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  1. Hi @ricecrispies Are these crashes all on different documents or the same one? I am trying to find to steps to attempt to reproduce your issue. Could you also tell me if you have any created any Print Profiles?
  2. Could you upload a video of the steps you take before the app crashes please? Could you also upload the photo / document you use in the video too? I'd like to try and recreate the issue here. I also have an M1 Mini Mac and am not having this issue with the photos I've used to test it. You can upload the document here privately. If you also have a crash log could you add that too please?
  3. Hi @Mikecuba Welcome to the Affinity forums. I'm sorry to hear you are experiencing crashing. I have split the post so I can get all the information without any confusion. The issues you are experiencing - do they happen on a specific photo or any photo?
  4. @TomM1 Were you working on the same document for all 3 crashes? If so can you upload it here please?
  5. Hi @footeg Would you be able to upload your image here please so I can take a closer look at it?
  6. Hi @safoster71 Sorry for the delay in replying to you. Are you still experiencing this issue or found a workaround for it?
  7. Hi @lanash Welcome to the Affinity forums. Sorry to hear you are experiencing crashing. Thanks for the crash report. You can upload your document privately here and I'll take a look at it for you.
  8. Hi @TomM1 I will get the crash reports looked at but can you give me an idea of what you were doing when you experienced these crashes? We need some steps to be able to attempt to recreate the issue and log a report.
  9. Hi @Marshall Welcome to the Affinity forums. I've split the post you commented on so this could have it's own thread. Let me know if the comments from either @Komatös or @walt.farrell solve the issue for you. 👍
  10. Hi @srg would you be able to upload a video of this happening so I can try and replicate it please?
  11. HI @Paul Cuffo If you want to upload your crash report privately you can add it here.
  12. The issue is with the folder associated with the man. You can group the adjustments together as long as there isn't a pixel layer inside the group. You had 3 adjustment layers in a group with a Pixel layer called skin. This then means that all of those adjustments are applied to whatever is on the pixel layer hence the marks on his face. I moved the layer called skin (Pixel) out of the group and it now looks ok.
  13. Hi @digitalvt I have reproduced the issue on iMac with Big Sur on both 1.10.4 and 1.10.3 Designer. I have managed to open it on 1.10.4 Designer on Windows and can see that there is a mask containing 14000 clipped objects that were slowing it down considerably. I will get this issue logged.
  14. Hi @digitalvt Welcome to the Affinity forums! I'm sorry to hear you are experiencing issues with your file. Would you be able to upload it here so I can take a closer look?
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