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  1. I have to choose the equation and use Edit > Copy As... > then choose PDF from there. Export only gives me the graph. Neat trick though, hope I can remember it in five years. [smiley face emoticon]
  2. Check out the Indexing feature, it may not be what you need but it does update or keep track of the index markers after inserting pages.
  3. Perhaps they (the Asset's styles) could be added to a separate list or Studio of Text Styles like the behaviour of the Table of Contents current behaviour. They would be viewable only when the text cursor is in one of the assets, or when one is selected.
  4. Old Bruce

    What is this?

    Don't quote me... I think there is a preference setting for that.
  5. Not just the learning curve I think it would increase the overall usability of the Styles. That would make it more productive in the long run.
  6. You can make your own presets and choose from among them.
  7. Set up a Paragraph Style, go to the Spacing section and select Left Indent of say 0.25 inches. Set the First Line indent to 0.0 inches. Or use the same in the Paragraph Studio if it just one paragraph you want to have this in.
  8. My first reaction was "That is not correct" and now after trying I find that you are mostly correct. I can edit one section once. At least I think I could edit it, but after that I can only add sections and they are kind of screwed up. Can't delete is a killer because I make mistakes. The weirdest thing is that I can't select a section. I will investigate further to get more specifics.
  9. This is the forum for Affinity Photo. But yes, do a search for Linux. There are a few Linux fans.
  10. Set up a Paragraph Style name it Boss or Top Dog or something. set up a Paragraph Style based on Boss and only change the Size and/or Weight and call it "Boss 11pt Bold" and a third (again based on Boss) called "Boss 14pt" and one for smaller italic etc then change Boss's font from Gill Sans to Times Roman and the based on styles will change to Times Roman 11pt Bold and Times Roman 14pt (regular (or what ever Boss has)) and then Times Roman italic etc. Won't help with the current project but will in the future if you plan ahead.
  11. I would try grouping the two new objects with the 'old' group if you don't want clipping happening.
  12. Use Character Styles applied to a Paragraph Style? I don't quite follow what it is you want to achieve.
  13. I knew there was something 'wrong' with Paragraph and Character styles but this explanation makes me want to weep. Doesn't seem to be a simple or easy fix.