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  1. I believe this problem has been fixed. Consider installing the beta to avoid needing to downgrade. Kind Regards Chris
  2. If you go into “Help->About” you will find the exact version number. Many Thanks
  3. Hi Franck*70, What version is this happening on? Are you running the beta or Release? Thanks
  4. Hi. This should be fixed in the latest beta. Thanks Chris
  5. Hi @hbrch, I have fixed an issue relating to this. Hopefully it will now work correctly if you try the next beta (or upgrade to 1.8 once released). Thanks for your patience. Chris
  6. Hi hbrch, Can you try switching the two hdmi leads for your monitors over in the back of your pc? cheers chris
  7. I see. I’ve fixed a problem similar to this earlier today so I’m just going to run 404 and replicate your setup/problem and then confirm it’s fixed using my fix from earlier. In which case it will be available in the next update.
  8. Excellent, thanks for that. Would you mind giving me your exact version number from the about screen too? I shall investigate and get back to you ASAP. Cheers Chris
  9. Hi Gary, I’m sorry to hear about your studio issues. Can you give me a repeatable example to try? Once I can reproduce your problem here I can get a fix together. Also, that is a good suggestion about saving workspaces. We will take a look into that for a future update. Thanks, Chris
  10. That's a bug, thanks for reporting. It has been logged and will be fixed asap.
  11. Hello everyone. Thank you for your continued help and feedback. We appreciate it. I’ve hopefully fixed this issue now and it will be available in the next release/beta. Please let us know if you still encounter problems.
  12. Please make sure you are on the latest drivers. This involves completely uninstalling your current drivers before downloading and installing the latest. Thanks Chris
  13. Hi @Sullyman What tablet/pc setup are you using? (Tablet make, model, driver version. PC spec: RAM, CPU, GPU Winver etc.) Cheers Chris
  14. Hello Koda/Sullyman. You're correct. It seems that fix didn't work. The bug has been re-opened to be looked at asap.
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