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  1. Wosven

    Affinity taking over

    If you opened a file (for example a JPEG or RAW) and save it as an APhoto file (.afphoto extension), it will only open in APhoto or ADesigner, but your JPEG/RAW original file will exists in the folder, if you saved it first on your computer, it won't be erased by the APhoto file. It's your orignal file that you need to open in Lightroom or another app. If you set your computer to open files in APhoto, without copying them first, it's possible you only saved the APhoto file, instead of keeping the original files in your folders. You'll have to really copy them (the original ones) this time or, to export the APhoto files in another file format to be able to open them with other programs.
  2. Did it happen with another PNG not made with AD or AP ? Did you checked the CSS ? Perhaps there's a background color.
  3. Wosven

    Crashing Desinger

    You don't use the stabiliser ? AD usually crashes when I use the Wacom tablet with the stabiliser and I am doing little parts when the pen come back on itself at the end (no long strokes). Zooming in, no stabiliser and avoiding drawing little rounds (those are not really usefull, but I use real pens the same way when I want clean endind).
  4. They are not in a group or clipped to something with transparency ? The colors are 100% opacity in the color panel ?
  5. Yes, I edited my post but the "Activity page" doesn't take it in account
  6. From the tests above, clipping (v01.pdf) and masking (v02.pdf) end up with a PDF using clipping. The bad one is the masking clipping, since it adds the mask as a mask and as a form with color at the bottom, and the color add a light stroke visible on the PDF. But there's no rasterisation.
  7. Clipping or masking produce vector PDF. Perhaps you need to create new documents with part of your design until you find the one that cause rasterisation ? @JimmyJack it seems it's this part that's causing trouble… v01.pdf v02.pdf American Flag Mask.afdesign
  8. There's a stroke on your round mask, a red one. Check your original file, you won't see it on the screen, but perhaps it's part of pieces of your design.
  9. Without looking at your file, we can only guess and can't really help you. Do you have another file with the same problem or can your alter the file and post it so we can search where did it come from ?
  10. Do not allow JPEG compression too. To check your PDF, you can open it in AD and check if it's only curves/rectangles… or images (the parts you need to modify).
  11. Wosven

    Objects resize when resolution changes

    That's ok for pasting since the important thing is pixels, and it should keep the number of pixels. When working for print, that's better to stay with pixels. You need to resize a document to the same dpi if you want to copy-paste in another one and keep the same size. Changing resolution and pasting are 2 different things.
  12. Wosven

    Objects resize when resolution changes

    I don't have this problem on PC with version My artboard stay at its mm size, my 210×297 and 100×100mm rectangles too. Objects are resized using anchor to page without an artboard. test72dpi.afdesign test300dpi.afdesign
  13. Usually, for white reflects on the nose or the forehead, I tint it with pale pink or pale orange… but if half of the face is missing, that's not repairable.
  14. Wosven

    Objects resize when resolution changes

    If you want to change the resolution, use the resize option and modify dpi value. Objects will stay at the same size.
  15. Hi, @MikeW is it different if you rasterize the layers in the file instead ?