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  1. The transform origin is not where I put it. See movie. Obviously only sometimes... ScreenFlow.mp4
  2. I have the same issue with Designer. Both, a PSD-File and a .afdesign-File are not updated and update button is greyed out. I hope Serif is gonna fix this – it worked with AD 1.x. I'm working solely on Dropbox. Would be a super major issue for us, if that'd stay.
  3. Hello I changed the Zoom in shortcut to CMD + but AD does not want me to use that. Newest macOS, newest AD as of today, all in English. See movie. adKbSc.mp4
  4. +1 and may I add this: the preview is unsuable. Please see short movie: ADExport.mp4
  5. I suddenly have frames and contours all around my elements (what's the correct name of them?) Please see screenshot: these violet borders. I must have pressed the impossible key-combination or so... How do I hide them?
  6. However I look at it – it is just a major PITA. It could be so much more intuitive for – I think – the most of us...
  7. Hello I what to share this rather quite exotic problem: if you combine contour, corner-tool and boolean operations the result may be not what you've been looking for – see movie. File is attached, as well. AD2-Contour-Corner.mp4 AD-contour-corner.afdesign
  8. Thanks, @loukash, this made things much clearer to me. Then I still have one single wish which comes very close to a bug report: At export each artboard's upper left must be considered its individual 0x 0y position. (There is even an option at export to export everything with "background" if I want these artboards to be exactly where they really are in relation to each other): Going further on this: When I select any element and I then export this element solely (Selection only) its upper left should be considered as 0x 0y – that's the only way that makes sense – Why would I otherwise want to export it individually?
  9. No, it is not a feature: When you have an artboard 23.3mm by 33.75mm you'd expect it to export at 23.3mm by 33.75mm When you have an artboard that is 733px by 400px you'd expect it to export at 733px by 400px no matter where on the canvas the artboards are. This (as it is now, seen in the movie) makes absolutely no sense and makes the work with many artboards ridiculously difficult. Precision is arguable but the location on the canvas isn't. There is NO case in which this makes sense.
  10. @loukash I see – I have mixed things up, here; thanks for making this clear. However – I do not want to have this topic being closed; in this video we see a bug (see attached video): ADPixels.mp4
  11. @loukash If I would export the red elements only I'd say you're right but there is an invisible rectangle around the red elements which has exactly the same dimension behind every icon: This should make considering the exact position of the red icon elements obsolete. These rectangles are 55x50px and have no outlines/strokes so I expect them to export at exactly this size.
  12. @loukash You find the file attached.icons export dimensions.afdesign
  13. Still no luck with it - see movie, I'm desperate! Why is such an obvious PITA not worth being fixed? Serif staff called it a known bug in April (though it was reported far earlier). AD-PixelintegersBug.mp4
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