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  1. To add some diversity, I like this splash much better, than this in Affinity Photo. Personal taste, I think.
  2. Thanks. I started new file, but again, after minute or two it started to crash. Without Layers Panel work will be _Quite annoing_ so I will wait this time. Anyway, good job Designer is really nice app, and I use betas mostly I think from 1.7 or 1.6 and its the second time when they fails me, so its nothing.
  3. New version looks superb, but first time I will go back and hold. 1 freeze, and 2 immediate appcrash (second time without autosave) in about 10-15 minutes. Maybe its my rig, but never have this before. edit: File attached. click/double click on nose - crash. It maybe connected with broken file or that I tried to add this gradient on nose to global colors (thats when things started to broke suddenly) Slide01.afdesign
  4. Honestly, I remember times when I abused fonts this way. In this times I rarely merged words "back" and "pain" in one sentence ;).
  5. Thanks for an answer. My question is: What kind of "artist" deforming font that way? That should not be allowed, or at least not as a default. I vote for renaming it to "Bad Artist Text Tool" ;).
  6. Yupp, my problem vanished for good with when hardware acceleration is set to off, so I change topic and added "fixed'.
  7. Sent. It is always worth to work with developer ;). And I was warned to not use Beta in production, but there is no other way to use it, TBH.
  8. Oh, for one other test i enabled GPU but disabled OpenCL, and now it seems to work good. For now it seems like it fix it for me, i will report later after better testing.
  9. New document (2048x2048 with 30 object and some effects) works fine. I just COPIED via clipbboard all object from broken file to new one.It didn't copied my artboards, but new one is responsive, old is still broken, so it is something with a document. Cannot make more test today because I'm in the middle od deadline, but happily give your file in monday. For now I will work with WARP. New file is useless for me, because it lost artboards and slices (so maybe it is too much object at once on screen, or slices). Thank you for your response.
  10. I can send my file to you, but in private message.It's nothing special, I think. And after few more hours working with WARP i agree it i sbetter than with GPU. not as fast as GPU + previous beta, but I can work on it. I will now once again turn on GPU to check.
  11. After some time on WARP, althought still slow, I found it bit is better than on my GPU (1080ti). Not much better, and it was after fresh restart. @Aammppaa: yup, updating the screen is my main problem.
  12. I found newest beta much slower than previous. Working, still possible is very painfull and needs lot of patience. I didn't change anything lately, except instaling new beta, file isn't very complicated, computer was restarted. Working with last beta on same setup was flawless. There in no difference between rendering on GPU or WARP. Sadly I cannot give say more, but maybe I'm not the only one. If you have this problem, try to disable in Preferences/Performance/Hardware Acceleration, works for me!
  13. Thanks! That first one is really useful. That second one... I just make a change in Preferences like Old Bruce pointed out. I always want hierarchy to show me edited object. I will work like this some time and find out is it have some disadvantages for me.
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