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  1. No problem to redo, although case-agnostic parsing would be great. "when the expressions were removed" - what you mean removed? is this somewhat related to new live procedural filter? Are there something like unified expression system? Just curious, since procedural filter looks very promising... with support for LAB in inputs and outputs (hope this is planned, judging on predefined categories in filter presets) would be a real killer
  2. I have some macros, that use "Apply image" equations with some math over LAB values... Some of them became broken in beta. The reason: some functions was renamed. In my case it was Sqrt: in stable release function was named "Sqrt" and in current beta it should be "sqrt". First char changed. Easy to fix by re-recording with proper function name, but old macroses, with "camel casing" for equations - not working in beta "out of the box"
  3. I am using PSD format for exchanging images and with latest beta found a bug in PSD export: In resulted PSD all layers, that are HIDDEN in original AP file - all of them are completely empty. They are here, they are named properly and stay on right hierarchy place - but fully transparent, no pixels in them. Layer, that was visible in original AP file are exported as usual, with all pixels This happens with all 3 PSD export presets
  4. Seems like a bug: 1) Open Liquify persona 2) change brush settings (hardness, falloff type, etc) 3) apply Liquify 4) Open Liquify persona again Notice, that brush settings from 2) was reset to defaults. Expected behaviour - settings are saved&restored on next open inside same document...
  5. Same with Liquify Persona. Brush settings get constantly reset to defaults (which are not ok for my usecases)
  6. Please, add ability to save/load deformations in Filter "Deformation" for batch processing images in same manner. And this would be great, if format for save/load became the same as in Liquify persona - "affinity_liquify_mesh" - so user would be able to "fine-tune" deformations from Deformation filter in Liquify persona later
  7. Disagree... AP UX much better that PS //
  8. Imho there is no need for camera persona in this case. Just slap a bunch on adjustment layers on top of base layer, this is actually quite the same. Curves, Levels, etc. The only real advantage of Camera persona is ability to tweak RAW files, which is not needed in your case obviously
  9. This feature already here. It works. In Windows is works perfectly. The only problem exist with Mac version - you have to drag at start point, not just click
  10. Even Photoshop does not have such improvement
  11. Also, another suggestion for straight-line feature. This is really frequent feature (straight-line on shift-click), used a lot - so any improvement will help a lot
  12. Shift-clicking for maiking straight line is great, but this feature can be even greater. Currently straight line is drawn with the final size. This is ok most of the time, but sometimes you need to draw straight line with varaying thickness. Suggestion is - take brush size into account, when interpolating between start and stop position. So you can start-click with smaller size (for example), adjust brush size and shift-click at end position - and AP draw nicely smooth tube with initial size at start position and final size at end position
  13. On Mac you can not just click in one place and shift-click on another. Doing this you will get line not from the first click - but from PREVIOUS DRAG position. From completely random place most of the time, actually So on Mac you have to drag slightly (trying not to ruin art piece at this point) - and then shift-click at the end position Very annoying, actually