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  1. Having the ability to apply a raster brush to a path would be such a welcome feature, even if the path is not editable after applying the brush effect. In many cases there are obscure shapes or angled lines that are difficult to draw freehand, and in those cases it would be great to be able to use the pen tool, but still retain the same texture and style of the raster brush you were using, as if you drew the stroke by hand. I know you can apply vector brushes in AD, but I mostly use the raster brushes in AP to sketch. Furthermore, the brushes in AD are stretched along the path, where in AP it would be great to rather have the ability to make it look like the stroke was drawn as if you were using the brush tool. I’ve recently been drawing out a lot architectural interiors for clients using a drawing tablet in Photo, and have really missed the ‘apply brush to path’ feature from Photoshop - would really speed things up and improve the end results! I’ve seen a few mentions of this online, but wasn’t sure if it was logged as a feature request yet, so here you go.
  2. Ah, this is super awesome. The (easy) canvas rotation feature is definitely going to be a game changer, been waiting for that for a long time! I really like that you've implemented it into the scroll wheel of the mouse. It might be nice to also tie it to the zoom tool, so that if you have the zoom tool selected and click and drag while holding CMD it also rotates - that way users using tablets can quickly and freely rotate on-screen using their pens instead of having to switch to the mouse first. Almost like the brush modifier shortcut (ctrl+opt+click and drag for brush size), but for canvas rotation.
  3. Just wanted to try and bump this topic, especially with 1.9 creeping closer and closer! Having the freehand selection, flood select, flood fill, etc tools retain their settings, even after you quit the apps, in the same way that the brush and eraser tools do, would make a world of difference! I think it's a massive help in getting your most used tools set up and ready to go in the way that you like to use them. Having the tools' settings revert back to defaults makes no sense, and it's a drag having to set them up every single time you open the apps. As an example, I almost always have the colour picker set to "Source: Current Layer", the freehand selection tool set to "polygonal, mode: add, antialiasing: unchecked", flood fill set to "tolerance: 99%", flood selection tool set to "add" etc etc, and I have to set these up every time I restart the apps, or even just open a new document. I've heard this same comment/concern echoed from many other Affinity users (both seasoned and potential), so I really really (really!) hope that it's considered for the next update. 🤞
  4. @MEBIf I remember correctly, the previous bug may have been similar in nature, but it was regarding merging grouped layers down which flattened the group instead of just the intended layers - that seems to have been resolved. I only just noticed the the same issue with the clipping masks. Thanks so much for the quick response and for double checking.
  5. Been experimenting with using Affinity Photo for digital painting recently and it's been loads of fun - even made some new painterly brushes in the process! Here are a few tentacles I illustrated to start the week off on the right foot. http://www.instagram.com/christidutoit
  6. I've noticed a bug when merging layers down while they are part of a clipping mask. When you have more than one clipping layer on an object and you merge it down to the layer below it, it flattens the entire mask stack (including the parent layer) instead of just merging the two clipped layers. A bit tricky to articulate, but I've added an attachment here to try and visually explain what I mean.
  7. When using Affinity Photo (or Designer) for illustration or digital painting, there are two features that I use super often - the brush moodier shortcut (ctrl+alt+drag left/right) and canvas rotation. The issue is that the direction of the shortcut changes to the rotation angle of the canvas, meaning I keep accidentally changing the hardness of the brush instead of thew size while working. It would be great to have this shortcut act independently and irrespective of the angle of the canvas, so that dragging left or right still affects the size of the brush, regardless of how much my canvas is rotated. As an example, if I've rotated my canvas by 90 degrees, dragging left/right changes the hardness instead of the size as it usually would when the canvas isn't rotated. When working fast, it's incredibly difficult to keep track of how much the canvas is rotated to be able to use the shortcut properly. *PS. A dedicated rotation tool for freely rotating the canvas would be an amazing addition to Affinity! 😉
  8. For sure, I 100% agree. I've always worked in 8bit and definitely don't have any intention of switching to a higher bitrate (and doubling/quadrupling my file size in the process) just for the sake of smoother brushes. BUT. I have always worked in 8bit, even before switching to Affinity when I used Photoshop, and the brushes in PS were dithered and had no banding whatsoever, even in 8bit. I know this is possible, because Affinity dithers gradients in 8bit, but not the soft brushes. Gradient banding has absolutely no positive impact on anything, so I definitely think it can be looked into.
  9. Two features that would be incredibly useful when using the Crop Tool would be: 1: To be able to constrain the crop in the same way as when transforming a shape/rectangle. Using shift to constrain proportions, or cmd to resize from the centre point. It would be really helpful with speeding up the cropping process without having to place guides first. When working on a square canvas, for example, having the ability to constrain the square crop and resize from the centre point would be really useful. 2: Including snapping for the crop tool. Snapping the crop to extremities or elements within the canvas would be really handy, instead of first having to place a guide using the rulers and then snapping the crop to those rulers. If I had an image that was off of the canvas and wanted to crop the canvas to include it, it would be great to snap the crop tool to that image's edges so that I can neatly resize the canvas to include the added element. Two small features that I feel would make a huge difference.
  10. @MEB I echoe @RM f/g. It's not specific to pen or mouse input - it happens either way, but not every time.
  11. @RM f/g Ah, I see. Then I can only imagine it being something in the apps themselves as I'm using an XP-Pen Artist 22R Pro on an iMac with MacOS Catalina (very different to what you're using). Let's hope for a fix in the next update!
  12. @RM f/g I'm not sure whether to be happy or sad that I'm not the only one experiencing this, haha. Do you mind sharing your setup (more or less)? Just want to get an idea of what computer and tablet you're using - if you're using something similar to me then it could be an external issue that's impacting Affinity. For instance, if you're using an XP-Pen tablet (as I am) then it could potentially be caused by the drivers. Sadly I'm still having this issue, but I've just learned to live with it for the moment - for better or for worse.
  13. @Gabe Thanks for the tip and the quick response - I'll be sure to keep that in mind moving forward!
  14. @Gabe Hi Gabe. I did a bunch of work in Designer's pixel persona over the last two weeks and the brushes felt a bit off compared to Photo. Has the same fix you mentioned for Photo been applied to Designer as well, as the pixel brushes in Designer still feel like how they felt in Photo prior to the fix. *The brushes in Photo are so much better then they were before - thank you again for looking into this!
  15. @MEB Excellent, thank you! Not a big issue by any means, and not really affecting my workflow or anything, but I thought I'd mention it.
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