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  1. What was the reference number?
  2. @John at Esscont Excellent! Glad to have helped John. The Surface Studio is an excellent piece of kit and Affinity looks great on it. I hope you and your wife enjoy it for many years to come . I've taken note of your suggestions and feedback, so thanks for that too. @rubs I have checked in a fix for that, thanks for reporting. It will be picked up in the next build.
  3. Hmm ok, Are you on the latest drivers from Huion?
  4. Vector Brush Pressure: Raster Brush Pressure: Raster Brush More Dialog:
  5. Try 'Enable pointer support' in Edit -> Preferences -> User Interface
  6. Chris J

    Affinity Photo keeps crashing!

    What exactly were you doing at the time?
  7. Hi John, You can click the 'Force pressure to control size' button on the context toolbar - to the right of 'More' to set the pressure. Alternatively, you can alter a particular brush dynamic by clicking the 'More' button and bringing up the brush dialog; Switch to the 'Dynamics' tab and increase the 'Size Jitter' (I chose 50% pressure). Regards Chris
  8. Chris J

    Affinity Photo keeps crashing!

    Hi Kevin, Did you get (and send) a crash reference? Many thanks Chris
  9. Chris J

    freezes, freezes...and more freezes!

    Yeah, that's probably a good idea @carl123.
  10. Chris J

    freezes, freezes...and more freezes!

    I suspect photoshop/illustrator auto-drop the dpi on pdf import.
  11. Chris J

    freezes, freezes...and more freezes!

    After a quick look, it appears that the document is 118110 x 83974 pixels and nearly 10,000 MP! It will take some time to rasterise that much data (and it will probably finish). However, we should do a better job of keeping the UI thread available (not locked up) or show a progress dialog at the very least. So I will take a look at that.
  12. Chris J

    freezes, freezes...and more freezes!

    OK, that's great, thanks for the info, i'll see what I can do.
  13. Chris J

    crappy pdf effects export

    I've tried replicating this by creating a document from scratch similar to what you have above and it seems to export exactly as in my document. I'm viewing the resulting PDF in the EDGE browser. Perhaps try again with the latest beta? Thanks Chris
  14. Chris J

    freezes, freezes...and more freezes!

    What are your machine specifications? Can you attach a photo or design document which demonstrates the issues with the procedure to replicate it? A video is also good sometimes. Whilst I understand your frustration, it is easy to say 'using the program'. Believe me, I have been using it for some years and not noticed any performance issues. I just need to narrow it down and replicate it here so that I can fix it. Many thanks Chris
  15. Chris J

    freezes, freezes...and more freezes!

    Thanks for the feedback resunoiz. Just so you know; We are taking note of your workflow suggestions and improvements. Cheers Chris