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  1. This is useful feature for people who use a language that Affinity doesn't support properly - such as RTL or East Asian. They can place text as PDF created in an app that support those languages properly.
  2. Yes, I know that. but I can not separate layers in that case.
  3. I know gradient mesh is not available in Affinity yet. But would be nice if Affinity could import gradient mesh fill (created in Illustrator) in PDF by rasterizing it. Or an option to choose what to do is also fine.
  4. Have you checked the attachments above? they are not the same with the original post. The problem does not happen when using Single Page Master/Parent Spreads on Facing Page Spreads. Children also should work properly.
  5. That's not it. this happens only when a child master is used. If a non child master is used, it doesn't happen. So I believe this is a bug. master sample parent.pdf master sample parent.afpub
  6. When a child Master is used on the document, the right side bleed of the parent Master on PDF export will be cut off. master sample.pdf master sample.afpub
  7. I meant by not using PDF export. Some people prefer printing directly.
  8. Would be nice if I could print spreads as single content like pages/artboards. Book/Booklet model reorders pages that is unnecessary in some situations. N-up model is little pain to setup.
  9. I feel the All Spreads would be more suitable to be default instead of the Current Spread. Or let us choose which one to be the default.
  10. PS would be nice if you could add an option to show the font name in specific language regardless of the UI language.
  11. e.g. 游ゴシック(Yu Gothic)/游明朝(Yu Mincho) which is a system font of Windows. But this happens with all Japanese fonts that have traits.
  12. Font traits doesn't work when a Japanese font is selected. It works with English UI though.
  13. Suggestion for the Paragraph panel (and Text Styles > Paragraph) Alignment = 行揃え Space Before Paragraph = 段落前のスペース Space After Paragraph = 段落後のスペース
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