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  1. I do not work for Serif. You could, if you wish, start to produce translations and post them in this thread. For example the menu bar: File Edit Document Text Table Layer Select View Window Help Maybe some other people who are bilingual will help. Even if Serif does not do it, maybe by forum member action some PDF translation lists could be made available, which, although not the best solution, might be helpful to some people. Could someone at Serif possibly say please, without prejudice as to whether Serif produces a Polish version, answer the following please? 1. Are text strings in Affinity Publisher Unicode or ASCII? This could be critical as if Unicode strings are used, a Polish version would be much easier than otherwise? 2. If someone has bought a licence for the English version, can they have the French version, or a free trial version of it, on his or her computer at the same time? 3. What language versions are available at present please? Best regards, William
  2. The results are out. https://home.unicode.org/unicode-consortium-announces-version-13-0-cover-design/ William
  3. Thank you both. So, I am wondering if there is a straightforward way to identify the name of the colour on the first page to which I linked please, if indeed there is one? So as to facilitate discussion, let us call that colour that I thought would go well with the colour Celery, for the moment, as Winter Red. I have tried to check that that name is not in use, but I am sure that I searched in the right place. Does anyone out there happen to have handy a Pantone fashion palette please? Either as cloth or for print, or maybe plastic. So does Winter Red already have a name in the Pantone system? William
  4. I just did a PrintScreen of the web page, pasted into Paint and got the following values for the first Manadarin Red. (R, G, B) -> (253, 12, 1) Very different from (R, G, B) -> (234, 74, 51) on the page just for the colour. Doing a PrintScreen for the second page gave (R, G, B) -> (231, 74, 51) in Paint. William
  5. An email announcing a new colour palette arrived this afternoon. https://www.pantone.com/color-intelligence/fashion-colour-trend-report/london-autumn-winter-2020-2021 So I thought that a thread here so as to try out the palette could be fun. Alas no .ase palette file as far as I can tell. Yet something interesting has arisen and I am trying to understand what is, or may be happening. I got the idea that the colours Mandarin Red and Celery might look good together. I clicked on the Mandarin Red square and got the following web page. https://www.pantone.com/color-finder/17-1562-TCX Yet the colour there looks noticeably different. There is a note on the page about this, but, at present I do not understand it. Is that the reason for the difference? Yet both versions of Mandarin Red are each on a web page, viewed on the same computer for each of them. Does anyone understand what is going on please? William
  6. Hi I wrote the following original post around two hours ago. The linked page has some useful information, so I have left the original post for reference, but my wondering if PagePlus - an older prpgram fron Serif - would do the job is not a practical solution as the software is no longer sold directly by Serif. William ---- The original post. Hi I asked about if PagePlus would do what you are seeking. https://community.serif.com/forum/pageplus/114979/can-pageplus-do-what-is-requested-for-affinity-publisher-in-the-linked-thread-please It depends on which type of computer you are using and what you are trying to do. I hope that this helps. William
  7. I do not work for or with Serif. Could you please explain more of what you mean? For example, if someone were producing a PDF (Portable Document Format) document using a future version of Affinity Publisher with that facility, what would he or she do to use such a feature, and what benefit would this add to the PDF document so as to benefit someone wanting to access the document please? Would the benefitted user usually have some form of visual impairment, or something like that? Is this in any way related to PDF/A or is it something different please? William
  8. The PDF document allows one to find the name of the font, using Adobe Reader. (Right click on the document, select Document Properties... then choose the Fonts panel). Then, if one so wishes, one can search the web and one can find the font and download it and give it a go in Affinity Publisher if one so chooses. And/or any application program of your choice. I designed and produced the font myself, and my licence for using the software used in that production is at the top level, so it is alright for me to say that. William
  9. Could someone possibly explain why there is both HKS-K and HKS-N please? William
  10. Oops. I had move the swatches panel onto the publication, which was just a test and I did not save it. I started a new document and I seem to have lost the Swatches Panel. I closed Affinity Publisher, started it again and started a new document. Yet there is no swatches panel. I have looked to try and turn it back on but I have not been able to find how to do it. Can anyone help please? William
  11. Oh, it is meant to be three bars! Ah. Well, for me at least, it would be a lot clearer if the symbol were twice as high and two or three times wider. What you say is a pulldown arrow, before you explained, I wondered what that "full stop" was doing there! It can only provide a hint if one first realizes that it is a pulldown arrow! William
  12. Thank you. It seems that one needs to click that strange little squiggle over to the right at the top. If you have got the panel pulled out onto the page area, the strange little squiggle is just to the left of the x that I is at the top right. Maybe the word Preferences rather than the strangle little squiggle would be an improvement? William
  13. I am trying to add the two .ase files for HKS colours, mentioned in a thread about HKS colours. I have the Swatches Panel open and the Affinity Publisher help facility says about Panel Preferences quote To import a color palette: Click Panel Preferences and select a palette type from the Import Palette sub-menu. Locate the file you want to import and click Open. The newly imported palette will now be available to choose in the palette pop-up menu. end quote Yet I cannot seem to be able to find Panel Preferences. Can anyone advise me on this please? I have tried right-clicking on the Swatches Panel but nothing is shown. William
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