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  1. I am experiencing the same issue, and I can confirm that removing the artboard solves the issue.
  2. Environment: Windows 10 Insiders Build 21286 The application crashes as soon as I select anything inside two specific artboards. Possible hightlights from the crash report backtrace: "classifier": "AccessViolationException", "attributes": {}, "message": "尝试读取或写入受保护的内存。这通常指示其他内存已损坏。" // ^ Trying to read or write in protected memory. This usually indicates other corrupted memory // ... "backtrace": [ { "funcName": "DocumentInspectorNode.GetVisibleIndex", "line": 0, "il": -1, "metadata_token": 100688723, "column": 0, "address": -1, "sourceCode": "9ab8f0b9-24f5-4932-a948-ee3a0335aaf4", "library": "unknown" }, { "funcName": "Serif.Affinity.UI.Controls.LayerView.OnUnrealizeItemCommand(Object parameter)", "line": 0, "il": 7, "metadata_token": 100669798, "column": 0, "address": 7, "sourceCode": "a2cfc014-dce4-43cd-aeda-de0521ff0126", "library": "Serif.Affinity" }, { "funcName": "Serif.Windows.Data.CommandHelper.ExecuteCommand(ICommand command, IInputElement element, Object parameter)", "line": 0, "il": 49, "metadata_token": 100665517, "column": 0, "address": 49, "sourceCode": "3d88be7c-c40c-4d8c-ab40-2e542f7edc08", "library": "Serif.Windows" }, { "funcName": "Serif.Affinity.UI.Controls.VirtualizingTreeView.ClearContainerForItemOverride(DependencyObject element, Object item)", "line": 0, "il": 14, "metadata_token": 100672854, "column": 0, "address": 14, "sourceCode": "6e459fa5-96ee-4b4b-80b7-2c3815fbef02", "library": "Serif.Affinity" }, { "funcName": "System.Windows.Controls.ItemsControl.MS.Internal.Controls.IGeneratorHost.ClearContainerForItem(DependencyObject container, Object item)", "line": 0, "il": 18, "metadata_token": 100683926, "column": 0, "address": 18, "sourceCode": "5d4b9e49-2f3c-4d93-acf7-9ef5545e2c5c", "library": "PresentationFramework" }, // ... ] The crash report is in the attachment. I will upload the related file if it's needed to resolved the issue. CrashReports-lynzrand-2021-01-09.zip
  3. BTW, Is the forum censoring the word 'local-host' (without the dash)? I am constantly receiving 403 Forbidden, possibly because of this word.
  4. Here's the config. I'm once again being 403'd, possibly by some word detector I guess? address: (...);127.*;10.*;172.16.*;172.17.*;172.18.*;172.19.*;172.20.*;172.21.*;172.22.*;172.23.*;172.24.*;172.25.*;172.26.*;172.27.*;172.28.*;172.29.*;172.30.*;172.31.*;192.168.*
  5. For some reason I kept getting 403 forbidden when posting this. Please see this paste for bug detail -> https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/zZKpf3STF2/
  6. Well, this post survived... Here's a mirror of the content I tried to post in Designer Windows Beta forum: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/zZKpf3STF2/
  7. This is not a issue on Beta versions alone, but I think it fits here. Affinity Designer has a very handy feature of generating a bitmap version of the selection when copying. But when copying large items, like something larger than 10000x10000 px, this could lead to the program freezing for many seconds (to generate the rasterized version), and even crashing (when the expected image size is larger than system memory size). Expected solution: one of following Add a configuration to avoid rasterization when item size is larger than a user-entered value Warn user about large items when copying, and add an option in the warning to copy without rasterizing it Move rasterization feature to a separate shortcut and menu option, like "Copy PNG (Ctrl+Shift+C)"
  8. It works! Tried firing it up three times on my machine withoud hitting any issue. Will try once again after restart.
  9. Right... After restarting my computer I couldn't fire it up again. But the font issue seems to be gone (for me on this computer).
  10. Designer boots up perfectly with neither the crashing bug or font bug on my machine!
  11. Still crashing on release version and beta
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