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  1. > you press SHIFT Oh no SHIFT is already taken for straight lines (and thats important, much more than quick brush size change). Default "[" and "]" still do the job, no need to steal SHIFT for this But this left+rights clicks stuff indeed hard to learn and use.
  2. Oh, sorry! I just saw so many heated conversations regarding nodes vs anything else, that just reacted in advance. Regarding re-edit - don`t want to be involved to another one... Points mentioned does not correspond to your message, but they are still valid (imho) Imho this is totally up to AP team to decide how to improve AP, they already proved to be quite reasonable for a product of such complexity
  3. - When Metal is disabled there is bugged lines. This lines stay in image even after "Accept", so it is not a visual bug. - There is also "exploded grid" lines, see screenshot (blue grid at the bottom) - And after several uses Liquify persona crashing AP. see video Screen_Recording_2020-11-27_at_12_21_40.mov
  4. Still a problem in but other compositing bugs now seems to be fixed, thanks god
  5. Still a problem in (not working with Metal Enabled)
  6. Completely "redo" whole application with nodes in mind is not viable option, imho. Its not about braveness, many simple tasks does not need nodes and this is the most frequent use case (simple tasks). Many artists dont need even layers, many users want one simple button "Make this image beautiful and dont f*** my mind". This is reality Also: AP is directly competing with photoshop, which is industry standart. This is really much more important then implementing completely different ideas with many drawbacks (to be honest). Focusing AP on nodes will immediately turn this artists back to Photoshop since nobody will dive into completely new concept when there is simple standart, that is already proved to be powerful Nodes is not a silver bullet. For example i use Blender, where nodes is the heart of material building. And you know what? i switched to OSL instead of nodes. because for complex things plain structure much much more readable and managable then acres of scrolling areas full of wires and connections. Nodes are good while stuff is simple, after some complexity limit this is nightmare with infinite scrolls, zooms and attempts to remember "what this bunch of nodes expected to do". They are really hard to debug, too Nodes are good when you need them. Would be much better to make additional "Node adjustment" or add them to Live procedure adjustment. So they are not mandatory for 99% of cases where they are not needed in the first place. imho
  7. Yes, color picker tool actually feels broken in many areas // For example i have no idea who invented the "feature" of filling inner layers of group in case group was selected when you pick some color (with all the default settings) I litterally lost hours by ruining layers inside rarely used group (references) by underlooking what layer was active at the time of picking. Why the f*** user should recheck what layer is currently active just to pick color from the screen?
  8. Sorry, use fill layers frequently... never used popup New fill layer -> Swatch color click (panel already opened) -> Done
  9. Would be great to have Warp tool as live filter too (liquify is NOT the same, althogh results may look similar). And it should be much easier to make it "vector aware". I mean apply it to curve nodes, not pixels, in case of vector layer Hoping such dream will became true some day
  10. Yes, but unfortunately alt-picking always give global (top) color. Which is unwanted in case you have several adjustments and what to quickly get "original" color under adjustments. In such case with brush tool you have to disable adjustments first (and reenable them after) or resort to color picker // it`s the only tool that can sample color from active layer (but with limitations mentioned above)
  11. Click on brush settings in brush panel crashing AP, see video Same with metal on/off Screen_Recording_2020-11-20_at_16_50_31.mov
  12. > It can if you select "Current Layer" as the source (context toolbar) and select that layer. Magnification still reflects the layers on top of it, but the pick is taken from the layer which is selected. Thanks, didn`t know it works for groups in that way. But making a bunch of magic clicks on toolbar regarding type of layer just to pick color of active layer/group/mask in outliner simply defeats the point of the tool, imho. This is the thing that make me think the tool is "stupid", sorry. > Shouldn't be random... it is a setting on the context toolbar. You mean "Apply to selection"? It resets with each new document/document reload. And when checkbox is on you HAVE to "recheck" what layer/group is active now. Each F**king time. Or simple operation of just picking a color from the screen may completely ruin random group (that was active when you turned to drink tea or something). And you will even did not notice this! until you need that group later on. This is easy when you have many groups/layers in document. I lost a lot of work because of this - just picked some color and a hour later found that my group with initial references was COMPLETELY FILLED with this color by stupid picker. all 20+ inner layers was lost and document was already reloaded several times And calculating a set of "right setup for current layer" each time still not ok for such a basic tool anyway (imho). > Why would you expect that it would? I have a reference images/layers, that sometimes visibile and sometimes not depending on current task. Going to outliner to on/off layer just to pick specific color is... stupid, again // I know about swatches, palletes from image, etc, etc, lets skip basic stuff. I just rumbling. This tool requires hillaroius amout of attention and preparations for such a simple task
  13. I have a heavy procedural adjustment that recalculates layer RGB into BW gradient. It working well when METAL is disabled and turns into complete white when METAL is enabled. so procedural adjustment simple unusable with METAL enabled // ProceduralBroken.afphoto
  14. Hi @Gabe Strange, but my \Users\username\Library\Containers\com.seriflabs.affinityphoto is huge - around 900Mb zipped // - Failed to attach, forum gives -200
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