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  1. dividing 4 ellipses ends up with 134 objects. with 12 ellipses i get 2700 objects and the pc hangs 20190618_123047.mp4
  2. Looks like there are large margins. In document settings look at the margins settings.
  3. When i create a file for silhouette, the file is created at 72 dpi and on export the " set viewbox " is unchecked. No size problems this way
  4. @Aammppaa thanks, it was set to cube. but as far as i know i never changed it in this file. everything is working ok now.
  5. hello @walt.farrell this is in designer, snapping is working ok in photo. i don't know where these lines come from. these are the snapping settings, but i have tried every option.
  6. welcome screen and links are working here.
  7. maybe i am missing something, but i can't get snapping working. it works with the node tool, but not with the move tool. 20190608_122849.mp4
  8. yes, it is fixed. got the update message.
  9. when the rotation point is one of the corners an i just want to rotate an little bit, then i use the opposite corner to rotate. that explains 4 of them .
  10. Or drag out a guide to that position
  11. drag the image on the text layer until there is a bleu line under the text layer. Street1.afphoto
  12. With the cornertool selected click bake corners in the context bar
  13. in the beta versions it does work with alt pressed
  14. it looks like the shape is made with the donut shape with the inside and outside stroke close together and converted to curves. so there are only 2 stokes left. if you set the stroke of the shape to 0.1 pt you can see the fill color.
  15. switch from fill to stroke;