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  1. Success -- I think . . I seem to have lined the buttons and clicks up correctly to make 3 "inches grid" macros Would be so much easier if we could save our preferred settings. .Same goes for saving our preferred work window Cheers
  2. Hello Ok; this is really Ping me off (sorry). Every time I need the grid; which is often , I have to >> view >grid and axis management >1+ 4 (inches) and that is every time a new document is opened Is there any way around this annoying drama ? Please don't say use pixels as I don't understand that size and there are too many numbers for my older dyslexiced brain . I grew up inches, but now use centimeters. Both have a "size meaning" to me . When I order printed photos they generally still use inches. I'm sure I have asked about this before and was really hoping the change would be in the last update that really doesn't have anything "new" for my photo editing . Liquifer in live filters could be handy on occasions Cheers -- keep safe I have tired making a macro (lots of ) but haven't got one a work one yet --- maybe another question
  3. just question I was going to ask I have made several grid presets in inches (pixels meaning nothing to me How do I set one of my presets as the default when I open grid lines with Ctrl + " ATM I always get 0.104 inch x 1 division 🤬 Any other suggests would be appreciated cheers -- keep safe up there
  4. I was going ask if these keys I found in outback Australia are yours 🤓 .. Sorry; always wanted to say that since 2019 🤣 Cheers for 2021
  5. I'm not into text stuff; however I have used outline in Fx / layer effects Hope that helps a little
  6. Works very well when working. Maybe remove the app totally and start again with a new download (??) --- that's what I would do The program is worth having IMO so don't give up too soon. I tried so many non-adobe apps until I tried Ap and then looked back but I still use the older Lr5 . Although it's very similar to PS (better in many ways) it's also rather different with similar tools have different names hiding in different places one of the bigger challenger . When we frustrated we need to remember no one learnt everything in PS over a cold weekend Hope you get it going https://www.facebook.com/groups/oliviotutorials.superfan/ is a good FB group --- better than actual facebook
  7. Hello; the new facebook is annoying me no end so I popped over here to annoy you This was originally shared in facebook to help the newbies Not sure how this will work out for you ---- hopefully you will pick up a tip or trick ; or pass a tip onto me First SS is how affinity photo stretched the three hand held 24mm vertical files . The camera was basically pointing overhead from the back yard to record this cloud that stretched from the western horizon to around 1/3 from the to eastern horizon. 1-4 screen shots shows how the affinity mesh warp tool was used to save most of the data rather than cropping it off. The more I use the tool the more I learn and find other ways to often fix bad photography 5] making the tree and clouds bigger "finished" (never really finished) one of the original files Small warning: not suitable for every photo and you cannot go totally crazy as the image will look real weird. I had to redo this photo as the tree was starting to distort too much. Tip: click on the icon >you can make square inside the photo and that part of the photo is protected. Doing it will explain it best . your questions, honest comments/CC, and tips or tricks are welcome JAMES!! I would love someone to make an advanced ''mesh warp tool'' video as I have not been able to find one so it's been all trial and error Yep; I agree -- the amount of work done and time spent to this point of typing was not really worth it but all good practise Cheers PS Long time since I used a forum and added photos
  8. EDIT -- I have found the way Back again --- haven't had too many issues with this annoying problem for awhile ; until lately !😥 Fire up the beta version. Was able the add my newer brushes and marcos; set my work page as I like it; but can I save my keyboard shorts and add to the beta vision ? First question should have been "is there a fix for the problem yet?" Using beta does seem a big backwards jump --- is there any real difference between beta and 1.9 (i think)? Anything else I should know ?
  9. sudden light bulb idea . Could the depth of field filter be converted to work like the lightroom Radial tool as an alternative to a radial grad tool; that I hate, don't understand the complexity, or options, so don't use it --- that applied to the PS grad tool way back in day also . Just too many options for basic photo editing for my older tired brain . Even On1 has an understandable graduation tools . The old lightroom 5 grad and radial tools does the tricks for me and the Affinity depth of field filter has similar "mechanic'' to the Lr5 radial tool Light bulb is fading fast so it's over to the Ap whiz kids
  10. Win10 / PC Hello; the cursor / tools are disappearing under the pallets [library, layers, history, tools] . However the tools are still active while under the pallets.. The cursor is always visible over the photo.. Not sure what is more frustrating; the cursor disappearing or trying to explain it all in type :lol: Been happening off and on for a week [guessing]. Problem is fixed by turning Ap off / on; but that is made more interesting [read annoying] as the cursor cannot be seen as I save work done Cheers
  11. as per screenshot -- larger targets would be so much easier IMO --- optional and selectable colours even better Cheers folks
  12. Done some fiddling around and because I seldom use standard format photo ratios have not found a usable work around to set long side length only For anyone interested; this is the best I have work out when using On1 2020 (Win10) as the dam system Send On1 edited raw file as a Tiff to Ap >save a new tiff with layers to "editing" folder >save edited file as a Jpeg exporting to Edit folder >make web size (1000px long side) >export to edit folder with ''W" in the name. Takes under a minute which is faster than doing the similar within On1. Saved tiff, jpeg, and 2nd jpg are easily dragged to their home folder within On1 Any minor editing adjustments can be added to the 3 files at the same time in On1. Eventually the saved Tiff file and the original On1 tiff will be deleted leaving the original edit raw and the full size edited jpeg only Certainly would not suit pros with high volume needs ---- not sure On1 is for high volume editing yet. On1 layers files are BIG --- read slow Open to ideas until Ap whiz kids get long and maximum mb/kb sizes can be set All about a nature happy snapper adapting new work flows to suit two newish Apps --- haven't needed Lr5 since getting On1; but all the old photos /catalog are still in Lr5 . Someday I will migrate them cross --- you know the someday, next day, someday later :lol: -
  13. Thank you John, I haven't taken all that in yet (to early lol) But at a glance , resizing is not my problem in a macro. Setting "export'' into a macro seems the impossible task . Yep; I'm lazy and an extra click is just too work rof lol Will look more closely latter
  14. Hello, now I have put Lr5 out to pasture, I really do miss not being able to set 'long side' length and the program can automatically set the sort at the original ratio when exporting Lr5 replacement; On1 can but takes forever, and there is also no why to set a maximum kb size Whatever I do; for ease and speed nothing come close to lr for this job 😥. Would also be good to be able to make a macro for exports --- or is there a way ?? I'm sure affinity whizkids can fix it; just for me lol
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