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  1. I have to go by my faulty memory but I recall that the zoom was restored with snapshots. I am seeing the same "image is stretched to fit the screen." behaviour here on Mac. As I said it is by memory but when I checked just now I was puzzled and not pleased that View Points in the Navigator pane are not restored either. I would report this as a bug.
  2. I was thrilled to read "* Absolute (Kelvin) white balance can be stored in develop presets." Sadly this is not the case. I opened a CR2 (Canon) file made a pair of white balance Presets and they can be applied to CR2 files but not to .afphoto files opened and processed in the Develop Persona. Plus the presets made in a Develop Persona cannot be used on a CR2 file opened and processed in the Develop Persona. There is more to this and I will investigate and report back.
  3. Did the applications update? In your Applications folder are they 1.7.1 or 1.7.2?
  4. Get some text in a text frame and choose <No Style> for both the Paragraph and Character Styles. Select all the text and change it to Garamond (or whatever you want) and then go to Edit > Defaults > Synchronize from Selection then go to Edit > Defaults > Save. This will give you the new font face, size, weight etc for new text.
  5. This has to do with a difference between how the Grid is displayed with whether Metal or Open GL is on, the two systems have different origins and only the Metal version is able to snap.
  6. I think that is to be expected, when I install an application it is going into the Applications folder for the first time and is an unknown, when I update an application the app is already 'okay' in the Applications folder.
  7. I am much like you but I feel that the Canon software does not keep pace with the various computer OSes as well/quickly as companies like Serif, Adobe etc.
  8. This is to be expected. The changes to the Paragraph Style will not replace the locally applied overrides until you reset them. Screen Recording 2019-08-10 at 7.37.40 AM.mov
  9. Same here, this is with Publisher by the way. We need these in the find and replace dropdown menus in along with En Dash, Em Dash etc. Even weirder is trying to find a single "Quote", opening or closing, by typing an apostrophe into the find and replace Find text box. Can't figure out how to do that. I'll wager that it may have something to do with language settings.
  10. I can reproduce that behaviour here. Any tool other than the text tool will result with the first find not highlighting. This is probably what I have previously (un)observed. First 'find' selects the frame, second selects the text tool and highlights the found text.
  11. I feel your frustration as I have the same hassle here.
  12. Old Bruce

    Use of Macro uses too much memory. RC1

    Obvious when I think about your explaination.