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  1. Thanks Alfred, hence my posting the original question on the Forum. Cheers John
  2. Thank you for this Gabe. its just the website I was visiting it stated that color fonts were supported in AD. I presume this info was just for the apple apps. Cheers John
  3. Am I able to use color fonts in AD on windows10?
  4. pioneer

    Free Brushes

    Don't know if this post is allowed if not, with apologies. I stumbled across these free brushes on the internet, Can be used with AD and AP. Cheers John. https://www.photoshopsupply.com/brushes/comic-book-sound-effects-brushes-for-photoshop
  5. Ok thank you Callum, would be nice to have in Designer first if possible as I use that the most. Cheers John
  6. With the anticipated updated versions of Designer and Photo to handshake with Publisher will the facility to print N-up in Photo and Designer be incorporated into those programs please? Cheers John
  7. Thank you very much all involved in this update.
  8. pioneer

    EPS files

    Mike the intended use is an application called Blufftilter. From their website...…...BluffTitler has limited EPS support. It only imports filled shapes built out of lines and curves from uncompressed, unoptimized EPS files. Only the vector shape is imported. Its not a big deal, but just for the future working with AD and the Shows in this application.
  9. When making a simple vector graphic of a couple of capital letters in designer which is the best format to export it uncompressed and unoptimized for an EPS file please?
  10. Installation as sweet as a nut this time. Thank you Serif.
  11. Still do not have the ability to print n up, is this feature to be introduced as I have quite a few documents that I would use this as I did in Pageplus.
  12. pioneer

    Gradient Pack - uiGradient.com

    You need to import the *.afpalette from within the program, >swatch menu >hamburger>import palette.
  13. Thanks Alfred, seems a bit of a long convoluted way of doing something as simple as crop to shape command.
  14. I cannot seem to find this function. As a page plus user for many years it was a feature that I used many times when placing a shape over an image.
  15. Can a text box be filled with a style? I know I can use the Text frame to alter the fill and stroke.