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  1. Have you turned on baseline grid by mistake? Choose View > Baseline Grid and ensure "Use Baseline Grid" is deselected. if it is, you should also check the Text Frame panel and ensure "Use Independent Baseline Grid" is deselected in the "Baseline Grid" section. Cheers
  2. I can't speak to whether or not Serif will do it, but it does use non-integer values, it just doesn't show them. Entering 100.0 will give you a different zoom level than 100.4 but both will be shown as 100.
  3. Yes, you can go back. But as I explained in the word spacing thread, there were no changes in word spacing so I don't think it will address your issue. And any documents you saved in 2.3 cannot be opened in a previous version. Windows: Publisher: https://store.serif.com/update/windows/publisher/2/ Designer: https://store.serif.com/update/windows/designer/2/ Photo: https://store.serif.com/update/windows/photo/2/ macOS: Publisher: https://store.serif.com/update/macos/publisher/2/ Designer: https://store.serif.com/update/macos/designer/2/ Photo: https://store.serif.com/update/macos/photo/2/
  4. My best guess based on these screen captures is that you've linked the frames in the wrong order. Select View > Show Text Flow if it's not already selected and then you'll see the links between text frames. Ensure the frames for the TOC pages are linked in the right order and not backward. Tip: Instead of taking photos of your screen with your phone's camera, take screenshots using Windows - the resulting images will be a lot easier to look at. Here are instructions from Microsoft: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/use-snipping-tool-to-capture-screenshots-00246869-1843-655f-f220-97299b865f6b Good luck
  5. It's possible to reinstall an older version from Serif's site but you won't be able to open documents you saved from 2.3 in that version. And there really is no difference in spacing - if there were, everybody would be screaming because documents saved from 2.2 would be spaced differently when opened in 2.3. Perhaps you're also thinking of tracking and not just word spacing - designers often tweak tracking just a tiny bit to avoid widows and orphans. Here are two articles on manually fixing widows and orphans in other apps but of course you'd have to "translate" the features to the equivalents in Affinity. https://creativepro.com/how-solve-typographic-widows-and-orphans/ https://creativepro.com/the-digital-dish-kill-the-widows-and-orphans/
  6. I don't know what to tell you, nothing has changed with regard to word or character spacing. It might just be that some of your current document's words can't be hyphenated - for example, Girondists won't hyphenate. If you're using footnotes you can experience big gaps at the bottom of a column if there isn't space for the entire footnote below the footnote marker as shown in the screenshot below. In this example there are no flow options set for the body text or footnote text. To fix this, I could enable "split notes" and the note will be split across the columns. No amount of tweaking of word and character spacing for both paragraphs will fix this, it can't be solved without using split notes. To use the full range of word and character spacing set minimum to 0 and maximum to 250. Then you can set desired to whatever you want. I don't recommend this but you can do it.
  7. Hi and welcome to the forums. One workaround to restore your productivity while you sort out the printing problem is to export to PDF and then print the PDF from another PDF viewer. What is your operating system and which printer are you using? Could you share a sample document here for testing? If needed, just delete all the objects from the page. Good luck.
  8. Hi @j-mac and welcome to the forum. It looks like you've deselected View > Show Toolbar so the top toolbar which is used to drag the window is missing. Choose the command again to re-enable it. If you really did mean to hide the toolbar you can still drag the window by dragging on a blank area of the Tools panel below the various tool icons. Good luck.
  9. Hi, I'm not entirely sure I understand the issue. Could you share a screenshot to illustrate the problem? If you're trying to insert the TOC into a specific page and the TOC is appearing on a page before it: Is the frame you're trying to insert it into linked from a previous frame? If you're clicking in a frame with no text and it's linked from a previous frame, the cursor position will actually be in the previous frame so that's where the TOC will be inserted. Perhaps you didn't fully delete the TOC and you're clicking the Update icon rather than the one to add a new TOC. In that case, the TOC you didn't fully delete will be updated. Without seeing the document or screenshots it's hard to tell which scenario this might be. Good luck.
  10. Hi François, this is a common point of confusion for new users. The Styles panel should really be named the Object Styles panel - it has nothing to do with paragraph and character styles. For those, you'll need to open the Text Styles panel.
  11. Hi Greg and welcome to the forums. AutoFlow doesn't care where the frames are on your page but in their order in the layer stack. It fills frames from bottom to top of the layer stack. So just re-order the frames on your page using the Layers panel and the feature will work the way you want. Cheers
  12. @Lee_T You're not getting reversed arrow shortcuts when you click the Apple Defaults button? Screen Recording 2023-12-08 at 10.50.31 AM.mov
  13. I will have to ask Santa for scripting for Christmas. But seriously, yes, this is do-able. I envision a script that could create/edit/delete named notes as you've shown as well as date-time stamped notes for a revision history. The latter could be combined with saving so if you reassigned Cmd/Ctrl + S from Save to this script, it could prompt you to enter a revision history entry each time you save the file. I'd also consider adding a project info dialog that had several common options (client name, job number, job name, etc...) that would be saved as a single note and parsed when the dialog was opened to make it easier to use and also to avoid creating too many notes.
  14. Hi, select the text or edit its text style and using the Typography window, deselect "Isolated Forms" which is on by default and not useful for a script font like this. I just noticed that I didn't document Word Position Forms in the Typography section of my Publisher manual so I'll add it for the next edition.
  15. Hi, this is a known bug with Publisher on macOS. You would have the same problem if you placed the cursor on the right side of the field rather than selecting the text. If you do that you'll see the cursor is non-blinking. It's not just related to custom fields - if you place the cursor at the end of the field and see the non-blinking cursor and then click once elsewhere in the text to move the cursor, it will still be non-blinking and pressing delete will delete the entire frame. And if you change a value in many panel fields, the cursor will change from blinking to non-blinking. Fortunately, undo is one Cmd+Z away but this is a very annoying bug since it's so pervasive, I delete stuff by mistake several times every day so I hope this bug is fixed soon.
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