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  1. Look into the Snapshot feature, put a shortcut on it and you are half way there. Post Script: I have seen some of the Procreate videos and I am sorry that I have seen them. The video recording is a solution in search of a problem. Just my 2 ¢ worth.
  2. Old Bruce

    Ruler origin issues in v1.7.0.7

    Long answer is that there are some tools I cannot use to change the rulers' origin, eyedropper, corner and a few others. the move tool yes, the various shape tools yes, pen tool yes. Old files,, new files zoomed and sometimes even zoomed and rotated. All fine. Snaps to objects too.
  3. Backup your homemade brushes and then reset the brushes. Preferences > Miscellaneous Reset Brushes. Wait this sounds like you have set your brush size too, too large, check the size in the Context toolbar or the brushes panel. If it is 'normal' then try the above.
  4. More than likely. You have to work sometimes to not get that happening.
  5. Old Bruce

    Blend Modes for Multi-layer Fills and Strokes?

    Do you not see the word Normal by the fill or stroke? that is the blend mode, click on it and there will be a list presented. Tip you can also add noise just click on the coloured dot by the word Opacity in the colour popup.
  6. Just asking the obvious here: Do you have a layer in the document?
  7. I am not seeing that here. Could we see your Layers Studio in a screen shot?
  8. Remember to push them in the correct order.
  9. Hold Option, click to select something and drag it. A copy is made as soon as I start dragging.
  10. Are you making your adjustments with adjustment layers? If so you would have to flatten all the layers or to put it in Affinity speak Merge Visible. Do this with the menu Layers > Merge Visible. You can also do this with a right click in the layers panel. Then select that new layer to copy. The adjustment layers are not affecting the background layer in any permanent manner and they can be changed, even the mask can be altered.
  11. Old Bruce

    Crashes when opening multiple files

    Not happening here. I can open from the finder without the program running, with the program running and from the program's open dialogue. It can be a mix of .afphoto .jpg .tiff or even .CR2 files.
  12. Easier said than done, we would need to know the proper tags and their allowed values to use in the XML file. Perhaps even the correct ordering of them too. There is some merit to your suggestion about keeping a master set of styles, I just doubt it would result in quicker editing of the various styles.
  13. No, they have enough irons in the fire right now. This has been asked for and the reply is not not ever but it is not now.
  14. Old Bruce

    TOC mishap

    Stab in the dark here... are you using the section names for the Table of Contents? I ask because of the final 8 pages being fine.