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  1. I get a crash if I try and use the HP Envy 5055 Scanner with the Beta 1.9.0 but it works fine with the retail. The Beta sees it but if I try any refinements Photo crashes without generating a Crash Report.
  2. I believe it has to do with a combination of the Light interface and highlight colours in the Mac OS, I use Grapite and blue and have no problem.
  3. I would go with that. You more than likely will find edge cases where it won't work, deal with it then.
  4. My interface shows degrees not percentages. I can enter % by selecting the entire field and entering 20% .
  5. I am guessing you haven't downloaded the trial. It works for 10 days so gather your material (from a previous issue) and download it and give it a spin. The term used for the Tabloid size is "Ledger" I would choose that from the Presets Print ready and then set 12 pages, double page spread and use the Guides manager to set up columns (I chose 5 but you can use what ever number you want).
  6. Select the rectangle in the Layers panel and you should be able to do what you want. Use the move tool, if you want to use nodes you'll have to first convert the rectangle to a Curve.
  7. As you have all three applications then you can use the fact that the different files (.afdesign, .afphoto and .afpub) are in fact the same file forma. So just use the tools in Photo on a Designer file.
  8. You want to use the Point Transform tool in conjunction with the Transform panel. duplicate the line and then use the tool. Screen Recording 2020-12-01 at 6.38.47 AM.mov
  9. You'll have to stretch the top of the image out using the Perspective Tool. Have to go by eye, there is no automatic system.
  10. You are correct, I haven't yet tried anything with hundreds of linked images. My main concern for you is the aforementioned shuffling of odd pages to even pages when adding the parts on. I would suggest making a few (test case) documents of five and six pages with images and placing them to see what I am on about.
  11. You could try using the Pinning function for the images, they can have a Text Wrap applied to them.
  12. The closest is "Add pages from file" if you right click on the last page in the pages panel. You can add part two with that. Be aware that you'll get your even odd pages messed up in the second part if you have two page spreads and the first part is an od number of pages. There is an automatic new section added when you do this and you'll have to change the page numbering to 'Continue'.
  13. You are welcome. Happy to help (With Walt's assistance, or rather my assist to Walt's goal)
  14. I do not have access to all the various applications which do allow footnotes and endnotes so I possess vast ignorance of how they are implemented in the various applications and thus how they would be exported into Publisher. Would Footnotes be easily changed into endnotes and vice versa, can numbered footnotes be turned into symbols and vice versa? Can there be Footnotes and Endnotes in one document? I do know that footnotes are a right royal pain. If you ever want to see what can happen with footnotes get a copy of Hannah Arendt's "The Origins of Totalitarianism". There are pages where footnotes are continued from the previous page, and have copy with two footnotes which must each be continued on the following page(s). I fail to see how it would be possible to easily implement a footnote algorithm for that admitted extreme edge case. Post Script: It is a brilliant work.
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