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  1. Hello @zBernie, I want to suggest the following workflow: Once you opened your original photo duplicate the layer by pressing CTRL+j. Then untick it's visibility checkbox in the layers panel. Make all your adjustments (distructive or non distructive) you want. Just make sure the copy of the original photo is at the top of the stack of layers. For comparison of your edits with the original just tick the visibility checkbox of the original photo. This is close to a single button you are asking for and overcomes all eventualities with saved or not saved history of your file. d.
  2. Hi @PatrickM, if you are working in the beta with features that have been around for a while you will most likely experience a better stability (apart from the chance than new bugs may have been introduced). I just would avoid any of the new features, like data merge or packaging because they are still in their infancy. But it seems they are not part of your project anyway. I also would work with an iteration of versions. So once in a while create a new version e.g. whith a new chapter start. Or a new phase during design. That way you always can go back one step. But after all it remains a beta version and you should be aware of what you are doing ... and I think you know 🙂 Good luck, d.
  3. I want to add: I think the app has improved quite a bit in regard to stabilty and it depends what you are doing with it. Going further with my test project (as mentioned above) I removed the passthrough PDF from the master pages completely and I observe a much better performance with a long text only. d.
  4. Basically this is a good and logical idea. But data merge is currently not there, yet. d.
  5. Hi @PatrickM, I would generally do not serious work with the beta version. I'm currently in a 600 page test project (book) that is supposed to include more than 200 images. The project is a little unusual because it needs to rebuild a layout that was done in another application. Therefore I also use PDFs (passthrough) in the background). Without even working with the pictures APub becomes sometimes very slow. I also experienced some problems to save at all. Since this is only a test this is not too much of a problem but I would be carefull with a huge project. OTOH, with the first 250 pages APub worked quite well. I suggest you at least first do a test in the release version with a lot of pages and quite some images placed to try and see. Cheers, d.
  6. Hello @StevieB, make sure you are using the Artistic Text Tool in contrary to the Frame Text Tool. The behave differently if resized. d.
  7. That's OK and I understand your intention to help. From reading this forum for quite some time I came to the conclusion that forum member participation with development decisions just does not work that way. I myself think that the ratio between complaining and critisism in contrast to creative feedback and discussion is a little 'unbalanced'. But I assume that's how it is (= people are). It may be different if you also start reading the 'Learn and Share' section. It is full of valuable, creative and informative contributions and feedback 🙂 Cheers, d.
  8. Sorry @PaRunk, you are completely misunderstanding how software development works and what our role in this forum is. This is not a 'Wunschkonzert' (= request concert). Any kind of poll would interfere with the thorough behind the scenes planning and architecture of the software. Of course we can file feature requests and discuss their pros and cons. But it is a complete misunderstanding if you think we should or could have a direct influence on what the developers are doing. This has to be part of the companie's inner decesions. Cheers, d.
  9. Thanks for the comparison. It's obviously some hiccup somewhere inbetween. BTW, the files downloaded over night. d.
  10. Thanks for confirming this. I just double checked and downloaded a random 180 MB file from some other site. It took about 20 seconds. I think this proofes that it is not my ISP. I sincerely hope this gets sorted out 🙂 d.
  11. For me it currently says it takes two days! I know it is not supposed to be their server. But this has been a problem since the last couple of betas. I never experienced this in the last years (but after Brexit. I doubt there is a relation...?) d.
  12. You have an answer to what you've been asking for. This function seems to be of low priority and did not make it into the application, yet. Actually, I do think convertion between Artistic Text and Frame Text could be handy at times. My workaround for this - and it is a poor workaround - is to copy the text, create empty text with the other tool and paste via 'Edit > Paste Special...' as unicode text. Or I simply type in the text if it is just short. But I do not seriously suggest this as a workaround. Just as an example of my practice 🙂 Cheers, d.
  13. Hello @KEDesigns, welcome to the forum. For an orientation on what is available you can look at the feature listings on the website. I assume you already did 🙂 Next stop is to check current features in public testing at the beta forum. At the top of each forum there is a post listing latest additions (plus fixes or improvements). I link to the current ADbeta on Windows. It is worth looking at elder release notes linked in these posts. Then, in general, it is a good thing to look at the posts in the beta forum. This gives an idea of what is most discussed currently and most likely new features are at the top of the listing 🙂 If you don't find what you are looking for you still can search the forum or ask specifically for a certain feature. But rule of thumb is if you didn't find it so far the feature is not implemented yet. So if you describe what you are trying to figure out we perhaps can help you. Cheers, d.
  14. Hello @ZachFB and welcome to the forum. Even if it looks it will be for only a short time reading your last statement. It would have been a good practice to first search the forum to see if there is already a discussion about the features you are missing. Actually there are 🙂 This thread goes over (currently) 14 pages: Here's a list of alternative solutions for tracing by forum member @v_kyr. So there's no urgent need to implement this feature in AD (even though I do not object the suggestion to have it implemented): The same applies to vector blend: I admit this is a technique that cannot be done in AD right now and there is no workaround for it. Unless you use a seperate software and import the result. Apart from that, both, image trace and vector blend are in my opinion not 'most basic' features. But we do not have to discuss this since everyone has different priorities. Good luck, d.
  15. Hello Yitzaklr, welcome to the forum. First off I want to kindly suggest to change your forum name to something different than your email adress. Otherwise you will be swamped with spam mails over time. You can already set the colour stops of a gradient with LAB values. In the colour selector choose 'LAB' sliders from the drop down at the top. But I am not quite sure if this affects the way the gradients are calculated. Cheers, d.
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