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  1. It's more than just a nice to have really. Graphics apps have had this basic functionality for over 3 decades.
  2. Exactly, we shouldn't have to duplicate, then go into a special point mode, then have to move the mouse back and forth 10 times to make sure it's -100% scale, then flip it. That's even when it does work, because as others have said it often does not.
  3. That's what I have, 5700XT Red Devil and I've had no issue with the many games I've played over the last ~2 year or with any GPU accelerated applications (of which I use a lot as a game developer). Affinity Designer is the ONLY software that has issues for me unfortunately.
  4. I have a whole host of other GPU accelerated applications that run just fine on AMDs cards. Serif chose to use that API, they were not forced. After more than a year they still have not chosen an API that works like everyone else has. The problem is firmly in Serif's court far more than AMDs.
  5. It would have to be 10x more to account for the number of bugs but still have a 5% share; unlikely to the extreme really. In a proper development environment, the people working on the Windows version will be experienced in the Windows development ecosystem so that should not be an reason either.
  6. They have always blamed AMD from the start. While there is an issue with the driver, developers of other products have not chosen to use this development path or have switch and have no issues. They choose to use a broken API and refuse to use another one that works. Because the issue has persisted for so long, the ball has firmly been in AF's court for a while now, not AMD. Poop analogy incoming warning: If I was a home decorator and the paint I had been using no longer works, I'd not keep telling my customers I can't paint their walls for over a year, I'd buy paint from another company. I'd also not tell customers to get another painter, just because I wont use paint from another company.
  7. GPU acceleration has been a thing for at least 15 years now, it's been a standard not optional in products that process video or graphics for a long time really. I use a lot of software products that use GPU acceleration and AF products are the only ones that have an issue with my AMD card.
  8. Well lets be honest here, the vast majority of the people who have bought AF products did so because they are astronomically cheaper than Adobe products and do a similar job. Those people wont have 20-30 times that amount of money to buy new graphics cards or new computers just to run Affinity products. If they did, they would have stuck with Adobe products. Yes there are exceptions, but it's the low cost that brings almost everyone to AF products. Not totally related to what you've said, but slightly. It also addresses someone further up who was suggesting buying a new NVidia card for ~£1000 for a product that costs £25 when on sale. Crazy.
  9. I don't think it's anywhere near as low a percentage as that. Look at the number of posts on respective platforms and products for bugs. Yeah you could argue the Windows version is more buggy, but it would have to be 10x more buggy for 5% share which makes no sense and it's much more likely to be a very similar number of issues. Obviously only Affinity know the numbers, but it's not a tiny percentage like 5%
  10. Serif need to be the ones doing this. Individuals will have no effect at all unless there was a huge number of us talking about a blockbuster game title.
  11. Agreed. We should get an official response as to why we can't have this option back with a message that basically says "use at your own risk". Can we get that official response please?
  12. Agreed. I've said this several times that the option should be put back for those who want to try anyway, with it defaulting to off.
  13. All of the other graphics card accelerated software I have runs just fine on AMD graphics cards. I think you've realistically got that back-to-front to hope people will change their decisions about £500-£1200 graphics cards for a piece of £25-£50 software. No, regardless of what AMD are doing Serif should find a workaround or a different approach like other developers.
  14. Again all Affinity need to do is give the users the option, with it being turned off by default. The code is (was) already there and it absolves Affinity of any slowdowns if a user turns it on. Best of both worlds.
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