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  1. maxsteenbergen

    Tiling artifacts

    @Ronnyb That Dropbox link will not be usable to anyone other that Serif staff, it says so on the upload page as well.
  2. I noticed Illustrator's Blend tool is one the Roadmap a well. Is that planned for 1.7 as well, and will it allow us to have gradients follow an arbitrary path?
  3. Is there a way for Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo to sync their brushes? Now I had to import one brush set to each application separately.
  4. maxsteenbergen

    File crashes AD on opening (again)

    NINJA EDIT: Just downloaded Beta 3 and that does open the file. Can the devs indicate what the problem was/is so we may avoid it for the time being?
  5. maxsteenbergen

    File crashes AD on opening (again)

    I have yet again a file that won't open anymore. I noticed some elements didn't align like they should, so I save the file, restarted AD and opened the file. Unfortunately, it immediately crashes. I've had this happen before when working with a fairly large bitmap embedded in the file (see the linked topic). This time around, even though there's a bitmap in the file, I wan't editing that layer specifically and it isn't all that large. @MEB Could you work your magic again and ask one of the devs to repair the attached file? I'd hate to start over. concept3.afdesign
  6. maxsteenbergen

    [Fixed] File crashes AD on opening

    I'd say those chances are negligible. I run all my machines in the English localization, and the crash occurred after copy/pasting a rather large image embedded in the document.
  7. maxsteenbergen

    [Fixed] File crashes AD on opening

    Hi Miguel, Thanks so much for the fixed file. Do you know what might have caused this?
  8. maxsteenbergen

    [Fixed] File crashes AD on opening

    Not that it matters, but yes.
  9. maxsteenbergen

    [Fixed] File crashes AD on opening

    Sorry to keep bugging, but I really need an answer on this. This is client work so having to stall any longer is not really an option.
  10. maxsteenbergen

    [Fixed] File crashes AD on opening

    Any news on this?
  11. maxsteenbergen

    [Fixed] File crashes AD on opening

    Hey MEB, I totally get that you're understaffed these weeks and that the file may not be recoverable, but just for my planning, are you talking hours, days or weeks?
  12. I'm working on a site design and as I was copy/pasting a group, Designer crashed immediately. Fair enough, seemed like a random thing but now every time I try to open the same file Designer crashes immediately. Same thing happens in Photo, as expected. Do I now have to start from scratch, or is this file (attached to this post) salvageable? I'm running AD 1.6.0 on macOS 10.13.2 site_mockup.afdesign
  13. I'm making some icons at small sizes (~ 24x24px) and noticed that expanding the stroke of a circle results in odd, wobbly paths. Looks lime some kind of rounding issue, since the larger the circle the less noticeable the issue gets.
  14. I'm making a set of icons in SVG format, and have them all on their own artboard in 1 document. Exporting an artboard to SVG (with no border or fill) includes a <rect> tag named like the artboard. I'd expect the artboard to just set the width/height & viewbox properties of the export, not to have its own rect path. Maybe this could be just a checkbox in the export options?
  15. maxsteenbergen

    1.5: Renaming a newly created asset library crashes the app

    Hey Chris, I'm on MacOS Sierra 10.12