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  1. You're welcome What I meant was, unless i'm mistaken, you added nozzles to 206, duplicated it (to the new 208). Then selected and viewed 208 to verify it's the same. Then go back and view 207 (not 206). Which is why it shows only 4 nozzles? Or have I missed something? Either way. As you said. There was a bug with it losing the current selection after duplicating. This i have now fixed (available in the next beta). Which may have caused your issues. Give it a try in the next beta and let me know if it fixes it. Cheers! Chris
  2. Hi Stuart, In the video it looks like you were editing 206 originally? There was a bug with the brush duplication though as you said, i've now fixed that. Thanks for the feedback. Chris
  3. Hi, It appears to happen for me if I click *just* inside the brush box in the list. i.e. the selection of the listbox changes but it doesn't select the brush. Cheers Chris
  4. Hi, Apologies for this. It's now high on my list. Kind Regards, Chris
  5. Hi both, In the next beta: The borders have been increased to 5 (the left border bug is already fixed). A grab handle has been added to the bottom-right corner of floating documents. Dock, Dock All, Float and Float All has been introduced to the window menu. The hit test area for docking/undocking has beeen improved.
  6. Hi Halo, Thanks for the feedback. Be sure to check out the next beta as I have been working on improvements regarding straight lines on the tablet and the history tab. Cheers Chris
  7. Hi Timo, Thanks for the feedback. We appreciate your workflow suggestions and agree with you, We're looking at improving them further asap. If you have any other suggestions too, please do continue to let us know and we'll look at them. Kind Regards, Chris
  8. Hi graphos, That's brilliant feedback, many thanks, i've reproduced it and it will be fixed in the next beta. Most helpful Thanks again
  9. Hi peaches, What resolution is your monitor set to? Width x Height and 100%, 150%, 200% etc...?
  10. Hi there! Just to let you know, i've just fixed this issue. It was always showing the 'Linked' icon on mouse over, regardless of it's setting. I can see how that would be confusing and have removed it. Thanks for reporting! :)
  11. Great! That's now fixed and will be in the next build. Thanks for your help.
  12. Great! That's now fixed and will be in the next build. Thanks for your help.