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  1. I'm not fan of OS specific choices, since it means different results for 3 different OS, and no consistency for people using the apps on different OS. And different efficiencies. APub, at least, should be able to use different sorts of dictionaries (I suppose Hunspell doesn't cover all languages, or some other are better for some languages), and plugins like Prolexis and its little brother Le robert correcteur, or Grammalecte, etc. — I cite only french ones I know or remember since it's my area, but they should exists for other languages too. Usually, texts are checked and corrected before, at the Word processor stage, with the limits of those apps (that only reconize 2 kinds of spaces, for example: normal and no-breaking, when we need a lot more in layout apps), but today, for different reasons, we need to be able to do it in the layout app too. And simple spell checker is limited, it don't know anything about grammar or orthotypography, and that's a shame. Dedicaced plugins would correct a lot of amateurish publications, and it would help increase the general knowledge of people doing layout.
  2. Funny. I remember long ago someone saying it wasn't usefull to have monitors and apps able to use more than 8-bits colours because the eyes couldn't see all of them, blablabla. We don't ask the apps to come with all the dictionaries, but if they were able to use different dictionaries to covert a maximum of them, and to support plugins for grammar and typography (or orthotypography, as we call it), it would be better.
  3. Impractical? That's what they've done doing it only partially. The list should be complete since lot of language have local variants, or other countries variants. It's either impractical for the dev' or for the users. It's better if one person spend some time once to correct this, than having a lot of users that can't use correctly the apps in their own language. A pattern able to reconize "xx-XX" woul be good, or simply able to reconize folders and files contained in the dictionaries folder (for example, you can have "ca-CA-valencia" variant for Catalan, that doesn't follow the pattern xx-XX).
  4. The problem is that some xx-XX are hard coded in the apps, but they should have added all the variant, for all dictionaries to be reconized, or simply permit to reconize different "xx-XX", and leaving blank the secondary options for the users to select them.
  5. But fr_FR (or fr-FR) to fr_CH (or fr-CH) or fr_CA (or fr-CA) are differents, with different words. An French fr-Fr dictionnary won't have the same modern vocabulary since we don't add the same words each year, and all the new and technical terms are really different too.
  6. It could be the same buttons, with different actions depending of : Nothing selected: flip the whole document Selection: flip the selected items
  7. "this particular use of adjustment layers": not sure about the question, since the adjustement layers are masking group containing the objects they should modify (but they shouldn't modify the grey shadow effect applied to the group), as they are positioned by default by the app if you don't modify the default behaviour. I had to put the adjustement layers inside the bottom group for the export to be correct. (It seems there's another problem, since it doesn't occur when hidding the upper groups containing also adjustements and pixels layers modifying only different parts of the bottom group.) Purpose: I've got some arabesques created with vectors and clipped pixels layers. Dupplicate of this original vector with clipped pixel layers are use to modify different parts (light and shadows), using blend modes. Once done, I want to modify globally the colours (using adjustement layers again, or simply clipping a texture inside the bottom vector drawing), to have not the rainbow, but a large panel of different colourfull images I can match with different backgrounds, etc. I usually do this with different adjustement layers, or blend modes. Since I need raster files, I don't mind doing it this way, it's faster than recolouring each part of a vector drawing. And adding a texture give interesting results, less "industrial" or mechanical as can be vectors... too bad I didn't think to do it earlier! Today, devices use better resolution than in the past, so using AD to redraw and do it seems a good idea... Until this bug. Also, I did illustrations using vector and pixel layers. It's best if you can use adjustement layers and have a correct export instead of a pixelated or unantialiased one! (Or other bugs I reported.) And last point: on this forum, we can see different ways to use/clip/organize layers and objects. At the begining, more used to PS, AI, ID, Gimp and Krita, I was using layers in what I would call the expected or usual way... But Serif provide us with a lot more options, and people use them in a lot of different ways, as we can see in files and videos. The dev' certainly have a lot more headaches deciding how clipped/inside/grouped/layers/adjustement/objects/etc. should interact, and debugging or correcting things when result is unexpected.
  8. It seems the pics have different settings, perhaps different proportions. If you never tested panorama with landscapes, to see how the can be bend to fit, it's probable you didn't saw this. But I would take care with blueprints that should keep exact and same proportions to display exact values.
  9. But panorama tend to modify images to fit them together, I wouldn't do this on something that need to be precise, unless checking by importing the original and verifying nothing was curved to adapt and fit.
  10. I don't understand why it's not reported as a bug since the antialiasing stop working and the export is uggly when there's clipped adjustement layers.
  11. You're right, an nième way to give colour... The fun part is that I never "saw" this colourfull rectangle (I don't work only with black text!), but I click a lot around to select a font or the size, etc. Iwould have been able to give the full buttons list in this context toolbar, but the colour...
  12. It looks like the colour of the underlining, that seems not active, that's not where you modify text colour. It's in the main Colour palettes.
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