see a huge improvement. Could you give it a go and report back, please?
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