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  1. Ok, Adam. It's no biggie. I know how busy everyone is at the moment. I can wait. Does this make my copy a rarity?
  2. I just downloaded the fonts, they're really cute.
  3. I've just got to page 109 and noticed there is a single bullet pointed paragraph, that is missing two to three letters on the left hand side of each sentence. Did anybody else notice this in their copy? I've highlighted the offending paragraph in the second photo.
  4. I need to put 50p into the swear box!😇 Custard cream, all the way.
  5. Jennifer, you did the same mistake as me. An erronous 'e'. Scotch can only be made in Scotland. It's Whiskey with the extra letter 'e', is made elsewhere, historically Ireland. As for which is better, that's not my tipple, so I can't comment. This is what the BBC Good Food Guide had to say about it. Whisky’ derives from the Gaelic term usquebaugh which translates as ‘water of life’. Uisge means water. Beatha means life. It’s a term used for many types of invigorating spirits over time, for example Eau de Vie. In modern usage, whisky is from Scotland and whiskey is from Ireland. The difference comes from the translation of words from the Scottish and Irish Gaelic forms. In the late 1800s, Scottish whisky was also very poor quality therefore the Irish producers wanted to differentiate their product. These days though, both Scotch and Irish are two of the greatest spirits on the planet.
  6. Two rhymes this Christmas/NYE and 3 splendids...can't be bad. Thanks Alfred, this was another rush job. Gulp! A typo: twice? Ermm, that's gonna involve a visit from the grammar cops, then death by bagpipes, at the gallows. I don't like Scotch, Whiskey or Bourbon: so the only single malt I'd drink is a pint of ale. Port and vodka, will do nicely too!🍷 (A good writer needs a better editor)
  7. I'm still up for hire.
  8. Yes Jennifer, you asked for it...challenge accepted! English translation used, as this is easier for me. Apologies to George and Robbie Burns and the original writer. I have inserted a particular Eejit into this poem; that should please George. Beat that Rabbie! As I'm English: NYE, is not the same as Hogmanay. The english never had to go 400 years without Christmas First footing, cleaning out the fireplace and burning juniper is a very Scottish tradition. Dipping into the icy Scottish waters around the Queensferry area is a Looney Douk idea. You, Alfred and George are welcome to dissect this one, only 360 odd days to go, before the next first footing: so plenty of time to polish, then rehearse this one. (Well that's 5 hours of Monday evening, that I'll never see again) Scansions get lost in the bottom of a very large glass! That's my excuse, Your Honour! Auld Lang Syne: the eejit Should fossil fuels be welcome not. Whiskey will do fine! Should fossils fuels be welcome not You could just bring wine! CHORUS: “Forsake this wild time of year Forsake your party night!” Eejitus bah-humbugium Fuming, sulking all night. And surely I’ll burn juniper! And surely you’ll burn thine! Is he allergic to happiness? Such, A grumpy old swine. Have you have swept out the old grey coals, and cleaned the mantel piece? But why are you covered in soot? I shan’t inquire. We too have dipped into the Forth, In minus eight or nine; Our clothes around us have not thawed Stood next to your fire And where’s ma towel, you Looney Douk? Bah-hum's not a friend o’ mine! And he’ll forsake all good-will, that, Grumpy stripey swine.
  9. ...wonderful cliffs too, very reminiscent of the British railway posters of that era. The red paint, makes it jump out of the picture.
  10. Alfred, I do believe you've cracked it. Good work Sir. I had to look up that word...Although I'm sure Jennifer doesn't want to go shopping for a wet & dry carpet cleaner! It's not her fault. It's Georges's! Scansion NOUN the action of scanning a line of verse to determine its rhythm. "the verse defies easy scansion" the rhythm of a line of verse. "triple scansion"
  11. The poem, mask or virus..? Please not the last one! LOL
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