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  1. The studio ones are said to be more stable but are updated less often. FWIW I use studio.
  2. Do you have OpenCL acceleration on? Quite a few problems have been fixed in the beta so maybe try it. It runs parallel to the official release.
  3. They probably want this file %APPDATA%\Affinity\Photo\1.0 (Beta)\Log.txt to seewhat is happening.
  4. Try the beta. It coexists with your current installation and they seem to have done some work on OpenCL for it.
  5. Crash reports should be in the folder %APPDATA%\Affinity\Photo\1.0\ (Paste it into the Windows Explorer address bar)
  6. You can turn off OpenCL acceleration in the Preferences->Performance. NVIDIA also have an updated studio driver that might/should help. And try the beta.
  7. There's also a new NVIDIA studio driver 462.31 (Windows 10) that so far has improved stability with OpenCL acceleration on.
  8. Um the crash is when everything disappears. I'll try again. The record thing doesn't seem to do sub windows. When I click Open it falls over.
  9. The beta version is pretty much the same as and co exists with 1.8.5 etc. So the simplest way would be to download it. (From the beta part of the forum below).
  10. Trying to move my macros from the beta to and it just crashes. 90669fb4-ac39-4732-ab3f-95f406434ba0.dmp Affinity_Photo_2021-04-11_14-55-18.mp4
  11. Do you have OpenCl acceleration turned off (in preferences)
  12. I want to do something like I can do In ON1. There I click Browse, the image is saved and I'm back in my folder. ON1_Photo_RAW_2020_(DSC08013.ARW_@_24.4%_16-bit)_2021-04-10_19-13-25.mp4 ON1_Photo_RAW_2020_(DSC08013.ARW_@_24.4%_16-bit)_2021-04-10_19-13-25.mp4
  13. When I close an image I'd like to go straight to the folder I opened it from rather than having to click on Open to get there. I know it just requires a click but I find it annoying. I can't see how to set this up in preferences so I assume it can't be done.
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