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  1. If AP came from the Mac App Store, I think the file path should be: ~/Library/Containers/com.seriflabs.affinityphoto/Data/Library/Application Support/
  2. I reported this as a bug years ago but nothing ever was done about it. 😒
  3. Maybe I am just not looking hard enough but where does one find the "Open Lens Profile Folder ..." item?
  4. Select the iOS assets category in your Assets Studio panel, then click on the four line 'burger' menu on the right at the top of the panel, & choose "Delete Category" from the menu that pops up.
  5. I also think it would be very useful. Basically, I would like to see pattern layers treated as another type of container layers, capable of including any type of child layer, bitmap and/or vector, plus adjustments, filters, etc.
  6. Briefly, how should child layers of pattern layers work? I added an ellipse to a simple 'one dot' bitmap pattern layer, expecting it to appear in every instance of the pattern, but it appears only once. pattern +child.afphoto
  7. Maybe I'm just being stupid but I do not understand what "pattern nodes" are or how they can have child nodes. I associate nodes with vector objects but I have not found any way to include anything other than a single bitmap pattern in any pattern layer. Can someone explain more about how pattern layers can be used or tell me where I can find more info about this?
  8. I am not sure if that has anything to do with it but for me, this .843 version launches fine but I cannot use either the Designer or Photo personas with it -- for both I get the StudioLink warning: I have installed & run the Designer beta, the Designer & Photo 1.8.6 MAS versions, but I cannot run the Photo beta (because it has not been updated to be compatible with the 1.8.6 MAS stuff). I purchased Publisher directly from Serif; Designer & Photo from the MAS.
  9. Thanks! I just saw words to that effect in the Mac Photo beta topic. What would be <ahem!> really nice is if while they are testing the new betas they could also change the wording of the notice to eliminate the reference to the nonexistent MAS betas.
  10. Same for me, both for this Designer beta & for the current Photo beta -- as soon as both of those two Mac App Store retail versions were updated to 1.8.6 on my Mac, both of the 1.9.x betas are now asking for product keys I do not have. The message that comes up is the same (wrong!) one we have seen before, saying that to participate we could install the beta from the Mac App Store. That's impossible because betas are not available through the MAS! No surprise, but this also breaks StudioLink for the APub beta.
  11. Are you saying that the Image Replacement Policy "Prefer Linked" setting works for you? If so, are you using the Mac beta?
  12. Thanks! I did not realize that the AD beta includes a Resource Manager like the one in APub, which indeed does let me change embedded documents & placed images to linked files. But I still am puzzled why setting the "Image Placement Policy" to "Prefer Linked" doesn't seem to work for me. Does it work for you?
  13. So have you found a way to link documents using only Designer? Otherwise, it seems to me the only use for the AD package function is to package fonts into the saved folder unless you can link the documents in APub (because placed documents are always embedded in AD). IOW, at least for me, in this beta it does not matter if I set "Image Placement Policy" in File > Document Setup to "Prefer Linked." I get either an "(Image)" layer (for single layer file types like jpg or png) or an embedded document for multilayer file types (like for native Affinity files). So unless my AD document includes text, my saved package folder includes just an *.afpackage file & an empty "Images" folder.
  14. Is there some reason you can't select the photo itself (it is a child object of the Picture Frame layer) & adjust its size by changing the w & h values in the Transform panel? In your imgur screenshot it looks like something is locked (the Picture Frame layer?) but that should have no effect on adjusting the photo in the frame. Also, depending on the Picture Frame Properties scale settings or how you have set the values in the Picture Frame dropdown (the one that includes the "Original Size: button), the slider may show two values, one for the horizontal & a different one for the vertical scale. So to me, this suggests the slider is intended for quick "good enough" scale adjustments, not for precision work. Pict frame & pic.afpub
  15. Regarding the "Save as Package" feature, did I miss something or is there still no way to link rather than embed images, so 'packaging' linked images would only be useful if the images were linked in APub & then the file was opened in AD? EDIT: I guess by "images" I really mean file types like .afdesign or others that can be linked instead of embedded in APub. From what I can tell, in this AD beta it does not matter if I set "Image Placement Policy" in File > Document Setup to "Prefer Linked." Regular single-layer image file types like png or jpeg are always placed as embedded "(Image)" layers, & .afdesign, .afphoto, multi-layer PDF, etc. files are always placed as embedded documents. IOW, only APub (retail or beta) has a functional link document option; the AD beta does not even have the "Link Picture" option in the Replace Document dialog. Am I making any sense or do I have this all wrong?
  16. Tick the box "Show profiles for this display only." That probably will remove everything from the list besides the Color LCD you say you are using, but if it does not, try whatever is left to see if anything changes.
  17. No, the norm has not been to send the file directly to another app. As with the Apple Pages app example, the norm is to export a file to a different file format (like PDF, RTF, plain text, or whatever) that other apps can open. You seem to be confusing apps with file formats.
  18. As @thomaso suggested, open a document with version 1.7.3. On the Dock there should be an AP icon. Right-click on that icon to pop up a menu & look for a menu item named "Options" with a submenu item named "Show In Finder." Select that. What happens?
  19. FWIW, in the Mac world "Export" usually refers to saving a file in some file format other than the current one. In Mac apps it used to be accessed via File > Save As, with various UI methods like one or more cascading popups to select the format & the options that format supports. More recently, Mac apps often do not have a File > Save As menu item (or it is an alternative to the File > Duplicate item accessed by holding down the option key with the file menu open), & may have instead a File > Export or File > Export As XXX item if the app only supports exporting to a single different format. Some apps have both File > Save As & File > Export, & possibly other related save options (save a copy, save to server, etc.) depending on the type of app & the kinds of files it can open. Basically, however it is labeled, exporting involves changing the format of the file.
  20. I did try that, ticking all the boxes, but it did not fix it. Only renaming the ~/Library/Application Support/Affinity Publisher Beta folder so a brand new one was created on first launch stopped the crashes.
  21. A default (???) keyboard shortcut for Cycle Selection Box appears in the Move, Node, & Pen Tool sections of the keyboard shortcuts for all 3 personas, & the triangle warning popup says the conflict is with that shortcut (itself). I am not sure that it should even appear as a Pen Tool related shortcut -- there does not seem to be any way to create a selection box with that tool active, much less cycle it.
  22. Just uploaded the zipped up folder to your Dropbox. After renaming the folder the new 822 version now launches without crashing! Yay! 😀 EDIT: Any idea what in my ~/Library/Application Support/Affinity Publisher Beta folder was causing the crashes? I noticed before I trashed the renamed folder that there were two extra files in it, apparently backups of the raster brushes propcol file. I do not know if I made them myself by accident, but maybe they were involved.
  23. Done! I uploaded all 31 crash reports for this beta -- probably a lot more than you need but I was not sure which one(s) might be the most useful. If you need something else, please let me know.
  24. I reset everything but it did not help. However, I have since discovered that for me what is happening is the 822 beta crashes immediately on launch. For some reason I do not see any 'quit unexpectedly' notices (so I have no way of knowing if the reports are being sent to Apple & to Serif), but Console.app > Crash Reports shows a bunch of them, all for Affinity Publisher Beta Version: 1.9.0 ( I do not know if @AdamW or any other Serif employee would be interested in checking out any of these crash reports or the best way to post them (I am slightly worried that crash reports might include some info that should not be made public), but I would really really like to get this resolved somehow.
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