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  1. I cannot select several objects on different artboards and I can't even select an object on another artboard without selecting its artboard before. I consider this (definitely) a bug and not a feature. Best, Alex
  2. the title says it all - or... you also want to see the image. 🙂 there is a thin blue line outside of the white stroke - this thin line should not be there.
  3. You're right, Old Bruce, the prefs is one thing, the choice of which open file is being displayed another. The latter should be solved.
  4. AD and APUB the same: When I place this PSD-File it gets cut at the bottom and at the right - see screenshot. swiss map ch map free stroke.psd
  5. This is really ugly: I obviously had a file left open when I quit AP most recently. I now doubleclicked another apub file in the finder (it was almost the same than the one left opened). So I started editing and saving only to realise that I edited/saved the file from ago. Problem: Why does AP (and AD as well!) open the last file left open when I start the app by clicking another file? This is irrational in every thinkable workflow. Expectation: The active tab is on the newly clicked file, not the one left open the last time. Best Alex
  6. I have a AD-Document which contains an image and graphics which all are C0, M0, Y0 and K0-100. However I can export it in every fashion possible in AD - I always get a File that shows CMYK-values when opened in Illustrator or Acrobat to check the separation. What am I missing? Thanks for any help. Alex PS: I love AD and Apub a ton! However export is still in many ways quite unintuitive and unpredictable. Karte-SW.afdesign
  7. Thank you for pointing this out. Your thoughts are really something to consider. I think the first of your samples seems quite reasonable to me, though. I cannot see issues with that one. IMHO this would be the behaviour expected. I don't know the PDF-handling of that, therefore it could be a PDF problem. However. I surely am not the first to have designed a contour for cutting in the print process. Almost missed the answer of MikeW: Mike: thanks for the easy solution! :-)
  8. Sure, please find it attached. LXG-contourprob.afdesign
  9. I had to design a sticker on which the printer needed a contour (stroke around) for cutting. I made it in AD and the printer said: no fiil, only contour, please! So I looked at it in Illustrator and found that the stroke around the design had been transformed into a fill by AD in the PDF. So I seem not to be able to deliver this design in AD which therefore I consider a bug. See images: AD and Illustrator. Merry christmas to ye all! Alex
  10. I often switch Monitors - I have a 3440x1440 Second Screen with MacBook Lid closed in the office and only the MBP at home. Often (specially when have AD left open from one to the other monitor setup) Tools, Studio, Toolbar and Context Toolbar are gone and I have to activate each manually. No big thing but annoying anyway. Tab doesn't do the trick, btw. AD 1.7.3 Catalina 10.15.1 (I remember this bug back in Mojave, though) Best Alex
  11. I found out that it only happens with this export preset, which I used a lot in the past. I suspected the "Rasterise"-Option being the prob and changed it to unsuported only - which then worked. So the immediate urge is not here anymore for me, but you might want to find out what happens here, anyway. Can I pm the file to you?
  12. I also tried it with the export persona there I found out that only one of two artboards are being exported - trying to export the other one alone leads to the same error.
  13. When I want to export a file to PDF this is what appears - a file is not being saved. Path is greyed out be me.
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