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  1. Yes I know how to find and install fonts. My point is they should be with the "Kit" itself... The clue is in the name "kit"
  2. It's complaining that it's missing various fonts mostly variants of Roberto and then the element just does not appear.
  3. I was hoping this tiny but very useful change would be in 1.9.
  4. The curve strokes are not scaling with object as you can see from the gap between the numerous horizontal lines closing AD 1.9, W10 Mods please delete. It's my fault, I needed to click the checkbox for all children all the way down. I was expecting it to cascade down.
  5. When drawing a line from my tablet I very often get a strange mark as follow: AD 1.8.5 XP- PEN Artist 12 Windows 10 Tablet Drivers v Windows ink on/off in the drivers makes no difference FROM OBSERVATIONS: It seems the final node is for no reason rotated at quite a large angle, say 60 degrees Also the pressure of the 2nd last node is strange.. Moving it and putting it back to where it already is seems to fix it.. Also changing brush variance after the fact to the value it already is fixes it. But new lines are still not working
  6. So I just bought a month old XP-Pen 12 to test the waters before I buy a bigger and more expensive one. I've downloaded the new Beta UI driver set: XP-PENWin_3.0.8.201225(New UI Beta Driver) (Windows) For windows, what other software are people using with this to work well with AD and AP? Someone mentioned a 3rd party driver?
  7. I'm really surprised such an extremely basic and needed function like this is lacking. Really bad design.
  8. It makes absolutely no sense that the origin point does not work with all transformations, rotations and flipping. It's extremely puzzling how this has been left this way for so long. It's basic things like this that really set AF back.
  9. "Enable Transform Origin" should be being this instead of hacks and workarounds. That's the whole point of a transform origin, except only rotations use it.
  10. For just "fancy shapes" there sure is a lot of very specific tools for just text. The fact that is has all of that and you still can't vertically align text like the following image by clicking vertical align is no good. Yes vertical alignment should defiantly be part of it.
  11. I do a lot of exporting, and I have to change this option every time and it's annoying. Please make this remember the last option you picked or have a default you can set? (The exports are on new objects so a slicing workflow would not help)
  12. Because the popup screen does not delay loading, as you mentioned it's just psychological. A popup screen is preferable to nothing, no feedback. This has been known in UI design for decades now since software got progress bars. No need to re-invent the wheel or discuss things that have been taken as a standard for a very long time.
  13. I just checked and that's exactly what it was. So Affinity Photo does not take transparency into account, but Photoshop does. Sounds like a checkbox is in order! Thanks.
  14. I'm trying to select just the shirt, but no amount of tolerance will let me select it. (I select the whitespace/transparency and then invert selection) There's always a fuzz around it. I should not need to use refine for this. Photoshop does this without issue Example at 90% Tolerance File AF Version Selection Tolerance Test.afphoto
  15. Indeed there is. I looked there before and the dropdowns were greyed out when I had two objects selected .. Anyway It's me at fault here. Thanks
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