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  1. Hi @biz_kid1, there is a forum section called 'Resources' where you could share your files: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/forum/11-resources/ Cheers, d.
  2. Hello @thomas001le, welcome to the forum. There seems a digital asset management software in development by Serif but it is completely unclear when this will be available. If you search the forum for the keyword 'DAM' you find several discussions and wishes, e.g. this very popular one: I find XNView MP (https://www.xnview.com/en/xnviewmp/) a reasonably good tool to prepare pictures for what you want to do. It allows to browse and tag (and then filter) images. You can drag and drop images into APub. And it even shows thumbnails of AD and APh files (not of APub files, yet). It's free so you can very easy give it a try. Cheers, d.
  3. We are in the AD forum and AD doesn't have a Preview mode?? d.
  4. Hello @evtonic3, as far as I know you always can switch to the Text Tool and click into the text, event though it is burried inside of a group or multiple groups. You also can double click multiple times and drill down through the elemts of the group. d.
  5. Hi @Astrax, since you asked I think this is something that is not necessary and not worth taking programmer's time. As two people above pointed out there are ways to find a workflow that covers all you are asking for, except you have to be a little organised to do so. I want to point out that the iPad versions of AD and APh work in a way like this because they save automatically. So maybe Affinity has something up their sleeves for desktop, too? But all of this does not keep you from the need to somehow organize your work (and scribbles and experiments) in some way d.
  6. Hello @Roland Ricaurte, welcome to the forum. I think, you are looking for the 'XOR' intersection in AD to accomplish this: In 'Edit > Preferences > User Interface' you can turn on the option 'Monochromatic Iconography' (see my screenshot above). This comes close to what you are asking for ... I think Cheers, d.
  7. dominik

    Data merge

    I doubt that we forumsters are in the position to tell Serif (the publisher of the Affinity range of software) to hurry up. d.
  8. You can apply multiple master pages to a page. That way you could have a master page with only the page numbers on it. On pages that are not supposed to have numbers you just don't assign that master page to them. So, there is no need to edit master pages, but to assign different combinations of them d.
  9. Good to hear that you found a solution to the faulty exports. Sometimes it is hard for the software to tell, what the problem is. Of course it would be worth trying. The solution to upload files for further investigation was meant for those cases that seem to be very unclear. Cheers, d.
  10. Hi @Shivadas, you might want to upload the file so that others can test export. Provided you can place the file and contained data in public. Moderators also provide a private upload link where you can send the file for further investigation. This before has helped other users. Good luck, d.
  11. Glad to be of help. Cheers to Budapest d.
  12. Hi @walt.farrell, an interesting thought. With 'our positive y-axis' you refer to the y-axis in the Affinity products? If so this has a certain logic to it. But I assume this is something only a representative from Serif can explain how the decision was made. I learned at school that positive angles point counterclockwise. That's why I never wondered about AD's behaviour. d.
  13. This is due to the definition of a Cartesian coordinate system. See here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Angle#Positive_and_negative_angles It's a convention. d.
  14. dominik

    text box defaults

    I'm answering, after I read the entire thread up to now. I now understand that switching tools does not change anything as to the explanation of @garrettm30. It looks like defaults can be helpful and sometimes confusing according to the particular situation they are used in. To me they worked once I used them, even though only occasionally. d.
  15. dominik

    text box defaults

    It took me a moment to follow your example but now I understand. What happens if you switch tools between the creation of the fourth and fifth (bottom right) rectangle? (Note: I was experimenting with text frames in APub not with rectangles in AD but in effect it should work the same). d.

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