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  1. I had not seen this thread before someone posted to it recently and it came to the top. Upon checking I realized that I had not previously noticed that there was anything about EULA on that panel! Even now, turning up the brightness I notice that there is EULA and Third party licenses and then a lot of stuff that might be text that I simply cannot make out what it is supposed to be. Could the About panel be about ten to twenty times larger in area please and with a different colour for the lettering? William
  2. Oh. I was thinking that my type 1 version was what was being requested in the original post. When you write of a "stored-workspace feature", what do you mean please as I have not met that before as far as I am aware. [How does none add the @ link in please? I tried to add one and I could not get it to go.] Well, I was thinking that it would be helpful for people who are learning or who just want to produce output without having to first learn much about how to use Affinity Publisher. I am not sure what is the target purchasing-audience for Affinity Publisher. For example, should it include someone who would like to be an author of, say, a small book of poems who could just buy Affinity Publisher and very quickly produce something - maybe someone with little prior knowledge of using a computer - maybe just having used it for watching videos and ordering shopping. William
  3. Yes, this is a good idea. Can I suggest that Serif provides three versions please? 1. A version with all blank pages. 2. A version as if a photo book but with instructions, such as, in places where an image would be, an image that has lettering that says something like, Please replace this image with an image of your own, and in places where text should be, some text such as, Please replace this text with the title of your photo book. 3. A version ready-done as a finished photo book, though in which someone can change pictures and text as he or she wishes. That could be very helpful. Widening the discussion, could that be done for various publication please, such as My Poems, set up so that someone who has written some poems can straightforwardly produce a document for a printshop to print out. Another example could be "My short story for a handheld device" or whatever the correct naming should be. Each time, three versions, one blank, one explaining what to do, and one a finished example. William
  4. Well, the discussion went on to tee shirts that could be purchased, so my comments are valid for that. Where are they available please? William
  5. Alas, I know little German, so I put it through Bing translator and got the following: > Hi, although the formatted titles are on the right of odd pages, the table of contents indicates the page number to the left of it (even). How, please, is that to be changed? Thanks and greeting, lars I put it through Google translate and got the following: > Hi, even though the formatted titles are to the right of odd pages, the table of contents indicates the page number to the left of it (even). How, please, is that to change? Thanks and regards, lars William
  6. And also, in my opinion, to implement things that only a few people request. For example, PDF/A support. William
  7. The problem with tee shirts with special logos is that they only seem to get made in a limited range of sizes, so people who are not in that size range get marginalized as they cannot participate. William
  8. Will Affinity Publisher allow the Author and Subject fields of a PDF to be set by the end user of Affinity Publisher, and neither left blank, as at present, nor autofilled, please? William Overington Saturday 9 March 2019
  9. William Overington


    I should have mentioned at the start of this thread that PDF/A is used for archiving, particularly over long time periods. William
  10. William Overington


    Could you clarify which checker you are using please? When you write "accessibility checkers" is that the same thing as checking for PDF/A validity? Can I get round that by starting with a PDF made with Affinity Publisher? William
  11. William Overington


    Looking back through emails I think that I got vera as a result of the following that was linked from an email. https://openpreservation.org/news/verapdf-1-10-released-on-international-digital-preservation-day/ I find that I had problems getting it to install and then I got the following advice as I needed to install Java. >> Try installing Oracle Java 9 from here: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/articles/javase/index-jsp-138363.html. Once that's done you should be able to double click the installer jar from the installation zip package and all should be good. To which I replied. > Yes, I did that yesterday evening and I have got veraPDF working. I downloaded the offline version of the installer. Thank you for your help. I added a shortcut to verapdf-gui.bat on the desktop. This makes use easier. ---- I hope that that is helpful. William
  12. William Overington


    As I wrote, I was unsure, so I exercised caution. Maybe the smaller file size is partly, or even totally, because as a part of the test when producing the PDF from Affinity Publisher I deliberately did not subset the font, just in case. In the event the PDF/A version has the font subsetted. William
  13. William Overington


    Well, I was not sure of what effect renaming the PDF file might have on the provenance of the testing. William
  14. William Overington


    I have had the vera PDF/A checker on my computer for some time. I cannot remember where I got it from. It was announced in an email and I got it and tried it and got lots of errors with a file produced using PagePlus but I do not remember which file that was. I will try to find it. William