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  1. I want this looking a]exactly like the photo with the hat behind the glasses but every time I do that it changes to all orange because of the recolor filter and the HSL filter. ‘So could you please show me how to do that without the hat changing color on me all the time Thanks
  2. Trying to make it look like this photo Thanks
  3. I got the color of the glasses now my other dilemma is how do I put the hat behind the glasses without the hat changing color to all orange with the recolor and the HSL filters applied? Thanks
  4. I got it, now how do I make this a brighter orange? Thanks
  5. Would you show me a video how to do this? Thanks
  6. I’ve rasteurized the image, did a selection around the image and added HSL slider and it’s still not working to change the eyeglasses color. Thanks
  7. How do I get the design to look exactly like the one in the photo? Using this shamrock? I’ve did it the two ways and just didn’t look right to me. Thanks
  8. What does omit one of the leaves mean to do the design I want?
  9. How do I do a shamrock like the first one but use I want to use the second shamrock to create it in affinity designer 2? Thanks
  10. The iPad designer apps should have exactly what the desktop apps have and they don’t. I have the iPad version and that is why I’m requesting it saying the iPad version should have the same as the desktop version.
  11. The iPad version should have all the features that the desktop affinity designer 2 has and not just some. That would be fair. Thanks
  12. How come for the iPad version for affinity designer 2 designers don’t get the full V2 on the iPad and just some of the stuff? I think we should get access to all of the stuff in affinity designer V2 on the iPad when making easy or complex designs. Thanks
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