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  1. ok, never too old to learn
  2. Convert a raster image to curves?
  3. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/46712-flood-fill-with-an-image/ Hope this helps
  4. Right click on a financial file, open with and check allways open with
  5. the ui is showing this: and everyware in the ui where there is a checkmark it is a sticky setting. so it is a bug, or the ui should be changed.
  6. select>grow/shrink or ctrl B
  7. from the helpfiles it looks like it should stick, maybe a bug To change targeting behaviour: From the Toolbar, choose one of the following: Insert behind the selection Insert at the top of the layer Insert inside the selection To revert to default targeting ensure the active button is switched off. Alternatively, you can access the default behaviour, as well as the other targeting options, from the Layer menu's Insertion sub-menu.
  8. why not use macros for the settings you use over and over. it is a one time recording and after that things like color and lightning are just one click. cropping is just 2 clicks if you make a preset. the same for size changing, just one click with a macro
  9. designer

    you can use global colours for this, in the swatches panel>add global colour. or right click on the shape, add to swatches
  10. Going round in circles now, think i reached my limit.
  11. this was the question: and if this is true: then there is no way i could have done this any better i guess
  12. added a circle around the bred circle, looks round to me
  13. from blob to circle the lenght of the handles is R / 1.811.
  14. looks like the stroke is set to square cap, try setting it to butt cap in the stroke options panel.
  15. hello awan, not on a wacom , but a huion, pressure is working fine.