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  1. the best solution for this problem really is Krita´s wrap mode. Hit W and see your texture tile to infinity. Affinity and infinity would have so much in common...
  2. Gimp and Krita have a Grain Extract and Grain Merge layer mode that allows us to average luminosity in an image without loosing detail, for instance. It's ideal for texture creation from photos, but it is applied in a lot of other workflows too. Is it possible to integrate them into Photo?
  3. Much wanted feature since I started with AP. Wrap mode is the main reason I'm keeping Krita installed since I got Affinity Photo.
  4. Imho, this should be configurable. I'm used to krita and it's as fast as hitting shift and moving from side to side. ALT+2mouse buttons and a move is cumbersome. I can't remember a another app I use that requires a 2 mouse button press.
  5. Hi all, first let me thank you for such a wonderful piece of software. I tested it during the Windows Public Beta, and now I'm here with a question regarding export persona. I am trying to setup my export persona in a way that I can export several different images from different combos of layers. My example is pretty simple as I exported a render with each light separated as an exr channel and grouped in layer groups: Layer Group 1 - Artificial lights; Layer Group 2 - sunlight; Layer Group 3 - Skylight; Layer Group 4 - Toned down version of the skylight so it becomes nightsky. I've set up my groups and blendmodes in such a way that I can export the following images by combining layer groups: - 1+3 - A dusk image with artificial lights; - 3 - Image with indirect natural lighting; - 2+3 - Image with full daylighting; - 1+4 - Night time image with artificial lighting. I can easily export each of these images using export, however I was trying to use the export persona to automate my layers combos so I can export them with a click of a button instead of going through the above combos manually. I cannot do the above. I can only select each group and create a slice but I would have to combine layer groups into another group so I could have the 4 combination groups and create a slice from each. However that isn't as nice or as clean as what I was trying to do because: - The original layered exr file is 2.9Gb; - I've duplicated a couple of layers for tonemapping and the Affinity Photo file is already above 3Gb; - so creating each combination of layers by duplicating the needed groups for the 4 settings above would make the file jump sky high; - It would also require me to duplicate my editions of each group. For instance, if I denoise the skylight, I would then have to denoise it again in every group where it's duplicated. So, how can I get the export persona to memorize a combination set of layers for export?
  6. Thanks Chris, What about create some separators for people with my (new all toolbars being shown) setup?
  7. Is it possible to expand all collapsible tools? I have a lot of wasted space at that column in my 4k monitor.
  8. Striking photo! Soothing and dark with just enough details and no apparent stylistic imposition. I'd like to see it with more pixels
  9. I understand you but the feature set in Photo is much more geared towards what I do. Krita is a very good painting app and also does many other things well, Photo is way better at other things and probably can also paint well (I've seen your post about the brush strokes...) I'm not much of a painter, but I did try painting with the mouse. I gave up as I rather scan my real hand paints and edit them. Editing stuff is harder with Krita and very easy with Photo.
  10. I'm using Krita right now but as it's mainly a painting software I'm considering changing for Affinity products as they seem excellent. There is a feature in Krita that I miss and though you are probably more focused on Photoshop functionality, that is a hell of a nice one to have: It's the tiling mode. Basically in krita you hit 'W' key and it tiles your canvas infinitelly, you can paint on any of the tiles and transition from one tile to the other. It's an incredibly simple way of creating tileable textures or any other tiling image. If the feature exists already in Photo, then please forgive my inexperience and be so kind to point me in the right track. Thanks!
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