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  1. It seems that some of demo shown at Adobe Max was on Ubuntu. Might be sign of Adobe releasing CreativeCloud for Linux?
  2. It think that may depend on how good IDMarkz is on converting indd. if it's better than Affinity's IDML import, people would buy it. Since Affinity's psd interoperability is kinda poor, I won't expect much to IDML import.
  3. Rasterization can't be helped anyway. But Vectornator can convert its file to ai using Creative Cloud. So you can convert pdf or svg to ai by importing them to Vectornator.
  4. Is the format specification being disclosed to the public? If not, please disclose it. It's important for 3rd party developers to join Affinity eco system I think. Please don't restrict the access to it like evil Adobe. Inconvenient psd/ai/indd only environment in graphic design industry is caused by them.
  5. ashf

    Adobe fonts for iOS

    Adobe Fonts isn't shown in Word/Powerpoint either. Some fonts from other author is shown in many non-Adobe apps. So I guess Adobe Fonts itself is the problem. I think. Restricting 3rd party apps?
  6. Yeah, I would go either pdf/x-1a:2001 or pdf/x-4 pdf/x-1a:2001 is the most widely used PDF/X. Would be nice if I cloud export this. pdf/x-4 would be the successor but not being widely used yet. But it's useful to send a file to Adobe users
  7. Vectornator has an ability to convert its files into .ai through Creative Cloud. This is great feature for who work with who use Adobe. So why not implement this in Affinity Suite? Like auto-trace or Mac Version, Vectornator catching up Adobe/Corel/Serif day by day. I don't know who is investing to make it for FREE but they have plenty of capital for sure. Scary.
  8. Yes, embedded document or nested layer anything in Affinity way. I'm not wanting Smart Objects functionality itself but wanting ability to read smart objects in editable status.
  9. Why this hadn't been fixed before iPadOS released? Now people complaining about this problem and that makes Affinity's reputation bad! you gotta be more serious about this. https://twitter.com/search?q=affinity ipad 日本語&src=typed_query
  10. No. currently Affinity does not support both East Asian and Middle Eastern properly yet.
  11. I suppose layers in locked artboard shouldn't be selectable regardless of method. They are not selectable by clicking with Move tool, but selectable by dragging.
  12. That's so called Isolating mode. Option/Alt + click the layer you want to show. https://affinity.help/designer/en-US.lproj/index.html?page=pages/ObjectControl/isolating.html?title=Isolating
  13. In Document Setup, 裁ち落とし is better translation for "Bleed" since Adobe uses this word even though 裁ち切り is also correct.

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