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  1. OK, thank you very much. Not the most intuitive way, though and the visual representation is quite... unusual and quirky. See video to compare: https://www.dropbox.com/s/426fs0ey6czcny3/adMask2.mp4?dl=0 Best Alex
  2. Hi I made a movie to make things a bit clearer: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tzz65flfi8bvymg/adMask.mp4?dl=0 Hope that helps and I'm looking forward to hear from you. Best Alex
  3. I cannot figure out how to move or scale an image within a mask. I understand the concept of layers that can be nested to achieve a mask but how can I then modify the image within? Affinity Designer and Affinity Publisher. Huge Thanks for any help.
  4. abra100pro

    blurred box no bleed

    Sorry for not answering your questions - I just got no emails although I follow the topic. So, when exporting to PDF I selected "rasterize unsupported elements" this made it a raster element. I honestly can't see why rastered elements are affected by the border content <> bleed?
  5. I definitely want this (in this way or another) in my illustration-Software. Why do photo apps (PSD, AP) offer this feature and vector app don't? I can't understand.
  6. Look at the gif (animated): both strokes show a size of 0.2pt but you can see the size slider move as I select on or the other line and obviously they're not the same size.
  7. Could you please consider implementing this?: Problem: you want to move something with your mouse to an area that is not on the screen. I'm used to select/drag it and then scroll to the end position. NOW: Nothing happens when I now use the scroll wheel on the mouse or the corresponding gesture on the trackpad WISH: Selected elements are moving, content is scrolling See here for what I mean (Sample in Photoshop): http://www.giphy.com/gifs/MuFPEqKPh0gYz5mvOT
  8. Hi Walt Thank you very much for the time you took to explain this a bit further. I see that I can tweak it to my preferences (which I always prefer over a fixed setup - everyone is different). As for the zoom it is also possible via Preferences. However: It still would be nice if the default-handling was streamlined and the same over the apps. Many thanks.
  9. I would like to see the three apps handling procedures and shortcuts the same way: Zoom in AD: draws a rectangle that is then being zoomed to in AP: directly zooms with the cursor being the center of the zoom Select: in AD: drag from white space and select all elements that are even only partly within the selection rectangle in AP: I must drag completely over the elements (they have to be completely within the selection rectangle) in order to select them Resize: in AD: resizing an object it is flexible unless I press SHIFT in order to constrain its proportions. in AP: SHIFT makes it flexible and without SHIFT original proportions are kept. So: exactly vice versa to AD! There may be more, I found these within the first 5minutes of using AP. This is a major issue Adobe has grown into because they bought their apps from others and integrated them into their portfolio. Serif not having this heavy legacy could streamline here a lot more. Also: PLEASE inform yourself more about the common use of modifier-keys in shortcuts. It's a topic I opened in AD-Forum without any echo, unfortunately. This might be a Mac-thing, but there it is VERY powerful. For Instance: Option always in every app is pressed when resizing an object from its centerpoint (not CMD like in AD). Best. Alex
  10. Hello Two major issues with affinity when coming from mac and adobe or word or excel or any other software out there: It would be really great if Serif could stick to standards here a bit more (and help users a real lot): It is really common that CMD+Enter does a new soft line break (no new paragraph), not CTRL+Enter - in all Software I know including all Web-Editors in CMSes It is also in the same way common, that OPTION scales from center and SHIFT limits scaling to contain proportions Using MS Office, Photoshop, InDesign and others I stumble every single day upon these differences when switching apps - please unstress my daily racing brain a bit! Thanks! Alex
  11. abra100pro

    blurred box no bleed

    A box that is blurred is cut of at the artboard border instead of bleeding out - see screenshot: textbox at the upper right.
  12. abra100pro

    Storm trooper photorealistic

    A storm trooper study where I tried to give it a photorealistic touch. Upper half is finished, lower half is still 2d flat. It takes some time. Hope you get inspired nevertheless.
  13. abra100pro

    Invitation Rebuild

    Sure, it was this one. But I wanted mine to be a bit cleaner.
  14. abra100pro

    Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview

    Dear Jan, it would mean that AP is taking over all the sh*t that you exactly want to avoid by leaving InDesign (ID). I made the switch from Illustrator to AD and I haven't had any regrets. I know, AD reads AI-Files, but not when they're native, only when they have PDF-compatibility. I doubt that taking over such a complex format as ID's would work fine. So instead of making it badly, I suggest not to make it at all.