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  1. Wosven

    NEIN - a book of German signs

    Nicely done The first book I reconize, but the second seem too slim to be the same.
  2. Sorry for not answering, the problem is solved in the .240 version: the double master page is first converted to 2 single pages, the double pages are converted to single pages No crash !
  3. Wosven

    Photo - Nature Design

    Green leaves around and the flower… is that some cactus or hum… we call them "plantes grasses", it translates as "succulent plant". But I don't know enough plants' names to guess
  4. Sorry @haakoo, I don't want to be rude. That's just annoying that an usefull added feature is removed. We could have wait for a "there's a problem, we'll improve it, be patient". But removing it is frustating, when solutions are only poor workarounds, that can be usefull on a yearly document, but not if you need it frequently enough to need it as a feature. Thanks for your file. That the way I would work for a cover since we don't have spread with multi-pages of different width, but only because it only need 3 pages. For 8 pages, with a lot of elements, having an embedded document seems chancy. And when working on the embedded document, you can't see the final document as a whole, unless on a second screen. But it seems to work, updating when modifying a picture or some text. I'll have to test with the exact layout. But for the example with tables, it would be tricky with text styles, if when finishing the document you need to change fonts or more… It all seems more convoluted than the simple rotation view we asked for!
  5. You don't understand we're working professionnaly and not playing at rotating frame or page content here and there. We can't afford to do a mistake as if some part of the page is forgotten in a wrong place or not rotated, because we were in a hurry with last minute modifications. This would mean to print again a document. And we need worklow easy enough that co-worker or external help can be given a document, can do an easy work with simple enough workflow without having to explain silly thing as: 1. Rotate this way, 2. Do this, 3. Rotate back… Exporting final PDF, and reimporting in another document to have the pages set in a different way to export as a web PDF is already in some workflows. But that's easy as modifying a linked PDF before generation of a new web PDF. Exporting pages and reimporting them in the same document because we can't rotate the view is not a solution.
  6. But it was a feature we asked for in another thread! When I have crosswords or other games that need text to be written or checked/corrected because the text frame is upside down, that's the way Ido it in another app. When I need to do some folded document (poster) with pages upside down, I need to rotate the canvas to do part of the pages. Another app help us leaving those rotated spread rotated in the document we work on (they can stay this way when we save, close and re-open it), but the exported PDF are done with the pages in their real state, not working rotation state. It's easy to work like this, it's like working on a regular document. When I need in a book to add really long and large tables for a biography, flowing in several pages, but in landscape mode, when all the other pages are in portrait mode, that's how I do it: rotation of those pages so I can compose them without problem… Does this mean we'll need to rotate our real screen or lay down on our desktop if we have to do some of those documents in APub?
  7. But there's a comment Ok, I'll explain instead of summarize it. At first, the logo is not at the center but follow the curves of the amp and the leaves: it's strange, but ok since we look at it more. At second, I thought we had a triangle, sending the eyes below the banner, but it's ok too since that's where is the text to be read… (follow amp, ^, logo's leaves, crown, wheat leaf near the "i"). The only annoying point is the background "croissance & expansion". Perhaps the background's pic should be a little darker, and the eyes won't run from c&e strokes to background and back… (interferences! when too much (usually) white dots or specks drive the eyes away from the main subject or text to read, or when some forefront and background colors are too similar, it's like focusing on the background and on the foreground and on the background… endlessly => less readability). Or perhaps more transparency for c&e will be enough. It'll be perfect when we'll notice c&e and stay focused on the central part (logo & text): we read the whole image, and step by step: background image, c&e, logo c&e with leaves, logo (at least, that's how I process the banner). But the colors are fines, the logos "sympas" (nice)… I don't always want to tweak a design! (but the apps we use and the way we use layers and all as pieces we can move around or modify easily give us wishes to see or test what it would be moving this +1mm here, 2% more yellow there, etc.) Perhaps sometimes we want to be as annoying as clients can be…
  8. Hi @Uncle Mez, Nice one, but I'm not sure about the need for the stroked "croissance & expansion"… perhaps it can be a little bit less visible? With it it's not plain wheats, but it adds too much interference… we can't stay on the central design because of it.
  9. Wosven

    Align bug

    It's a Quicktime video according to HTML code and isn't read in Firefox.
  10. Aren't we on a Publisher bug report part of the forum? The search work fine in my language in other Bêta, but can't in Publisher since it's not translated.
  11. There's a de folder in APublisher help for tests I suppose, since the content is English pages.
  12. But only the window's title is in French here, so it's logical that I need to search in English to find English entries in the English help… Or do you have localized help?
  13. You'll have crash reports in this folder (you can post them here): %AppData% End of the full path is: …AppData*\Roaming\Affinity\Publisher\1.0 (Beta)**\CrashReports\reports * Will vary depending of your user name ** Vary depending of the application Seems there's old crash reports from november… shouldn't the apps clean this folder and delete the old ones after sending them?
  14. Wosven

    First time sharing work

    And I would be picky too… perhaps they should be stronger near the girl and like you did in the second one at the front because usually eyes can see through a near reflect?
  15. Another solution is to add black masks to each layer but the bottom one, and paint in white each girl silhouette on the mask of each layer.