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  1. Yeah, I've actually spoken to the Coolorus support team about it - in hopes that they might possibly release a Coolorus plugin compatible with Photo (no luck). Unfortunately that version is so old that it's quite buggy (froze up and wouldn't close) and is missing most of the features that really make Coolorus awesome (gamut masks, colour blending/mixing, luminosity lock, etc). Skala Color looks really useful though, thanks again for the recommendation!
  2. @fde101 These are great options for now! Thank you so much for sharing. Sadly still not quite as versatile as Coolorus, but still very handy to have nontheless - much appreciated. There's, of course, nothing wrong with Affinity's colour wheel as it stands, but I do feel like there's a lot of opportunity to do more with it and make it more intuitive and feature rich for designers and artists. It's such a simple tool with so much room for innovation (colour plays such a big role in the creative world), but for some reason not many design programs take advantage of that.
  3. Hi guys. Not a train smash, but I noticed that when setting the layers panel display to "Medium Thumbnails" or "Large Thumbnails" the layer preview and layer title becomes blurry/pixelated - see attachment. By default the layers panel display is set to "Small Thumbnails" and that looks perfect, it's only when choosing a bigger display that thinks start looking a bit odd - same thing in Designer.
  4. A few feature ideas/suggestions/requests that would be awesome, inspired by other apps - basically a wishlist for Designer & Photo as an illustrator. Here they are, in no specific order: Quick shapes, like Procreate - I can't explain the amount of time this saves. Essentially incorporating rulers into your pen so that you don't have to create a vector shape every time you want to draw one. Quick shapes really speed up the drawing process and eliminate the need to create vector shapes every time you need a geometric shape drawn out. Special Rulers, like Sketchbook Pro, and Clip Studio Paint, - drafting rulers like french curves, elliptical rulers, perspective rulers, etc. You can place and move a floating, transparent ruler on the canvas and your pen will automatically snap to it. Lasso Fill, like Clip Studio Paint - being able to toggle 'auto foreground/background colour fill' when using the Lasso/Freehand Selection Tool. That way you don't have to make a selection, select the Flood Fill Tool, and click to fill every time, the selection automatically fills with a colour. Dissolve Blend Mode, like Photoshop - great for comic art, gritty textures, and removing anti-aliasing to make artwork easier to set up for screen-printing purposes. A pro level colour wheel with colour theory options integrated, like Coolorus - one of the things I miss most about using Photoshop. Coolorus is a PS plugin that is far more sophisticated than the standard colour wheel and is used religiously by artists working for the likes of Disney. A Rotation Tool, like Photoshop, Clip Studio Paint, and Sketchbook Pro. A big time saver. PS and CSP have dedicated tools for this, and Sketchbook Pro gives you a rotation pop-up window when you move using the space bar. Much better than having to select "Rotate Left/Right" every time, or pressing a keyboard shortcut, which also only rotates a few degrees at a time. External Floating View Windows, like Photoshop. Being able to save a second view of your artboard is already available in Affinity, but you're not able to remove it from the app window. It's great to have the second, zoomed out, view on a second monitor so that you can see how your artwork and design is looking in full while you're working on it in another window. Alternate brush views/display, like most creative software - having the ability to view your brushes panel in different ways, like brush icons, of lists with titles (like the Affinity iPad apps). I feel like these types of features will really open the market up to the likes of illustrators who prefer raster tools, as well as digital painters, concept artists, and comic book artists a lot more. Similarly it will also attract more 'influencer' type artists, as online audiences absolutely love seeing timelapse videos of the process - I know people who prefer painting in Photo and Designer, but use Procreate purely because of its timelapse feature to bring their audiences into their creation process. Affinity has really established itself so well with graphic designers, vector illustrators, and photo retouchers and editors already. There are of course people who love using Affinity software for digital painting, myself included, but there are also many who still prefer other software due to the lack of the aforementioned features. I've read about this on the forums, and elsewhere on the web, and also heard the same echoed by other creatives/digital artists/illustrators I've spoken to about Affinity. I feel that these features will open up a whole new market, and a whole new world for Affinity and users alike. Just some food for thought. Apologies for the lengthy post!
  5. ChristiduToit

    Brush Title Display

    Hmm, that's strange. Hopefully they'll include a few brush display options in future updates - thanks for the heads up either way! Speaking of iPad version features that the desktop apps could benefit from - I really wish Designer's Pixel Persona on desktop had the magic wand/floor selection tool like it does on iPad. It's one of the primary reasons I find myself switching to Photo for selection tasks within the document.
  6. Is there a way to change the way that the brush panel interface displays brushes within Affinity's desktop software? For instance, currently it's a list with the large brush previews by default, but could I view them as just icons, or even a list with smaller previews? And is there a way to view the brush names along with the previews? The reason I'm asking is, having the brushes as icons (like in PS) helps with efficiency as I don't need to scroll through a list to find the brush I need. Similarly, having the title display with the brush in a list (like on the iPad versions of Affinity), would be handy as sometimes the previews can look similar but look different when being used. That way I can check the title of the brush I choose to make sure it's the right one. Let me know!
  7. ChristiduToit

    Brush Opacity Shortcuts

    Thanks for the feedback everyone, but it doesn't seem like I'm able to change/find the shortcuts in the shortcuts menu. As @R C-R mentioned, I believe these shortcuts are 'baked' into the software and are currently not editable. It's a pity, but perhaps we'll be able to change them in future versions/updates. It's not a train smash as much as just being a personal pet peeve - I'm sure most people don't have any issues with these shortcuts. I just thought I'd try my luck.
  8. ChristiduToit

    Export Crash

    Experienced a crash in Designer 1.7 when exporting a PDF document. I'm not exactly sure what caused the crash, but I will explain what I did. When setting up a simple PDF document (an invoice for a client), I pressed the export shortcut (cmd+option+shift+E). The finder window popped up. I selected the 'PDF (For Print) from the preset menu. I then navigated to the desired folder containing other PDF documents similar to the one I was exporting. I clicked on one of the other PDF files already in the folder (Invoice #323) to save my new document with the same name as the PDF in the folder, but change it from "Invoce #323" to "Invoice #324" before exporting so as not to replace the existing PDF. As soon as I clicked 'Export' my app window disappeared and the software crashed. I have not been able to recreate this crash, so it might just have been a once off thing, but it may be worth looking into.
  9. Is there a way to disable the opacity shortcut when using the number keys (1-9)? I use Affinity software for digital painting and illustration, and I keep accidentally hitting '3' instead of 'E' for the eraser and changing my brush opacity to 30% by mistake. I've also assigned Cmd+1 and Cmd+2 to rotate my canvas left and right, but the same problem here - I keep accidentally changing my brush opacity in the process if I don't perfectly press Cmd together with the number key. I don't use the number keys to set opacity of my brush anyway, so I would love to disable and/or customise those shortcuts to accommodate my workflow better, but I can't seem to find those keys anywhere in the Keyboard Shortcuts panel. I wouldn't recommend removing this shortcut for those who use it, but perhaps having the option to customise it would be helpful? Thanks in advance.
  10. Not a bug, but I would absolutely suggest including a 'Magic Wand' selection tool in Designer's pixel persona. It's probably the tool I miss most in Designer right now, and the 'selection brush tool' doesn't quite cut it (it's a bit unwieldy and inaccurate for selecting large areas of the same colour) - I find myself switching to Photo a lot purely to use the wand to create selections. The wand seems like such a standard tool to have in any image editing application so I almost find it odd that it isn't already in Designer.
  11. @Frozen Death Knight @evtonic3 The brush engine has been redesigned. Brushes feel smoother and more natural than in previous versions - especially when using a tablet. Can't wait to try some of those brushes for client projects, but I'm still a bit hesitant to use the Beta for client work - dying for 1.7 to come out! This is a big step up as a lot of digital artists (myself included) have flocked to Affinity Photo as a painting tool alternative to PS. As it stands, Affinity Photo is a really good painting app, but it's definitely (obviously) geared towards photo editing, but I think 1.7 is going to be a huge leap forward for digital artists as well as photo editors. @Andy Somerfield All the suggestions I've made are really just a result of nitpicking, but you guys really outdid yourselves with 1.7 across the board! The 1.7 Beta's have gotten me so exciting for the official release!
  12. @Andy Somerfield Thanks for the quick response! I actually much prefer having it the way it was where you set your preferences/custom settings for the selection tools and it stays that way when switching tools. I've definitely encountered massive workflow issues with it resetting every time, as I often select those custom settings for a reason and wish to keep them that way until I decide to change them (in which case I will). I'm much more likely to use the same selection settings for a project then changing them, so I think it would be better to have them stay the way that I set them up rather than having them default to 'New' every time - custom settings, by nature, are after all there for the user to set things up the way they want. Of course, I'm just one of many users, but if you prefer to keep it this way then I absolutely think that @Frozen Death Knight's suggestion of having a modifier key to add the little "+" next to the selection to add to your current selection would be incredibly useful - much like in PS holding down the Shift key will allow you to add to your selection without having to manually change the setting in the toolbar to "Add". Shift in Affinity is obviously used to add a straight line to the selection, so perhaps holding down Cmd would be a better option. That way you can create a selection, add to it by holding down (what every modifier key you choose to use) and subtract from it holding down the Alt key, allowing the user to sculpt out the perfect selection quickly and easily.
  13. Not a big issue, but I've noticed that the Freehand Selection Tool (and all other marquee selection tools) "Mode" resets to "New" every time you switch tools. For instance, in 1.6, when you choose the "Add" selection mode, it usually remembers that if, say, you switch to the brush, and then back to the selection tool again, but now it reverts back to the default of "New". Difficult to explain, but basically the selection tools don't remember any of the settings in the toolbar you set if you switch to another tool.
  14. Suggestion for a very small, but very useful feature/shortcut option for 1.7. I, as well as a vast majority of illustrators, designers and photo editors I know and work with, constantly rotate the canvas while working. This is not a 90 degree rotation, but rather just a standard rotation while working (exactly like the View - Rotate Left/Right/Reset options). Assigning this to custom shortcut keys helps speed things up (I currently have Rotate Left and Right assigned to Q and W in Designer), but it's still slow in comparison to Photoshop's dedicated rotation tool. With Affinity I'm left pressing my custom defined rotation shortcuts multiple times to get the perfect angle for the work I'm doing. With that in mind, I don't think it's necessary to add a dedicated rotation tool like Adobe PS has, but rather just a key combination shortcut. When you hold Ctrl+Alt and click and drag in Affinity this changes your brush size and hardness, which is incredibly quick, efficient, and useful. Could there not be a similar option (say Alt+Cmd+click and drag, or Ctrl+Cmd+click and drag) to rotate the canvas working angle? Either that, or a pop-up menu (similar to Sketchbook Pro) where when you move the canvas using the move tool (Spacebar) you also have the option to rotate the canvas. I've also seen this used in software like Krita, where holding modifier keys + dragging allows you to rotate the canvas. It's a non invasive way of still giving the option to those who use it, but keeping it out of the way for those who don't. You could possible also include the option to enable/disable the pop-up menu in the Preferences for those who don't like to use it or find it distracting. I think this would be an incredibly invaluable feature, particularly for artists/illustrators who rotate the canvas to draw using a tablet, but also useful for designers and photo editing.
  15. ChristiduToit

    [By Design] Aliasing Issue!

    @MEB I'm so sorry, I'm afraid that I deleted the layer and saved and closed the document already. I've recreated the issue in a new document and attached it here. Strangely it seems like the jittery edges are a lot more prevalent when I create the selection using my tablet and pen (I'm using a Yiynova MVP22U tablet). When I use the mouse to create the selection it seems to be far less jagged, and a lot smoother as a result. I use the lasso tool to create fill selections for details illustrations though, so unfortunately I can't use the mouse for those as the mouse isn't accurate enough. I wish I could try this with a Wacom tablet to see if the issue was still present, but I'm afraid I don't own one. For what it's worth, everything is still totally normal in Adobe Photoshop as well as Clip Studio Paint (no jagged edges in those apps), but this happens in Affinity Photo and Designer, as well as Photo Beta and Designer Beta. This leads me to believe that it might be something within the app, or something to do with the way my tablet is communicating/interacting with the app. Would the Yiynova tablet brand/model/driver have something to do with it? And if so, would there be a workaround? And finally, if it is the tablet, why would the issue not be replicated in other apps? As stated before, my brushes and other tools still work just fine, it's only the freehand/lasso selection for some reason. Jagged Edges.afdesign