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  1. How often have we all done that. Usually I put the fist through the screen and discover my mistake after buying a new screen 🤣 .. Not quite that bad but ......
  2. Thanks mate --- seems a bit like government departments marking the simple complicated just because 🤣
  3. Has it changed in Vs2 or have I changed in Vs '23 ?😇 Was easy in Vs 1.9 via assistant manager (I think) . Your assistance would be appreciated (off topic: really wish macro making was made to be more user friendly
  4. Over it! If it works it cannot be that/this hard . Have wasted so much time trying to do what seems the impossible possible .
  5. Thanks for the reply Walt; however I cannot find Photo2 Local Disk > program files > affinity > photo worked in the past How do I get to Photo2 ? I still have Photo(1) working Cheers
  6. Win 10 Photo V2 Hello, the question I was dreading --- can I , or how do I open a file [Jpeg) from Lightroom 5 into Affinity Photos 2?
  7. Not sure I am totally sorted Lee --- certainly better but ........................................... (???)
  8. I put out a scream thread about Affinity Photo blushing lacking behind the pen 🤬 After some very helpful comments, and experiments I have isolated the lacking to the Wacom Intuos But it doesn't happen when working with the Older Lightroom 5 (EDIT: I have notices the pen doesn't fully work after a file has be saved from Affinity . WIN10 Pc -- plenty of power/dics sizes/ram and all that stuff I use the pen only and none of the buttons -- eye/brain/fingers too old for all the fancy stuff . But I use the pen in the right hand and mouse in left hand -- as someone said "you have got to be sick!!" 😀 My main pen use is for Dodge/burn and similar I use only a small part of the tablet --- no idea how/why some use the bigger ones (??) I find most online stuff to detailed -- for artists mostly so far more complicated than I need --- do you have any links to share ? I generally use a basic round brush very similar to the Lightroom 5 adjustment brush So the questions about setting up the Pen/Table to work with Affinity Photo How have you set up your Wacon to work with Affinity ? Is running the mouse and pen together likely to cause problems? I will do some testing myself in the meantime. How do I know if the nib needs replacing ? Have replaced it a couple of times only because I thought I should . Your open thoughts, ideas, and questions about your mouse and pen (problems) welcome
  9. I think have isolated the problem to the pen/table so it's likely worth a separate thread . Don't mind if this one closed now Lee
  10. certain wetter than normal but then Mildura is a drier part of Aus (300mm apy). Most of the bad/damaging flooding seems to be more from smaller rivers than the bigger Murray . Likely to be more of an inconvenience flooding while the flood plains get a much needed drink The flood plain is activated at Apex park 😀
  11. Another question please (and rant) How do I see how much ram is being actually being used ? I have seen something in the past but however I find google becoming more and more useless because of all the rubbish that now jumps up that is so often far more removed from anything like the original question There seems to be something (related to Affinity) bogging the works down PS Thanks for your held Richard, Deb, and Lee , Haven't done much more about the brush problem -- just a case of battling on and screaming atm but I will read all input again to see what I may have missed . Surely; such simple small 14x14 / 3360 x 3360px can't be this hard A little of the flooded murray river water that is causing lots of dramas at the moment -- more often big fires, big droughts, and big floods ; things are just not right!!
  12. "windows ink" -- what the hell is that I ask as I start to google yet another thing that perhaps should be set differently . "Brush engine in Affinity can be sluggish in comparison t ......................... " yeah; that is what I feel is the problem and the problem all along The be honest Lee; all this maybe stuff is starting to do my head in . Surely in 2022 or even 2016, basic brushing , mostly dodge and burn sort of stuff with a basic round brush (like old Lightroom 5 brush) should not be that hard or complicated. I don't use, or perhaps cannot use any on the buttons on the Wacom table . I don't seem to have any of the brushing dramas in Lr5 where I use the (smart) adjustment brush a lot --it's nothing to have 10 or more pins on a photo + plus several grad tool adjustments that are so much easier/simpler then PHOTO and PS grad tool !. In fact I penned this one liner years ago -- "consider the adjustment brush like your best friend as a best friend can, and will do so much for you" Yes ; the "left behind" frustrations are really starting to take hold so time for a break ; perhaps do some more testing and perhaps chat later with a clearer mind Lee . [ way off topic : ''Maybe stuff'' and guessing has cost me Au$12,000 over 15 months as "mechanics" try and have failed to fix a driveline noise in my 4x4 vehicle ]
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