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  1. Hi MEB, thanks for getting this clear. I thinks this helps people looking into purchasing Affinity to make their decision where to buy. And I just hope they do d.
  2. Arrow keys work fine here. Double click does nothing. I agree, it should as you suggest. Hitting ENTER behaves well. Closes the window and inserts the clipboard content. d.
  3. I may be wrong but there is (or at least was) another difference between the MS Store version and the Serif Store version. One can only participate in beta testing with the Serif Store version. This is (was) related to the availability of a serial number. Has this been resolved? d.
  4. I think this is a valid suggestion for further improvements Just, with the automatic guides in ADe I have got so very much used to them that I need the aligment tools only for more complex groups of objects. d.
  5. Can't you move the text nested in the ellipse with the mouse and use the automatic guides that show up when the text is properly aligned to the center? Just a thought. d.
  6. I understand. Well, then you are already served with the basic settings Let's see what future developments will bring. Cheers, d.
  7. Just out of curiousity: you mean 'noise colour' in terms of 'noise of different colours than the basic colour' as opposed to 'noise as a variation of the basic colour'? If so, I think 'noise colour' is not available in the Colour palette, only the latter. Personally I would look for a plugin to add noise with more control over it's generation (e.g. NIK) What I also did in the past was to use film scans on a seperate layer with a blend mode. Cheers, d.
  8. I assume this would be better done with a plugin. And I also assume this will be more of a pixel effect in Affinity Photo d.
  9. Hello @trksnoos, with an object selected look at the Colour Palette (it is usually top right). At the bottom you see a fader that says 'Opacity' with a small coloured circle beneath it. Click on the circle and the fader's title (and function) changes to 'Noise'. Then you can move the fader to the right and add noise to the object's fill. I hope that is what you are looking for d.
  10. I understand. Well, there is already a corner tool with variations of corners. This is perhaps the place where the squircle corners can find their future home in ADe d.
  11. Hi @aekorps, please see also this post from a couple of days ago: Just for your information that a similar (not same) topic is here already. d.
  12. I understand. Usually a font is considered a file that includes a set of letters, usually an alphabet plus a couple of other signs (to describe it simple). So, it is not limited to 2500 single letters but rather to 2500 different font faces. d.
  13. The maximum numer of fonts allowed and commercial use. Since I am earning money with (some) of my graphic work I found it appropriate to pay for it. And ... font collections tend to get big over time I am above the maximum of 2500 fonts in my library (not all activated, though). But for a start the free version is certainly worth a try. If you are looking for a realy free program you might want to look into nexusfont at Some others here in the forum use it successfully. d.
  14. Just check the comparison page to see if the features of the free version fit for you: d.