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  1. I am more concerned that they work, and well at that. We can change the styling and we can add to or subtract from the link's length and they still work. I like the way it works now. As to bloat... I have no concern regarding the possible multiplication of some short text strings in a document which may be filled with graphics and long text.
  2. That is wrong behaviour, the panel should not come up if we have nothing selected. Dismiss it with the cancel button. Clicking the Okay button causes a crash here. Affinity Publisher Beta_2019-05-25-162627_Mac-Pro.crash Affinity Publisher Beta_2019-05-25-162830_Mac-Pro.crash
  3. Watch your video (15 to 16 second mark), you choose Hyperlink for the style of the hyperlink. That is why the style was added to your document. If you had chosen [No Style] then the Hyperlink style would not be added to your document. Extra styles drive me up the proverbial wall.
  4. It is caused by paging up and down using the key combination Command + Page Up or Command + Page Down on the extended keyboard. Testing just now the effect happens even if you use the page forward or page backward buttons on the bottom left as well. The change is always decreasing and it is across all Zoom sizes. I thought there was something wrong with the display, letters were getting distorted due to the constant redrawing perhaps. Metal is on in the preferences. EDIT: Metal is the culprit. Goes away with Open GL. Edit again: Open GL is not the solution. Seems to be Okay after restarting the application but it comes back. I haven't yet found a recipe for certain, just know that it is there.
  5. I have Designer and Photo on that but the recent hassle with the Publisher made me remove it. Plus it is soooo sloooow for some stuff. Thanks for reminding me to reinstall the Publisher beta there.
  6. The first English must be some sort of Platonic Ideal. You know the one that nobody uses or understands but spelling correctly is easier in it.
  7. Old Bruce

    Contextual Zoom Pop-up Truncated

    Thanks MEB.
  8. Old Bruce

    Contextual Zoom Pop-up Truncated

    And the number (50%) is messed up if you select it, no difference in Default or Large UI preference.
  9. Old Bruce

    Contextual Zoom Pop-up Truncated

    Gets kind of worse... Default or large user interface makes no difference.
  10. There is no Unknown (en-US) in the menu list though. The only language I have chosen in my OS is English with the region being Canada so I get English (Canada) as my Primary (and only) choice.
  11. Pretty sure I would use that a lot.
  12. Neat, I tried that and lost the Swatches and had Unknown for a language choice in Auto correct and filler text instead of my system's previous preference for English (Canada). Should point out that the language choice is from the General section of the application's Preferences.
  13. Accordian to my dictionary it is spelt/spelled accordion.
  14. Something would be good, I don't really care what sort of keypresses are involved but being able to jump up to the group and up again with a couple of keystrokes is a great idea.