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  1. I have V1 and never use it because of this. I would immediately upgrade for V2 if it had it and was as thrilled with the measurement as I thought it meant a dimension tool. Coming here time to time just to see if this will ever happen.
  2. I'm on the same page as most. I dropped by just to say that measurements, areas and CAD import are great additions, but without real dimensions, area tags and angle dimensions I'm not going to upgrade to v2. I seldomly use V1 already and it's mostly because of the lack of these tools. I'm hoping you consider adding those. Congratulations on the release and best wishes for the future.
  3. OK. Let's see it as intended behaviour then. Not a bug. I would then request that the behaviour would take into account: A - That when nothing is selected, only the context of the selection would be considered as the scope for the "Select Same" filter, by default. B - That a second list/menu would expand the scope of the "Select Same" filter to a bigger context: selected object(s) context(s) (default), include all layer subgroups, include all parent groups, include all in current artboard, include all artboards. I feel that if we only had option A, we still could select everything we needed, in all artboards, by selecting an object in each, while right now we can't achieve a limited scope selection. Therefore, I think the way it was designed isn't the ideal and even if not bugged, it has an issue.
  4. I'm also getting very annoyed by this. I think it stems from my iPad having double language but Affinity Apps only support the system language. The secondary language fails to spelcheck correctly and Affinity ignores that it exists altogether. At the same time, while typing, spellchecking doesn't work for this secondary language. Something seems to be bugged.
  5. I've been facing this issue in iPad and it's really frustrating. Select same, within a certain context, should be possible. That context being a group as well as an artboard. It should have a toggle for refining the scope of where it affects the filter: Whole Document; Selected Artboards; Current Artboard; Current Artboard and all subgroups; Current Group and All Subgroups; Current Group; Selected Groups; visible objects on screen; hidden layers; select the same by curreng marquee (so many options that should be possible)... Besides that, "deselecting the same" should also be possible. We should be able to fine tune and filter out what we want to deal with effectively removing some objects from our current selection. Lastly, it does seem like a bug if the function isn't working as it should. Select same is picking objects in all artboards when that seems to be the least useful scenario. It's ignoring locked objects, it's ignoring the context we are at, it's ignoring our selection, and it's ignoring then it's either a bug, or a bad design option. I think I rather see it as a bug.
  6. Thanks Walt, It's rather strange that we cannot. Is it possible to convert this question into a Feature Request for the development team?
  7. I have several artboards and, inside these, several groups. I want to select all objects with same stroke, but I want the resulting selection to be exclusive to a layer group, inside current artboard. Designer, however, selects all objects with same properties on all artboards, on all groups. How can I filter out this isolated selection?
  8. Thanks for the tip Chessboard. It requires another frame of mind but it might be worth giving it a shot.
  9. It's really a frustrating user experience. I need to be able to see what's crossing the artboard boundary as well as what's fully outside the boundary. That ability allows us to fine tune the artboard boundary itself, if we need to. It allows several actions to take place. A simple toggle would solve this. Toggle on and you hide boundary crossing objects, toggle off and you see all objects no matter what positio they have to boundary.
  10. +1 I really didn't need slices at all in my projects so far. However, what I always need is layer states. I use Photo and Designer for architecture and turning on and off layers allows me to show alternative versions of the spaces. Different colors, different objects, different lighting... All images should be the same size, but featuring different stuff which is usually organized through layers. As we evolve the project these layers evolve, so having to repeat all the process of exporting and naming each new version of the image is tedious.
  11. I'd love to be able to scribble too, but thanks for the touching the banner tip. I was struggling against that for months and never occured to me to actually use my fingers on the banner as I always use the Pencil
  12. +1 I'm an Affinity Photo for iPad and Desktop user but I use Designer on iPad only. If I had this for Designer I'd go for it on the Desktop too for sure. It's really the only thing making me stand because, as an Architect I need this for everyday work and even if the vector tools I use are rudimentary compared to Designer, they allow dimensioning...
  13. It does not work on the M1 iPad with 2nd Gen Pencil either. It's actually very messy and a bit of a workflow breaker. Each time we try writing with the pencil it creates a new text item instead.
  14. +1 Architect using Photo for renderings. Could see myself using Designer and Publisher too if you'd support DWG, DXF and Dimensioning tools. I imagine a lot of other architects doing the same.
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