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  1. Jackpot!! Didn't realize there was a >view > studio for tone mapping . Did a reset and now all back as it should be . Thank you all for your input ; greatly appreciated
  2. What have I done now ? ! This actually happen quite some time ago How to get the tone mapping adjustment panels open ? The tone mapping part is being done with no dramas Also; I'm sure if I put the cursor on the personas icon the name showed -- that doesn't happen now or for any any tool bar icons . Have done a reset studio Tab key moves the on screen image only cheers; thanks for reading
  3. You're welcome , let me know how it goes and ask if you get bogged
  4. To make a dodge and burn macro New layer >add soft light blending layer >name dodge and burn >done . Optional >fill layer with 50% grey . Option second macro Add vibrance/saturation adjustment layer >set both sliders at 25% >invent the adjustment layer (Ctrl +I) >done . Optional >use HSL adjustment layer >set saturation to minis 25% or less (don't forget to invert) . .. To use >set white soft low opacity brush >paint where the saturation is too strong . You may need to adjust the the de-saturation setting to suit the image . When you have both macros working as you require you can make a third macro used the two macros above . To add colour to an image >simple paint the dodge + burn layer with a suitable colour > Tip: to help keep things tidy you might consider added a colour dodge and burn macro to the Dodge and Burn/de-saturation macro . I find it easier to make several smaller macros to combine into a large macro. Making macro can be a bit harder job than should be . Go one step further with a "start" macro like this >Duplicate photo layer >turn off the top one >unlock other. Options > add the dodge and burn macros ... Add 50% grey fill layer >move to bottom (Ctrl + [ ) >add contrast/brighten and white balance adjustment layer >set C+B to 100% contrast and brightness to around 30% (not important) . Now you have background layer from near black to near white and any colour you wish >you could also add colour balance a-layer . True; not something you might use a lot, but I do so all done with one click and can be removed with one click My main start up macro also includes adjustment layers (as child) I use the most . Again; likely best to make an "add child adjustment layers" then add that the start macro . So now you open the photo in affinity and click once . Now everything is ready to go with no thought or remembering to do this or that ; AND , there also an original file at the top to compare the editing progress . Not many do/teach that! Believe me; once macros are understood it's far easier to do than it reads the above . I have no acquired macros that I use
  5. If you cannot get the macro to work I would suggest you make a macro of the old fashion way . Happy to explain if need be .
  6. 🤣 don't do it (OP) like that anymore . Have gone back to the original soft light blending layer but without 50% grey fill --- how did it take so long for everyone to find that out . I find it easier just to hit "x" to change black to white brush and "1 to 0" to change opacity although 10% is mostly used . To cut the vibrance in the darkened area I use vibrance/saturation inverted adjustment layer >paint with white to suit. Can also be used to add subtle colours . Another "dodge-burn" I use is a contrast/brightness or curves or levels adjustment layer >darken/lighten to suit >paint out (or in) the effect to suit . I still consider dodge and burn to be one editing tool all should perfect I have come to the collusion that many of the "new" ways to do an edit is often more about a youtuber trying to get more attention/likes/followers/$$ than sharing their "new way'' to get a similar result . Having said; some can often explain the old way better or simpler .
  7. hopefully the final note --- what I apparently did not do is save my key all board shortcuts Yeah; Bugga
  8. all way over my head rvst . All I know is I asked for and searched for the specs I needed; took those to Phil who added his ideas before making the computer that up to a few months ago has had no problems doing everything I needed from Affinity photos . Likely speced way over my happy snap photos needs . Cheers mate --- thank you for your input
  9. Thanks Ron, not sure I want or need to uninstall again . Have tried to do just that quite a few times over the past months My computer guru said we should not have to do all that after Revo uninstall . He deleted the empty folders and one took a long time to delete so he guessing that was 'the problem' . Even his Pro version of Revo wouldn't remove it
  10. FIXED! My computer guru said there is a bug when an uninstall is done and that bug does not, or did not allow for a re-install as a clean slate of Affinity Photo . But naturally the clean slate opens up so many other dramas before the app is back to the way I had it before all the **** . Brushes and macros where backed up but there is so much that now needs to be set on the fly . Would be so helpful if tools and tool bars could be set, saved , and even shared like macros and brushes For me; much of this computer stuff is like so many driving a car ; turn wheel to go left/right ; left/right foot stops/goes ; and that flashing lights means fuel is needed . After that they have no idea what's so ever especially if something is set, done, and forgotten . The brushing problem seems to have been fixed with affinity running as a default window; and fixed as I have tried to do for some mouths . But because the program would not full uninstall I was always locked into the old slow program . Even Phil had problems doing a full uninstall and he still does not understand the how and why of it . If it wasn't such a good program I would likely not have bothered for this long . Fortunately my AP uses are not about work $$ Tomorrow is other day
  11. UPDATE : uninstalled fully using Revo uninstaller and Win 10 uninstall because the apps was still there (???) Deleted all down loads of the app. Downloaded again -- was expecting to have a clean slate version of Affinity Photo but that didn't happen (??) Brush still not working as it used to Frustrated me really needs a fix --- might try the rum bottle even though that never has worked
  12. Latest version -- Ap only (not designer) -- Win10 -- photo spec custom built Pc I have been having problems with Ap not working as it used to. I feel , but cannot be certain the slowness started after the last big upgrade. Today; I did an advanced uninstall with Revo however Ap was still usable . Took the Win10 PC to the computer repairer who built the heavy photo spec machine for me about 18 months ago . He told me it was very unusual for Revo to leave anything behind. He was able to remove AP so I could start again from a new download however; I didn't try to open Ap again before downloaded Affinity Photo from the serif.com site Was told AP was already install (??) . Opened Ap and everything was still there including the files in "open recent" , brushes / library (??) Naturally; the problems are still there --- the main one being the brush tool not keeping up with the curser when used on a mask, or layers based dodge and burn. Doesn't seem to be any problems using the programmed based burn tool at 100% opacity . There doesn't seem to be any problems with other Apps like Lightroom 5 So what is happening? How to fix? In the mean time I will do another uninstall including old downloads . Final question; were do I find my affinity licence numbers ? Cheers and thank you for your thoughts
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