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  1. What I would do then is make a Paragraph Style called Scene Change and use on the Scene Changes. Just have no indent set for Scene Change. We can set up Keyboard shortcuts to choose Paragraph Styles so set one up for Scene Change and have its Next Style (in the Style part of the Text Styles dialog) be set to whatever the proper next style would be.
  2. I was simply commenting on how there is no need to use the Layer > Geometry > Add step, you can just have the curves separate. To do some simple warping just use the Node tool to select the nodes and make sure the Node tool's Context Toolbar is set like the screenshot in my earlier post. Then you can drag the handles on the selection box to make the top more narrow, or wider, or rotate it, or shift it to one side etc. What your screenshot shows is more complex. The short answer is there is no simple easy way to achieve this currently. We cannot easily curve the top and bottom like you show.
  3. Seeing as how Designer does not have any filters it would be a Photo bug.
  4. There is a Decoration in the text in the table. Select all the text in the table and remove the Character outline: solid 0.2 pt
  5. .jpeg, .jpg, .JPEG and .JPG will all work fine for displaying images. There is just the problem with the extension being wrong if you are generating the code (before you make the picture file) and you consistently use .JPEG but the Affinity products are producing .jpg. To make life simple I would use the format and case in the code that Affinity produces with the exports. Otherwise it is a case (you see what I did there) of renaming the files extensions using your favourite scripting language. I would go with .jpg as it uses less ink if you are printing it, oh and old Windows servers.
  6. Could you make a small Publisher file (use copy and paste) showing just some of the problem paragraphs/tables and post it here. Otherwise all we can do is speculate. Best would be the idml file.
  7. The Designer document has a DPI setting of x DPI. All of the artboards have the same DPI. Place a JPEG/TIFF/PNG and you have all the pixels there regardless of the original file's DPI. The picture may be larger or the same size or smaller in inches or cm but all the pixels are there.
  8. I am assuming that an audiobook recording is of book consisting of mostly text. @mistergarth is most likely needing to know how the text from the first edition is different from the second edition. He needs to get the new text recorded and then the deleted text's recording needs to be redone again. BBEdit just gives me the text when I copy paste text from a PDF. Have the two PDFs open to annotate and look through the BBEdit differences window to find the changes. It isn't automatic but I feel it would be accurate.
  9. No need to do an Add. Just make sure they are curves and you can select all of the curves and set the node tool's Context Toolbar like this select the nodes as shown and you can move, scale, rotate or whatever to them.
  10. I assume that the idea is to find the additions and deletions from the first edition that has been recorded so as to re-record those paragraphs and then splice those new recordings into the recorded first edition. I would be tempted to use my BBEdit text editor's compare function to highlight the differences in copied and pasted text from the two PDFs. It is almost just the work of a moment.
  11. @Colin Red, so nice to see legible and most likely easily maintained html.
  12. That is what I originally wrote [slightly embarrassed smiley face emoticon]. It is early here on the left wet coast. I had to double check that myself before posting.
  13. @Ria The missing information is for you to look at the Preference's panel for Performance. On Mac OS it is under the Affinity menu or type Command + , (Command and the comma key). If you are on Windows check the Help menu and type Preferences. Look under the Performance tab for what @NathanC has suggested changing.
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