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  1. But only with the payd designer edition of studio
  2. dutchshader

    elipse tool

    Or the op is drawing a ellipse with the selection tool.
  3. In the layerspanel, drag the adjustment layer inside the layer.
  4. dutchshader

    Path and selection

    Hmm, must learn to read
  5. dutchshader

    Path and selection

    Select>selection from layer
  6. A workaround may be, duplicate the group select everything in that group do a boolean add give the new shape no fill or stroke and create the shadow inside that shape. Clumsy but it works
  7. A seamless fill works the same, use the filltool and use the bitmap fill. Check on the left side of the bar if fill is selected otherwise the stroke is filled. Did not see your image when i made my reply. It looks like the shape in not a closed shape, so there is nothing to fill.
  8. I thought you wanted a seamless background
  9. Place a rectangle behind the drawing an fill with the fiiltool, and use image (bitmap) in the dropdown.
  10. dutchshader

    Perfect Curves

    I think snilloc want's to draw a 1/4 ellipse with the pen tool and have a perfect radius
  11. You would need to expand the stroke first, layer>expand stroke
  12. If possible, could you post the afphoto file?

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