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  1. Hello Taelor, i think this is what you were after, but as you can see in the screenshot the images don't match up in the corner.
  2. Turn of " show snappjng candidates" in the snapping panel
  3. just tried Zerene stacker, and the result is the same as in photo.
  4. In the stroke panel use the pressure setting doubble click on a node to move it seperate
  5. Looks like you are not using the brush tool, but the color replacement brush.
  6. dutchshader

    A Gift from Gary this Christmas

    Thanks for the gift, and happy holidays. click hear
  7. Just select everything on the artboard copy this and than file>new from clipboard. The new file is the size of your design.
  8. afaik this is not possible, the fastest way in designer is to select all copy and new from clipboard ctrl+alt+shift+N
  9. Looks like the A is made of 2 parts, select the A and the inner part and subtract.
  10. select one object and hover over the other with CTRL pressed.
  11. printed the png with transparent background on a hp 8610 i'm not getting the grey parts. a photocopy of the printout:
  12. Hallo Jan, Die vraag is al vaker gesteld en het antwoord van serif is dat ze dat bestand niet vrij geven. Ook is er nog geen Nederlandse versie in de planning.
  13. Try the refine selection