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  1. If I copy an object and paste it on a different page it pastes in the same position as long as the page has the same size. I wonder how you are doing this? d.
  2. Dear @nikchem, with all due respect to your request for a greek hyphenation dictionary. Please consider that this is a first beta version that is announced to be mainly in English and translations will follow at a later state. Dictionaries are a different functionality from the UI translations, where Greek language is not supported. Also, this is the bug report forum and a missing hyphenation dictionary is not a bug. It would be better to post in the 'Discussions and Suggestions' section of the forum. Still, please don't yell at the developers (by typing in capital letters). At the moment there is so much to do about basic bugs and features during this beta testing. We, the users and beta testers should be patient and constructive. I try to do so Peace. d.
  3. Hallo @ralf blankenburg, mit dem Panel 'Grid and Axis' kann man im Ansatz Raster erstellen, die genutzt werden können. Aber im Falle eines Rasters, wie es der OP (original poster) meint, gibt es Spalten mit Abständen dazwischen, die eine andere Breite haben. Außerdem soll das Raster nicht am linken Seitenrand beginnen, sonder z.B. am linken Rand des Satzspiegels. Beides geht mit 'Grid and Axis' (noch) nicht. Trotzdem ist der Ansatz, die Aufgabe mit 'Grid and Axis' zu lösen m.E. richtig. Nur eben noch nicht implementiert. Cheers d. Hello ralf blankenburg, 'Grid and Axis' is capable to create a basic grid and that can be used already. But the OP wants to create a grid with columns that are seperated by little seperation coloums of different width. And the grid's origin should not only be the left page border but also e.g. start at the left margin. These both are not possible with 'Grid and Axis' currently. I believe 'Grid and Axis' is the right tool for the task. It's just not there, yet.
  4. That is, what I am saying. But for some of us it may work for the time being. d.
  5. But Affinity Publisher is not meant to have the same feature set as the old line of Serif's Software. This has been stated several times. d.
  6. Hi @Aammppaa, This is a very good suggestion. I wasn't aware of that. Thank you! I think it is a little funny to call a tool 'Rounded Rectangle Tool' if it is possible to draw all kinds of corners that are not round, though d.
  7. Hi @Lurien, I do more than hope, I am confident that is coming. It is just not clear when d.
  8. Hi @Lurien, now I understand. Yes, you are right, this is not possible at the moment. I think anchored images will bring this functionality. d.
  9. Hi @walt.farrell, thank you for pointing out the difference between presets and templates. 1) maybe I am a little too excited about the new addition. 2) maybe my English is a little limited to immediately recognize the difference at first. But after thinking about it I understand and see the difference between the two. BTW, I myself have posted about the ability to create own templates independent of AD's or APubs feature set. I just didn't think (completely) about the enhanced possibilities with templates and their content d.
  10. Hello @Philcinbath, @1 : with the latest beta the creation of own template files is introduced. Look at the 'File > New' dialog. There is a 'Page Preset' box at the top where you can define and name your own presets. @2 : it is possible but only by copy and pasting the contents of the Master Page to the other document. There is no export of Master Pages (yet). d.
  11. I am not @Wafer, but I hope I can help to point you to the wrap settings: Look for 'page over lines' icon in the toolbar when the imported file is selected (see screenshot). There are different options. 'Jump' should work for you. d.
  12. Hi @jknott, most likely because there had been no time to program it and a decision was made that this is not of high priority (yet). I personally prefer to use workarounds if there is a good solution that does it for me. There are so many different well working solutions for scanning with an external program that I don't miss it in any of the Affinity programs. I'd rather see the team work on things that are not easily replaced with something that is there already d.
  13. Hello @Peter Sohn, wellcome to the forum. What you can do is to first create a picture frame and edit the corners in a way you need it. Then right click on it and select 'Convert to curves'. Finally select from the menu 'Layer > Convert to Text Frame'. The drawback from this method is that you can not modify the cornes anymore as you can do in a picture frame at any time. d. PS: BTW, since you are new to the forum. You may not have noticed it, this is the bug report section. A question like this would be better posted in the 'Discussion and Suggestions for Affinity Publisher' forum. It just helps to keep track of topics
  14. Hello @arturoacevedob, I don't think there is a way like drag and drop of columns (yet). But it is relatively easy to mark a whole column (or row), cut it (CTRL+x) and paste it (CTRL+v) at a new position into a newly inserted column. d.
  15. dominik

    EPS import is broken

    I think that was reported before. Try to double click on the placed EPS, this should open it in a different tab. Look if you see the content somewhere far outside (by zooming out considerably). Move it to the middle and close the tab. Does this bring its content into view? d.