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  1. I have 1.7.12 and cannot update (shows: "you have the newest...") It even happens when I copy/past an element within 1.7. Screen Recording 2019-06-05 at 13.50.33.mov
  2. Sorry, I messed this completely: When I PRINT a File with several Artboards I expect each Artboard on one Page. What happens is something that makes only sense when I choose Scale to fit as sort of a contact sheet.
  3. When I try to copy all in the doc C5-Couvert mit-Fenster-links.afdesign and place it in AD 1.7 Beta it crashes immediately, all the time. C5-Couvert_mit-Fenster-links.afdesign
  4. I just wanted to address these issues for the upcoming release of the 1.7 version. Maybe this is the wrong place...?
  5. Studio > Panels When selecting the (huge) characters panel it shows a tiny bit and a scrollbar instead of decreasing the size of the others (like Layers,..) - I have to doubleclick the layers-panel to make it smaller and when using the layers panel again I have to doubleclick the characters panel each time. AD 1.6 was much better, here. Masked elements This is a huge pita - sorry, to say so. In every Adobe app (and others, too) it is so much easier! Please adapt this! I'm talking about: Resizing the mask without the image resizing the image without the mask (lock children - not a good solution imho) duplicate a masked image with children locked leads to an empty double - logically but absolutely not intuitive/fast why not just doubleclick a masked element to either change its image/content or the mask? So much easier/faster than everything else. Scaling There is a huge mess imho at the moment (and everywhere) in using shift or not to proportionally scale elements. Please make it consistent either this or that - images are without, shapes are with shift - a UX-calamity. My suggestion: shift = prop. scaling everywhere. Shapes Why not make one Rectangle-tool that always has handles inside near all corners to drag and turn it into a rounded rectangle - Adobe XD has this and you don't believe how incredibly fast this is to work with. Especially when trying out layouts and not be forced to delete a rectangle to replace it with a rounded one. Shortcuts Yes, again: alt/option is substracting, scaling from center and duplicating things by dragging, shift is add, scale proportinally, draw perfectly in horicontal, vertical, diagonal directions. This makes sense and works in all recognized Mac apps the same way. AFAIK there is no such consistency in Windows - so why not set a mark for them, too? Export When in Designer persona and exporting several artboards to a PDF at once there should be a page per artboard, now they are distributed over the pages in a way that makes never ever sense.
  6. Every now and then my text suddenly becomes curves - I don't know what action of mine leads to this - I'm completely unaware of when it happens. Yesterday: copied some text from an email and put it into a textframe. saved the file and added another artboard. today: text is no editable text anymore! Has anyone a clue? Best Alex
  7. Oh, I wonder why I didn't see that - it's obvious. Thanks!
  8. when exporting via the export persona there is no way (I found) to include the bleed in the exported PDF. Different story when exporting in the Designer Persona. This makes exporting several PDFs via the E-Persona impossible. Best Alex
  9. abra100pro

    Rasterizing effects in PDF Export

    Sorry, I do not get any info about other answering my posts - so it's simply luck when I see a reply. In the meantime I have drawn the outline manually and din't use the effect.
  10. Outlines are being rasterized in PDF-Export which leads to ugly results. Since the effect is solvable on vector basis only I can't see why it has to be rasterized and not converted to curves. See images - in the original the N, O, S, W are crisp and clear. In the PDF they are washed out. Please have a look at it - it is simply unusable.
  11. OK, thank you very much. Not the most intuitive way, though and the visual representation is quite... unusual and quirky. See video to compare: https://www.dropbox.com/s/426fs0ey6czcny3/adMask2.mp4?dl=0 Best Alex
  12. Hi I made a movie to make things a bit clearer: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tzz65flfi8bvymg/adMask.mp4?dl=0 Hope that helps and I'm looking forward to hear from you. Best Alex
  13. I cannot figure out how to move or scale an image within a mask. I understand the concept of layers that can be nested to achieve a mask but how can I then modify the image within? Affinity Designer and Affinity Publisher. Huge Thanks for any help.
  14. abra100pro

    blurred box no bleed

    Sorry for not answering your questions - I just got no emails although I follow the topic. So, when exporting to PDF I selected "rasterize unsupported elements" this made it a raster element. I honestly can't see why rastered elements are affected by the border content <> bleed?
  15. abra100pro

    [By Design] Stroke size inaccurate

    Oh, thanks, that helped.