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  1. What do you call the checkered background when you create a new document? What is it good for? Is it the same as an Artboard, then how do you use an Artboard?
  2. I got two frame text one each one in a row and one on top of another. Like this Text1 Text2 I want to center them vertically in my document and I tried Align Vertically then Align middle but all it does is is either nothing or put them together in a row. How do you center them vertically in the middle? I'm using the latest version of Affinity Desitgner.
  3. I'm using Affinity Designer's Typography. It's showing all these Stylistic Alternates, All Alternates, Figure Width, etc. Then you can hide irrelevant features. Where can I find tutorials about these terms and how do you know what are the relevant features? In other words I would like to use my fonts capabilities with Affinity Designer to its potential but I need to understand how. With Affinity Designer I don't think I need other font manager or do I?. Thanks.
  4. When will the Affinity Designer Workbook will have an ebook version?
  5. @firstdefence i don't think it works with svg ot png images or icons.
  6. I got a text that I want to curve by itself, and a circular icon in SVG and PNG format. In both I tried to position the frame text tool to make the text curve and write curve text in the circular icon. I also tried to right click to convert to curves (ctrl-return). And lastly tried Layer then convert to curves. None worked. How do you make curve texts in this situation? I'm primarily using Affinity Designer.
  7. How do you make text transparent so the background will show through using Affinity Designer, Affinity Photo, and Affinity Publisher?
  8. I'm exporting my image to use as a hero background image. I'm using Affinity Photo. What is the optimal size, quality, preset, resample for better user experience? It has to load as fast as it can on mobile. I tried 2000px by 1199px, but the image is stretched.
  9. I need to put a slashed zero in this Affinity Designer project I'm doing. How do you access this character? I got several fonts to choose from like Clarika and Cormac, and others.
  10. @Callum I got this https://chromasupply.com/collections/abstract-paintings/products/abstract-abc and I want to create a favicon and logo using two letters from that.
  11. @GarryP this is one of the fonts with one hundred sixty two styles (https://www.fontspring.com/fonts/letritas/molde). I want to use it to create designs for t-shirts, mugs, calendars, and others. Also I want to use it for my website. I'm a noobie so any advice is greatly appreciated. To add I own the three Affinity products Photo, Designer and Publisher.
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