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  1. I do, when I have a paper clip handy. Don't get me started on cleave though. Or Flammable vs Inflammable. Having said that I do think that Photo's ability to use Document > Clip Canvas / Document > Unclip Canvas is a rather like a solution in search of a problem. I don't know what it does so I leave it alone.
  2. I use the file name "to trash" a lot when I am messing around and experimenting. Save the file as such when opening a new one and at the end of the day trash them.
  3. I assume you got it from the Affinity store and not the Mac App Store. Are you holding down any modifier keys when/while you drag the icon over to the applications folder? You shouldn't. Try to copy and paste the file into the application folder. When all else fails I will quit all applications and restart my computer (gets rid of a lot of computer cruft) then try again.
  4. Go to the View menu, View > Studio > Reset Studio. Should work for any of the three Affinity Applications, it would help if you were to say which one you are having difficulty with.
  5. I took a look again and I have realized that what you are experiencing is the paragraph's first two lines being kept together (Prevent orphaned first lines) and the paragraph's last two lines being kept together (Prevent widowed last lines). As there are only three lines in the paragraph they are all being kept together. Having said all that I do not understand why the three line paragraph is not being included in space that looks like it is four lines high on the previous page. Your file (hozzad-lancolva-test) has the paragraph style (Normal) using the base line grid but the base line grid is off on both the spreads and the Text Frames. Then there is some additional spacing going on with the three asterisks used as a break which messes up the spacing for the page not using the baseline grid.
  6. I am so glad you solved it, but sorry I didn't think of that too. I shall remember that.
  7. I am out of ideas from off of the top of my head, I would need to see the document and go through the Paragraph Styles and Text Frames and some other things to see what the problem is.
  8. You may have a Frame Break, Column Break, Page Break in there. Turn on Show Special Characters and see what is there, there shouldn't be anything other than the one Paragraph Return.
  9. You may have Keep paragraph together turned on in the Paragraph Style's Flow section. It may even be turned on in a Paragraph Style which this one is based on and is inherited as this screen shot would show.
  10. Old Bruce

    Exporting resizes image

    Not literally 'under'. Try to turn move by... on or off when Force Pixel Alignment is off. Can't be done.
  11. Old Bruce

    GREP Styles

    I hear you. It does get easier with practice and I quite often learn enough to improve the previous search queries. That said, I would like the ability to save some searches. (There is also another problem I have with saving searches and using less than accurate or descriptive names for them. I have messed stuff up real bad falling into that trap.)
  12. Old Bruce

    GREP Styles

    Try this; Make a Character Style called "Caution Hi-light" do a search for the word CAUTION: and for the replace field use the character style.
  13. When you say you want to "edit the font" do you mean you want to make a new version of the font or just change the appearance of a few letters here and there? If the former then I would say you need a Font Editor, if the latter then yes, with the caveat that you can't make a change to what letter is used. I mean you couldn't 'type' with it.
  14. Further testing here results in no Crash but at times a serious slowdown as your video showed. So I doubt that I was correct about the drivers or the age of the tablet. With that said if your crash is consistent with the pencil tool and using the pressure I would submit it as a bug.
  15. Works fine on Mojave but I have a relatively new Wacom. Are your Wacom drivers up to date?

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