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  1. @NathanC the mask was created by wand selection over layer with vector rectangle. So it a rectangular selection in the form of rectangle, visually it is ok. This is the stripped down version of bigger file, just to show the problem. i literally copy-pasted this layer from initial file to this one to illustrate the bug (imho - unexpected selection feels like a "bug") i already see this problem with other masks - looks like cmd-click on mask gets intersected with some kind of bound of content of group (which should not happen) It happens only when mask bounds are bigger than inner layer. When inner layer bounds are bigger - selection works ok. You can just manually erase a line in white mask to see this, look at attached video Screen Recording 2023-01-25 at 15.35.05.mov test.afphoto
  2. Really annoying thingy... alpha mode of many adjustments basically unusable inside groups
  3. Hm. You are right. in V1 it is the same in terms of disabling. I confused some things - the real difference (not in favor to v2) is mask addition. This is a one button click in v1 - and you get separate mask that can be easily turned off, this is what i always do so frequently that it feels natural. But in v2 it`s a menu, you need to additionaly target item in it - so i turned to use "build-in" mask, which is inconvenient. Sorry
  4. In your case the mask is a separate layer, i`m talking about the case when you draw the gradient directly over adjustment layer. In v2 you get the mask that can not be disabled separately from adjustment itself
  5. "That button is still there for both the adjustment and its mask" - that is the problem. Sometimes it is needed to add gradient for effect. And then to compare how it looks with/without gradient. In v1 i could turn off mask only, leaving adjustment turned on. Mask was alweys detached. In v2 i constantly fill-ctrlZ or redo gradient in separate mask (removing from adjustment build-in mask), just to turn it off to compare stuff visually as it was in v1
  6. Me too. Now there is no way to compare adjustment effect with or without mask. In v1 user could just on-off mask and see the difference on screen immediately. Now there is no such direct way. can be worked around with fill and ctrl-Z, but previous approach was more user-friendly and intuitive, imho
  7. > you are trying to use a selection to restrict your painting area AND use a mask to do the same i am trying to create a selection from mask, not to "use a mask to do the same". masks here do not have any specific purpuses - just as a layer for creating selection. > In your document simply CMD+CLICK the christmas layer ALONE creates a pixel selection of the upper section yep, this part working ok, as mentioned > which because of the grouping is treat as trying to make a selection from the mask i see... do you mean that first control click (whick makes wrong selection) is making the selection of GROUP, not the mask? That partly makes sense, finally! i mean why all the confusion. BUT if user wish to make selection from GROUP - user will click on icon of GROUP, intentionaly. Clicking on icon of MASK should create selection based on MASK, not a group, even inside clipping stack. In this file mask in clipping stack of group is exactly the same as mask outside the group, selections should be the same. This is how it worked in v1 (as far as i remeber - can be wrong here) and this is how it works elsewhere. CMD-click on mask icon should give the same selection - regardless where it placed. CMD-clicking on mask depicts intention to use the layer as selection source, why users should take into account specific conditions? it`s a layer, layer has icon, clicking on icon of layer should always give the same outcome based on that layer content. Selection of GROUP should be created only by clicking on icon of the GROUP itself - not a mask somewhere inside it. This is how it generally should work. Or we get strange situation that if i have some unique mask in group clipping stack AND wish to make a selection out of it - the only choice i have is to move the mask out of group first (to avoid mistakenly get group selection), then CMD-click it and then move back. This is quite a strange workflow, don`t you think?
  8. There is a group, a mask inside that group and Levels with "reversed" outputs in alpha channel. This effectively "inverting" alpha channel in v1. In v1 this setup works in any group at any level. In v2 this works only at top-level (without groups). Inside the group Levels just fill the mask with white. Look at video and attached file. UPD: Bug exist not only for alpha inversion, but for any apha manipulations. For example there is no way to tune gradient inside alpha chaanel by using Levels or Curves in alpha mode (when in group). This worked in V1 without problem Screen Recording 2022-12-29 at 17.04.33.mov mask-inverse-bug.afphoto
  9. Sorry, you are trying to "explain" things that do not relate to problem. Any masks are fine, bigger, smaller, whatever. I just want to get selection that match the mask. By Control-click - which is a normal operation existing anywhere - in gimp, krita, photoshop, whatever, and it always do the same. Makes the selection that MUST match the mask, on which icon i clicked. In video you can see this is not the case, selection is wrong. Mask can be bigger, but if you look into it - it half white (top half) and half black (bottom half). Selection from this mask MUST be the same, since this is what you can see in this mask. But selection is something different, so currently is not possible to get the selection that matching the mask clicked - when this mask is inside clipping stack. Looks like a bug //
  10. Did you try look inside the mask? When you control-click on mask on 0:07 you get selection that DO NOT MATCH the content of THAT mask. When you click on second mask at 0:14 selection changes but masks are EXACTLY THE SAME inside. That is the problem. Selection at start of your video does not match the content of mask, by two means - shape (look at ants end where white rectangle ends) and behaviour (you can draw on the half that is BLACK) It does not matter what is bigger or not. There is tons of methods for creating masks (this was made by wand selection), they all ok, it`s up to user how to make masks. But control click just should MATCH THE CONTENT of the mask. Under any circumstances
  11. It`s a SELECTION. Brush should draw on selected parts and should NOT draw in unselected. This is one of the primary use for selections. And Brush totally conforms to selection in second case - when selection made from the very same mask, but moved out of clamp. You can also see this in video. Same mask, same actions, different result - but result should be the same. BTW, regarding "bigger part" - there is still a visible bug. center line does not fit the center line in mask itself. It should match, bigger mask or not - does not matter. For me it looks like making selection "scales down" mask to fit the screen - shifting everything and breaking real selection
  12. I mean it does not matter bigger it or not. It not fits the content, look at side by side comparison in attachment. If by "bigger" you mean that bottom half is "zero zone" (not selected) - then why i can draw in it? Half bottom is NOT really masks the brush, you can see it in the video
  13. Then why it works when not in clipping zone? And marching ants clearly not matching the internals of the mask itself (you can see in video) when in clipping Probably there is a workarounds, but control-clicking should give you the selection you see in mask. This is expected behaviour
  14. I have a mask that is half of canvas black and half of canvas white. But control-click on it makes selection for a full document size, not a half (as expected). This happens when mask is a part of group clipping, when the same mask is removed from clipping - control click is ok. But it should behave the same in both cases - since i`m clickin on the mask and expect the content of the mask to be used as selection Look at video, file attached also Screen Recording 2022-12-29 at 13.37.48.mov mask-selection-bug.afphoto
  15. Yes, it was my mistake, update working as needed Just expected "update button" to be somewhere in the row with Add/Edit title buttons in presets list, so "some other buttons" didn`t ring a bell
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