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  1. How do you know it is not white? How exactly are you trying to do that? Is there something visible above it in the Layers panel?
  2. Odd. It works fine on my Mac. I am running Catalina.
  3. Why is this 'live'' update a problem for you? Also, it is no different from the way the live updates for other tools work, like for the number of teeth of cogs update in realtime, etc.
  4. Maybe one of the hosts will, but obviously we users can't.
  5. Interesting, but why post it here in the Canva topic instead of the now quite long Adobe's updated terms of service for content topic?
  6. But obviously I hope, the interview was recorded at least 8 months ago.
  7. Also worth a read, if for no other reason than noting where they agree vs. disagree about what AI is, how it works, & so on. EDIT: It is also worth considering that (like the name implies) 60 Minutes is a one hour long US TV show, that with commercial breaks there is only about 45 or so minutes available for program content, & the show covers several different topics, so the 13 minute interview could not begin to cover all that Marcus wanted it to include.
  8. As @Alfred said, it was 8 months ago, but If you had just clicked on the link I provided to the YT video, you would have seen that mentioned just below the video in the section with the number of views, the hashtags, & so on; & would not have to ask.
  9. Regarding what AI is capable of doing now or becoming capable of doing in the future, it might be worth viewing this interview with Geoffrey Hinton (the so-called "godfather of AI") from the US TV show 60 Minutes. In particular, beginning at about 48 seconds he talks about AI being or soon becoming more intelligent than people, that we do not really even understand how it works, & that AI will eventually become self-aware. Also worth special consideration is at about 7:40 about the story Google's AI Bard created, which the interviewer describes as "deeply human." So I think what is most alarming if not completely horrifying about all this is that it is becoming increasingly difficult to consider AI as "soulless" or incapable of experiencing emotions of its own.
  10. On Macs, "Application not responding" will appear in the Dock popup for apps that appear there if the app fails to respond in a reasonable amount of time. I can't remember if it ever appears anywhere else, but you are probably right about the OP running Windows.
  11. From the "A" callout in the illustration at https://affinity.help/photo2/en-US.lproj/pages/Panels/clrPanel.html (or the equivalent for language localizations other than U.S. English) these circles in the Color panel are called "selectors." But often in the forums they are referred to as "color wells," I suppose as a reference to inkwells.
  12. First, note that the current version number is 2.5.2, not V2.2.0, so make sure that is the version you are using. Next, if you see just a dark grey screen when you start up AP V2, first try tapping the Tab key on the keyboard once to see if that helps. If not, try the shortcut for File > Open or try opening an existing *.afphoto file on your computer by double-clicking on it. It also might help to tell us if you are a Mac or Windows user.
  13. What specifically do you mean by "image," like maybe an Image layer, the entire native Affinity format file, or something else?
  14. With all due respect (& I have a ton of it for your expertise!) what is obvious to many users often is not for others, particularly for something like variable fonts if they are not already familiar with what they are or the various sources for them. That is why I suggested doing a search on "variable fonts" as a starting point.
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