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  1. I found out that it only happens with this export preset, which I used a lot in the past. I suspected the "Rasterise"-Option being the prob and changed it to unsuported only - which then worked. So the immediate urge is not here anymore for me, but you might want to find out what happens here, anyway. Can I pm the file to you?
  2. I also tried it with the export persona there I found out that only one of two artboards are being exported - trying to export the other one alone leads to the same error.
  3. When I want to export a file to PDF this is what appears - a file is not being saved. Path is greyed out be me.
  4. Same here: Print (CMD + P) = crash Mojave 10.14.6 (18G87) APUB 1.7.2 Best, Alex
  5. abra100pro

    Skew distorts strokes

    Gladly - please find my original attached. I'm very curious, now.... apSkew.afdesign
  6. Skewing these elements (no matter whether in a group or each single leads to a unpredictable and unwanted distortion - see image.
  7. @firstdefence Thanks, but I found this method being destructive. @Joachim_L I have not found such an option: However, I found out, that when I convert it to curves it keeps editability and proportions. In some corners I cannot avoid the impression, that things are not being thought through...
  8. Hi I want to resize a rectangle with three rounded corners (made with corner tool). Unfortunately the radiuses of the corners are not scaled. See image: the nature of the form is lost when scaled. How can I achieve to keep the proportions? Thanks for any help. Best Alex
  9. Will Serif get this from out of the forum?
  10. incredible! Thanks for finding out!
  11. Artboard is not the issue - same with just a normal document. Also no difference based on the document setup (print/web)
  12. Nope, that's not it. tried it again - works with curves the same.
  13. Using the newest version as of today when I combine two shapes I don't get consistent results. See short movie. Screen Recording 2019-07-02 at 10.38.38.mov
  14. abra100pro

    Publisher Bullets

    Thanks, that helped - I found out, that when I click on the List icon in the top bar (text selected) - it sets it automatically correctly. But when I choose Type: Bullet in the Bullets and Numbering part of the Paragraph pane it doesn't - this should be definitely changed, please, Serif.