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    Arandas, Jalisco. México
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    Ilustration, design, comics, horror
  1. omarvelazquez

    Packaging/3D mockups

    wow! i have the same question! how i can make this!!!
  2. wooow i see the link! thanks! :D
  3. oohhh in this update, too are currently the "text in path?" greetings
  4. I have affinity 1.1.2 , in one tutorial about the dash line in youtube, i see what i dont have the menu option in mi software.. but its the actually version.. the tut is this
  5. omarvelazquez


    jejejejeje like very much ur creatures style jejejeje
  6. omarvelazquez

    La piedad

    thanks ronniemcbride, I have seen that you have hallucinating works, greetings from Mexico
  7. omarvelazquez


    hi peter, the catwoman's logo is the original, one assumes that it is a cat eye, ( in the personnel does not please much to me), the moon its one cat eye jejejeje, thanks everybody for ur comments, the style is more or less "cartoon" (the sketch its here: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/549439223264615572/ )
  8. omarvelazquez


    other test with affinity... :D
  9. omarvelazquez

    La piedad

    :D thanks, the sofware its very good,
  10. omarvelazquez

    La piedad

    Thanks peter!
  11. omarvelazquez

    La piedad

    Beginning use affinnitty...

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