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  1. Do I use one of the spray brushes in affinity designer to make this design?
  2. I figured it out but how do I get the text in the shape of a heart? Also equations on the iPad to do this is broken and doesn’t work.
  3. The thing I’m confused about is in the video when he goes to drawing brushes and I don’t have that on my iPad and I have taken a lot of notes on this as well
  4. How do I warp text in affinity photo and affinity designer using the iPad Pro? I can’t figure it out thanks
  5. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=exploding+text+effect+using+the+ipad+in+affinity+photo
  6. what does it mean to set the shape or line as active thanks?
  7. How do I warp text using affinity photo and using my iPad? can’t figure it out. thanks
  8. I watched the one using the desktop version not the iPad version and where it became confusing was adding the brush effect.
  9. How would I make an exploding text effect using my iPad cause I watched the video and it looks confusing on what to do? similar to this one thanks
  10. When I remove a white background from an image commercial free, the image is to pixelated, how do I get rid of that in an image or smooth it out to look more professional so that there are hardly any pixels in the images that I’m using? Using my iPad Pro thanks
  11. How would I get rid of the pixelation if I were to emote the white background from the image so it’s not so pixelated and looks smooth?
  12. I would like to know how to do it for future reference, and for future designs.
  13. If an image is to pixelated like this one how do I take the pixels out of the image to make it look less pixelated like let’s say if there is a saying with the image and so on or just the image itself? How do I do this using the iPad so it does not take me hours on end to figure out? thanks
  14. So how would I lessen the pixels in a commercial free image like this using the channel mixer?
  15. How would I use the channel mixer in affinity designer to put a color to 0 or a color I don’t want in an image like this one? <removed by moderator>
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