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  1. made an example of how this could be done a little easyer. hope this helps Pillow Box Vintage Christmas 2.afdesign
  2. i guess the easy way is to find a picture of a matching mouth and replace the misaligned teeth.
  3. with a whole lot of time and patience i think it can be done. a quick attempt , played around with blend modes and the clone brush.
  4. you van use paste inside to fill the circle with different collors. no need to divide this way. ctrl x on the rectangles and ctrl alt v on the circle
  5. On pc's is what the op wrote Edit: posted just before your edit
  6. works here, press alt plus left and right mouse button an drag left to right is brush size and up down is hardness
  7. On windows this is alt plus left and right mouse button
  8. never noticed this before, but with the daub brushes i am getting a preview to. just tested adding another nozzle, and it works, now the preview is gone.
  9. with these settings i am not getting a brush preview:
  10. it is not possible to convert a pixel selection to curves.
  11. you can make the lines look a little less sharp by changing the pressure profile. change it on one curve copy that curve and paste style on the others ctr+shift+v
  12. Are you still in draw persona, it does not work jn pixel persona.
  13. in the stroke settings check scale with object
  14. What if you switch to pixel persona?
  15. if this is what you want to create: than it can be done in photo