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  1. did not notice this in the previous beta. 20190223_114035.mp4
  2. This is not available in designer jet, there is a option in photo, but only on raster
  3. on windows you can't drag in to the assets panel, but have to add from selection.
  4. dragging with the left mouse button selects objects within the rectangle, dragging with left and right mouse button selects objects touching the rectangle.
  5. With the move tool selected you can, in the context toolbar, set" hide bounding box while dragging" Edit: Too late
  6. Hello Jenny, You can't find this option, because it has been removed from the app.
  7. hello tpolakov, maybe you can use this as a template, it is not fully automated. but all you have to de is dubble click on a image en in the context toolbar click on replace image. bunny.afphoto
  8. I know that there are many options on how to lock guides, but since the code for the button is allready there, for now i think it is easy to implement.
  9. Missed that discussion, but i see that @>|< came up with the same idea. So this must be a great solution
  10. I realy liked the lock guides button in the beta. Why not place the button in the costumize toolbar options, if you want to use it drag it in, and if you are affraid to hit this button by accident don't drag it in. Everyone happy
  11. before subtracting: with the stroke selected, go to layer expand stroke.
  12. In the screenshot everything looks normal.
  13. That is what i thought, but the sroke is set to 0.8 mm
  14. Could you post a screenshot of the layerspanel?