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  1. You can easily open and create GIF using the GIMP. There are certainly other tools, but I used it on Mac and PC when I needed GIF. And it's interesting since you can create 10 images, name them img_1.png, img_2.png, img_3.png... img_10.png, and open them as layers and they'll be stacked in a file with the 1 at the bottom, and the 10th at the top. If tou open a GIF in GIMP, instead of "names", the layers' names are the time they should be displayed… (you can select options while saving too). It's a simple tool, but effective. I used it once a year for an animated GIF in my email's signature's for "Happy new year!". For more complexe needs, perhaps another app will be better. And you can open and save a GIF as layers with it too (for the last part: export as .ora file, and open this "archive" with 7Zip or another app).
  2. Wosven

    Banana death in vector :)

    Really great! (Don't it miss some shadow under Death? The transition between the banana and the garment seems brutal?)
  3. Wosven

    Wrong Typographical Quotes

    Yes, but if there're good translations and settings, it shouldn't be a problem. And translation should use proper terms, "left/right single/double quote" are HTML entities for me, not the typographical terms for such an application.
  4. Hi, Check the Export setting for this:
  5. Thanks @Gabe The strange part is that I can do this with other images without any problems! (but I try to avoid enlarging image, unless the client can't provide a better one and can't use another one.) I use Export persona x2, x3, etc. mainly with vectors in AD, with AP, if I enlarge an image, I'd rather do it on the image to sharpen or adjust effect/masks, more precisely if needed, especially when there's people, like on this one.
  6. I keep on thinking that such behavior for a program isn't professionnal, and that we need an indication of the scale percentage, to be able to set it back to 100% if needed, or simply to check it. It causes havoc too in Designer when copying some styles, applied differently to objects and we need to reset the proper size(s) manually…
  7. Hi @Deanos There's no reason to convert your JPEG to AI files, they'll be opened in AP (Photo ) or AD (Designer) without problem, unless you want to convert them to vectors.
  8. After different tests and restarting APhoto, it seems to be related to a specific file. I can't share it on the forum, but if someone from Affinity team provide a dropbox, I'll upload it.
  9. Hi, I use a lot export persona, since it's exported in 2 clicks, without needing to rename or select anything when exporting a file after some modifications. If I resize (bigger) an image and use export persona, it'll be exported at the old size (checking or unchecking "keep metadata", JPG export). If I resize (smaller), export persona will export the new size. PS. Using the Menu File > Export isn't bugged.
  10. Wosven

    Wrong Typographical Quotes

    "left guillemet", etc. are translation errors, it should be the real name for those. For example in French we've got « and »: "opening guillement" (guillemet ouvrant) and "closing guillemet" (guillemet fermant), and if we use “, ” or ‘ and ’ we'll talk about english opening/closing guillemets or simple opening/closing guillemets (we don't use those ones). ID call them "chevrons" («»), but I never heard anyone using this term, and can't remember how QXP named them. But since everyone know where is the beginning and the ending of a citation, using "opening" and "closing" would be better that "left" and "right".
  11. Wosven

    Crest of Amsterdam in vectors

    Great! That's easier to read this way
  12. Wosven

    Crest of Amsterdam in vectors

    The drawing is fine but I see no reason for some characters to be glued when the other are separated.
  13. Yes, the new results are really better! Now, a "simplify" path should be easier to add, since nodes position seems more logical.
  14. It's usually better to check the original page/site of an app or script we download and use, since we can find more informations and comments… and for this one we have a donation button! Another point: most ID scripts run on Windows or OS X, no need to have a different one (when created by skilled encoders like him).

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