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  1. Typeface says it does not work on Ventura. Does it works on Ventura as well? https://typefaceapp.com/help/tips/removing-noto-fonts
  2. Move/Duplicate dialog in v2.2 is nice, but I really want the flip action based on the transform origin. Please add it.
  3. Capture One or DxO PhotoLab could be a real alternative. but they are not as reasonable as Affinity.
  4. Right, it still zoomed up when do the resize document/canvas command.
  5. You mean pasting copied content of layers to each by itself at once? I don't think that's possible.
  6. Would be nice if I could replace multiple objects/layers at once. For example, replacing objects with the clipboard content or a specific selected object (like the key object in alignment.)
  7. That's not single action which can be done in V1. Behavior in V2 is rather a regression.
  8. Yes I mean it should behave like in V1, which is the same as Illustrator. I'm not saying the Compound objects / the Shape builder is not usable, but what I asked is expected basic behavior of Boolean operation.
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