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  1. Little visual glitch on the General section of the Preferences. I noticed that the Normalize Breaks.... section needed to be toggled on and off before it would take effect. I do hope this is going to be an option in Publisher too.
  2. Copy and paste into a text file via what ever text editing or word-processing application you have.
  3. Try not having the Effect and effected layer in a group all on its lonesome. Try this way instead
  4. This is down to the various curves having been rotated. If you choose one of the groups and ungroup then group again the rotation of the groups is gone, just the curves remain rotated. I am curious as to whether this was made in Designer or a different application?
  5. To convert an image layer into a Pixel layer just right click on it in the Layers panel (I always use a copy of the layer, just to be safe) and choose Rasterize. Image layers will retain all the pixel size information (larger or smaller) whereas a Pixel layer is fixed to the document's dpi/ppi. Occasionally quite useful.
  6. Probably the layer is an Image Layer, not a pixel layer. Or are you trying to make a pixel selection on a vector object? Which Application are you using Photo Designer or Publisher?
  7. This is for use if your images are not in the same folder as the CSV file.... While in the Finder if you Control + Click or Right Click on one of your images you can see there is a choice to Copy it. If you hold down the Option Key that choice will change to Copy as Path Name. Then you can paste that whole path into the spreadsheet and change just the names of the indiviual files. Remember to keep the file extensions on the name.
  8. Try settings like this, first line 0 (zero) mm Left indent 3mm.
  9. The only way I can get the Include Bleed to be greyed out (unchangeable) is by choosing Selection, not Pages nor Spreads. Which preset are you using? Try For Print or Press Ready to start with. I am on Mac OS 10.14.6
  10. There should be at least two, both [No Style] for Character and Paragraph styles.
  11. There is a function called Batch Process. File > New Batch Job... Open your 40 photos do all your edits and save the files then do a Batch and you can export them in various image formats.
  12. I would copy one of the files (CR3) onto the desktop and then choose File > Get Info in the Finder. Now in the Get Info window look for Open With, there should be a dropdown menu choose the application you wish to use to open all the CR3 files from the list. After selecting that application hit the Change All button and click the yes I really do want to change all of the files (CR3) to be opened with application XYZ.
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