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  1. Is this regarding warp tool point? there is longstanding issues with them - when clicking on points in warp tool controls, the whole application is locking down... rare and not reproducable (i tryed), but still happens from time to time (with all betas and releases since 1.7)
  2. Please, add another brush to liquify persona: mesh smoothing. It is already present in Photoshop and sometimes it is very handy
  3. Please, make inner/outer glow as live filter. The very same as in Layer FX. Sometimes there is a real need to add masking for this effect, whick is not possible with Layer FX without unnecessary nesting
  4. Steps to reproduce: - create layer with liver procedure adjustment - alt-click on layer to enter into it - right-click on layer in ;ayers panel and choose rasterize - You`ll get instacrash Video with crash and test file in attachment Screen_Recording_2020-07-20_at_16_11_01.mov Untitled.afphoto
  5. - Fixed issue with the Colour panel when switching away from a mask. Yes! Finally! Hooray! Thanks :))
  6. There is a nice option to record brush strokes in macro and replay them on other layers. This works well with Paint Brush and Mix Brush, but not with Smudge brush Smudge strokes are recorded, but totally ignored on replay. See attached video with example of the bug Screen_Recording_2020-06-23_at_11_23_18.mov
  7. "Added ability to show folders as icons in the layers panel" - wow, thanks a lot!!! I see really huge speedup when working with heavy files (many groups in groups with effects, etc) with this option enabled. Seems lagging was heavily connected to this thumbnail generation (which is not really needed for work, layer thumbs are more than enough)
  8. Suggestion: make shift-click feature more robust by adding brush size interpolation between start and finish points. User can change size before second click (with shift key) and get more useful result with this interpolation
  9. Shift-click is a shortcut for manual drawing. So everything that is work "by hand" - should work via shortcut too. And this is really problematic to draw straight line by hand when start and finish are several scrolls away on high zoom levels. Zoom in/out every time is not that handy // Also, this auto-rotating brushes are really useful for some tasks precisely because of autorotation... the whole idea of directional rotation - to let AP rotate brush tip automatically, without manual intervention. Minor problem, for sure, but still. This is proper use of brush, such functionality is expected (imho, of course... )
  10. There is a bug with brush rotation when brush is used with shift-clicks (straight lines). For example pick any engraving brush and try to draw straight line with it. It should be the same as drawing the very same line manually Also, it is sad that shift-clicks does not interpolate brush size changes /// Would be helful for AP users without tablets
  11. When adjustment is merged for hidden layer in hidden group - all layer content is lost/destroyed // This does not happen, when merging adjustment for hidden layer in visible group See video. latest release, MacOS Catalina, metal disabled Screen_Recording_2020-04-28_at_13_25_22.mov MergingBugLayerLost.afphoto
  12. i think this is legacy decision // but it is really sad it is not described anywhere. Overall AP is quite stable and capable, for some features even superior to PH. But you have to learn "AP ways" for some tasks //
  13. >6. Colour picker . When you swap to tool the swatch goes to "background" colour Ugh... i can tell a lot about this. In short - DONT USE X KEY, which has not the same effect as in Photoshop. Use Shift-X. AP have a concept of "Two foreground colors" - one for brush/tool and another "foreground" for everything else. More details here -
  14. Aha... now i see. Makes sense, although it is confusing. So the real problem is the brush, that use Secondary color as "active". in the start of video left-top circle is active and brush use secondary color... and switch button change secondary with primary WITHOUT leavin "active for drawing". So any user with usual drawing background will decide that last selected color is "primary", when in fact it is not. i see. So, basically AP has two concept of "primary" color - one is used for brush (this is primary for anyone, who ever used drawing application, imho) and another is in "top left circle". And this two primary colors can be DIFFERENT. Aaaand... bingo, X key switching "brush primary", not "AP primary". And real switching happens with Shift-X Now i understand. Sorry, this is hillarious )) Really awfull decision to make two primaries // Now at least i understand how to keep this connected... Thanks
  15. See problem on video. After using brush (important), menu item "Fill with primary color" fills layer with SECONDARY color. And "Fill with secondary" fills with primary // Same thing happens if corresponding items choosen in "Fill" (Shift-F5) menu Screen_Recording_2020-04-22_at_21_27_08.mov
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