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  1. Hi, If you downloaded some files, it should be in your "Download" folder or in the folder you set to save it. Check your download list in your browser and search for the latest files. It should be there (or not with some information if the download failed).
  2. Hu? There's only Picture frames in APublisher and it's the Beta.
  3. Nice idea, but don't forget to post it here too, we aren't all on Facebook
  4. You can find helpfull items and textures on this site too.
  5. Did you search to do this PDF without APub because it seems we can't export pages in different order? (I tested to export 4,1,2-3 pages, but the PDF was pages 1,2,3,4 ) Using another application or some other drivers to produce a PDF can be a problem if it doesn't manage all the needed setting. When testing with my current PDF driver (Foxit PDF's one), it was able to manage fonts (include them) and PPI (resolution needed for print, resampling, etc.), but nothing about colors profiles, spot colors, etc. And the resulting PDF had faded colors, certainly not what I would expect for print. And the file's size is a lot smaller than a PDF for print produce by APub, certainly missing the color profiles and other informations. (I don't have tool here to check for this, but I'd rather check those PDFs first before sending them for print). Another solution, if you know in which order the pages need to be, is to export a 1st and regular PDF (from 1 to n page) with the print setting from APub. Second, you create a new document with single pages of A3 format (ordouble size from your original pages). You put a guid to divide this page in 2 egal parts in the Master pages, to easily place your pages. And you place the PDF pages on this document as needed depending of the order you want. You can place the first 2 pages on the first large spread, and duplicate the spread. Next thing to do: select each frame containing a page and using the dropdown menu to select the PDF's page needed. First document that I export as PDF for print. Second document where I place my PDF's pages in the order I need, before exporting for print again.
  6. I can have PRN or PDF file depending of settings.
  7. This is the option to print to PDF on Windows:
  8. Hi, It would be nice to have a key modifier that disable the Text frame tool switching to text mode (becoming a cursor) when we want to create a new Text frame on top of another Text frame (for example, for adding a caption, or epigraph on a large 5 columns frame). For now, we need to zoom out, create the new frame in the margin, and drag it where we need it.
  9. Hi, Having 90° and 180° as options for rotation would be usefull in APub, when working on documents that are folded posters, it would be faster than doing 6 or more rotations.
  10. But having the possibility to do what @Tom Schülke asks would be important. When I create document with lot of images I need to "crop" (zooming, adjusting to the picture frame depending of the area I have), it can be with low resolution images the client provides. When he's ok with those images, he sends me the high resolution ones, it's simple: I drop the new ones in each frame and they replace the low resolution ones with same position, size, etc. It takes few seconds. When I try do do (drop or replace) this in a picture frame in APub, the display is always different unless "Scale to…" or "Strech…" is selected. Sorry, but those options don't usually place image the way I want them to be. I hope the development team will considere this Be careful, the end result is not the same if you drop a pixel layer in a picture frame: Original image in a picture frame (there's a grey square with a cross is the Layers panel preview) Dropped layer (above the original picture, it didn't replace it)
  11. Hi, When a Text frame is set to Bottom align, the text is'nt anymore able to be Align to the baseline grid.
  12. Hi, Usually when creating Text style, we take part of the text, modify it and create a new style. This one will be based on the previous style (that can be too base on another one, etc.). The annoying part with this is the style will keep setting from parent and grand-parents and other uneeded options. If I try to set it "Based on: [No style]", it will pollute/destroy my new style and I'll have to input the parameters from scratch depending of what I can remember of my modifications (since [No style] is a style with Arial font and other parameters). Recourse: trying to setting a "Base" style and using it as "based on", and trying to reapply (again), the modifications I did. Can we have a Based on: [None] option that will make this new style independent from previous styles, and keeping its attributes?
  13. Hi, The only way to unset "combine identical" on a Text style paragraph is by, instead of modifying the Text style itself, using the Paragraph panel, unsetting this option, and using the button "Update paragraph style". If you don't do this, you'll have to have a slighty different decoration in the second style for it to appear (a trick that can be used when only using 2 paragraph, but not when more paragraph should use this style).
  14. You can need a new layer with mask when you need to blur the background, for example.
  15. Did you checked that AP don't apply another colour profile that would change or reduce the colours?