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  1. Affinity Designer does not show most of my thumbnails:
  2. While I know what you mean and agree to that I guess this is not the same issue: im my case Publisher actually finds the linked file but mocks missing content, as far as I understand. The path to the file is in Publisher and it is correct. After relinking it the issues persists.
  3. Well, I have all my docs like this and didn't face this issue so far, so... I guess it's something else.
  4. Hi I copied an existing file and had problems in there - Ressource Manager shows "Missing content" in an otherwise correctly linked file. I don't know what this message means. So I tried several things - see video. Not sure if this is a bug or my misunderstanding. Any help welcome. Apub-MissingContent.m4v
  5. Hi Walt, thanks for making this clear. I must say that Affinity does not lack to bring tears to my eyes - often out of delightment but also quite often out of sheer disbelief. This hyphenation behaviour is wrong in so many ways, UX, usability of features, setup.... Don't you agree? BTW: I lack to understand the reason for Publisher to have several hyphenation settings in chars and paragraph panels - You can switch it on in chars panel and nothing happens until you switch on "Use auto hyphenation" in the paragraph panel. That is UX wise just not intuitive. Sometimes Affinity thinks around 5 corners. Select the text - choose hyphenation (language is cool here, but I definitely should be able to set it document-wide, too) and *boom* - it would work.
  6. No, it is not - neither group layer nor shape layer have a colour assigned.
  7. There is no (working) hyphenation in Affinity Designer 1.9 - is that correct?
  8. I have several icons I designed in AP from scratch. One of them has red handles - the others don't - What does AD want me to say?: See short movie. Thanks for any enlightenment. 🙂 ad-redrectangles.m4v
  9. Hi When I export Artboards via File > Export they have the proper dimensions as intended (was not like that before) but in the export persona it is stil faulty: when I export an artboard of - for instance - 160x600px I end up with a file that is 160x597 (when I set the width to 160w) or 161x601 (when I leave the width to 1x) See movie. AD-ExportDimensions.m4v
  10. I do have Publisher - so this is in fact a workaround. Thanks! Nevertheless - my suggestion is a proper asset handling as on Publisher - with the Ressource Manager and (askting for) updates upon change of external files. Isn't this as basic as having 4 wheels on a car?
  11. I found out that symbols are a kind of workaround. but please - there must be a professional way for this (linked/referenced), no?
  12. I have an ad campaign in which I have several artboards for each format. See screenshot. At the end there should be 18 formats! Each has one of only two images (psd - would love to keep it that format to be more flexible). I have yet 11 artboards and the two images are embedded in each and every artboard of it - leading to: a huge afdesign filesize for no benefit very annoying editability (say I improve the mask of the image in Photoshop). Can I make it "linked"? Is there a better way? I really would not like to make a downsampled jpg of it - it would still be nonsense to have it in the file 18 times! Thanks for any quick answer. 🙂
  13. I have a linke image in an adesign file. I copied the latter and made a new version of it in the copy. The linked image-file has not moved. I don't know how to check, whether the linked image ist still found by AD because AD lacks the wonderful Ressource Manager, that Apub has. So I replaced the image with the very same file and *poof*! it was brilliantly sharp again. Sidenote: The customer told me that it was blurred, I didn't even think of checking this because - honestly - this is super basic funktion that I expect from AD. Sidenote 2: I (really?) have to relink this image 11 times in the document, since it occurs on different artboards - is there no better way?
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