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  1. 2 different panels would be easier, it's a pain to search for a character style while apllying paragraph style at the same moment: you scroll down until you find it, and can't remember which or where is the Paragraph or sub-paragraph style you need for the next frame… It's difficult without folder for grouping styles, but character and paragraph styles together doesn't help too.
  2. @HarryW That's interesting. I used mainly AP (exporting as JPG or PNG), and AD for creating PDFs that I check in Pitstop before importing them in ID. I did 1 or 2 PDF from APub, but there few images in those files. It you kept the files (PDFs and APub before and after correction), perhaps it would be usefull for Affinity team to check them. Was the problematic PDF diplayed badly when you opened it?
  3. From what I know, only the first and perhaps second version of ID were able to open QXD files. After this version, you had to buy a script for this, and we keep an old PC with ID CS6 for this purpose, but don't use it a lot, once a year, that's all.
  4. For me on Win10 it wasn't before (did nothing, I did it after updating the apps), I had to run first APub, and run Designer, wait a few second until it was fully loaded, and click on the Designer persona, quit AD, and do the same with AP. I'll test again on Win7 tomorrow, were my apps are on a special partition and not in the default folder.
  5. It can happens too when opening a PDF in APub, or copying-pasting text from another file... I'd like to have this resizing parameter visible and modifiable, or if we resize a text frame, the new size for text or content is the new 100% for this frame (as in other apps). The current behavior can create error in a document (wrong text size) easily. (It would be usefull in AD too).
  6. Hum... The examples in the columns are too extrem ("envahi, isolé, sans la" is too small and visible, "situdes de la vie" too large...). There's a rule somewhere about having at least 32 characters at x pt in a column for text to be manageable. I can't remember the exact formula, but your text is too large for such column, or it should only be small text, justify left or right as for epigraph (exergue). But it's certain that APub is not easy with French hyphenation and justification.
  7. Strange, on Win10, when I openend APub and he asked me to buy the other apps, I only had to quit APub, run it again and run AP and AD once so it could see them (1.7 versions).
  8. The checkboxes are usefull to keep long headers together, or when dealing with questions in interview, that can be long and sometimes we can't avoid having one begining at the bottom of a column and ending at the top of the next one (keeping 2 lines together). The problem with using "keep with previous paragraph" for body text, is it prevent you to have a paragraph ending at the bottom of a column and the next one at the top of the next column. (unless it's a sort of "one paragraph only body text").
  9. Thanks! (the last time I wanted to show it to a co-worker, I wasn't able to find it... I tested it when begining with the app, and mostly forget about it. I'll try next time.)
  10. Run them once while APub is runing too so it could detect them.
  11. When you do this (applying those options on 1 of your 2 frames), there's a conflict between styles and different options between frames. On such error in ID, all the text would disappear (all paragraphs staying together in the overflow part since they can't be together in the same frame). How can you have all the paragraphs together in the same frame if it's not of sufficient height to contains them? Prhaps at some point the last valid rule is kept and the other are ignored. Applying this type of rule to a frame don't seems usefull. I would apply rules to specific paragraph styles (mainly because I need standardized styles applied and knowing how they should interact, usually with the same set of rules for headers, different ones for body, etc.). Perhaps APub should handled user's errors in a different way: all text should disappear if you set the rule "keep paragraphs together" when there's not enough room in a frame. But it can be confusing (it happens when I set no-breaking rule to some paragraph in ID by error, and it's always a pain to correct: enlarging the frame, selecting and disabling no-break style, etc.). On your example, the last rule applied seems to be "keep with previous paragraph"+"keep paragraph together" => the last line of the paragraph in Frame_1 run away with the other paragraphs to Frame_2 [edit] I suppose rules are applied one after the other, and this is the result. [/edit]
  12. Using the designer font value is better than a default one that don't take in account th design of the fonts. Some fonts are made for using high leading, other small ones, because they were design with a specific usage in mind. For example, Uncial and similar calligraphies were made for writing few text in a page, needing lot of space between lines and characters to be readable, when blackletters calligraphies were condensed to put lot of text in a page. Fonts today keep on using those rules and needing more or less space, and a generic leading as in Word (120%) is rarey a good setting. For example: on a header of 2-3 lines, they should look/feel together, as one paragraph (if it seems that it's 2 different lines/sentences, decrease the leading).
  13. It should be this way with those setting in your example. Did you only modify localy (using the Paragraph panel) one of your headline (and not the last one), forgetting to update the general Paragraph style?
  14. That's strange since the only "real" style was the "intertitre" one, the body text was set to [none]. (And it was an example to show the headline following the next paragraph, to avoid headline at the bottom of a column, or begining at the bottom of one and ending at the top of the next one. Usually I would play with the text and illustrations to have full columns of text and avoiding headers at the bottom or top of columns.)
  15. Read again my previous post and screenshot (your options are for the wrong paragraph style, your headline = my intertitre) [edit] Unless Abstande mean Headline, but the headline/intertitre was behaving -- following the next paragraph -- for me after setting this line to 1 [/edit]