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  1. Oh my, I am not good at shorthand Thanks for the additional way on how to get this done. d.
  2. Hi @Frozen Death Knight, just an idea: snapping to the mid point is equivalent to move an object by 50% of its width. Use the transform panel and type in 'X+w*0,5' where X is the value that is already in the box. In other words you would type '+w*0,5' after the X value. This moves an object to the right. Same applies to vertical movements or in combination with a minus in the other direction. This even works for fractions where there is no snapping point at all, like fourths or thirds d.
  3. Hello @design punch, I like your suggestions. Regarding #3 my suggestion is not the same and not as quick as yours but perhaps worth a try: while in Textmode hit ESC and then hold the SPACEBAR to switch to the hand tool. This way you can drag around the page. After that release the spacebar and click once to be back in Textmode. It takes a little practice but is not so many keypresses more d.
  4. 0.1 and a tenth is the same 1/8" and the like may be of value for american users. Worth a suggestion. d.
  5. Hello @decimate555, try holding down CTRL key when hitting the UP and DOWN keys. This increments by a tenth of the default unit. There's no way to increment by 1/8" though. d.
  6. dominik

    Affinity Word?

    Since you asked: I haven't used it in ages, I had to look for it myself. On the other side it looks like a very clean/lean down to the basics RTF editor d.
  7. Hello Mark, do you want to keep the picture frame? Then look at the layers palet and make sure the triangle at the left side of the picture frame layer points downwards. This reveales the placed image. Click on the image and hit delete. If you do not want to keep the picture frame the simply delete it. d.
  8. Hallo @123, es ist besser, Fragen oder Fehlermeldungen nicht in mehreren Foren zu platzieren. @Pauls hat Dir im anderen Forum darauf bereits geantwortet: Leider ist das nicht möglich. Noch ein Tip: Deine Frage ist eher keine Fehlermeldung (bug report). Deshalb wäre es beim nächsten mal besser, die Frage entweder im "Fragen nach Funktionen und Vorschläge" ('Feature requests, suggestions & discussions') zu platzieren. Es geht mir nicht um Ordnung, sondern Dir zu helfen, am ehesten eine Antwort auf Deine Frage zu bekommen Grüße, d.
  9. Hello @Steaming T, the function is already available, except that there is no extra button. Hold ALT when clicking on the thumbnail of a layer d. PS: walt beat me by the second.
  10. No. Serif is monitoring the forums and draws their own conclusions. But they (to my knowledge) have not offered or asked for voting about most desired features. The roadmap is based on their decisions/stategy and not based on a public vote. d.
  11. I think this is a far call. I see your enthusiasm, so why not dream d.
  12. Hi @3DJ, thank you for your explanation. I now have an idea what the relation between UI design and animation is (I myself come more from the static layout side of things ). I'm not sure if this is part of Serif's plans. Only time will tell. I'll follow this discussion. d.
  13. I do not understand this. What is the relation between UI design and animation? Best regards, d.
  14. Hi @Jeremy Bohn, this was discussed in this thread starting about here: It was about an Affinity Photo file but relates to your question. The post starts out with 'I also am confused' I think this has something to do with the current early status of APub and StudioLink. Even though I think the whole concept was thought out well it appears to have some rough edges. One of them is what your finding is. I sincerely hope Serif will be able to streamline the workflow and will listen to (our) user experiences and feedback. d.