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  1. in Affinity Designer, I appear to have lost the toolbox from where one, amongst other things, can select a vector brush. How do I get it back please? William
  2. https://museum.cornell.edu/exhibitions/end-grain-history-wood-engraving https://www.woodengravers.co.uk/ William
  3. Simulating end grain wood engraving using Affinity Designer I am interested in end grain wood engraving to produce prints. I decided to try to simulate end grain wood engraving using Affinity Designer. I am delighted to have found that Affinity Designer has Engraving as a category of brushes. I have tried using a vector brush with Clean Engraving 03. I am using the brush in white on a black filled rectangle as an unengraved wood block would print solid black in a letterpress printing process. Has anyone tried simulating wood engraving? As engraving on metal plates is also possible, could someone from Serif say on what basis the engraving brushes were designed please. Is anyone here interested in simulating end grain wood engraving using Affinity Designer? William
  4. Hi Alfred > The Affinity apps currently only support ANSI Indic fonts. How do you mean please? William
  5. Yet the pen to watercolour technique can be useful for accuracy when using a grid for guidance. William
  6. Thank you. > As you paint, nodes are created automatically and can be edited with as you paint with the [Ctrl key] or at any time with the Node Tool. I had not realized until now that one can later edit with the Node Tool. William
  7. How does one get a png file into Affinity Designer please? I am trying to use one of the twenty png paper designs in the DAUB® Watercolours & Washes package. The files are png format. William
  8. Yes, @nomi02118 how did you do that lion please? William
  9. I have not got that panel in my account. I now realize that I saw the offer in a forum post William
  10. Welcome Micha I too am also a beginner with Affinity Designer. I like your picture. William
  11. Well, I certainly used to get marketing emails from Serif but looking in my inbox I can't find any recently. Maybe I was asked to reply to continue under the new EU privacy rules and I forgot to do so, but i cannot at present find anything in my account about marketing preferences one way or the other. Not that I am saying that I did not receive such items nor that I have not read them. I am just saying that I don't remember reading them and I have not now located any in my inbox recently. i get various newsletters from various lists and so on by email. William
  12. Well, items were half price earlier today when I got the DAUB® Watercolours & Washes package so I was surprised that the offer had gone. William
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