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  1. Old Bruce

    space problem

    Even using the default size (small) I get a similar result with the cryptic ... 102,103 of ... showing and the resizing of the Pages Studio panel has no effect.
  2. Sorry, I just re-read my post and I see I was far from clear. What you said in your first post was duplicated by me. Foolishly I included the other stuff as extra information about what wouldn't give that nasty result. [mea-culpa emoticon] I honestly can't think of anything that would cause this because Nothing Should Happen at all. It is kind of like your TV remote starts your car, puts it in gear and crashes it into something three blocks away.
  3. Old Bruce

    Find and replace

    Quite often it is a true case of six of one or a half dozen of the other. I feel your pain. [not-literally emoticon]
  4. I was just checking to see if this was still happening and crashed. I got the Master to appear and then it crashed. Anyone want the report? Affinity Publisher Beta_2018-09-22-091445_Bruces-MacBook.crash.zip
  5. Old Bruce

    Find and replace

    The way I do this is to look at the results of the find operation and see what is before and/or after the bullet. For instance say the results are mostly Bullet <space> Then in the replace field i put the <space> in and hit replace all. Sometimes it'll be a Tab after or before or a paragraph or line return. Without grep we have to improvise.
  6. If you mean the Mandarin text which is selected then I will offer no advice out of my utter ignorance of non English languages. If you mean the English I'll second Walt.Farrell with the caveat of checking the "main text_EN" Character Style first. I bet there is something in there which will bite you bad later on.
  7. True I'll wager that that is a firing offence. Also I am sure there must be worse ideas but nothing comes readily to mind. We shouldn't waste time thinking about one either. ... I'm thinking about it. ... Still thinking about it.
  8. I too support Seneca's suggestion but I shudder at the unintended consequences of that little checkbox being accidentally set. I could mess up real good with accidentally setting it and then basing styles on that ... "Oh, The Humanity!"
  9. Had a Recovery after successfully closing a document and then Quitting the Application. A couple of minutes later it offered up a crash recovery.Affinity Publisher Beta_2018-09-22-091445_Bruces-MacBook.crash.zip
  10. Try the Leading override on the Characters Panel.
  11. Okay, that is nasty. First off it shouldn't work. Space Before the paragraph shouldn't work by moving the Text Box around on the page. I couldn't get anything using the Space After. Using a Text Frame gives expected results. As Walt.Farrell pointed out using the Navigator will allow you to find the moved and annoyingly invisible Art Text. You can also use the Layers panel (On the original page) to find the text and then cut it and paste it back on the page. Walt's suggested key combinations yielded me no results of note. Another Mac Bug I think.
  12. On the Mac it is busted, oddly enough the only one which works as we would expect is the Leading well. I would say a definite bug on Mac.
  13. I am not certain if I have ever used a Drop Cap with wnything other than Left aligned (Ragged Right) or Left Justified. But this behaviour of sticking the Cap out on the Left side of the Text Frame just can not be correct. Align Left Edge on/off makes no difference. The way it is supposed to be --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wrong ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Wronger or Wrongest.
  14. Yes Affinity Publisher will do these examples very easily. All you have to do is select "Facing Pages" and you have two pages side by side.
  15. Works here too. The little + shows in the Paragraphs panel (without the expanding ability though) and in the Context Toolbar (again without the expanding ability).