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  1. Thank you. I knew Export Persona, but I didn't know about continuous export. It can be even better. edit: It is better. Works like a charm. Thank you 100x
  2. yeeeeees. it really should be one click export with last settings to last location. Sometimes you need to export constantly to other software (as a texture for example) and normal way is NOT THAT QUICK.
  3. Thanks! I'll take a compliment and will not argue with associations. Yepp, I started from pixel art, and still love it's simplicity. And they can be readed as surreal ;).
  4. Thanks! It is always tricky question. This "stickman" style have about half of a year, but it was BW and bit depressing. One day I realize how easily I can give it little more personality and for fun I made myself and my wife. After this I just started to make sketches from our life, and it started. As for this instagram stream, three weeks? One picture takes, I think 2-4 hours, but I made them mostly in short 2-3 sessions with longer one to finish it. But I'm quite seasoned craftsman, so many problems (colors, composition) are solved for me and this style resonate with me very well so I thin k I'v e been doing this for years. To make things a little more complicated I always try to make three compositions at once. Symbols in Designer make it very easy.
  5. Thanks! In fact that style is in constant WIP. I hope it will be a little richer, but i like to make new sketches as fast as I can do it now.
  6. I'm big fan of Affinity Designer. I use it daily, and not only for job, but for my personal joy. like it a lot. Hope this instagram stream will help me to get best of me and Designer. I hope you'll like it. https://www.instagram.com/adamratai/
  7. It is even worse, when there is a line between an outline and a fill in same object. I think that maybe old print trick called "bleed" should do the trick. Can you just add small additional thickness to rendered shapes to make them maybe not mathematically correct, but displayed properly? I very rarely try to give hints to developers, but Affinity rendering is so pleasing and have this one HUGE, I mean HUGE caveat. And like others point it out it is not like every other software have it.
  8. If someone will found it problematic, should not use it. I wait for something like this. For now I use one document with many artboards, but many times I reach a limit of Designers performance.
  9. No need to apologise! thank you All for a good work and wonderful software. User feedback is a always tricky thing, especially when they use not very fluent english, and description is bit cryptic.
  10. That's great, thank you! I would like to add that after some time working with this document, I tried to do this again, and line width goes nuts after 2x rescale. I attached new document, steps are exactly the same - just rescale this document from 512x512 to 1024x1024 . I think there is something specific in this file, because I made this operation few times (when exporting to PSD you need to have right resolution before export, because you cannot change it in export window) and something like this never occured. emoji affinity designer resize document size mess up line width even more.afdesign
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