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  1. +1 I use regular expressions in programs and fonctions when scripting and searching documentation, and always used this term until I begin using ID. (It wasn't in QXD when I used it, and I missed it a lot!) It seems logical to use the term GREP related to programs like APub, since few users I know use regular expressions, and the ones that use them know them as GREP from ID.
  2. There's something strange. If I create new artboards... I don't have those problems. Same question as Bruce, since "rounded rectangle" appear on the slice information. Did you resized those rounded rectagle, and the slice don't take in acount their new size? (Seems like a bug).
  3. For posting your file, you need to make a copy of your file, add and merge or delete the reconizable parts so we can look at the structure and your Export persona settings, so we can advise you to correct the original file and have the expected result. Did you resized the cards after creating the slices in the export persona? The first slice seems ok, but the other ones take more than one card, and they have a larger size around the 2 cards in their area, that's why there's a white margin around. You need to go to the "layers" tab of the export personna, select a card and click on "add/create slice" ( I'm on my phone, I can't check the exact name of the button), if you want slices the exact size of each card. Or you can resize manually each of your slices, or entering values in the transform panel.
  4. As said by Fixx, check that you unchecked "bleed" when you export you card.
  5. Hi, Strangely, if I copy-paste the little cards to a new document and export, it's vectors. Same with the Black cards. If I copy-paste all in a new document the same size, it's vectors too but the last bottom black card (perhaps there's a bug with this one). Perhaps your file is bugged. Untitled6.pdf
  6. Did you tried this document with another font like Arial or Georgia that are both in PC and Mac, modifying the first document and sending it to the Mac? Does it occure also with a new document using Calibri font? I suspect it's more a problem with Text styles (Default or another parameter) that can be different on the Mac and PC app. Or you can try reseting the 2 apps and testing the file again (but it would delete the preferences ).
  7. Aestetically, I find it nicer if there's a margin around the text that's at least the radius amount, not less.
  8. You need to add paragraph spacing left and right (amount doesn't seem to make a difference, 1 mm or 10 does the same), I added top and bottom too.
  9. You need to put your elements outside of the Artboard (in rectangles since you've got big elements and 2 Artboards). For now AD can't show elements outside of artboard, but can export the Artboard area + bleed if those elements are above or below the artboard. cc_business-card2.afdesign
  10. No, the problem is that the corner radius affect the text more than wanted.
  11. You can play with the inside margin of the Texte Frame and with the outer margin of the Paragraph to have a better result too, like the yellow Frame below.
  12. What is strange is that I don't have those problems with gradients on Win 7 x64 (AP & AD). About adding automatically a layer, it should be an option in the Assistant, I've got no problem with the way it behaves now.
  13. Nice, I didn't saw they added a lot more options when resetting preferences! But there's a bug: I can replace font when opening the PDF, but not if I try to do it with the Fonts manager. It should have replaced Helvetica Bold with Georgia Bold:
  14. I'm on Windows 7 x64 too, but I don't have Arial Narrow. I don't know why it's suggesting Calibri, since I barely use it (I don't have Office suite on my computer), unless I open documents made with Windows Office using it. Perhaps it's switching (font manager) to the first system font in the list with a light option? (I've got Aleo light that should be selected first). But when I try to substitute with Aleo light, it switches back to Calibri light again. When I look at the option when opening the PDF: (and this way, APub is able to replace font, with for example Georgia Regular and Bold) APub : Helvetica > Aleo Regular Helvetica-Bold > Georgia Bold AD: Helvetica > Arial Regular Helvetica-Bold > Lato Bold Perhaps it's remembering some previous replacements…