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    Thank you for your reply. I checked again but it is not displayed for me. I am using Windows 10. Are you using Windows or a Mac please? As there are two different finding can some other readers check this please and report their findings in this thread, stating whether they are suing Windows or a Mac please? William
  2. To me, the initial splash screen when starting Affinity Publisher is too small and lacks adequate contrast in the lettering and the details about build number are too small. Now I do have the brightness control on the computer turned right down and I do use Affinity Publisher with the grey colour scheme rather than the default colour scheme, so maybe they are factors. Generally I have found that most people have brightness controls set far brighter than do I, so maybe that is a factor in this. The logo looks fine though. Could you please consider changing the lettering on that initial splash screen from grey to the Affinity Orange colour that is in the logo? William Overington Wednesday 16 January 2019
  3. How does getting an update work please? I started with the present beta so have not updated before. William
  4. Oh, is the beta going expire before there is either a later beta version on a finished product ready to buy? Could someone from Serif clarify the position please? William
  5. Hello Alfred What is 'creep' in this context please? So to make the comic book, what does one do? Maybe export art as a png or a vector graphic and then place the png or vector graphic into an Affinity Publisher document? I have found that one needs to use File Place... in Affinity Publisher. William
  6. When starting a new publication there is a choice of a number of preset page sizes, as well as the availability for having a custom size. I am pleased to note that Affinity Publisher includes large sizes such as A0 and A1 as preset page size choices. In the thread https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/76773-need-expert-publisher-help/ there is discussion of producing a publication of a comic book. Apparently there is at least one (quasi-)standard size for a comic book. When setting up the size of a publication, could you consider having available a page preset choice of comic book please? It appears that the width would be 168 mm but it is not quite clear at present whether the height should be but 260 mm seems a good choice. William
  7. I am hoping to suggest to Serif that comic book size is added to the choice of preset sizes available when setting up a publication. I have not used Affinity Designer so I cannot advise you one way or the other. William
  8. I found this mention about the size. https://www.quora.com/What-is-the-standard-size-of-a-comic-book-from-Marvel-and-DC-Comics I also found the following. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_comic_book#Format The width seems to be 160 mm and the height could be 257 mm or 260 mm. Is that the size that you want please? If so, which height please? William
  9. I do not claim to be an expert on this but I thought that as nobody else has replied and the problem looks interesting, I decided to have a go. I think that I may have solved some of the problem. I am not sure of the size of the comic book page so I have used A4 (297mm tall by 210 mm wide for each page). I tried to make an 8-page comic book. So, File New Then the choices on the panel as Print A4 millimetres Prefer embedded 8 Tick the Facing pages choices Horizontal Start on right. Now, Use the following, File Spread setup Margins [Comment: For this example, suppose that outer margins are 30 mm; and the inner margins are a total of 30 mm, that is, 15 mmm on each page.] All Spreads, set inner margins to 15 mm and outer mm to 30 mm. Now with page 1 showing in the main workspace, File Spread setup Margins Current spread, set inner margin to 30 mm and outer margin to 30 mm. Now with page 8 showing in the main workspace, File Spread setup Margins Current spread, set inner margin to 30 mm and outer margin to 30 mm. File Save I hope that this helps. William
  10. > … (standard comic book size) … What size is that please for the purpose of this question? William
  11. Could you explain what you mean please? William
  12. Thank you for the links. I have posted to one of the threads. Maybe my idea will become implemented. Wow! William
  13. I suppose that Affinity Publisher could be designed so that as well as an insert hyperlink feature, there is an automated insert hyperlink and QR code feature, such that a hyperlink and a QR code with the hyperlink information encoded into it could both be added into the document as one automated facility. That could be good. William