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  1. Ok Prophet Thats the sort of effect I was after, thanks for the video helped enormously. Problem arose in our confusion, I was trying to achieve this effect in APhoto and your video was APublisher. Cheers John. Do you mind if I post your video in another forum?
  2. dank je sir, I thought about doing it this way, but sadly if I have many to do in a short time it would be very time consuming. Never mind thank you anyway.
  3. Thank you for the suggestion prophet, sadly does not work for me, the image is larger than the frame, after resizing the image then duplicating, then placing one in the frame, when I apply a crop i am losing part of the frame in the crop. It crops all the layers, I cannot seem to find a crop on just one layer. Cheers John
  4. I am trying to find out how to achieve this effect. I can obviously do a place image within the frame but I want the image inside the frame with the head outside and above the frame. can anybody suggest a way to achieve this in AP please? Sorry about the image but it was the best I could find to illustrate what I am trying to achieve. Cheers John
  5. Ok thank you for this. Obviously I am not a programmer so I did not know what was involved with this function. I seem to remember sometime in the past with one of the Serif products used to be able to handshake with a CraftRobo cutting machine. Thanks again for the reply.
  6. Good morning, my wife has a Brother ScanNcut machine and has just become aware that there is now a new plugin for the Brother machine to link to Adobe Illustrator, is there any likelihood this might be a feature that may be at a later date introduced into Affinity Designer?
  7. Just asking has anybody created this sort of document, I cannot seem to find a template anywhere for publisher for this sort of document. Cheers John
  8. Good morning. My son has just bought me this Ipad. I have used all the Affinity suite on my windows laptop since the early betas of the programs, Affinty Photo is my most used program. I am considering purchasing Affinity photo for this Ipad. So my questions are..... Is anybody using the program on this particular Ipad, if so thoughts please? Does the Apple Pencil work with the program Ok? and are there any tutorials? Sorry for the length of the questions (Its an age related problem) Thanks John
  9. Good afternoon. Has anybody created a comic book macro for AP? If so has it been shared with the community? Cheers John
  10. I occasionally have this problem. my workaround is to open the file from with inside the program.
  11. Thanks very much for this, its great when people support other members of the Forum. Sadly I wont be taking the offer up because once again its somebody who wants you to register before the download is available. Still as they say nothing is for nothing.
  12. I have been meaning to ask this question for ages and have only just got round to asking. I use WordWeb ver 8.24 quite a lot when checking spelling/ thesaurus or just looking up a word meaning. The program states that it can open a word from most programs but I have yet to get it to work with any of my Serif programs. Does anybody else use this program or am I alone with this situation. I would think its not a Serif problem, I just wondered what the difference is with the text in Affinty Publisher and for example MsWord. Cheers John
  13. Thats great and works now. Thank you ever so much Walt.
  14. I have recently downloaded an image from the website of a record from the parish records. It comes into AP as a profiled greyscale image and I would like to draw a coloured box around part of the image to highlight a part of the image. But sadly for the life of me I cannot see how to add colour to the image. Am I missing something? Cheers John
  15. Thank you Patrick, all 3 now installed, obviously my impatience. Thanks again and to the Affinty team
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