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  1. How do I find images and fun art like these without copying anybody else’s art or infringe upon so I don’t get in to trouble? where do I look?
  2. How do I not steal other people’s art? Where do I look for free art?

    i don’t draw.

    i need some help so I don’t get in trouble.

  3. But how do I make it look like this ?
  4. How do I make an image like this one in the picture? this is what I have so far. rainbow glasses.png.afdesign
  5. how do I make an image like this using my iPad?
  6. Where do I find free fonts online besides dafont.com?
  7. I want to be able to find and use fonts from images but not have to pay for them.
  8. What kind of font is this in the photo thanks?
  9. How do I create rainbow glasses like these using images
  10. I just want to know how to do the images so I don’t spend all day figuring it out.
  11. How would I do images like these? In affinity designer or photo?
  12. How do I get rid of a watermark that’s in the middle of an image like this? And without it getting smeared or smudgy?
  13. My design doesn’t turn out the way it is supposed to, turns out like this.and I want the design to turn out like the star leggings but can’t figure out how.
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