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  1. IPv6

    Masking Bug

    Sometimes it stays grayscale even after switching away from mask. Usually if you jump between several masks/adjustments - then after switching to pixel layer color type stays Grayscale without reverting to initial one
  2. i summed problems with "Color replacement" brush sometimes ago here - I honestly tried to use it for some time in different cases - and always ended up in frustration and redoing "replacement" with other tools // In short it is completely unusable in low-saturation areas, it is quite unpredictable because of this.
  3. Unfortunately this replace color brush is not as useful as in PH //
  4. Popup with curve settings is somewhat broken, with Pen tool active. It immediately cancels, so user can`t reliable change curve parameters. See attached video. The same popup with Node tool works ok, problem arise only when Pen tool is active. In 1.7.3 everything is ok too. MacOs Catalina, Beta 163, Metal computing off PenToolBug.afphoto Screen_Recording_2020-01-15_at_13_46_20.mov
  5. The behaviour of some filters (or some specific combinations...) inside group has changed, comparing to 1.7.3. See screenshots from 1.7.3 and beta and attached file. This happens only when metal computing is enabled(!) In the file you can see MediaBlur filter with some overlay layer on it inside group. - When MedianBlur filter has no masked pixels - everything works ok, in the same way as before. - BUT if you add a mask into filter - will treat "enabled" parts of filter as it should and "disabled" parts of filter... will do something wrong Looks like disabled parts make "overlay" layer above to be treated as normal, without overlay blending mode. GroupingProblem.afphoto
  6. There is still a problem with unreasonable switching of color when choosing Brush tool. Look at the video. On video i just trying to put colored line on the layer - but AP does not allow to do this in most straightforward way (choose color, switch to brush, start to draw). The same effect can be seen in other scenarios too. Imho: many of new users of AP start to use it from the very same thing. It`s the first intention to get a grip of new software - "draw a line of some color". So it may look funny (although dumping clear user intention without any reason is not funny at all, this is just plain not user-friendly), but actually this bug may give bad first impression of AP - "there is clearly something buggy, i can not choose color to draw a simple line" recorded in current beta ( Screen_Recording_2020-01-10_at_11_42_23.mov
  7. Imho: Serif should add normal extension/plugin interface, so such wheels and stuff could be added by separate developers only for those who need it. This "not-usefull-for-all" stuff is perfect for third-party addons Without such extension scheme AP will quikly turn into bloated monster... and this is not good, imho. It possibly will kill Serif eventually, because constantly handle huge codebase will require gradually more resources for coding, testing and managing -> Serif (as Adobe) will switch into subscriptions for new stuff -> and that`s all. This days app can not be supported infinitely by "pay once - use forever" system. This system require new users and eventually there will be no more new users. Even today AP known almost as well as Photoshop, so this limit is not that far away. So better to keep core apps tight, to delay reaching this limit Better to ask developers for open, extensive plugin system This will cover much more needs than asking Serif for partially-usefull stuff
  8. Working with heightmaps is not a common thing to do, unfortunately. As well as normal maps, etc. There is dedicated soft for it, though But if Live procedural filter will get "layer sampling" at some point in future - such things would be a breeze... and many more
  9. yes, agreed that this could be just a preference. also, this is most needed in isolated editing - when you see only the layer (or mask in case of mask isolated editing) without anything else. working in isolated mode in heavy-stack file make alt-picking completely unusable - you just *always* get wrong color. always. you simply can not pick what you see while using brushes, this is hillarious (and frustrating)
  10. There is a bug in Vector Input of Procedural Live filter - when you move white dot in widget, value used in formulae is not corresponds to widget one. See screenshots - when dot is on right, screen should be almost white (since vec.x == 1.0). But it stays black. In reality, when user moves dot - screen flickers between real value (making preview white) and non-relevant one... ending up in broken value most of the time. Strangely on MacOs this works fine without glitches (in 1.7.3) LiveFiltersVecInputBug.zip Scr20191214_1218_#2_LiveProceduralTexture.bmp Scr20191214_1218_#3_LiveProceduralTexture.bmp Scr20191214_1218_#4_LiveProceduralTexture.bmp Scr20191214_1219_#5_LiveProceduralTexture.bmp Scr20191214_1219_#6.bmp
  11. Wishlist 2020: Editing: - Alt-picker that is works with "What you see" color, not global composited color. Very important when working with layers in isolated mode and working with masks in isolated mode. more here - https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/101463-ap-paint-brush-color-picker-should-use-color-pickers-source-setting/ - Dodge/Burn/etc tools should work inside masks (especially when edited in isolated mode). Masks editing really not on par with image editing (many tools not usable at all), which is sad - this is important/frequent case - Replace color brush/tool can not be used in many cases - more here https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/99302-improve-color-replacement-brush/ - Keyboard numbers 0-1-2-3... work (as opacity hotkey) with some tools but not others (not in Smudge, Mixer tools... really frustrating to switch between keyboard and mouse when using this tools) - Transparency lock on whole layer, not brush itself. This lock should be respected by other tools/brushes - Option to disable color-switching madness when changing brushes/tools, more here - https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/96045-option-not-to-swap-flood-fill-tool-colors/ - Paint Brush tool: would be great if Shift-click (for straight line) perform interpolation of brush size and opacity as well (between start-end), not only position Filters: - Non-destructive Warp tool, Non-destructive Deform filter - would be great to see this as Live filter - Affine filter also would be great to have as Live filter as well - Displacement filter: need separate sliders for X and Y directions and/or direction widget (to rotate whole thingy) - Procedural Live filter: color input with color picker - Procedural Live filter: methods to do color coversions (RGB <-> LAB) - Color balance adjustment need the way to set custom ranges for shadows/midtones/etc, more here - https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/103194-improve-color-balance-adjustment/ - Non-round brushes in liquify personŠ° - more here https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/99185-new-liquify-brush/ - Smoothing brush in liquify persona Curves: - Gradient fill: option to follow curve, not just "from left to right"
  12. IPv6

    Mac beta 1.8 needed...

    Just looked at "what`s new" - PSD export fixes quite a big thing... Why there is no Mac version still, why??? (( Patience is a hard thing to do
  13. Please, add additional hotkey for Undo brush to set active snapshot right current point in history (the very last point in history). Like "C" button in Mix brush (which clears it)
  14. Yep... Especially when text layers are not frequently used at all... i mean some workflows does not need fonts to be loaded most of the time

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