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  1. Great news. Good luck hunting down the source of it d.
  2. Hi AlainP, that is a helpful hint. I have set in preferences the rendering option to my additional graphics adapter (NVIDIA). Once I switched to the integrated Intel HD Graphics chip I was able to reproduce the crash. The problem seems to be in some way related to the graphics chip (or it's driver). I think/hope this is in some way of value to the Affinity developers d.
  3. Hi rubs, intersting. I even switched my AD to Portugese language and tried to do it mostly the same way as you do. I do not get a crash. I append a screenrecording even though I am not very good at that and the video is blurred. BTW, how do you get an animated GIF screenrecording? Back to topic. There must be something else involved. Maybe it has to do with the graphics card or driver? FYI, I tried it at different zoom levels. d. No Crash when
  4. Hi Mark, thank you for the explanation. I was not aware of the fact that a file can be loaded only partially. As a work around I now moved the file to an internal drive as long as I am working on it. And, of course, I am looking into a replacement for the loose USB-connector d.
  5. Hello forum. I admit this is a very special scenario. Nonetheless it happened to me. I am not sure if this is a bug report or rather a suggestion. I work on an AD file that is stored on an external USB-drive. For some reason my computer looses connection to that USB-drive. Maybe due to a loose USB-plug. Basically the drive letter and access to the drive vanish. AD, of course does not 'know' anything about this. Once I save the file ('CTRL+S') AD presents me with a message box that says something like the file cannot be accessed anymore (which is obvious) and then states this file needs to be closed right now. The second part leads to the fact that I am loosing some of my work. I do understand that a loose USB-plug is not of Affinity's business But wouldn't it be better to present an option to save the file to a different location? I think this would make AD (and AP, perhaps too) more robust in a strange situation like this. I do not know exactly how to reproduce this. Perhaps one can eject an USB-drive on purpous while a file on it is opened in AD? In the hope that all of this makes sense to anyone d.
  6. Hello rubs, I tried with your file and moved the lower artboard with different speeds and directions below the other one. No crash occured. Question: which tool is active while moving? I tried with both, the arrow ('V') and the artboard tool ('O'). d.
  7. Hi Stuart_R, the video shows the same solution as in the post I quoted but in a much more visual way. This is of great value. Thank you! @milo_plex Great that this got solved. Cheers! d.
  8. Hello milo_plex, welcome to the forum. There have been similar problems before and it seems to be related to certain color profiles. You can try a solution that Sean describes in a step by step way in this post. I cannot promise that it will solve your problem but maybe it's worth a try. d.
  9. I can confirm this. The outline remains with the object (according to the color swatch) even though I removed the outline by undoing the assignment of an outline. This happens with text and with vector objects. But only with the first created item. d.
  10. Double tapping '0' (= zero) sets the opacity of a layer to 0%. But I never do that accidentially ... as far as I know d.
  11. I have seen this before, too. And I was not able to track the cause or to reproduce it reliably. Perhaps there is a keyboard shortcut that sets opacity to 0% that I hit accidentially? d.
  12. Glad it worked out for you. We all learn all the time. And I am sure there will be a next 'extra' at some time. d.
  13. That's a good hint. I was not aware of that because for me the download worked flawlessly and I didn't look for them in the account section. Thanks. d.
  14. Hi mike21, glad to hear that most of the problems got straightended out. As far as I know the extras will be available until Nov. 16th. In regard to the download time of 45 minutes there should be plenty of time to get those 855 MB before the offer expires. I am just a regular forum user. In case of doubt I suggest to contact customer service as explained on this page: Best regards, d.
  15. mike21, you have to start the retail version 1.5 to get the notification of the update to version 1.6. You can also login to the Affinity website and go to your account details. There you can download the latest version. Once you start the program after the update go to menu 'Help > Welcome'. This opens the welcome screen and in the main section you see an offer (and link) to download the free add-ons. (If you don't see this, try to flip through the various pages of this main section by clicking into the right half of the window). d.