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  1. They are all working now...
  2. Willy Pimentel

    Designer 1.7 fast & Responsive 1.7.1 sluggish

    There's got to be something up with the Snapping Settings because I changed it to page layouts only and it is a little better....
  3. Now it is showing!!. I don't understand
  4. I am having issues at Affinity not highlighting the selected text? In the image below, the text is highlighted but it does not show.
  5. I am not sure what changed from Designer 1.7 to 1.7.1 because my system was very responsive and fast and since yesterday's 1.7.1 it is super sluggish? Using Metal on a MBPRO 2018
  6. Willy Pimentel

    Image Trace to Vector Path

    It requires the Xquartz X11 enviroment which don't find in my apps installed.. I really wished it was part of designer .... That would be a killer for illustrator!!
  7. Willy Pimentel

    Image Trace to Vector Path

    That is one of the reason I still would use illustrator .. Don't want to get a subscription just for that!!! What do you use?
  8. is there a way to trace images to vectors paths?
  9. Willy Pimentel

    Multipage PDF Export

    yes it does!! thanks, I missed this one
  10. Willy Pimentel

    Multipage PDF Export

    I am going to answer my one question!! Designer cannot do this but Publisher does!!!!