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  1. Hello, The colours shouldbe CMYK when working in CMYK, no reason to get flashy RVB colours, completely wrong. And having the value set to 0-255 instead of 0-100 doesn't help either... I understand that you don't work in CMYK or use centimeter as mesurements, but finesse is in details with this sort of applications.
  2. The funny part is when it's so strange that we avoid using Google translation, but it's accurate!
  3. Add to this foreigners using their own ‘brian’ to translate — sometimes litterally — what they've got in mind... or other apps nomenclature... And if I should refer to the bad french translation of different elements of the app or on the Affinity site, I can assure you nobody will understand if we translate back the translation 😂
  4. Thanks, I completely forget about tickets and such, now it's understandable.
  5. Hu!... I'm just drinking my first coffee, but I think I read your posts twice. Is there a bug in the forum?
  6. Can you test like in the Desktop version a Tool style reset with such button:
  7. I wan table to stay as they are, and cells to stop resizing depending of content. It's particulary annonying with the merge feature, when colums' names are longer than content, since they are descriptive, and the result, even while using "new style from seletion" in the table style/format panel, is done from an adjusted table. I don't want spending hours adjusting cells padding, I only want cells' heigth to stay as they are.
  8. It would be nice to be able to copy and paste a table with specific style from one document to another. The option "create format from selection" isn't optimum.
  9. Why is ther less opttion for border in the Table Style panel than in the Table panel ? It means we can only style tables with round corners, and they're certainly not favorite…
  10. It would be something like this… board_to_merge.afpub players.csv
  11. Strangely, how can you work with other UI colours than black, white and neutral grey? I usually need neutral colours around (in the interface, at least), or I'll compensate adding the complementary colours in my document
  12. If you're working alone that's easier for sure, but even this way, sometimes you can't remember some simple work done one or 2 years before... unless you open it, so with which app...
  13. Hi @Sean P Thanks for your answer and don't worry, I'm a little bit occupied too and was afraid I had missed your post... Effectively, I had the "Copy items as SVG" option enabled, and the first issue disappear without. I'll add the files in your drop box next.
  14. If we love to organise in different folders as explained, needing to add more folders would be annoying, when we already have some for fonts, links, originals, PDF, PDF for print... Another point: lot of people, and me either sometimes (:D) can only see what's under our nose... and don't wan't of forget to search in differents subfolders... it's also easier to have a general view of files and possibilities when everything is together than in subfolders. I suppose I'm not the only one to create some file because it's missing, and it's only when I want to save it that I discover the folder in which suchfile already exist... or the already existing file that I didn't notice for whatever reasons... mostly being in a hurry
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