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  1. Bleed will be visible and working correctly for release. It will also be rolled into a Designer update.
  2. Windows and Mac both at the same time with the iPad version running later.
  3. Digital Publishing will be on the roadmap of free features updates. HTML 5 responsive sounds interesting but I haven't seen it used successfully in publishing yet.
  4. Well spotted. I can't tell you much but you will be both shocked and amazed
  5. The swatches will have an overhaul and Dave has made some changes to text styles for 1.7 but not sure if that's inline with your thoughts.
  6. The main difference is development are saying it now
  7. Affinity Publisher sneak peek! Just to prove we're not making the whole thing up, check out this early build of our DTP app. Still lots of perfecting to do; expect the beta next summer. Enjoy. We will try and answer any questions here.
  8. With a simple example I can't reproduce the issue here. Without actual files it is very hard to offer advice.
  9. We only support the Apple pencil at the moment. We have investigated all other Stylus available and they all required specific bespoke development work.
  10. Switching the stabiliser on will improve this. You can find the option on the context bar.
  11. We agree and will be adding this over time.
  12. The versions are the same at the moment but we can push updates faster to the the non-store version.
  13. This would be a manual process for us at the moment and we would also lose money. Most of the better solutions would require development App side and Web side so this would have to be a future thing.
  14. If you had a free version that asked for a key then the rules of the store say you must not tell them how to get the key unless you purchase it through the Windows store. This would create terrible confusion. We have been through all the options and none are possible at this time. I also would suggest the Affinity store will be around much longer than the Windows Store.
  15. You get a small number of codes for beta testers but the agreements you sign is to only provide them for press or testing.