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  1. I found out this: With the artboard looking like this: I selected this frame with no colour for border or fill and chose "Selection area" – this allowed me to export exactly everything that is within the selected form in a rectangle (of course, when the form would be a star the result would still be a rectangle): When I select the red rounded rectangle with a border the results look like this: Selection area: Selection only (with transparent corners outside the border): This is very helpful. Serif: If you find this sample valuable enough you could add this to the documentation. It'd really help to have the idea.
  2. This topic is still quite confusing – and *the difference of "Selection Area" and "Selection only" is nowhere explained (afaik) it would help tremendously if there was a help in form of a tool tip or similar. *I found it out by trying, but it should be documented (in a way one can find the information).
  3. True, one can discuss it until the end of time – it is not cool now and InDesign and other apps demonstrate how easy it can be done. I kindly ask Serif therefore to think it over and make it intuitive/work. And please in APub AND AD – Why should I work back and forth in the both only to change hyphenation?
  4. I see the point of it being in the wrong place in the tools. However I really like the idea of it being an element that I can transform especially flip/rotate and colourise as needed.
  5. I wished there was a golden ratio element here which I could lay over my layouts to quickly arrange it for the better – would be a huge help for me. Best with a curve (colour should be choosable) and the rectangles. Should be an object like triangle,... too. Same in Apub Sample image: Text and image are greyed out a bit – it is all about the rectangles and the curve.
  6. Sure, gladly. I send you the file it happened most recently. Unfortunately there are no crash reports, though, I checked the console... The Zip is called AD Alex.zip
  7. It might occur only when there's a PSD file linked – not sure. That's why: I worked about 1-2hrs with the file having a JPG linked. Then replaced the JPG with a PSD and exported > crash. I repoened the AD-file and found the PSD-image to be of bad quality (pixelated – maybe a bug on its own). I then replaced it again with the very same PSD to find it high quality again. I exported and it worked. But I'm pretty sure as I continue to work in the AD-Doc this crash will come again... Maybe I'm wrong about the PSD...
  8. Every now and then AD crashes when I want to export. See screenshot – not sure whether it is the nasty Monterey (ever since 12, now 12.4) or AD. Please see screenshot. It happenend in many files, so I cannot send you a particular one. But I could pm crash logs, of course.
  9. Yes, sure: it is attached. ADColourpicker.afdesign
  10. I found the colour picker being inaccurate when chosing an existing colour. see movie. ADcolourpicker.mp4
  11. Just get out of my way. Leave your non helping feedback out of my topics.
  12. You miss the point of a forum like that - it is about bugs and suggestions. Would be really empty in here if we all thought like you: "It is as it is". BTW: I guess the wheel would not have been invented, yet, with that mindset. I will continue making suggestions and reporting bugs. If you don't agree with them - you're heartly invited to keep it for yourself. What crosses your mind to tell me not to ask for something or report something in a user forum???
  13. Wow, strong words. So besides you criticizing my mind you suggest that we should learn weird muscle memory tricks before having the impertinence to ask Serif to think it over? Man, I made 678 web-banners with AD in three days - believe me I wasn't thinking of coffee in the sun! These are the kind of jobs your are superglad when software does not come you in the way but gets the butter on the bread smoothly. The way you argue makes me assume you use AD once in a while to design a birthday card. What is it that you counter my topics with "no need for that"? Just because YOU don't need it, does not mean others do. And please stop telling me what to do. You can ask me or suggest, but that sound of yours does not work with me.
  14. If it is intentional I kindly ask if that's the most userfriendly way. As a designer I'd prefer not to think about whether to use artistic text or frame text in order to have all the resize possibilities. If the best user experience is a major goal for Serif (and I'm sure it is, the apps are great in many way and a highly welcome alternative to the mexican mudbrick ;-)) this is exactly a point I'd review. Another funny thing is: The bottomline of the compounding rectangle when selected is different between art text and frame text. I personally prefer the frame text method - it leads to much nicer results when aligning text towards other objects: See a sample of a button - at the bottom you see what difference the selection makes at the top: right (frame text) is just centered better vertically: Since AD does not yet allow warping/free transform of text ( ) there is not really a need for a comounding box like that with art text, no?... And at last : PLEASE add a feature to change an art text to frame text and verse visa.
  15. This one is about resizing a group from any other handle than the additional "resize-me" handle in the lower right. Pleas check video to see what I mean: ADresizeGroup.mp4
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