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  1. I can use FilterForge6 in the 1.5 AP release version but not in the latest beta version on win10. John
  2. That's great thank you Hangman
  3. Good morning, is there a printout somewhere on the Forum of the Keyboard shortcuts for AP(windows) please. I have searched but have been unable to find anything. John
  4. Ta
  5. Good morning is there an update when a beta for windows is likely to be released on this yet? Cheers John
  6. Thanks once again to the team. John
  7. Thanks for getting back. Yes it is an option, but does not have the accuracy convenience that Drawplus exhibits. I print 3 n-up on a landscape sheet of A4 from one file that I alter from time to time
  8. I know I have asked this before but I am just enquiring if the print menu from AD will include the option to print (n) up such as the facility in Drawplus. Sadly Its one of the prime reasons I cannot fully transfer my work to AD. Cheers John
  9. Maybe a stupid question so please excuse if so. Is the Flood selection tool the same or similar as the Magic wand tool in Serif PhotoplusX8? Cheers John
  10. Thank you "the Serif team" for this latest release. A lot of work to say the least. John
  11. Sharkey, not short of images, learnt a lot about AP whilst doing this. Pleased the "Governor" :D
  12. File format is jpg. image 1 size (6,122Kb). Image 2 (2,226Kb). I go to browse then select the first file from my hard drive then select attach this file, cogwheel revolves and no file added. Have tried both uploaders. Should add both files upload to FB with no problem. Thanks Alfred Now sorted as above
  13. My wife took this image through a glass window on a canal boat with an Iphone5, I started to modify it in Photoplus but in January but decided to finish it in AP. The new sky is from Selsey Bill in Sussex. Although there is a slight yellow tinge in the image I am nevertheless very pleased with how its turned out. Hours of work to do this. John
  14. The first image is my favourite, thanks for sharing, thanks for the idea, will take a close up of mine tomorrow which I grew from a cutting 10 years ago. Nice AP work. John
  15. That's Great thank you so much Mike.