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  1. it looks like this is because the stroke is not following the curve at the corners. make the stroke a lot bigger and you can see that where the corners are the stroke go's straight. so you are not doing anything wrong here
  2. Maybe it is because it's early, but this time i realy don't understand your reply
  3. Thanks,i missed that part, lost in translation.
  4. made a quick example, hope you can work it out from here. wifesname.afphoto
  5. Basically, the boolean operations are creating new shapes
  6. Afaik they only work on closed curves
  7. Not sure what it is you want to happen. But if you want to delete a part of the diamond, switch to the node tool and place nodes on the diamond where they meet the square. Click on the node and click break curve an the same for the other node, now you can delete the part in between 20190420_200703.mp4
  8. dutchshader

    Grievance list

    a double click will select items in a group.
  9. when you drag the curve layer outside the rectangle layer, in the layerspanel, you can edit the nodes with the node tool.
  10. In the settings you can change this
  11. 64° 30′ NB, 165° 24′ WL
  12. In the snapping menu , turn off "show snapping candidates"