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  1. You can toggle visibility of the selection with: View > Show Pixel Selection Also you can assign a shortcut key in Preferences.
  2. FYI, clicking somewhere while typing suppose to be the same as enter key on other software such as Word. Currently clicking somewhere while typing cancel out temporary input.
  3. Please keep pushing the dev team, mate. you're not alone.
  4. Yes this is common mistake by Illustrator users.
  5. It's not possible to type section name in Chinese/Japanese. When I put cursor on the name field, Chinese/Japanese IME will be disabled. Though I can copy&paste Chinese/Japanese text from a text editor to the name field.
  6. I meant if there's a way to show every default tab stops but custom tab stops without adding a custom tab stop.
  7. if something is selected when export the document, Area option should be Selection with background/Selection without background. I prefer Selection without background.
  8. Preferences > User Interface Translation for "Show selection in Layer Panel" is inconsistent between Mac and Windows.
  9. For "Appearance" アピアランス may be better since Adobe uses this word.
  10. ashf

    Select same?

    There's no such function right now.
  11. I seems that font is the same if I choose a Japanese font, only size and position isn't the same.