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  1. no, thank you, i need normal rasterization to work normaly. In my case fill layers are usually hidden deep in nested groups with several effects. So rasterizing such group gives partially broken image because of this bug - some effects in groups with fills completely lost over missed part of the document
  2. There is again a problem with rasterization of Fill layer - sometimes it happens after changing document size. Really annoying, since for proper use of such files every layer in every group with filters should be checked manually... madness. See attached file with history, to find how this happens. Essentially the problem arise after Canvas Resize action BadFillRaterize.afphoto
  3. Sounds like a good idea for plugin...
  4. Working on art there is quite a common task to replace colors with brush, and there is dedicated tool for that - "Color replacement brush" Unfortunately in its current form it is very limited... and most of time (cases) not usable, quite non-predictable. for example it simply not working at all on low-saturated areas. Besides, more common task is to replace not color, but hue/lightness/saturation separately. It would be helpful, if this brush worked as usual (normal) brush with just one tweak - "auto-opacity". Opacity should be calculated on-the-fly from RGB/LAB-distance between sampled color and color under brush (with selectable falloff - linear, quadratic, cubic). That way replacement would be really predictabe and controllable Would be great to have separate option/switch to replace only luminance/hue/saturation too
  5. Sorry to bother, but i`m using AP both on Mac and Windows and since new Windows beta 1.8 changed file format (so beta files can not be opened in latest release anymore) - i can`t use beta with all new shiny features without Mac counterpart. Which is a pity, since re-added HSV option in HSL filter sounds good
  6. Thanks, nice trick!!! Didn`t know. Althout unified "Rasterize" behaviour would be more user-friendly, imho
  7. Rasterizing a mask will leave it as "Mask", it will do nothing actually. I`m talking about converting "Mask" layer into "Pixel" layer, since many tools can be used on "Pixel" layers only (with full capacities)
  8. Please, allow "Rasterize" command to convert masks back to pixel layers (black and white). It can be done manually (filling empty layer with black/white, masking and merging, etc) - but this is really annoying. This may seem not important - but since many tools (and filters, since alpha is special) simply not working on masks as expected - there is a lot of "mask tuning cases" when it is faster to convert mask into pixel and do the work with all AP power, comparing to fixing mask with only limited set of tools. So the ability just to rasterize mask into pixel would be very handy.
  9. IPv6

    Anime art

    Anime-art "Swim time", created with Affinity photo https://www.artstation.com/artwork/YaV9bV
  10. IPv6

    Brush Palette

    You can create category in brush panel and fill with faviourite brushes as wished... no?
  11. There is a problem with "Apply image" filter when it is used on mask or Adjustment layer. Instead of producing black-n-white values (alpha), it produces dots and stripes all over the screen. See screenshots. AP
  12. as a side note - you can do this (and similar tasks) without separate doc. just "merge visible"->Filter "Apply image" in LAB mode, all channels to SL->Convert to mask, done. Can be recorded as macro. You can even have L* as a live filter - something not possible in PH(RGB doc) at all. Just add "Levels" in LAB mode and set "output Black/White" to 50% for A/B channels
  13. Please, add new live filter, based on "Warp" tool. The same way as perspective tool has its live filter counterpart This will be very helpful for non-destructive editing... and quite unique
  14. Please, add another type of input for Procedural texture - color input, as vec3. With color picker functionality, to allow user to get color directly from image. And additional functions to do color conversions (LAB <-> RGB, HSI <->RGB, etc) would be great also
  15. AP has useful feature to set opacity for brush and eraser via 1-0 keys. But mix&smudge brushes does not have opacity option, just flow option.... and this keys do not work on them, forcing to use mouse to change value "on the fly" Please, make same hotkeys (1-0) to change flow value for Smudge brush and Mix brush, in the same way as opacity in other brushes

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