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  1. Willy Pimentel

    MacBook Pro Keyboard Skins

    Anyone does custom skins?
  2. I am curious to know if anyone knows if there are MacBook Pro keyboard. Skins for Affinity. I have a full keyboard skin for FCP X from kbcovers. I searched for affinity but they don't have it. Anyone has a suggestion? http://kbcovers.com/final-cut-pro-x-keyboard-cover/
  3. HI Everyone, Hopefully someone smarter can figure this out. I have this doc in Designer. 20 x 6 feet 300 dpi cmyk design I am sending it to the print shop. I export it as a print PDF and summit the job. I got a long wait and it shows cropped on the preview. ok something is wrong... so, I open the pdf in preview and I get the correct dimensions: I went back to AF and checked my setting and re export it... It did not work, them as eps and all kinds of flavors of PDF... Did not work... Some problem.. Well them I opened Illustrator for verification: first thing I get is a Error message: I opened the file and the artboard size is 200x72 inches. Meaning that it is missing 40 inches. OK, I tried changing the dartboard size in illustrator to 240 Inches and it would allow me saying that the dartboard size could not be greater than the canvas size. .. After fighter to change the canvas size (which was grey out). I decided to go back to affinity. Take out any groups and delete unused layers, export it as a flat pdf. And them export it as a pdf x with no jpg compression. I sent the file and it got there a little smaller. I resized to my dimensions and it was sent. I am not sure what I did wrong but would like to know more for the future...
  4. well, I mean that Metal is being updated and working better now days with the latest High Sierra and Further MoJave. I am curious as to the state Of metal in the latest Affinity's. I see your point of not using any of the options until I have a problem. that is one route, but I am interested in speeding things up as they say that Metal will do!! I am trying out Metal to see how it work out ... I tell you, it seems faster to me!! maybe I am mistaken
  5. His suggestions are as fallows fo a 2015 MacBook Pro.: if I have a 2017 MacBook Pro 15, with the latest version of metal: I am trying out Metal Dither Gradients. Lets see how that work. I still think that affinity should gives us a recommendation for the best way to optimize the Programs for 2018. Is metal the way to go!?
  6. I am using affinity products and was wondering which is the best possible way to accelerate Designer. I am using a 2017 MacBook Pro? Is metal the best solution?
  7. THis feature is available in Photo but missing from designer. You can send it to “edit in Photo” to use the perspective tool and them go back but the artwork area will be rasterized>>> Which is not the purpose of it..
  8. We need an affinity shared resources store….
  9. Willy Pimentel

    perspective projection Feature

    I tried following up with the example for Affinity Photo - Live Perspective Projection from Affinity but i see now I don’t need to go this route... This makes more sense now…. Would this work the same with designer?
  10. I watched how the perspective projection feature is working but i must say that the implementación would much work if it was added as a live filter. I am trying to make use of a BC mockup from photoshop and replace its smart layers completely in Affinity Photo but i am unsuccessful... maybe you can help me… How can I add business card to the mockup? How can this be done? Business-card-mockup.afphoto
  11. Smart Layers into Affinity is the only feature feature I need to not ever use photoshop or illustrator anymore….
  12. Having a way to convert photoshop mockups with Smart Layers into Affinity is the only feature feature I need to not ever use photoshop or illustrator anymore….
  13. THis is the only thing missing in order for me not to go back into photoshop!!!!
  14. THe Ability to read already created smart layers from Illustrator and Photoshop would be on the top of my list. Must muckups and files already created artwork caome with this feature which Designer does not understand. Hopefully the new version can resolve this problem….
  15. Yes…. It did The Trick.. I hope it works for most other templates i am setting up !!! Thanks Everyone…. This forum is awesome!!!