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  1. Willy Pimentel

    Affinity TV App Content update

    yes yes yes. please
  2. Willy Pimentel

    Affinity TV App Content update

    looking forward to the Apple TV App been updated with publisher and affinity 1.72 changes... This is the best way fr me and my students to learn
  3. They are all working now...
  4. Willy Pimentel

    Designer 1.7 fast & Responsive 1.7.1 sluggish

    There's got to be something up with the Snapping Settings because I changed it to page layouts only and it is a little better....
  5. Now it is showing!!. I don't understand
  6. I am having issues at Affinity not highlighting the selected text? In the image below, the text is highlighted but it does not show.
  7. I am not sure what changed from Designer 1.7 to 1.7.1 because my system was very responsive and fast and since yesterday's 1.7.1 it is super sluggish? Using Metal on a MBPRO 2018
  8. Willy Pimentel

    Image Trace to Vector Path

    It requires the Xquartz X11 enviroment which don't find in my apps installed.. I really wished it was part of designer .... That would be a killer for illustrator!!
  9. Willy Pimentel

    Image Trace to Vector Path

    That is one of the reason I still would use illustrator .. Don't want to get a subscription just for that!!! What do you use?
  10. is there a way to trace images to vectors paths?

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