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  1. this is another good video --- any others you know off; don't need to be affinity . Must add I do miss the focus stacking build into the great Olympus Em D1 + 12-40 mm lens . A jpg file would be saved of the stack as well as all the raw files --- or was that all the jpg files (??) Raw I think!
  2. Sorry; didn't / not getting notifications, or bells when opening the forum (??) Thanks @firstdefenceand @John Rostron. I will have look at videos and try the ideas
  3. I had a play with focus merge today and was wondering what caused the halo on the top tiny flower [mostly] --- slight subject movement is my guess. Pana Fz300 + remote cable + Canon 250D close up filter + focusing slides (yep cheapo) couple more added -- any hints and tips very welcome . it's it better to take more photo "just in case" or get it right with less photos --- these are 5-8 file stacks as the little sensor has more dof than most "big toys" Damn amazing techknowledge; and pretty fast considering . Affinity Mirroring still fascinates me !! What the computer does is one thing; how the whiz kids explain it to the computer in the first place is a whole different ball game Cheers
  4. ianrb


    Thanks Marc, much of my reply to you is in my previous post -- we posted at the same The missing bit is blown out white feathers and I had the same thought as you; however being a "as is was" photographer I could not possible change that Thanks for comments marc; very appreciated
  5. ianrb


    Many thanks for the honest comments -- I really appreciate to hear how other really see it . Perhaps the flying birds should be left more as original . Always seems a long exercise to get the position of the elements "perfect". And yes; the sky is too heavy I took a few more photos of the tree and sunrise colors this morning as there were some light clouds there so I can more time making the "perfect" photo. It's amazing really that I have lived in this house for 18 years but I have never noticed the potential of that actual angle even though I would have seen it often The original image -- would be 100 mtrs away from the backyard Cheers
  6. ianrb


    Thanks for asking; but no magpies there @John Rostron. There's a peewee or magpie lark (much smaller than magpie) -- right side on the wire. In the middle is a crested pigeon. The rest are rosellas with one on the wire and 3 others flying --- that file of 3 was duplicated, rotated + one bird removed so it wasn't so obvious I sort of like that image more and more. Not very often this happens; but I might even get a photo printed. Need a bit more work first
  7. ianrb


    bit of a just for fun photo composite of four images started with very recent sunrise image >I found it to too hard to line up the wires >added a rectangle marquee >added outline > added mask > removed the outline not needed >use warp tool to add the bend / saging > added masks to bird image > removed wire> added a darken blend layer. No idea how convincing it is > all photos taken with a little Pana Fz300 from the house yard Suggestions, honest comments and questions welcome
  8. Easy way to explain : Lightroom >click on the Graduated filter icon >drag out the tool the suit >add adjustments to suit . Many different graduates can be added to the same image. And yes; limited compared to Affinity but so easy to do. On1: Works very similar; however because it is layer based there are more uses than my older Lr5. To blend two files together is so simple >two images as layers >select the tool >drag it out >adjust to suit >job done It were three mouse clicks to add this simple grad to blend these files [how many clicks needed with Ap; if the user knows them all!! That's what I call more basic / easier to use Ian To be honest; I tried to add a grad to an image late last night but gave up thinking a fresh mind would help . No! That's how I ended up back on this page . For some reason I never received a notification of your comment @IanSG (??) Another good point with On1 is the larger layer icons -- so easy to see when compared to Ap as I suggested for Ap recently . The On1 way is very good IMO; limited in some / many ways to Ap; but I (and others) was experiencing too many dramas with the program so I moved to Ap. Now it's open I might add the grad there (eek sorry )
  9. ianrb

    Orton effect, masking , add shadow

    thanks for your honest thoughts @Wosven & @firstdefence-- not sure I like it much now myself . There is certainly more of a story in the original edit. Was more about trying the Affinity Orton way as explained by James; and fiddling with those gradient tools The area behind the dog is a salty and smelly water hole / lagoon / billabong off the Murray River. Extremely dry here for 18 month; however that log was under flood water a few years ago. I have recorded some amazing salt patterns there I meant to mention the shadow under the log: >add shadow >duplicate layer >remove shadow from bottom layer >add mask to top layer >brush out the top layer to leave the still adjustable shadow wish I had and knew these tricks 30-40 years ago --- I had a mini lab then Cheers
  10. Thanks Ian . That's why I have not bothered too much with the grad tool -- not sure it was much easier to understand in the older Ps apps. Not a tool I use a lot outside of Lr5 unless I'm feeling very motivated to adventurous; or totally bored :lol: Something like the very easy to understand / fast to use On1 2018 layers Masking Bug would be great ( hint hint Serif ;)) And yes, @firstdefence's instructions were the best help I had.
  11. bit of spit and polishing ; and still ''without care in the world'' 1] original raw file -- just as well I have some idea about editing 2] as edited yesterday 3] orton effect and background colours added in Affinity (yep; used the graduation tool Pana Fz300 I have used the Orton effect for years and there many way to do it; however this is based on James's video click Little trick to add shadow under log ONLY >add FX shadow to dog/log section >deplicute >remove Fx from bottom layer >add mask to top layer >brush away top layer to leave only the bottom part of the log and the shadow --- something I taught or perhaps retaught myself today . You could paint in the shadow but that didn't work for me suggestions comments questions welcome
  12. Thanks for your thought. I was wondering similar --- never noticed the difference with other apps like Pse12/nik/acdsee/coral (???)
  13. As posted on the Affinity FB page Without mentioning everyone; many thanks to all above. Sort of sorted. As with Ps; sometimes the "powerfulnes" overpowers the basic needs of many users. And yes my friends ---- everything is easy ---- once it has been learnt and understood . I still feel Affinity needs to have something a bit more basic --- grab it / drag it / edit it as is used in my older Lr5 and On1. ended with up this for no other reason than I wanted something different; not that I have any really need for the file. Photography is just something I do these days for something to do . Cheers