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  1. I wrote 'I, for myself...' because I speak in this regard only for my personal decision. I am convinced that inline graphics (or anchored objects) are coming sooner than later. Cheers, d.
  2. Hi @BowmanSC, thank you, this is generous of you. You don't have to give me something in return. I'm just glad this worked for you I think I'm a little out of my Lego days, though I was a big fan when I was younger. Cheers, d.
  3. I used the word 'poll' because this is what I have not observed. I am not sure if they ever explicitly asked users for what they need because I am not around long enough (thinking of it that way there may have been a poll before I joined the forum that I don't know of ). The existence of the forum and this particular section can be interpreted as proof for an interest by Serif into what Affinity users are requesting, thinking and doing with the software(s). I, for myself, have decided to use the software in a way that uses the features available. If I need something that is not (yet) there I try to use something else. Your mileage may vary. Cheers, d.
  4. From what I observed over time Serif never did a poll like this. I know they are monitoring this forum and take notes of what get's requested. I cannot imagine that they are not aware of the lack of anchored objects and they must have good reasons that this is not available, yet. And I am sure they don't do this in order to tease their users d.
  5. APub has not even started yet. We are in the period of pre release and the feature set is not finished yet. We've been allowed to take a sneak peak knowing that the application is not finished. So there is no indication that these features are not planned for the first release. d.
  6. Hi @figety, where did you see the new version? Which number? d.
  7. Hi @Puck, ohne Zweifel ist die Druckvorschau für die professionelle Produktion wichtig. Ich glaube sogar so wichtig, daß für sie vielleicht in der Zukunft eine eigene sog. 'Persona' erscheinen wird. Das ist reine Spekulation meinerseits. Ich glaube, Serif versucht erst mal die grundlegenden Funktionen ordentlich zu machen um dann auf diesem Fundament das Programm Stück für Stück zu erweitern. Cheers, d. === with no doubt print preview is important in a professional workflow. I would think this could be in the future part of a seperate 'Persona' in APub. I'm only guessing, here. From how I see it, Serif first tries to get the basic functionality right. And will then add further functionality piece by piece. d.
  8. Hallo @xrybak, willkommen hier im Forum. Wie Du sicherlich weißt befindet sich APub in einer noch sehr frühen Phase der Vorveröffentlichung. Erst, wenn es eine erste offizielle Version gibt, soll eine sog. "roadmap" veröffentlicht werden, in der alle Funktionen aufgelistet werden, die als nächstes implementiert werden. Bis dahin "tappen wir im Dunkeln". Als jemand, der das Forum regelmäßig liest, kann ich berichten, daß die von Dir beschriebenen Funktionen (m.E.) bisher zumindest nicht explizit erwähnt wurden - wenn auch von anderen Nutzern vorgeschlagen. Ich halte es für möglich, aber erwarte sie nicht in nächster Zeit. d. === Hello @xrybak, welcome to the forum. As you may know is APub still in an early stage of its prerelease. Once the programm is officially released there will be a feature roadmap that lists all features planned to be implemented during the 1.x cycle of APup. Until then we merely can guess. I haven't read any mention about the features you are asking for. They have been requestes by other forumsters. I can think that this functionality will come at some point but I doubt this will be in the near future. d.
  9. Hi @julimae, thanks for the file. I can open it without a crash. It asks for missing resources which I obviously cannot locate. There is a chance that one of those resources is causing a problem. But it is hard to tell what it might be. Are you aware that you can open the APub file in Affinity Designer beta as well? You could try this way. d.
  10. Hi @carl123, good call. I remember when I created the first object it hat accidentially an arrowhead (even it was a closed object). I just tried the following: Revert to default (icon on the toolbar) and assign a new line width > align inside/outside works as expected. Deselect everything and switch in the stroke panel to some arrowhead > create an object > remove the arrowhead. Align doesn't work anymore. I guess this is a bug. Maybe it is OK that lines with arrowheads are not supposed to align. But it should work again once the arrowhead was removed. I hope the moderators see this on monday an double check. d.
  11. I assume there are several ways to accomplish this. I'd do it that way: Create an artboard of e.g. 400x500px. Switch to the Move Tool (V). Press CTRL+J > this creates a copy of the artboard right on top of it. In the transform panel I see a value of X=0 and Y=0. If this is not the case, type in these values. With the top most artboard still selected, type in an X value of 500px. This moves the artboard to exactly 100px right of the first artboard. Press CTRL+J again > this creates the next artboard. Move this to an X value of 1000 px. Again it is spaced 100px right of the (now) middle artboard. Repeat until you created five artboards. Now select them all by SHIFT clicking on each of them (or in the layers panel). Hit CTRL+ J and all of them get duplicated. Make sure they are all selected. Type in a Y value of 600px. Five artboards get moved down to 100px below the first five artboards. I hope you get the hang of it. Repeat until you have 40 rows. A second way to do this which will come closer to your question to distribute the artboards. Create an artboard of your choice. Hit CTRL+J four times to have five artboards on top of each other. Select all of them. This only works in the layers panel. Click on the 'Alignement Icon' on the toolbar. In the row 'Align Horizontally' click on the right most icon 'Space Horizontally'. Uncheck 'Autodistribute' and type in your desired space between the artboards. Hit OK > now you created your first row of artboards. To create the other rows you would use 'Space Vertically'. I hope that helps. Cheers, d.
  12. Hello @emout, welcome to the forum. What do you mean by 'distribute arboards'? Is it that you want to align them equally spaced? This should work like with other vector objects, too: 'Layer > Alignment' and then choose your desired way of alignment and distribution. d.
  13. This, indeed is important to know. A while ago it took me some time until I learned this I enclose a stripped down sample document with some objects where stroke align works and some object which refuse to align the stroke to anything other than 'Centre'. d. Testing 20-13e.afpub
  14. Hello @nautiloda, if it is just for printing (or export to PDF via print dialog) you can specify which pages to print. It is not necessary to delete any pages. In the print dialog look for 'Pages' below 'Range'. There you would type in '1, 3-6,8-10'. This excludes pages 2 and 7 from printing d.