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  1. Hello @davorin, may I guide you to an answer I posted a while ago to a similar request in this thread over there. It explains a way of working while this feature is currently not available. But it gives you basically the same functionality. I hope you find it usefull d.
  2. dominik

    Photos own Library

    Actually I find Library not a bad word at all It's just that DAM has become the more general term for this kind of application. Especially as it is per definition not limited to photos. But so is a Library, too d.
  3. OK, I understand. Personally, I don't mind the extra step. But I see that you seem to have a different work_flow. After all, we are in the 'Suggestions' section d.
  4. What is this different from 'Save as ...' and use a new file name? Except that the file that was duplicated is not open anymore, but is in the list of 'recent opened'. Oh, I just noticed that @Wosven suggested the same d.
  5. dominik

    Photos own Library

    Hello @TGDesign and welcome to the forum. You may be surprised because something like this is already in development. But, please, don't hold your breath because it is completely unclear when this program will be available. You can read a long thread discussion over there. Or you can search the forum for the keyword 'Digital Asset Management' or 'DAM' d.
  6. dominik

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta -

    Thanks, I understand. This is indeed a minor issue that does not need a fix. d.
  7. dominik


    Thank you for pointing this out. I tried this out. Only rasterize turns the layer (image or pixel) into actual pixel size. Now I am a little confused what the advantage of a placed imaged would be d.
  8. dominik

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta -

    Thankyou for another new beta. And this in the week of the AD for iPad release. You are busy The first popup screen of the installer does not show the complete version number, see below. AD has the same problem. d.
  9. dominik


    This is a fair question. I assume this function will come at some point in the future. I wonder if it is possible to create a macro that does that? (I'm not good at macros, so far). d.
  10. dominik


    Hello @Manofjesus, the difference between an image layer and a raster layer is that you can resize the image layer as often as you want. From big to small to big again and it will keep its original quality. Only when you rasterize it you have access to the actual pixels. A good way to have both is to duplicate an image layer, then rasterize and copy the part that you have selected. After you pasted this selection, you can either delete the rasterized layer or turn its visibility of. This sounds a little more complicated but it has in general big advantages over having images always placed as raster layers. The help file explains this if you search for 'Place images'. Cheers, d.
  11. Hello @Soul71, welcome to the forum. I noticed this, too, and asked about this. Currently it is not possible by design. You can double tap on the Navigator and it zooms to fit the whole document. What helps to some extent is to pan with two fingers. But, of course, this does not work well if you want to jump to the opposite part of the image d.
  12. dominik

    Undo/Redo button

    Hello @Sammy Be, welcome to the forum. There is an option in preferences under User Interface. It's the last option 'Show Undo and Redo Symbols' (or something like this. I'm on a non English iPad). d.
  13. Good point, it is not very visual in the forum. In this regard it may seem a little 'old school' (which I don't mind because I myself am old school ) I want to point you to https://affinityspotlight.com/, in case you don't know the site. At the moment it is more of a magazine like site. But it could have the potential to be expanded in something you have in mind. d.
  14. dominik

    Save for Web

    Hello @Willow Island, in case noone has welcomed you here at the forum: welcome to the forum This is a feature discussed and requested several times. There is a long ongoing thread over there where you can participate: Click on the heading and you are heading right there Cheers, d.
  15. I suggest both of you to search the forum with the keyword 'DAM' (= Digital Asset Manager). Serif have stated several times that they are working on a program like this. It is completely open when we will see this (my guess is perhaps some - long - time after the release of Affinity Publisher). d.