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      Patrick Connor

      Please do not post directly into staff status areas. Serif do not encourage this method of communication but do leave it open for forum members to contact each other.

  1. This feature isn't on the roadmap so we can't commit it do it but it's something we are looking into for a future version. You can already produce good colour accuracy but just not with the profiles from CCP.
  2. This should hopefully make the 1.7 update This should hopefully make the 1.7 update later this year.
  3. If you feel this way then you are possible using the wrong Application.
  4. TonyB

    Something Else Wrong in Masking

    This is working fine for me here. Can you post the image you are using as it is very image dependant. The other image posted here looks very noisy and would cause issues for most refinement algorithms.
  5. All vector applications including Ai have traditionally produced raster data in the same way. It does look like Ai now does edge anti-aliasing differently. I'm not sure how recent the change in Ai was but I also noticed the quality of their anti-aliasing is now not as good. We can visit this again in the future but at the moment this is how we and all other vector applications render edges for off pixel boundaries. We will have to experiment but it does look like we will lose some quality though.
  6. I would say that HTML export for electronic publications is fine but using it to create webpages in my opinion is not. The modern web is so much more than fixed layout, static, non-semantic text and pictures.
  7. The initial release of Publisher will not support ePub. Future updates are likely to support fixed layout ePub but this will be confirmed on the roadmap when we release.
  8. Publisher won't have HTML export on the initial release and even in the future it will probably only be supported within an electronic publication export. Publisher output is not intended for webpages.
  9. We have no plans on further previews before the beta. You can always ask questions here and we will try and answer them.
  10. Also, how do you paste your layers in? Do you copy from a particular application and then just paste or do you have a different workflow?
  11. If you save your document and load it back in, does it draw correctly at all zooms?
  12. Our ability to produce professional software is somewhat governed by income from those products. Income for us is calculated by copies x price and our current price point is simply designed to produce the greatest income. Increasing the cost of the product will not increase our ability to make competitive PRO software.
  13. TonyB

    Affinity Photo for macOS - 1.6.7

    Just translations for the Product Key dialog. We will also release a 1.6.9 with more translations later in the week.
  14. Hi, We are pleased to announce the Windows release of Affinity Photo, version 1.6.4 The change-list is as follows: - All new shadows / highlights algorithm for Develop. - Develop clarity improvements. - Improved input smoothing for all tools. - Improved Perlin Noise filter. - Transparent TGA import support. - Many improvements to batch processing. - PSD, PDF import / export improvements. - Significant Photoshop plugin support improvements. - Fixed inability to export transparent PNG, TIFF, etc. - Fixed slow Lens Blur, Depth of Field blur issues. - Fixed Depth of Field blur progress / slowness issues. - Fixed sporadic hanging when opening many image files at once. - Restored ability of marquee tools to snap. - Fixed crashing bug when exporting certain large PSDs. - Added special case PSD import code for “SketchClub” PSD files (they should fix this!). - Fixed Text Styles panel to show the document defaults when no text is selected - Changed Layers panel to add more distinction between clipped and nested layers - Fixed document DPI showing a decimal place in some situations - Fixed reset of user workspace when new panels have been added - Fixed newly created Text Styles being applied twice to a text frame on creation - Fixed vector export (including PDF) taking a long time due to large clip areas - Fixed Fit/Shrink to printable does not fit to printer margins - Fixed 2nd Print has a zero size document in printer dialog - Fixed being unable to move the Greyness node in Layer Effects > Colour Overlay - Fixed colour node appearing on the Colour panel - Fixed hit testing on floating window edges to make it easier to resize windows - Fixed closing a floating window through the taskbar closing the application (a side-effect of this change is that Alt+F4 on a floating window will now just close that window, not the app) - Fixed View Mode menu item incorrectly exposed in Affinity Photo Export Persona - Fixed double clicking View Tool is not consistent between Personas - Fixed crash when making a gradient document fill global - Improved performance when History and Layers panel are visible - Fixed PDF Export for some documents - Added bottom right resize grip corner to floating document windows - Added Float, Float All, Dock and Dock All commands to Window menu - Fixed Adjustment panels appearing at an invalid location if the panel was closed on a monitor which is then subsequently unplugged - Fixed metadata not loading for unicode paths opened via drag and drop - Fixed failure to close down due to waiting for invalid files to finish opening - Fixed Text Styles panel to reflect the document defaults when no text is selected - Fixed Layers panel to add more distinction between clipped and nested layers - Fixed document DPI showing decimal places - Fixed Workspaces getting reset when new panels are added in updates - Fixed vector export of clips on rasterised items - Fixed Fit/Shrink to printable not fitting to printer margins - Fixed second Print having a zero size document in printer dialog - Fixed fonts being rejected if they had a space in their Postscript name - Fixed being unable to move the Greyness node in Layer Effects > Colour Overlay - Fixed Spacebar not changing cursor to hand when in Develop - Improved resizing of floating document windows - Fixed closing a floating window through the taskbar closes the app - Fixed Alignment Editor applying a second time when clicking away via a direct new selection - Changed 'Arrange' button text to be 'Alignment' - Fixed being unable to adjust custom wet edges spline - Fixed sporadic hanging when opening many image files at once - Fixed Pixelmator PSD text import - Attempt to support fonts with truncated type 4 tables (e.g. Serpentine) - Fixed text frame auto-resizing not working with a single character - Added support for fonts that substitute spaces, eg Nyala - Fixed Liquify Brush panel size slider limited to 1024px - Fixed brush selection is not retained after duplicating brush - Fixed changing brush tip is not always initially accepted - Fixed inability to export transparent PNG, TIFF, etc - Fixed Fill Noise not applied when filling with Custom colour, Primary and Secondary colours etc - Fixed Colour Chooser not correctly switching to match the selected colour - Fixed tool shortcuts ignore modifier keys - Fixed Text Styles showing wrong units for Justification options - Fixed Tab Stop units not auto updating with document units - Fixed Text Style dialog missing the [No Change] behaviour for the Tab Stop table - Fixed drag and drop from IrfanView not accepting file items into the document as new layers - Fixed exporting multiple documents - Fixed when a colour is removed, the Opacity/Noise slider is not disabled - Fixed floating windows starting off-screen when monitor is disconnected - Fixed layer folder icon not initially updating - Fixed floating windows appearing on the incorrect taskbar - Fixed text not being drawn after power duplicate - Fixed rare instances of being unable to select text - Fixed a couple of instances where the colour wheel wouldn't update properly - Fixed unable to select a second swatch for bevel and emboss highlight and shadows - Use different icon for Arrange/Alignment - Fixed unusable transparent area left after cropping with New View - Fixed parallel batch builds - Fixed Live Dust and Scratches filter slider resetting to zero when dragging - Fixed crash when moving live denoise filter in Layers panel - Fixed popup closing when dragging an export token - Extended Develop Clarity range (-100 to 100) - Fixed Depth of Field Blur Vibrance property only allowing values of 0% or 100% - Improved loading of Canon EOS 6D Mark II files so they are less purple - Fixed creating an analogous colour chord does not add the correct swatches - Fixed Colour picker loupe not displaying on second monitor - Fixed Panel groups do not revert size when dragged in and out of other groups - Fixed Document Setup does not reflect or change current "Actual Size" Zoom for "Web" type documents - Numerous other fixes and stability improvements. Please do not post bugs or problems that you find when using this version of the software in this thread, instead make a new thread in the Bugs on Windows section