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  1. Still no support for native font name on Windows?
  2. ok... strangely it works now. Somehow it didn't work as I expected previously.
  3. Ok so it's not possible to change spread size of pages without re-scaling objects on them? Then I'd like to request this feature.
  4. Adobe Capture mobile app does decent job. Then bring the file to Affinity. https://helpx.adobe.com/sea/mobile-apps/how-to/vector-art-capture-draw.html
  5. I think distortion is not yet supported on SmartObject import. Actually "Warp" function similar to PS is not yet available in Affinity.
  6. I'm asking how NOT to scale any objects when change the size of canvas. e.g. Change a Master(let's call it Master A) from A4 to A3. Then I'm expecting all pages replying to Master A to be A3 and objects on them not to be scaled.
  7. How can I change a Master size and apply it to all pages without changing content layout/scale on all pages? Somehow all content will be scaled.
  8. I saw somebody mentioned the same problem that black rectangles show up on a pdf on Twitter. Cloud be related to this?
  9. This is serious problem for who creates small images need to be edited dot by dot such as icons.
  10. Please see the screenshots. AP show images 1px bigger on 100% view, so right and bottom will be cropped by 1px. Saved image is correct size, so it's just shown incorrectly in AP. *ap-screenshot1.png Right and bottom border is cropped. *ap-screenshot2.png As you see boundary box goes outside of the canvas. *bordered-box.png Actual image data.
  11. But somehow DrawPlus has only B JIS and has no B ISO sizes at all. Don't know the reason. but probably for Japanese users since B JIS is pretty standard in Japan.
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