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  1. I would find it helpful if each new thread needed to have the actual version/program as a tag. No point for the likes of myself with Photo only looking too much at Designer threads Cheers
  2. ianrb

    lost panels

    will be great when "save window layout" is available
  3. Not sure if this is an answer for the above Make a selection -- say a square > select > outline (near bottom of list) > set the required width (hold cursor over window and use scroll wheel for narrow strokes) > fill with colour. Lower values of width may not show until ''apply'' is clicked use a new/separate layer so it can be edited questions / comments welcome Cheers
  4. best or better way to select the leaves and mask out concrete steps? -- not sure where it will be going after that (??) Thinking I need more leaves (??) Links ?? Thanks for looking in -- 2nd pic is why the brain is not working atm -- expecting 46c wed; 45c thurs 45c; fri a cool 39! Record here is 46.9c or 116f !!
  5. And how the light pole from an earlier "Inpaint brush" thread was used.Sharing more the ideas than the how it was done which was more a guessing as I go learning exercise, however I'm happy to answer any question when I can . "string line" is another variation while I was playing around. Pana Fz300 + Affinity photo Whoops; they ended up wrong way round
  6. Just for a laugh. We can never say the inpaint brush does not at least try to read my mind -- however this [#2] was not quite as I had in mind . Trick: get one side clean > duplicate layer > rotate > use a layer mask to reveal the clean layer as in #3. That make sense? will show the final photo later -- hopefully it give you a laugh also
  7. ianrb

    HDR, manually merged in Affinity photo

    HaHaHa John. It's one editing trick that is not explored by many. Like cropping, the whole composition can be changed dramatically . If I didn't tell you, you would have never known thanks for the comment.
  8. It's 44c hot here -- working up to 46c . the record is between 46 - 47c ; but will drop to a 28c tomorrow!! This is a true "grab-shot" that happened while doing other things. Made from the three bracketed files -- just time for one click with the camera held above my head. Honest comments and questions welcome as always
  9. No dramas; once I work out how to do it
  10. Perhaps you could post a s/shot or 2 showing how you mean as "never reach professional level". I would be interested to know why graphic resizing is different to photo resizing -- that's a honest request; not trying to start a resizing war
  11. No Paul; run the macro > adjust to suit image > save full file size back to Lr5 > run preset for my online images set at 1000px - max of 180kb I am having a few dramas with Black lines coming out as white and viscera (??) Might be something do with how the white and black colors are set each border can dragged in or out as each is on a seperate layer
  12. I really want and need a smarter brush -- just an adjustable round one similar to my lr5 would do me. I miss the brush size adjuster on the mouse wheel like Lr5/on1 and a few others -- seems so awkward reaching over to the [ ] keys all the time There other little things thought about only when using the program; however those two are the more important for my workf ---- ummm playflow lol So what is on your Affinity photo wishlist ? Edit: a bloke should add a photo for interest. Even if only partly edited it is my first pic (second click though) for 2019
  13. All the best for 2019mostly done in Affinity -- +Lr5. Not going to add too much here as I'm just putting a few thoughts to the test for better Panoramas and Manual hrd/blending as done in the top images. Hoping to share a few ideas sometime this year lol the panorama is west to east ; around 160 degrees. Around 6 -8 Pana Fz300 raw files . Handheld btw Starting to get the old head around Ap; yet there is so much I still need to get up to speed on Questions are welcome
  14. Thanks mate; there are still a few things I need to sort about the forum software --- Fixx's quoted started about 8 hours early lol. I will give backspace a try although I'm pretty sure I would have done so --- not overly important --- will give me something to do next year
  15. found him worked ok with this test but not so well on another file -- one trick could be to use free hand selection tool (??) added blue sky to 1st image No idea if this will help the OP