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  1. How do I smooth out this image using the iPad because the edges are rough? <Adobe licenced image removed by moderator>
  2. Ok, I still want to learn the technique on how to sharpen images if need be if it comes to that point or if I need to use it in the future or for future reference.
  3. I don’t draw and I am not skilled to do that so all I use is images to create. so I would like to be shown how to do it using my iPad. thanks
  4. How do I sharpen an image using affinity designer on the iPad so it is not so pixelated and looks professional? thanks
  5. What kind of font would this be and where would I be able to find it? pug.afdesign
  6. And how do I sharpen an image or get rid of the pixelation to make it look professional?
  7. How do I sharpen an image in affinity designer and can I do it in affinity designer? how do I identify a particular font that I want from an image?
  8. This is what I have so far. atime to dance.png.afdesign
  9. Anybody know how to get rid of a pixelated image on an iPad like this one? And can explain it to me step by step because I use an iPad?
  10. I’m having the hardest time trying to figure out how to get rid of the pixelated image like this one with masking using my iPad. please help. And how to do it. Taking me forever. atimetodance.afdesign
  11. Would you show me a video on how to do this? I don’t understand cause it’s not in English and where to add the masking?
  12. The channel mixer they are all set at 0 percent to begin with for affinity designer using the iPad. So what do I do for the pixelated images so it doesn’t take me forever to figure it out and hours on end? Also all day?
  13. This is what I have so far. atimetodance.afdesign
  14. Would u show me how to do that? thanks
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