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  1. from the screenshot it looks like you have a very large document, zoom is 6% and you might want to turn on the brush context toolbar view>show context toolbar
  2. Export as svg should work
  3. From the screenshot: it is not a vector file, but a raster file. You should export the original file as a svg or pdf, not jpg or png.
  4. View>show context toolbar
  5. Apply this to a object right click on the object and create style. It wil be saved in the styles panel
  6. is the image a pixel layer? if not right click on the layer in the layerspanel and rasterize. and check in the context toolbar if the brush blendmode is set to normal, and current layer.
  7. Try to change the brush in the brushespanel to one of the basic brushes
  8. @R C-R works on a windows pc, maybe a mac thing: 20190905_155905.mp4
  9. you could try the mesh warp tool :
  10. dutchshader

    Mask layers

    looks like the triangle has no fill color, it should have a fill color to use it as a mask
  11. could be you have protect alpha ticked in the brush settings