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  1. Thanks Lee --- here's hoping I can upload a dng file You can likely work what I've done >raw file edited in Lr5 >sent to Ap >no edits done Ap >add black and white adjustment layer >burn/dodge macro added >top layer painted once with 50% opacity soft brush. I pick this file to show the difference between the B/W and colour after burning --- surprised me when the B/W layer was turned off cheers 2019-12-0082.dng
  2. Firstly – layers icons are often blacked out . Second bottom is a duplicate of the base layer as shown in the screen shot . Is there a fix or an annoying little bug ? . They sometimes do appear later . The big question: Instead of grey tones, I get saturations tones / colours when using layers dodge and burn (new layer >fill with 50% grey >add soft light blending layer >paint with black or white). Not matter what I have tried I cannot tone down the saturation that does not happen if the built in dodge / burn tools are used on the photo layer. However if the same tools used on the dodge / burn layer there is some added saturation . I have used 100% opacity brushes for the screen shot just to show the saturated effects --- normally I use around 20% I'm sure it did not happen back in PSE 12 or On1 days Is there a fix --- am I doing something wrong ? Any thoughts or tips would be greatly appreciated PS What have I tried ? Mostly adding HSL or saturation adjustment layers to the d/b layer --- different blend layers. I have at times added HSL or saturation adjustment layers after the dodge and burning is complicate . Does work but not I'm sure that is not the best way
  3. a few collages of mirrored photos all done in Affinity -- naturally very poisonous brown snake wire makes a great mirroring subject --- original file left hand middle leaf on water Burnt wood (not finished whatever finished is ) Playing with the warp tool also "Crankie clouds" You silly old bugger now listen to me you clone you sick of them yet, or need to see more ideas? questions and honest comments welcome
  4. Is there a way (like keyboard shortcut) to lock opposite points so each corner of an image is moved the same distance ? Cheers
  5. Fixed with Au$1000 . Haven't had the problem since the new PC arrived I'm totally over laptops for photo editing; even when using an external monitor, keyboard , and mouse (haven't been able to get the pen/tablet to work though . At the moment I have at least three rather powerful yet worn out laptops in the house. Will get large tablet for when away from home As for Ap; never regretted the "investment" Couple of recent images --- just to show off the little I know . Cheers
  6. I hope this Ok; scream if not download the images to make it easier to see the differences between each For those new to all this stuff. As a general guide for photo editing you only really need a few of the blends available . To narrow that guide; the first two in each group will likely be the most used To narrow it down more; darken / multiply / lighten / screen / soft light / overlay will be the most used . As is often the case; more choices is often more confusing than less choices . For a long time I used soft light / overlay the most to add contrast to a file . As with most adjustments; it's easy to over do it > add the blend > adjust the opacity down to under 25 % > than move the opacity up to suit Another idea to mind is make your own set or sets of photos with your photos
  7. This is still a problem without any rules or patterns to why it happens . Best fix is still turn off Ap before opening a new file; but even that does not work every time . I'm in no rush but a lot of time can be lost . Had not try this , so I just spent some time opening new Panasonic raw files with Ap >Develop > edit > photo . 1st one worked with no dramas; however the 2nd file froze when in photo . I really think that removes any connection to Lr5 . An hour or so later and with more new files but not in Lr5 --- there does seem to be more problems when opening with Win10 than when opening with Ap What else can I tell or show you ? It's getting very frustrating BTW; I have remove Ap with revo uninstall, and download/reinstalled ---- added the last update after that Well that's that my morning gone Cheers
  8. ''you sure it's safe" Started from a half hearted hand held happy snap with a Panasonic FZ300 at 800 iso after sunset --- we better not get into the computer time Much the of edit was trail error from an original idea . Basic edit to B+W was done in old Lr5 In Affinity Photo > added motion blur >masked blur from around the bird > dodge and burn > selective masking back to white. Border > merge visibility > duplicate > at grid (Ctrl + "/') > drag in top layer > add shadow + stroke (macro/action) > Added two layers for the black and a white stroke to image edge > masked to leave black over white and white over black Not sure if the toning was via spit toning or re-color with masking or a bit of both . Now add lots of back tracking and try again. Many feel (as I used to) that all editing should be a number pre-planned steps; however that's when the enjoyment becomes a job in my opinion. Honest comments and questions welcome original file Lr5 edit . Several -100 clarify brushes would smoothed out the image
  9. Tip for image zooming with the pen --- window 10 laptop older Bamboo Just found this one while fiddling around to find a better way than Ctrl + -/+ for zooming Click on the magnifier > drag pen diagonally across the pad and watch the magic How do you enlarge the screen image ? Second tip --- I think we have all reset/deleted our custom tools . Yep ; Ap should have a save button; but for now try taking and saving a screen shot of the tools pallet for reference to how you had the pallet set. Lately; my tools pallet has been changing For those who don't know > View > customize tools --- at the bottom > drag tools off or on and round to suit your needs. I'm still new to the pen and tablet --- mouse left hand and pen right hand. Takes some getting used to
  10. Good to know Gabriel --- thank you for that
  11. Thank you Joachom; I actually tried that as I typed out the question but it didn't work (??) Now I know how to save the history I can look into it more --- thank you for pointing me in the right direction
  12. How does ''save with history work'' ? How do I find the history after closing / reopen ? tried open with Lr5, and opening with Ap, and open a new doc > edit > save as an Ap file >close Cheers
  13. Trick update :: The arrow keys can also be uses to adjust shadow decrees so I'm thinking the arrow keys can be used for most similar adjustments. You can also type in degrees Has anyone heard / seen this trick elsewhere ; like the affinity book ? Maybe something for someone could add into a video (??) Often the smaller actions seem to be the most useful ----- maybe that's because I cannot remember all big actions Cheers
  14. this is driving me nuts -- or nuttier . Not really; but it's rather annoying -- does not happen every time a photo is opened ; doesn't seem to matter what sort of file [including new docs] . There are no rules to which file is going to freeze or when it will freeze although when opening is the most common General fix; that doesn't work every time, is turn Ap off > reload photo from Lr or open with Ap Cheers

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