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  1. It's not hard and I agree the light UI in system dialogs when the OS is in light mode is much nicer.
  2. A 4K monitor should have a high scale setting in Windows. If the other applications don't work at the scale then they are to blame for not working properly in Windows. How big is your monitor? I have an iMac 5K 27 inch so macOS will be @200% scale and everything is fine. All our icons are already high resolution so we can display them at different scales. What colour they are is a different discussion.
  3. if you are running at 200% scale then you are still using every pixel on your new monitor. We just use bigger assets for icons, buttons etc. If you do a screen grab of your old monitor @100% and then you new monitor @200% and compare, you will find it has double the resolution.
  4. How about Affinity supporting AppleScript but only for for coarse grained functions with execute JavaScript snippet as one of those functions?
  5. It's not that much work for us to recompile for ARM64 as we already do it for iPad. The problem is Microsoft has thrown us under a bus by not supporting WPF on ARM64. All 64bit applications that use WPF will have the same problem porting to ARM64.
  6. The main problem is Affinity runs on a 64bit architecture but Windows on ARM doesn't support 64bit WPF that we use for our UI. We would need to rewrite the entire UI to target Windows on ARM.
  7. Sorry but there isn't currently a way of closing a shape on creation when using the Pencil tool. You can however close the shape using sculpt after. This will be improved in a future update.
  8. We don't currently have an API but hopefully we will have something to share later next year. We also haven't decided how a server licence might work but I will raise the idea for internal discussion. Many thanks, Tony Brightman
  9. With a facing page document, then this is expected. If you have content that goes across spread and it will be printed as a booklet/book then this is fine as the printer will impose the pages with the inner bleed removed. If you don't need to have content that goes across the facing spread (both left and right pages) then switch the document type to non facing.
  10. If you can send us a file that shows the problem then we will be able to fix it. We need the file in 1.6 format so we can compare. If you have something that takes 5 seconds to move an object then that would be ideal.
  11. The website should be working again now. Sorry for an inconvenience.
  12. Unfortunately converting Mac AppStore sales into external store sales is against Apple rules and we would be thrown off the Mac AppStore if we did it. Sketch did let you convert and hence they came off the App Store.
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