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  1. Chris J

    Noise not working

    Thanks for reporting this. It will be fixed asap.
  2. That's a bug, thanks for reporting. It has been logged and will be fixed asap.
  3. Hi rubs. Asset searching was rewritten to improve speed. (It used to re-populate the entire control on each key press but now it uses an index which is much quicker). However, I did indeed make it case-sensitive too. This can easily be changed though.
  4. Chris J

    Open for different functions split

    That went in on the 4th April.
  5. Thanks for these workflow suggestions @DarkClown. I can assure you they are not ignored. Cheers! Chris
  6. Chris J

    Cannot access Gradients

    You can select a stored gradient. Simply deselect any nodes with the gradient tool (by clicking away from the line) and you get the fill popup on the context bar. (As opposed to the colour popup you get when a tool node is selected).
  7. A fix is in the pipeline. Thanks.
  8. Hi Guzzi, I think you have found a bug. I will confirm and get it logged into our database to be looked at as soon as possible. Sorry about that. I will try and address the other workflow things reported on this thread too. Many thanks Chris
  9. Hi, I've reproduced it and made some changes. A fix is on the way asap. Many thanks everyone, Chris
  10. Chris J

    Image Policy a bit annoying

    Thanks Walt. Indeed, that option is not supposed to be available in Photo and Designer. It's been reported and is on my list to remove it. Thanks Chris
  11. Hello everyone. Thank you for your continued help and feedback. We appreciate it. I’ve hopefully fixed this issue now and it will be available in the next release/beta. Please let us know if you still encounter problems.
  12. Please make sure you are on the latest drivers. This involves completely uninstalling your current drivers before downloading and installing the latest. Thanks Chris
  13. Hi @Sullyman What tablet/pc setup are you using? (Tablet make, model, driver version. PC spec: RAM, CPU, GPU Winver etc.) Cheers Chris
  14. Hello Koda/Sullyman. You're correct. It seems that fix didn't work. The bug has been re-opened to be looked at asap.
  15. This is by design and not specific to the latest update.