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  1. You have the problem with the two applied Paragraph Styles plus you also have a problem with the diamond bullets Style having 3 points for the Baseline in Position and Transform. This is carried over to the styles which are based on it. Finally this is just my opinion but you have far too many Paragraph Styles in this document.
  2. Kerning variations are to be expected. I would think it may be something to do with the font, Inter. I don't have that font so I am sorry I can't offer any other help off the top of my head.
  3. Welcome to the forums @Akoda Put your text caret in the text to the right of the letter "o" and use the keyboard's arrow key to advance it to the left one letter at a time. check the values for these areas.
  4. Works with a filled open curve. Or even a pair of filled yet open curves.
  5. Put your text caret in the text. Reverse the curve using the Context toolbar. Flip the item using the Toolbar.
  6. What "two boxes"? There are three places to set up Text Styles. The Character Panel can do Character Styles and the Paragraph Panel can do Paragraph Styles and the Text Styles dialog can make Group, Paragraph and Character Styles with more options. The Styles made with the Text Styles dialog will appear in the Character and Paragraph panels and they will show up as selected in the Context Toolbar when text is selected.
  7. By design, but it seems wrong when I have a shape with no fill still being selected.
  8. Hello @Heather17 Those are going to be the DMG files expanded to be 'virtual' Disks. DMG is the file type for a " Disk Image ". If you look in the 'disk' then you'll most likely see the Application and an alias to your Applications folder. Once you drag the Application to the alias the Application is copied to your Applications Folder and then you can eject the 'disk' and delete the DMG file, you won't need it again unless you want to reinstall the application.
  9. Oh, wow. Don't use a Character Style to style an entire paragraph's text whilst using [No Style] as its Paragraph Style. Make a Header Paragraph Style. You can probably trash that Character Style Header.
  10. Weird that it doesn't. Double weird that I hadn't noticed that we couldn't do this as well all the way back in version 1.
  11. Easiest way to do this is to set up a document of the proper size and DPI that you will want. Make a grid using the triangle preset and set it to the proper size. Turn on Snap to grid and have everything else off. Use the Pen tool and draw three sides of the hexagon. Duplicate it and move it up and over to form more of the hexagon Group this and duplicate the group and repeat the "forming more of the hexagon". Group this and Move to the corner and use the Power Duplicate to fill a row, shift and fill a second row etc. Finally select all and group and apply a clear fill and an appropriate stroke to the group, this will clear every thing and give you the proper stroke.
  12. There is a way to apply the edits done to a raw file to others. First open a raw file and process it (develop it) to give an embedded or linked layer, not a pixel layer. Now use the move tool to select the layer in the Photo Persona and record a macro. The macro will consist of you hitting the Develop button in the Context toolbar and then hitting the Develop button in the Develop persona. Name the macro after the file name or some such thing, mine look like 5634 raw Develop. Now you can use that macro to process the new raw files or you can use it to Batch Process a bunch of raw files using the File > New Batch Job... .
  13. I think the problem is that you have chosen the OS or standard Move insertion point to start / end of a paragraph for the increase decrease shortcuts. We should see some sort of warning. This is for both version 1 and 2 of the Affinity applications. The default Command + Home and Command + End keys work here on my extended keyboard. Not much help if you don't have the extended keyboard though.
  14. The text in the Text Frame (your text box) takes on the Text Styles, not the Text Frame. You can select a Text frame and apply a Paragraph Style to all of the text in the text frame but it is not a characteristic or attribute of the Text Frame. Observe what happens when you do this with three linked text frames, choose the middle one and apply a Paragraph Style which has a much smaller font size and leading, notice how the text will reflow and paragraphs from the later frame flowing into the middle frame will have the old large size Paragraph Style even though they are now in the middle frame. Text takes on Text Styles, Text Frames do not.
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