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  1. with the used dell color profile i get a bleu colored white area, when switching to adobe rgb (1998) it is white. looks like it has something to do with the dell color profile
  2. Only not for the guides
  3. you can set shortcuts for insert front and back, i have set alt+f and alt+b, still have to press ctrl v, but this way it is works little faster
  4. To change targeting behaviour: From the Toolbar, choose one of the following:Insert behind the selection Insert at the top of the layer Insert inside the selection
  5. the only way i can find is to paste the texture inside the other shape ctrl alt v.
  6. to create a mask like the yellow rectangle, select both paths go to layer>geomerty>substract. ​ ​
  7. show rotation centre lets you see the centre
  8. what do you mean with: no gradiënt on stroke, this is possible in designer.
  9. Another easy way is : create text, switch to pixel persona an use the eraser to erase the dot. now the dot is masked out
  10. You might as well try scribus, it's freeware.
  11. if you are using designer, you could download a svg map of your country from here: https://www.amcharts.com/svg-maps/ this way you only have to change the color of each part. like this:
  12. and yes, each letter has it's own layer.
  13. from scratch it would be like this: create some text and convert to curves in the layers panel click on a character now you can edit this character with the node tool
  14. in my example file, dubbel click on the letter i. then you will see the nodes.
  15. that's just what i wanted to say. i made a example afphoto file, hope this wil help. testing.afphoto