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  1. sudden light bulb idea . Could the depth of field filter be converted to work like the lightroom Radial tool as an alternative to a radial grad tool; that I hate, don't understand the complexity, or options, so don't use it --- that applied to the PS grad tool way back in day also . Just too many options for basic photo editing for my older tired brain . Even On1 has an understandable graduation tools . The old lightroom 5 grad and radial tools does the tricks for me and the Affinity depth of field filter has similar "mechanic'' to the Lr5 radial tool Light bulb is fading fast so it's over to the Ap whiz kids
  2. Win10 / PC Hello; the cursor / tools are disappearing under the pallets [library, layers, history, tools] . However the tools are still active while under the pallets.. The cursor is always visible over the photo.. Not sure what is more frustrating; the cursor disappearing or trying to explain it all in type :lol: Been happening off and on for a week [guessing]. Problem is fixed by turning Ap off / on; but that is made more interesting [read annoying] as the cursor cannot be seen as I save work done Cheers
  3. as per screenshot -- larger targets would be so much easier IMO --- optional and selectable colours even better Cheers folks
  4. Done some fiddling around and because I seldom use standard format photo ratios have not found a usable work around to set long side length only For anyone interested; this is the best I have work out when using On1 2020 (Win10) as the dam system Send On1 edited raw file as a Tiff to Ap >save a new tiff with layers to "editing" folder >save edited file as a Jpeg exporting to Edit folder >make web size (1000px long side) >export to edit folder with ''W" in the name. Takes under a minute which is faster than doing the similar within On1. Saved tiff, jpeg, and 2nd jpg are easily dragged to their home folder within On1 Any minor editing adjustments can be added to the 3 files at the same time in On1. Eventually the saved Tiff file and the original On1 tiff will be deleted leaving the original edit raw and the full size edited jpeg only Certainly would not suit pros with high volume needs ---- not sure On1 is for high volume editing yet. On1 layers files are BIG --- read slow Open to ideas until Ap whiz kids get long and maximum mb/kb sizes can be set All about a nature happy snapper adapting new work flows to suit two newish Apps --- haven't needed Lr5 since getting On1; but all the old photos /catalog are still in Lr5 . Someday I will migrate them cross --- you know the someday, next day, someday later :lol: -
  5. Thank you John, I haven't taken all that in yet (to early lol) But at a glance , resizing is not my problem in a macro. Setting "export'' into a macro seems the impossible task . Yep; I'm lazy and an extra click is just too work rof lol Will look more closely latter
  6. Hello, now I have put Lr5 out to pasture, I really do miss not being able to set 'long side' length and the program can automatically set the sort at the original ratio when exporting Lr5 replacement; On1 can but takes forever, and there is also no why to set a maximum kb size Whatever I do; for ease and speed nothing come close to lr for this job 😥. Would also be good to be able to make a macro for exports --- or is there a way ?? I'm sure affinity whizkids can fix it; just for me lol
  7. Thanks for replies --- optional would be a great fix Walt LOL ; since when has TIF been 'bad' ? ! The reasons I use Tiff is the image can be viewed in Win10 folders; and Ap tiff are also smaller than PSD for some reason (??) . Tiff works in On1 and Nik; not that I use it much these days . Make life easier . Just for interest -- I always like to keep layers when working (playing really) and I usually play from an "editing" folder. When I'm happy with the edit, the tiff layers are saved (just incase) , plus a jpg file is saved (Shift+Ctrl+Alt+S) Both files are dragged to their home folder. Eventually ; just the original raw and edited jpg [ whoops -- sorry to use a really bad word ] will remain . After sharing online, I don't have too much use for the photo or most photos when it comes to that . All just for something to do . Affinity Photo plus On1 2020 is a pretty happy marriage so far while old Lr5 has a rest Cheers
  8. Sorry; meant to add no need to apologize Dan and thanks for the reply Certainly annoying at times but covid is more likely to kill me before Ap annoyance 🤣 Just for interest -- have been off Ap for several hours but it has not frozen ---- couple of weeks ago it would likely have been frozen solid
  9. Are you opening files from ON1 into Affinity as an 'external editor'? ---- Yes Does this happen with every file, only certain ones? When does the freezing begin? Are you following a specific workflow that causes this? --- Are you opening files from ON1 into Affinity as an 'external editor'? --- Yes and has happened from Lr5 Does this happen with every file, only certain ones? --- Can happen with any file at any time from opening to during editing When does the freezing begin? Are you following a specific workflow that causes this? ---- Doesn't seem to be any one thing that might cause it Does the app every crash (and close itself) or do you always 'force close' the app? This changes whether a crash report is generated or not. --- Ap does not crash. Most times I can save >close photo> reopen via "open recent" while others times a computer force close is required If you open your image directly in Affinity (skipping the ON1 step), does the same freezing still occur? --- Again; does not seem to make any difference . I do (sometimes now) export from On1 to an ''edit folder'' >open from Ap or open from On1 "send to" . From memory, I have had a freeze when opening via Win10 while "testing" . Hope that helps Dan -- was thinking yesterday there had not been a freeze up for awhile . It's all very much like the rattle in car that never rattles when you are paying a mechanic to fix it
  10. Hello, this one has caught out more than once :( If this cannot to set (??) ; it really needs to be "save affinity layers'' as the default, or have the option to set and forget . Please! Big please! Please with a kiss --- that might not be a good idea atm; or anytime 🤣 Working from On1 2020
  11. Win10 PC Freezing comes up a lot in search . I have reported this problem before while working from Lr5 Now trying to work from On1 2020 but still get consistent freezing of the image that sometimes requires a forced shutdown and restart Hoping to abandon Lightroom even though often wish I had stayed with Adobe --- would have been less expense in time/dollars/frustrations The best thing is I can usually save work first before turn off As before; I cannot notice any uniformity that my cause the freezing AP will often freeze up if left idle for a few hours or overnight . Using mostly Olympus ORF >tiff . I guess I can try ORF >psd to see what happens . Comments and questions welcome from other uses Honestly my friends; this is really starting to P me off even though I am in not rush to do anything . Cheers Photo: On1 + AP is a nice mix IMO
  12. I often suggest "blend the sliders" just to see what happens to the image. That is basically as I did here . Was; and still am rather amazed at the final image that I'm very unlikely to be able make again . 3] original Panasonic fz300 raw file 2] as I ''planned'' to do 1] after a quick fiddle with the mirroring tool >plus some layers and masking I ended up the "Psyche lagoon Monster" about to catch a feed. Questions and honest comments welcome
  13. I have found it easier to see, read, identify the macro by moving the macro name further to the right side .Group names stay on the left sidePerhaps the name panels be vertically thinner with the option of adding colour similar to the layers panel [not that I use it] Yep; I do have a rather different window to most others --- works for me with everything in the one place and less screen area is lost .Questions and honest comments welcome
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