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  1. A video would be appreciated. Could you also provide the specs for your Windows machine please (including GPU and its driver number).
  2. I forgot to ask—could you confirm what scaling it is set to? I'm using 200% and it also affects 150%. My colleague who is on Windows 8.1 doesn't get this whatsoever so I think it might just be Windows 10...
  3. This is what I've found too. I'll get it logged with the developers. Thanks
  4. Hey BeverlyE, I just got it when I converted my document to 32 bit. Is this what you are using by any chance?
  5. Chris B

    affinity photo crashes

    Hey jportraits, What shortcuts are you pressing? Could you go to Preferences > Keyboard Shortcuts and Save them and attach them here so I can load them? I'll need to know which keys you're pressing too. Also, what size document are you working on? Is it 8, 16 or 32 bit?
  6. You're on a roll here Logged to be looked at. I'm really liking your screen captures btw!
  7. Hey - S -, I will get this looked into. Thanks for letting us know and thank you for the very helpful screen recording
  8. Hey - S -, I saw this the other day with the Assets Panel (or something very similar) but was unable to reproduce it after a restart. Are you still seeing this? Development have done some work with panels recently so we're hoping to see a fix in the next beta.
  9. Hey iBaloo42, Do you have multiple monitors with different scaling settings and are you on Windows 10 by any chance?
  10. Hey Bowzer, What size document and dpi are you using? I've tried it on an 8000 x 8000 px document at 300dpi and it seems to be ok. This is with a good 20 minutes of constant erasing zoomed into the pixels.
  11. Hey BeverlyE, I've been trying to reproduce this for a while with no luck. Does it appear to be specific to your image? What colour mode are you in? Have you tried restarting the app/iPad?
  12. Hey iBaloo42, The code just isn't in the app at the moment but I'm trying to find out if this has ever been considered.
  13. Ah thanks M911, I checked with the developers and we've been doing some work on fixing panels so I'm hoping the next beta should address this.
  14. Hey Jie Van, welcome to the Affinity Forums. This sounds unusual... are you just using a standard mouse and keyboard? Do you have any apps that control shortcuts on your computer?
  15. Chris B

    Reveal in Crop

    Should be fixed in the next beta