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  1. Just use File > New Stack and uncheck align images. I do this sort of thing all the time. You can also skip the Stack and just place several images in a document then play with their opacity and blend modes but I like the Stack.
  2. Pretty sure it doesn't understand anything. Most common screw up / mistake / confusing thing in the ToC is that the layer position is important, not the place on the page. Look at your layers panel and move three different text frames up or down. Regenerate the ToC after each move. Note that the different text layers will move in the ToC. Bottom is the first layer for the ToC ordering, top is the last layer for ToC ordering.
  3. Use a different Paragraph Style spacing for the Heading and sub-heading. Note that I changed the font for the TOC 1: Book Name in one but not the other screen shot.
  4. "Is IDML format into Publisher ever likely to be error free?" No, never ever, of course not. There is no way Affinity/Adobe/Corel/AnyBigCompany is going to make life easy for its competitors by making their document specifications public.
  5. <Pedant On> Text has text styles. Text Frames do not, it may appear that text frames have text styles, they don't. It is the Text Caret that holds the text style. <Pedant Off>
  6. In Publisher I cannot use the Home key (on my Apple usb wired extended keyboard) on its own in the Keyboard shortcuts. I need to pair it with a modifier (I chose Control). The Page Up/Down and End keys will work on their own. Also the glyph for the Home key doesn't show up in the Menu Document > First Page. I seem to recall that this non showing in the Menu was an issue in earlier versions of Publisher.
  7. I find that I have to Click and Drag. A simple Click and Hold will change the colour but no "magnifier" shows up unless I drag.
  8. Please see @v_kyr's post regarding PostScript and EPS functionality being removed. That could be a deal breaker for you, or not.
  9. You will find bugs that hurt you when you install the first version of an OS upgrade. My advice is to wait for the first or second set of patches for any OS upgrade before it is worth installing.
  10. Try dragging the Layers panel out of the Left hand studio. Or collapse some of the panels above and below it by double clicking on their names, Histogram and Navigator. I will wager they are there. It is just that the layers panel is too small to show them all.
  11. @BPinWV, I find that if I have the snapping for the Node tool set up like this then I can use the node tool to select the two curves and select the node i want and it will snap to the second curve. Screen Recording 2023-09-26 at 11.55.32 AM.mov
  12. There are far too many items in that group (of groups) which have some sort of text wrap applied already. That is not going to make things easy.
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