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  1. Uncheck the Balance Text in Columns in the Text Frame panel.
  2. You have to have one of the Text Tools chosen for the fonts to appear in the Context Toolbar. Go to View > Show Context Toolbar.
  3. Do you have the menu item View > Show Guides checked?
  4. It seems that the Master Pages have the main Text Frames linked from right to left and then in the Pages those frames are linked left to right. I am not sure how that contributes to your problem if in fact it does.
  5. Hi and welcome to the forums @Jimmy21, This sounds like a case of the history being saved with the file. Go to File > Save History with Document (I think that is what it is called) and uncheck it. Then save it as a copy and compare the file sizes.
  6. Some books have lots of text which isn't linked in one continuous flow, but I do think that your basic premise is workable. The main problem is that ePub and Print are completely different things.
  7. There must be a reason that Affinity chose the Unicode paragraph separator and line separator instead of new line or line break. I just don't know what it is, I have a 'Text Factory' set up in BBEdit to replace these when pasting text copied from Publisher.
  8. I find no problem renaming the Artboards in the Designer Persona and having that new name show up in the slices. I am on Mac.
  9. Short answer, no. Longer answer... An embedded document is just that, a separate document. You could copy the items make a new document and then 'place' that.
  10. Hi and welcome to the forums @Novice1994 When Affinity releases the applications at 2.0.x (we are at 1.8.x) I believe we will have to pay for the upgrade, there is a while to go yet.
  11. @Lisa6 I use Facing Pages. Make a new document with one page and a Master Page. Make a text frame on each page of the Master Page, linked them using the triangles on the right side and left side of the text frames. Apply the Master Page to Page 1. Go to Page one and select the Text tool and click in the Text Frame. Use the File > Place... command to place the .docx file. Go to the little triangle on the lower right side of the text frame and hold down the Shift key while you click with the mouse on the triangle. There should be new pages created automatically with the text from the .docx file. From Deepl.com Ich verwende Facing Pages. Ich erstelle ein neues Dokument mit einer Seite und einer Master-Seite. Erstellen Sie auf jeder Seite der Stammseite einen Textrahmen, die durch die Dreiecke auf der rechten und linken Seite der Textrahmen miteinander verbunden sind. Wenden Sie die Stammseite auf Seite 1 an. Gehen Sie zu Seite 1, wählen Sie das Werkzeug Text und klicken Sie in den Textrahmen. Verwenden Sie den Befehl Datei > Platzieren..., um die .docx-Datei zu platzieren. Gehen Sie zu dem kleinen Dreieck auf der unteren rechten Seite des Textrahmens und halten Sie die Umschalttaste gedrückt, während Sie mit der Maus auf das Dreieck klicken. Es sollten automatisch neue Seiten mit dem Text aus der .docx-Datei erstellt werden. Übersetzt mit www.DeepL.com/Translator (kostenlose Version)
  12. When you say "fill boxes" you are referring to Picture Frames, that is why they have the diagonal lines. I don't know of any way to turn those off. You could use ordinary Rectangles and then when you wish to place pictures use the Convert to Picture Frame command in a right click/ control click on the Rectangle to Convert to Picture Frame.
  13. Same thing here, I think it has to do with the Filler Text. If you use real text in the frame it is okay.
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