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  1. My intention is not to talk something away. I just point out that this has happened in the past and went away after some time. I am not a representative of Serif and cannot help you with what is going on behind the scenes technically. Usually Serif staff monitors this forum and if there is something worthfull to contribute they chime in. Different internet providers may point to a problem on the server's end. I'm really sorry the download is so slow for you. I myself experienced this once or twice. Still, I am sure this will be different the next time an update becomes available. d.
  2. 16 hours is ridicoulous. It may well be that it is a Affinity server mishap. It may as well be, that if you stop now and start over again it is back to normal speed. But I do not suggest to try this 🙂 Since you are the only one at the moment who is reporting this chances are that it is just your bad luck this time. If you encounter this with a further update it would be worth looking into the case closer. What do you mean with 'different internet locations'? Different providers? Different cities? d.
  3. We have seen occasionally slow updates in the past. It turned out that after a couple of hours the problem went away. This may be due to distribution via Amazon's networt (if I remember correctly). d.
  4. Hi @Pyanepsion, this is not possible at the moment. But it could be a feature request. From my own practice I don't mind to use a browser interface and download images from there. But I do not use this very often and I understand that an integrated solution can be useful. d.
  5. I doubt that it is related to the way of installation. The internal program code that get's installed is exactly the same both ways. Another way to create a mask from an adjustment layer's mask is to CTRL-click on the adjustment layer's mask. This creates a selection. Next you create a new mask from the little icon at the bottom of the layers panel. This mask inherits the selection's properties. d.
  6. Hello @Lisbon, you can drag a mask on an adjustment layer with the mouse and drop it between layers. Then the adjustment layer and the mask layer are independent from each other. Also note: adjustment layers are different from regular layers in regard that they have their own build in mask. As soon as you paint on an adjustment layer the mask becomes visible in the layers panel. To delete a mask from an adjustment layer you drag it away from the adjustment and then delete it. Another way would be to fill the mask with white. The mask does not disappear but it has no effect anymore. d.
  7. This is no problem at all. It is common practice not to post sensitive images. I would suggest you look up how to mask a person and make yourself familiar on how to adjust colours. E.g. see here: d.
  8. Hello @augustya, this seems to be a simple question but there is no simple answer. There are too many factors involved. Basically you can get good results if both images are similar in terms of lighting, background, perspective, resolution and so on. If you have two images that are very different it will be very hard to accomplish a convincing result. It would help if you could post examples of your pictures (if that is possible for you). Then we could be more specific. d.
  9. @stuartbarryplease bear in mind that Serif have announced that they were closed during holiday season right into the new year. Maybe you missed that notice but it may explain why noone from Serif has not responded to your posting. d.
  10. Hello @HappySloth and welcome to the forum. Make sure that the symbols are exactly aligned to pixel boundaries and that their width and height does not have a fraction of a pixel. You can see this by looking the Transform panel as seen in @BlueLiner's screenshot at the bottom right. d.
  11. There is a setting in Publisher's preferences that might relate to that. Look at: 'Preferences > Auto-Correct > Superscript ordinals as they are typed'. I'm not sure if this is the correct answer. Perhaps you can provide a sample Publisher file that we can look at. d.
  12. As @Catshill already mentioned you can use 'paste as plain text' inside the Affinity apps. Regarding your question you can use Windows' own editor. MacOS' editor is TextEdit, but I do not know if it offers any formatting. Above's suggestion to use LibreOffice does not solve the problem because it copies text in a formatted way as MS Word does. d.
  13. Hello @Tyves, this is not possible. There certainly may be applications to remote control iPhones, though. d.
  14. Hi @Sponix, I cannot tell you what happened. Just a more general suggestion that may not help in the current situation. If something like this happens first thing to do is to try 'undo' (menu 'Edit > Undo' or shortcut CTRL+z). In most cases this should recover something like this. You can also look at the history panel ('Window > History' in version 2 apps) and click on a step before convert to curves. Sometimes things like a loss of artwork happens. In that case it is easier to start over again. Sorry, if this is not of real help but I hope it helps you in future cases. d.
  15. Hello @albertkinng, you are correct, the export persona is only part of Designer and Photo but not part of the respective personas in Publisher. My interpretation on how Serif spreads different functionalities across different apps is: Designer and Photo are more specialized and feature equiped in their own domain (vector art and pixel art) Those are the tools to create artwork that then can be exported seperately for different tasks. Publisher is the overall application that offers very sophisticated vector and pixel manipulation via the personas. But Publisher exports the final document as a whole and rather not as subdocuments that should be used further. I know this interpretation lacks a lot of use cases but for me it works as a starting point for my workflow. And explains to me why there is no export persona in Publisher. d.
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