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  1. Looks like Is it set to a dashed stroke, you can check it in the stoke panel.
  2. Hello avnic, You could try this, select all layers and on export select selection without background. On export tap the more button and uncheck "set viewbox". btw. did you use any layer effects on the logo, they will rasterize on export.
  3. Afaik that is how it should be, you can eddit the arrow in the context toolbar.
  4. You could try to expand the stroke first, layer>expand stroke.
  5. Alleen voor de spelling controle, niet voor het programma zelf. Zit er ook niet aan te komen.
  6. The highlights on the eggs should be on the left side, darkere parts and shadow on the right side
  7. In the stroke options dropdown check " scale with object "
  8. https://affinity.help/designer/en-US.lproj/index.html extras keyboard shortcuts
  9. Not at my pc, but it could be that the opacity is turned down in the layers panel.
  10. For the silhouette the document size must be 72dpi and on export>extra uncheck "show viewport". Works for me this way.
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