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  1. Ah I could never reproduce the document DPI issue. Any chance you could provide the scan? I've made you a private Dropbox folder so if you could upload it to that, I'd appreciate it. Thanks for confirming the fix for the Brushes Panel
  2. Hey morbandit, Apparently this is also a Mac thing. Windows allows a bit more freedom in certain areas. I can log an improvement but I'm not sure if it can be changed.
  3. Wow, that's great! I assume that's as a result of you contacting them? Thanks for letting us know Rit.
  4. Will do! I'm just waiting to hear back from the other user
  5. Hey GodlessMike, I'm currently speaking with another user about what this is. Can you have a look at this thread and see it sounds like you're in the same situation? Can you also provide some screenshots as this will help development. Thanks!
  6. Right, I've got the Cintiq 13HD and initially it seemed slightly more accurate than using the standard Wacom tablet I was using. Then I noticed occasionally it would draw a much thinner line than what I was expecting whilst drawing in quick succession. Again, it wasn't quite as bad as your initial screenshot or video but I believe I'm starting to see it. I've just had another user report what I believe is a similar thing. I'm going to ask them to provide me with some screenshots and maybe a video and we can compile the findings and get this sent to development. Thanks for your patience so far. By the way, I've just checked out some of your work and I'm very impressed I can see why this is such a big deal for you.
  7. Hey ziemo, We have released a Photo beta for Mac but not a Designer one. I'm not entirely sure why but I imagine it won't be too long if we've done a Photo. I'll see if I can find out.
  8. Какое оборудование вы используете? Это происходит, когда вы рисуете Pixel Persona, или ограничивается только векторной кистью?
  9. I'm really surprised by that to be honest. I've definitely not come across that before. Please monitor it and let us know if it happens again. If you have any crash reports in %appdata%\Affinity\Photo\1.0\CrashReports from the day it happened, can you attach it please so we can look into it. Thanks!
  10. Wow that video was helpful—thank you! I can definitely see a difference here. I was just using a Wacom tablet but we do have a Cintiq 13HD so I'll track it down and see what happens.
  11. What tablet are you using? I'm not suggesting there's anything wrong with it. I just want to see if we have the same/similar to I can do some more investigation. The more info we can get for dev, the better chance we have at addressing it. Thanks!
  12. Hey VanHeber, I'm just confirming what Alfred has said. If you're using Details, List or Small icons from the View tab you won't see the thumbnail. If you're using Medium or Large and you still cannot see them, do you see other thumbnails for non-Affinity files? Can you provide a screenshot?
  13. Hey ChristiduToit, I'm just trying to catch up on the missed posts since the 1.6 release and I've only just seen this one Sorry about that. I'm definitely seeing a bit of a difference between Affinity and Photoshop but not to the extent in your screenshots. I think there's a bit of lag in our strokes which may be causing this inconsistency. Did you post this before or after 1.6 was released? We've done some improvements in 1.6 but I just need clarification from you.
  14. Can you check the beta please? I can't reproduce it in that so it looks like it has been fixed!
  15. Hey MagicOfIllustration, I've reproduced what you've mentioned. I'm not really sure what's going off but it makes the Brushes dialog look a bit untidy, especially as it's cutting the end of the last 9 off... I'll get this checked with dev, thank you