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  1. 1.9 is in RC(release candidate) phase. Will be released in 1 - 2 weeks. Check "Beta" section this forum if you want to see the progress.
  2. These are the same case I guess. so it hasn't been fixed for a long time.
  3. Vector crop tool on an image that's not 100% opacity look strange. It become different opacity though opacity value is the same.
  4. Great. that would make understanding easier for users from other vector apps.
  5. Might be a bug. But since there is no Korean UI, you have to use other than Korean such as English anyway. Switch the UI language in Preferences.
  6. PhotoPlus predecessor of AP had anti-alias option on Flood Fill tool. It's strange that Affinity doesn't have it... Should be easy to transplant I think
  7. Color quantization below 8 colors has a problem. 1 - original 2 - 8 colors 3 - 4 colors 4 - 2 colors At 4 colors, white area(255,255,255) will be dithered. At 2 colors, the image is completely messed.
  8. Would be nice if you could add an option to hide page/canvas border in Publisher/Designer
  9. Would be nice if you could fix this in 1.8.4.
  10. If the document has more than one page, input bar pops up where it is far from the text frame when inputting Japanese. This doesn't happen If the document has only one page.
  11. I think we should say Visio alternative rather than PowerPoint. DrawPlus predecessor of AD had more like Visio-ish tool such as Connector.
  12. Scanner need to be recognized by Image Capture app. Have you installed ICA Scanner Driver?
  13. It's long thread. TLDR: Won't be implemented before v2.0 There is a workaround(sort of)
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