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  1. You're a Hero! I had to restart the Mac before it worked.
  2. @walt.farrell@NathanC same here – no sound, nothing. Tried it in Photoshop with the same result – so @NathanC, you're right, I guess, must be something macOS based. Sorry, no bug @ Affinity.
  3. I wanted ^-CMD-D as shortcut for Data Merge Manager but AP does not accept this shortcut. Have others ending with F or R that work fine. Latest macOS, latest AP
  4. please see movie: I want to move both selected but only the last clicked is moved. AD21Select multiple Obects moves only last one.mp4 I fear that this is a feature, not a bug – looking forward to know more about this. file is attached, too. Logo Studien.afdesign
  5. I found out that putting the shadow onto a clipped image caused the problem. See file and output. AD-Shadow-Pixelation.pdf AD-Shadow-Pixelation.afdesign
  6. See image and title. It's hard for me to believe that such a thing has gone unnoticed.
  7. And Serif, please also check, what happens, if you use a scaled contoured form for masking/clipping for a pixel image : at export the image may be cut in ways you don't want.
  8. It's been discussed elsewhere in the forum already: The new preview of AD at exporting layouts is not helpful: It only shows one artboard from possibly many in the document it is not scalable it sometimes takes forever to render (see image) Please make it at least a clickable option.
  9. Thanks @walt.farrell for the info, you refer to the grey tag bubble underneath the topic title, I guess? Good to know.
  10. I made this pattern and grouped it. The first time I tried to change the opacity of the group AD crashed immediately. After that I could move the opacity slider, which made the macOS beachball appear and – after a while – the normal arrow cursor came back without any opacity change. AD-Pattern-Opacity.afdesign Update: not only opacity, stroke, too. Maybe other features, as well. My assumption: I applied this to a group which contains groups of one single symbol. I then tried to change the stroke of the original instance of the symbol which led to the desired change in all of them. Maybe my first try was some kind of recursion? However – this should be addressed.
  11. When modifying shapes with the contour-tool and resizing the result the contour is not scaled properly: I cannot think of a situation in which this would make sense. It definitely doesn't make sense in all cases I can think of.
  12. I really consider this a bug and would appreciate a confirmation. In the meantime I deconstruced the warp and made every single line by hand – that's not the idea.
  13. Clipping a warped group leads to a warping of the clip-element itself. I think that is not the solution or did I oversee something?
  14. See movie – I guess this shouldn't be... at least it makes no sense from my humble user perspective. AD-ContourChange.mp4
  15. @MickRose Sure, gladly. You find the file attached. 2301 Mobi Wappen Forum.afdesign
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