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  1. ChristiduToit

    Smudge Brush - Strange Behaviour

    @Chris B Oh awesome! Thank you for the heads up and for the quick reply. Feel free to remove this post if it's no longer a bug. *Edit: I just checked the beta - the smudge tool works like a charm! Looking forward to the official update release. Cheers!
  2. I've been noticing some strange behaviour when using the Smudge Brush Tool in Affinity Photo. As an illustrator, I use the smudge brush to blend colours in digital painting, but for some reason, instead of just helping blend the colours, it seems to be adding in light and dark colours in between the transitions. Sometimes it even adds strange colours in the transition, such as this random pink colour in the screenshot. I've done a quick comparison between Affinity Photo (desktop) and Photoshop just to make sure I wasn't missing anything. I used the same settings in both apps, and the same type of brush (hard round with pressure opacity) to eliminate any variables, and I still ended up with some pretty odd results. I'm pretty sure that this might be a bug. Any help would be much appreciated!
  3. ChristiduToit

    Tapered Line Bug

    Maybe it's just an XP-Pen bug then - I see they've just released a driver update too. Either way, I figured I'd just double check to see if maybe it was a bit of miscommunication between the driver and the apps. Thanks for looking into it!
  4. ChristiduToit

    Tapered Line Bug

    @Chris B That's super odd! It seems to be happening with all of my brushes in the app, so I'm assuming it might be an input issue, or a slow initial activation rate for the XP-Pen tablet input. Almost as if the app takes a split second to understand what the tablet pen is doing. The settings in the screenshots are just for the Classic Round brush from the Comix Toolkit brush pack - the only real variable is the size jitter, which is set to pressure. For some reason it only seems to affect the size, and not the opacity/accumulation for brushes that have accumulation jitter activated.
  5. ChristiduToit

    Tapered Line Bug

    Hi team. So I've recently purchased a brand new XP-Pen Artist 22R Pro tablet, and I've been noticing something odd in Affinity's apps when using brushes. I primarily use Photo for digital illustration, but this 'bug' seems to be prevalent in all three desktop apps (Photo, Designer and Publisher). It's not the end of the world, but it does cause me to have to do a bit of extra work to ensure that my linework looks the way I intend for it to. In a nutshell, no matter how much pressure I apply, my strokes always start with a taper. So, basically, if I were to try and create a stroke from thick to thin using the brush tool, the stroke would start thin (even with a lot off pressure), become thick (as if the pressure gradually kicked in). Similarly, if I were to apply full pressure for a stroke to create a thick mono-weight stroke, it would still start with a thin taper. My workaround has been to try and start most of my tapered stroke from the thin end instead, which works, but it's still a bit tedious having to keep that in mind throughout a full illustration. The image below shows me trying to create strokes that start thick, but for some reason the app doesn't seem to recognise the full pressure input straight away resulting in a small taper at the start of the stroke. The quicker I draw the stroke the more prevalent the initial unwanted taper becomes. I haven't noticed this in any other drawing/creative software, which leads me to believe that it could be something in Affinity apps specifically. For the most part, the tablet is working incredibly well with the apps and I haven't noticed any other critical issues. Any thoughts?
  6. ChristiduToit

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta (

    Killer! Thanks for all the hard work dev team - it doesn't go unnoticed!
  7. ChristiduToit

    Feature Requests/Suggestions!

    @HarshMellow You can hold Alt to subtract from the selection or hold Ctrl to add to the selection while using the freehand selection tool. It's very similar to in PS, but instead of Shift and Alt you just use Ctrl and Alt.
  8. ChristiduToit

    Whole Pixels

    Ah, I must have misunderstood. Yeah, I would love to have the High Tablet Precision preference on Mac. I think it would make a huge difference. In fact, I think that it should just come standard - I mean, who would ever want low tablet precision?!
  9. ChristiduToit

    Whole Pixels

    I am having the issue - I'm the one who started this thread/post. I didn't have the cursor displacement issue, but I am on an iMac, so perhaps it's an issue that specific to Windows. To my understanding, the "High Tablet Precision" preference option was a test, and was removed from the latest versions of Affinity software because it was not working as intended.
  10. ChristiduToit

    Whole Pixels

    @SrPx Yeah, it's super big - having perfect selection tools and tablet input should be a huge priority for any art and design app. I would say that a majority of Affinity users use tablets at some point or another, and just about everyone will need to use the Freehand Selection Tool and brushes for various tasks. I've tested out Photoshop, Clip Studio Paint, Sketchbook Pro, Krita, ArtStudio Pro, Medibang Paint, and more, and Affinity is the only software that does this. It's definitely linked to the way that the apps interpret the input from the stylus/pen. I use Affinity Photo as my primary painting/illustrating tool, but I'm forced to resort to workarounds (which can sometimes hinder productivity and can be very tedious) until the issue is resolved. When this issue is fixed I'm sure that a lot more people will love Affinity, because it will have a massive positive impact on a lot of the tools within the apps for any user who has a drawing tablet. I haven't found that using the internal app stabilising features help, unless you have them set at a very high number, but then drawing becomes very difficult and unnatural. In addition, there's no stabilising feature when using the Freehand Selection tool anyway, only for the brushes and eraser. Like I said, the people over at Serif are aware of the issue, so hopefully they can find a fix for this issue ASAP.
  11. ChristiduToit

    Whole Pixels

    @SrPx @ARTGIRLJENNL Hey folks. I have confirmed that this is a logged issue with someone on the development team. They were able to recreate the issue on their end and confirm that it is indeed a bug specific to Affinity and not influenced by settings outside of the app. The more you zoom out, the bigger and more jagged and jittery the selections become, and only when using a drawing tablet on desktop (for some reason this issue doesn't happen with a mouse) and/or Apple Pencil on iPad. It's almost like something in the coding is affecting the stylus accuracy, and is causing this look where it seems that the cursor is snapping to an invisible 90 and 45 degree grid. I've found that it also impacts the brushes, making them feel a bit more jittery and sensitive to pressure input, In the meantime, as a temporary fix, install this app: http://hejstylus.com Hej Stylus is a third party brush/cursor smoothing app. The basic version is free, and you can just use it with the 'Position Pull' at its minimum setting - that's all you need, unless you plan to use the more premium features. The Windows equivalent of this app would be Lazy Nezumi: https://lazynezumi.com These apps somehow override the stylus input and makes it normal again - and it makes the brushes feel a lot more like PS brushes too (I suspect that the same issue with the Freehand Selection Tool affects the brushes as well since it's all linked to the stylus input at the end of the day). It's not a perfect solution, but it's an 'okay' workaround until the issue is addressed in the apps. Since they are aware of this, I hope we can see a fix in the near future - fingers crossed to see a fix in the next update! I use the freehand selection tool religiously in my work, so this bug is causing all kinds of havoc.
  12. ChristiduToit

    Smoother Stylus Input

    @Chris B Thank you so much! Yeah, Hej Stylus is a handy little app to have available when needed (I especially love the rulers). Unfortunately for the Hej Stylus creator, it would be great to not need to use it and to rather have Affinity brushes perform that smoothly by default without the need for a third party app. Fingers crossed for a timely fix!
  13. ChristiduToit

    Tablet Stylus Accuracy Issue

    Hi @Chris B Just a quick update. While the tablet accuracy is still off (unfortunately I'm 100% certain this is an Affinity-specific issue), I have resolved the sticky clicks issue which was actually a problem on my side - apologies. It seems that I set my 'double click speed' in my tablet driver settings too low which caused a bit of 'click lag', but I have since changed that and remedied the issue. Regarding the accuracy issues, I have found a temporary workaround. It's not perfect, nor is it a permanent fix, but it does help - hejstylus.com It would just be great if this normal smoothness in Affinity was the default instead of having to use a third party app to achieve it. It's been a really big problem for me for a few reasons. Firstly, I make custom Affinity brushes (a new set is going up in the official Affinity Store very soon called "Christi's Comix Toolbox"), and it's a bit off-putting to people when their purchased brushes don't perform as smoothly as they should be by default, without having to use extra apps as a workaround. Secondly, I'm very vocal about how much I love Affinity, but a lot of the illustrators I've recommended Affinity (for desktop) to, stated inaccurate/jagged brushes/lasso selections when using their drawing tablets as their main reason for not liking the apps. It's a growing issue I'm afraid, and the quicker it gets nipped the more likely these illustrators will be to keep using the apps. I still can't imagine what it could be, but I have a hunch that somewhere in the code for the apps there has to be a (likely accidental) restriction for the pen tablet accuracy which is causing them not to function to their full capabilities. I've put a new post together discussing this more specifically:
  14. Stylus input on desktop (Mac) isn't nearly as smooth as on iPad, no matter what tablet drawing brand you use (I've tried a few). I've brought this up before, and it's kind of a biggie, considering there's a ton of illustrators, designers, photo retouchers/editors, using drawing/graphics tablets for their work. Some some reason this only happens with Affinity apps, and I haven't had this issue with any other graphics software. It's not a deal breaker per se, but it's very notable, and if you use a drawing tablet most of the day for your work, it can get quite frustrating (and could potentially put future users off of using the apps altogether). Furthermore, if you want to compete with the industry leaders (*cough Adobe), then you need to ensure that your stylus/pen input engine is pristine or at least on par with something like the industry standard, Photoshop. For some reason the pressure sensitivity has a tendency to spike or be slightly inaccurate and the lines aren't as smooth as they should be (often with small, but notable kinks and jitter). This is also very notable when using the Freehand Selection tool with a tablet. It's even more prevalent the more you zoom out of your canvas, causing weird jagged 90 and 45 degree angles in your lines/selections - almost as if the pen cursor is snapping to an invisible grid 90/45 degree grid. I usually do not work very zoomed in, so this can get very problematic throughout the work process, causing unwanted kinks and jagged lines which I've never experienced with any other drawing apps. To combat this, I've been using a third party plugin called Hej Stylus (hejstylus.com), and the pen input from my drawing tablet on desktop has been so much better within the Affinity apps while using it. It overrides the apps' default pen input in Affinity and replaces it with Hej Stylus's settings, which are much nicer and more accurate. When using the Hej Stylus app, I keep all the settings at an absolute minimum so that there isn't any additional smoothing, and all the app essentially does is override the default input. I don't necessarily want to use a third party app when working, but I'm doing it out of necessity. I think it's important to note that a desktop drawing tablet is a lot different from an iPad/Apple Pencil combo. The desktop styli/pens act differently and require different settings to perform the way that they should. Perhaps there's a way to get Eilert (the dev over at Hej Stylus) on board to help sort out the stylus input issues in Affinity apps. Sorry to keep going on about this, but as someone who uses a drawing tablet on desktop for ALL my work (as very many illustrators do), I really want to keep using Affinity without any tedious workarounds which takes extra time, and ultimately costs me and my clients money. Really hoping for a fix in the next update!! I've attached a screenshot here of the issue, and also attached the file: HejStylus Test.afphoto
  15. It would be great to have a setting in the desktop preferences to adjust your pressure curve of your stylus/drawing tablet pen - as you can do with the 'Pencil' preference tab on the iPad. Every tablet is different (Wacom, Huion, XP-Pen, Yiynova, etc), and it would be nice to have some more control over how Affinity desktop software interprets your stylus/pen input. I know most tablets have this pressure curve setting in their tablet drivers' preferences, but for some reason Affinity brushes 'feel' different to draw with than, say, Photoshop brushes on the desktop. As such, it can get pretty tedious having to go back to the driver settings every time you switch apps, and to rather have a dedicated "Tablet Pen Settings" panel in the app preferences so that you can adjust it once and be done with it. Furthermore, it might be wise to include this separate preferences panel for the stylus/pen as you may need to include future customisable pen settings (such as the "High Precision Tablet Input" setting). Most modern art and design apps have dedicated preferences to tailor the way your pen behaves within the apps, so I don't see a reason why this wouldn't be a really great and useful feature in Affinity apps too (especially in Photo and Designer where working with a drawing tablet is commonplace).

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