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  1. Hi Ken, I followed your description and created a document on my own. I can confirm this. I get a 16.1px outer shadow instead of 15px. Interestingly I then removed both FX from the first object, copied the second one and pasted those onto the first object. The outer shadow then shows up as 15px again. Strange d.
  2. Hello michelle96, welcome to the forum. There are several threads mainly in the Questions forum that answer your question (The Questions forum would be the better place to ask a question not related to the beta version). Since you are new here it is OK to post your question here and I'm happily helping you Someone else asked if it is possible to use Affinity on multiple computers. The answer by Lee D (one of the forum moderators) was: 'Yes, you can have Affinity Designer installed on both your laptop and desktop' You can read all this explained in great detail in the so called EULA which is the License Agreement between you and Serif. See here: and look for 'The License granted to you is limited, non-transferable and non-exclusive. Except to the extent any rights cannot be excluded by law, you are permitted:' With your first purchase of Affinity you should have received an email that includes a product key. You can use that on both of your computers. I hope that helps. Cheers, d.
  3. Too bad. I have no idea how a file in a renamed directory could been deleted. Maybe AD my way of renaming the directory to 'autosave.bak' was not 'renaming enough'? I looked in the waste bin but the file is not there. Let's see if I come across the crash again and I come back. d.
  4. Hi Sean P, thanks for the hint where to find the autosaved files. When I first checked the autosave folder there was a file with a date from yesterday. Then I renamed the folder to 'autosave.bak' and AD started without a problem. So this did the trick. But when I afterwards again looked into the 'autosave.bak' folder the file with yesterday's date had vanished. Anyway, I append this folder and the CrashReports folder as well. Good luck. d. testing 14.afdesign
  5. With the latest Beta I get a strange behaviour. When I double click the icon to start AD once the window is fully visible I see for a short moment a messagebox prompting me if it should restore a recovery file (I'm not sure about the wording because it is visible for only a very short moment). Then AD crashes and vanishes. If I CTRL+double click the icon to start AD I get the option to not 'Restore Window and Documents'. Once I tick only this option AD opens fine with a blank window. The funny thing is that when I close AD and start it again with double click the program again offers to restore a recovery file. How can we get around this? I assume there is some recovery file somewhere located that I could delete? Thanks! d.
  6. Wonderful. Works now 'as advertised'. Thank you! d.
  7. Great news. Thanks for fixing this and the personal notification d.
  8. I just followed your steps (under Windows 10) and can switch off the image layer with no problem. Do you mean switching off by unticking at the very right end of the layer? d.
  9. Thank you very much. I selected just a single node. I missed the plural 's' in 'nodes' All is fine now. d.
  10. Thankyou for another Beta Version. What exactly does this 'rotation of nodes' do and how do I apply it? I could not find any command nor any description in the helpfile. Perhaps I did not look long enough. Thanks. d.
  11. Hello Canucklehead, wellcome to the forum. Perhaps this answer in the forum solves your problem (click on the header link to see the entire message): Basically it points to a menu entry called 'File / Import ICC Profile'. d.
  12. In some way 'placing' a PDF is flattening the document. You can even double click on the PDF and edit it. And it looks much better. It is not perfect but should get the job done, in regard to your form d.
  13. Hi PatrikSelin, I tried this myself with a one page PDF at hand. If I open the PDF with AP's 'Open' command I get a result similar to your's. There are error messages about missing fonts. Everythink looks misarranged. I was able to open PDFs created by Adobe Illustrator with better results. But this won't help. In your case I suggest the following: Create a new document with the size of the form. It will be most likely one of the standard formats like 'A4' or 'Legal'. From the 'File' menu select 'Place' and navigate to the storage location of the form. Select it and click 'Open'. After a moment the cursor turns into a different symbol (with an arrow and blueish circle). Click once on the page. The PDF get's placed on your new document. Most likely you have to move it around to align it to fit it into your document. This way AP and AD do a much better job in displaying PDF documents. Next you can type in your information above the placed PDF and export afterwards. I hope this works for you. d.
  14. Hello Tupaia, I highly support this request. Thankyou for bringing it up again. d.
  15. Yes. If you type in a shortcut key that is already assigned to a different command an exclamation mark in a yellow triangle will appear at the right side. When you hover the mouse over this sign you see a tool tip with the respective command. Hope this helps. d.