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  1. Hi there, If you select the Artboards you want to export using the layers panel, then go to the export dialog and choose Area: 'Selection'. That will produce the PDF you desire. Cheers Chris
  2. Also make sure the colour on the Brush context bar is set to 'None' when using the new brush
  3. Hi there, I've fixed this and it will be available in the next beta. Many thanks for your help and feedback, much appreciated. Cheers, Chris
  4. Hi there, Does it only occur with this particular file? If so, can you attach the file with the issues so that I can take a look at what may be causing this. Many thanks Chris
  5. Hello Botulism, Sorry to hear about your Symbol problems. Can you attach the file with the issues so that I can take a look at what may be causing this. Many thanks Chris
  6. Hi there, Sorry to hear about your crashes. Did you send the report using the crash reporter? If not, can you make it crash again, send it using the tool and let us know the crash reference here. Thanks for your help. Chris
  7. Thanks walt. I've fixed the dragging issue, good spot. I'll take a look at the path asap.
  8. Hi IanSG. This has come about as a result of implementing a request to allow floating windows to show the icon on a taskbar on another monitor. As walt says, it is normal windows behaviour but it was better the way it was before where the window didn't disappear behind when using tools etc. So I will fix this asap for the next beta. Sorry about this! Cheers, Chris
  9. Hello everyone, I've done some testing on this and may have reproduced it (or something very similar). I would be grateful if anyone with a Surface Pro could try this too. (It only happens on my Surface Pro). Here's the steps: 1) Create 3 shapes and select them all 2) Bring up the alignment popup 3) Horizontal spacing mode 4) Untick 'auto' 5) Click arrow to show the slider 6) Slide back and forth for new values 7) Click the mouse directly on some empty UI space (e.g. the context bar or main toolbar) to dismiss the alignment popup. 8) Notice the menus have now stopped working altogether. Cheers Chris
  10. You're welcome What I meant was, unless i'm mistaken, you added nozzles to 206, duplicated it (to the new 208). Then selected and viewed 208 to verify it's the same. Then go back and view 207 (not 206). Which is why it shows only 4 nozzles? Or have I missed something? Either way. As you said. There was a bug with it losing the current selection after duplicating. This i have now fixed (available in the next beta). Which may have caused your issues. Give it a try in the next beta and let me know if it fixes it. Cheers! Chris
  11. Hi Stuart, In the video it looks like you were editing 206 originally? There was a bug with the brush duplication though as you said, i've now fixed that. Thanks for the feedback. Chris
  12. Hi, It appears to happen for me if I click *just* inside the brush box in the list. i.e. the selection of the listbox changes but it doesn't select the brush. Cheers Chris
  13. Hi, Apologies for this. It's now high on my list. Kind Regards, Chris
  14. Hi both, In the next beta: The borders have been increased to 5 (the left border bug is already fixed). A grab handle has been added to the bottom-right corner of floating documents. Dock, Dock All, Float and Float All has been introduced to the window menu. The hit test area for docking/undocking has beeen improved.