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  1. Thank you! Gary
  2. Hi, I have 2 artboards for wine labels. Everytime i go to slice mode to output them, the program locks up and crashes. It doesn't even show the slice mode, locks up before that. this is new to Here are screen captures to the progression on the crash. Gary
  3. I can't because its completely random and i can't share art from this movie. Gary
  4. Thank you! Looking forward to it... I am using DESIGNER and PHOTO everyday on FEATURE FILM here in Canada for UNIVERSAL. Software is awesome.. Gary
  5. Its Canon Pixma Pro 100 13x19 printer. No the print job doesn't send...installed 1.6, print fine no crashes. The 1.7 prints crashing are random.. Gary
  6. Here is everything in the directory. This printing crash started with the newest version. Never happened to 1.6. 0db7ac11-78dc-4db4-996e-304282c69745.dmp 0faedcb2-552c-447c-9f44-4491027ec124.dmp a89bc267-e885-43d8-8694-e228ccdc5fac.dmp b6c648ba-9d34-4bf5-a019-b83c58f246a4.dmp c469b9c9-ff3a-4d47-8228-e5ecfc42d88c.dmp ec46c409-601b-46bb-9a9f-f585682605c4.dmp
  7. Because i didn't even see it...THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!. Appreciate the help! Gary
  8. I have noticed something weird with these panels changing size. If i have designer open and fix the panel placement. Close the program and reopen, most of the panels are in the correct space. Some of them are a bit off from initial settings. But here is where it gets weird. If i close Designer and open Photo, the panels are out of place. Reset them to where i like them. Close the program and reopen seems good for the most part. But if i then reopen Designer they have all gone whacky again. Seems as though Photo or designer are affecting each others preferences. Could this have something to do with PUBLISHER and studio link? Gary
  9. It would be great to have a tolerance option for the selection brush. Its pretty hard to drag the brush in some areas. A one click option to select a tolerance would help, same as Photoshop. Unless there is something i am missing.. THanks Gary
  10. Sorry for not posting...so busy with work....Thanks for checking in on the post...appreciated. Gary
  11. one of your guys said he has fixed it already. Supplied screen shots . Gary
  12. As the title says, since update. 1.7.404 crashes randomly while printing. Doesn't seem to be any pattern to the problem. Windows 10 64bit, 64gb Ram, Threadripper 1950x, NVIDIA GTX1080. Gary
  13. Hello Sean, I am using Windows 10 PRO 64 bit. Every time i open a new doc, that 5x5 stays there under that setting until i change it back.. Thanks Gary Barringer
  14. When starting a new document in DESIGNER and PHOTO, if for example you start of with letter size ( 8.5x11 ) but change it to 5x5. The setting doesn't change to custom like it used to. When you then start another new document, it say PRINT/ Letter , but the size is still the old custom size you typed in. You then have to click on a new preset and back to get your original numbers. It not a huge deal , but a bug non the less. Gary
  15. Here is hoping they have it for 1.8...forget version 2. I want to dump my adobe software all together. Its a few small things like this that stop me. Gary