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  1. On the Context toolbar, if Use Fill is not checked, no fill will be applied. If it is, the current fill color will be applied. This is the same as in V1.
  2. Just curious, but if the company won't allow their computers to connect to the internet at all, how do they install software that is only available via downloads, as most of it is these days?
  3. That is how it works for me on my Mac, & it looks it works about the same way in the Mac example @JulianB a posted video of in this post above, so I'm not sure what is meant about incrementing by 1% in any of the apps, particularly considering what @walt.farrell said here about it working the same way for him in both the V1 & V2 Windows versions, which makes me wonder how it can be a Windows-specific issue.
  4. I am on a Mac too & for me scrolling with the scroll wheel never increments the zoom level by 1% increments in either V1 or V2.In fact, the zoom level is not increasing by 1% increments in your example -- just look at the zoom level as shown in the toolbar where for example it goes from 200.0 to 200.8% at around the 3 second mark.
  5. I can do the same using Catalina on my Mac, but the crux of the issue here is how it behaves in the macOS version David is using.
  6. The OS version is relevant to what @David Lever said about there being a glitch in the Resize Canvas item when using Ventura on a Mac.
  7. At the bottom left of the online help page you should see a set of 4 buttons, the rightmost one of which copies the link to the clipboard. You can use that to paste the direct link into a reply here.
  8. Sorry for not being clearer about this but what I am asking is if you have a Mac version you can test with; if so what macOS version you are using; & if it behaves any differently than in the Windows version.
  9. But you can resize the canvas using the Resize Canvas item just like you did in the first of your two videos, right? What version of the macOS are you using, Ventura or an older one?
  10. So do you think it takes an expert to see that without a label like those that appear elsewhere in the window, many users won't realize that it opens a list of export file types? Or do you want everything everywhere in the UI that opens a list if clicked on to work differently in some unspecified less 'messy' way?
  11. AFAIK, no other user running Ventura has reported this not working as expected. If you have seen such a report, can you provide a link to it?
  12. I think it is already established that this item just needs a label to be consistent with the other items in the Export dialog box that present a list of options to the user if clicked on.
  13. I don't think it takes an expert to see that there needs to be a label for the export file type item, whatever you want to call it.
  14. It should if you use Document > Resize Canvas on a document you open normally. I have no idea why this is not working for you because it is for others.
  15. @v_kyr, the point I am trying to make is in the context of helping users understand how to set the export file type in V2, it is not very helpful to say it is a combobox & if they do not understand what that means to refer them to UI programming guidelines. Simple, concise, easily understood terms like menu, popup, etc. will do that quite well, which is why I will continue to use them/ As always, YMMV.
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