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  1. Have just tried fiddling with the the projection, no change. Weird thing is when selecting from the toolbars the calibration is dead-on with the pen, when moving to the work area it moves way off to the right. Frustrating for sure!
  2. I am using a Huion Kamvas Pro 13. Have tried with Windows Ink activate and then again with it deactivated. The issue still remains.
  3. I am having the very same issue PLUS this additional one....not only are my lines ragged when using the lasso tool with my pen tablet, when turning the preferences on as shown below, my calibration is thrown totally off for my stylus. As soon as I uncheck the 'high precision tablet input' box, the calibration is corrected. Like the OP, I am an illustrator and used the lasso tool in Photoshop in creating my artwork to create fluid shapes, fill and mask. Now the edges are so horribly choppy that I am needing to go back to my old Photoshop program to create in as these irregular lines will never fly with my clients and frankly, I wouldn't accept the work in this state either. I've attached a screenshot for you to see the choppy edges...
  4. The video is no longer available. Is there another place I can view it? I am wanting to learn this method as well (total newbie here)
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