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  1. dumb to the point where I trashed mine after about four months.
  2. I frequently select a font by typing the name in the font list in the Toolbar or the Character Studio. This doesn't work in the beta, I just see the whole list of fonts. It works in the current betas for Photo and Publisher.
  3. My late paternal Grandmothers's sprouts were lethal in anyone's hands.
  4. Old Bruce


    The problem was with Pixels not points. I think it is because points, inches and centimetres are distances and a Pixel is a 'thing' that measures 1 arbitrary unit by 1 arbitrary unit exactly. Pixels are binary, 1 or 0, there is no way to have a fraction of a pixel. All this is guessing on my part and I am glad your printer figured out a solution for you.
  5. Pure black and the colour you have chosen will not be 'obvious' to the eye when comparing the text and the spots labeled 1 & 2. For what it is worth everything updates on the Mac. (we have different bugs)[sad-faced emoticon]
  6. As @fde101 said, and within the application they are listed in User Reports, there is a handy little date time stamp about a dozen lines in so you can find the ones you want.
  7. Alright I tracked down the problem. I had Metal enabled. With that I could not see the grid but it was there because I turned off snapping for everything except that. Now I have OpenGL enabled and I can see the grid on the selected page instead of it disappearing. The kicker is that I don't really like using the grid.
  8. Old Bruce

    New Icons Too Similar

    Oh wow, I just flashed back to the good old days of ResEdit.
  9. A work around will give you the last option, you'll have to make a new H1 style. Call it H1b and change nothing from H1 but use it on all the subsequent pages i.e. Pages 5 and 6 for the Third Topic items. Then you can just choose H1 for the Table of Contents. I realize this is not ideal.
  10. Old Bruce


    I was off by a little and a lot in my remembering. Bit of searching showed me that the problem was that the size of the artboard in Affinity Designer would scale up if the size was a fraction of a pixel off an integer value. Could you check your page size in pixels and trim that bit off? I only suggest this because of the oft mentioned "shared code base" between all three applications.
  11. I set up a few sets of fonts in the Mac's Font Book and I can select those fonts in the various Affinity applications. Have to go to the Character Studios though so that is a bit of a poor design.
  12. I doubt that I would use it very often but I am amazed that it is missing.
  13. This is what I see from a template made two previous betas back and adding two new pages; The same master page 'Book Name Page No is applied to all three pages. If I zoom in or select the first page the grid disappears on it. Going to start with out using a template.