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  1. I'm sure that I'm not alone in wanting this feature. Coming from a background of working in Photoshop (I'm not really a vector-person), I absolutely love using Affinity Designer's Pixel Persona. The organic/natural media-esque brushes have always been my go-to, and I've been using them in Designer a bunch. On the flip side, I use the Draw Persona more for layout and lettering. For this reason I think it would be really handy to have the Magic Wand Tool (the same as in Photo) in the Designer Pixel Persona. So far the selection brush doesn't really do the trick, and using the lasso (while very useful) to manually select areas can become a bit tedious. Just putting this out there for consideration.
  2. One small feature that I never thought I'd miss as much as I do is the dissolve blend mode. Surely adding it shouldn't be too difficult, and it's such a great, easy, and effective way of adding texture to your work. Kept an eye out for it in the latest Beta, but unfortunately it has been added. I'm almost feeling a bit crippled without it - please please please consider it for the official Affinity Designer update! I would be eternally grateful.
  3. ChristiduToit

    Pressure Sensitivity Accuracy.

    I can confirm what Luovatone mentioned above. Affinity Designer desktop seems to be fine since the last update, but the pressure curve used in Photo's desktop app is not the same as the one used in Designer's pixel persona. For some reason Photo's pressure seems to jump around at its own will. I'm sure that if you were to implement the same code used for the pressure in Designer's pixel brushes into Photo then the issue should be resolved. :) I will add on to this as well that the customisable pressure curve's default slant ('Size Jitter' curve) is quite extreme which makes the variation between light and hard pressure very drastic. It might be worth having a straight (or very slightly curved) pressure curve set as a default. I feel that it's somewhat better to have a straight default pressure curve so that the user can adjust it, rather than having it pre-adjusted when opening the app. See attached screenshots for clarity:
  4. ChristiduToit

    Pressure Sensitivity Accuracy.

    I second that! Would absolutely love to get into using Affinity properly for my work - still waiting on that fix. I noticed that there was an update going around, but the issue is still there. As I've mentioned, Photoshop, Clip Studio Paint, Sketchbook Pro, and other programs I've been using all seem to fair pretty well with pressure sensitivity, but the Affinity programs feel very jittery. The pressure spikes on certain lines and is far too light on others. I've even purchased a little widget app called Hej Stylus to see if I can try and override the cursor pressure input, but unfortunately it didn't work. It sounds like I'm complaining, I'm really not, I would just love to use Affinity to it's fullest potential.
  5. ChristiduToit

    Pressure Sensitivity Accuracy.

    @Van Doozledorf I can 100% confirm that I'm getting that exact same experience as you. The issue persists whether I use my Yiynova MVP22U or my Wacom Cintiq 13HD, so I don't think it's a hardware issue. The fact that it still works perfectly with other software leads me to believe that there must be a pressure sensitivity bug with Affinity. Obviously would love if this is sorted so that I can 'officially' switch to Affinity from Adobe.
  6. ChristiduToit

    Pressure Sensitivity Accuracy.

    Ha! Flattery, thank you! Please give me a shout if you manage to get this sorted.
  7. ChristiduToit

    Pressure Sensitivity Accuracy.

    Awesome! Glad I could help. Definitely the only thing keeping me from completely switching over to Affinity. Brushes make up 90% of what I do in graphic software, so if the brushes are stellar then everything else is really a bonus. I love Affinity's outlook in the industry, so if I can help in any way please let me know.
  8. ChristiduToit

    Pressure Sensitivity Accuracy.

    Sure thing! I'm currently using a Yiynova MVP22U display tablet. Works like a charm in Photoshop, Illustrator, Clip Studio Paint, and Sketchbook Pro - very similar in feel and performance, if not identical, to the Wacom Cintiq 13HD I used in the past. Like I mentioned before, the strokes are smooth and easy to control. The pressure inaccuracy only seems to come into play while using Affinity Designer as well as Affinity Photo. I find that it's quite difficult to predict how the programs are reading my pen input as I'm drawing, even if I'm working very slowly. Almost as if the pressure control is jumping up and down or randomising itself - sometimes thin sometimes thick even though I'm applying the same amount of pressure. I've attached a screen recording video to show what I mean. Pressure Test.mov
  9. ChristiduToit

    Pressure Sensitivity Accuracy.

    Unfortunately I see quite a lot of inconsistency on my side. The main reason for always having chosen Photoshop as my weapon of choice is because of the buttery smooth strokes and pressure accuracy. What you put in with your tablet is what you see on your screen, pressure accuracy is exactly what it should be. I so badly want to switch to Affinity, but sometimes, even when I press extremely hard, I just get a very thin hairline stroke and then all of a sudden it 'inflates' and becomes huge (you can see it in the attached images). Due to the type of work I do the precision of the pressure sensitivity needs to be as accurate as possible to do detailed illustrations. I've had this issue in the previous version and thought perhaps it would be fixed in the update, but even after updating to 1.6 the bug still seems to be there - which is what I used in the attachments.
  10. ChristiduToit

    Pressure Sensitivity Accuracy.

    Hey guys. Newbie here! So in a nutshell, I'm an illustrator who primarily draws in Photoshop using a graphics tablet. I've recently purchased both Affinity Designer & Photo in hopes to totally ditch the Adobe subscription thing. Working in the way that I do, once downloaded I immediately selected the Affinity brush tool (not the vector brush) in both apps to see how it performs, but for some reason my pressure sensitivity is not accurate as it should be. I'm experiencing this in both applications, but not in Photoshop, Clip Studio Paint, or Sketchbook Pro. What's shown in the attached images is all strokes that were made quickly using a stable pressure. As you can see the strokes in Photoshop are all very uniform and natural looking, but for some reason in Affinity apps my stroke pressure does not register accurately which makes it incredibly difficult to draw 'neatly'. Sometimes when I press very hard the strokes are incredibly thin, but then suddenly bulk up which causes the strokes to look blobby - the scribbles I made were done with the same amount of pressure throughout but for some reason they seem to start very thin, even with a decent amount of pressure, and then suddenly thicken without me even pressing harder. I'm working on an iMac. I've look up a bunch of tutorials to make sure that I'm using the brushes properly, but they don't seem to play well. Is it just me, or is this a known issue? In the last attached image some of the strokes didn't even register at all like the cross bar of the "F" in "of".