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  1. Did you try to do a 'Save as...' to save it with a different name? This worked for me in such situations. d.
  2. I concur with @walt.farrell, there is nothing like this at the moment. But I also cannot imagine what the use of this function would be. d.
  3. Hi @Jim Monson, sorry, perhaps I do not entirely understand your request. My assumption was that while working with the pen tool you want to change a node from sharp to smooth. Then the 'no modifier key' works. Together with which tool do you need a modifier key? d.
  4. Then, I'm sure you know what a high resolution display looks like Now I understand. On my Windows it seems a bit the same. I keep them at large. There could be some more options at some time in the future, but as you say yourself 'this is really a minor issue in the grand scheme of things.' d.
  5. Hello @daibhidh, welcome to the forum. I find this idea very interesting. I assume this is rather a feature that will (if at all) arrive in Affinity Publisher because that one is targeted at print layout while Affinity Designer is more targeted at illustration and design. If you don't know there is a public beta version of Affinity Publisher over there to test and participate in bug hunting d.
  6. I assume this is very closely related to the display's resolution. I have to use the large thumbnails on a high resolution display, otherwise I couldn't recognise not much. d.
  7. Hi @Bernie38, I am not quite sure if I correctly understand what you mean by linked images. But if you want to place the same image in several places of the document an have to look it the same everywhere you should look into Symbols (View > Studio > Symbols). Symbols are 'linked objects'. If you edit one of them all other instances look the same. There is already a section in the help file if you search for 'Symbols'. Cheers, d.
  8. Hi @Old Bruce, try the ESC-key. It makes the current text box active but stays with the text tool selected. This gives you the option to draw another text box. I have trained myself (and got used to it) to hit ESC and then V. This (sort of) quickly switches to the Move Tool. (I see already fellow forumsters posting 'but this is two keystrokes ... this is just too much typing' ) d. + another smiley to make sure that I am not seriously complaining about other forumsters feature requests. We're here to collect request
  9. You can find them at the top of the forum 'Report bugs in Publisher on Windows'. There is usually a pinned post with a title like 'Affinity Publisher Public Beta - 1.7.0.xxx'. Of course you find a similar post in the 'Report bugs in Publisher on Mac'. d.
  10. Hi @ronnyb, now I understand your request. I tried it and this is indeed not possible at the moment. d.
  11. Hi @appaulmac, select the picture frame with the Move Tool (V) Make sure the picture frame's properties is set to 'None'. You find it on the toolbar. You also can set an anchor point. On the very right of the toolbar you find an option 'Lock Children'. Enable it. Now you can resize the picture frame without resizing the picture itself d.
  12. Hi @ronnyb, if I understand you correctly CTRL+0 does fit the hight of the current image already. I do not know of a way to fit to the width of an image, though. d.
  13. Hi @Jim Monson, may I suggest to post such a feature request as a new thread. Burried on page 73 of the 'feature roadmap' it may be overlooked I say this only as a friendly advice of a forumster who stumbled across this myself. The good news is you can already do this by not using any modifier key at all. To turn any node from sharp to smooth you simply drag with the Pen Tool outward and the handles appear. Is this what you are looking for? d.
  14. Hi @thisleenoble, this is a very good example on how to use symbols effectively. Thank you for showing your method. I did something similar a while ago during the design of a CD booklet, only that I don't have the need to update the design quarterly I support your request for variables or data merge but I assume it will take time to see this in AD. Cheers, d.