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  1. Hey SrPx, Playing around with AFFINITY is something the program, new document, blank, start moving it around with hand tool...really choppy and slow as before... Checked task manager and PHOTO has 4 items running...and its loading memory. When it gets to about 570MB it stops and then the program doesn't lag any more... This is weird. Takes about 30sec -45 seconds to load into memory where this used to be instant. Any ideas? Memory leak perhaps? Very strange.. Gary
  2. Not graphics...test that to death. Thank you for help and suggestions....Not looking forward to ADOBE subscription, but its predictable, and i dont' EVER get these issues that stop me working. Who knows, maybe AFFINITY will read this someday and help. Thanks again SrPx. Gary
  3. I thought it was fixed. But apparently not. Designer is working on version 1.6 fine at the moment. Photo however is not. Same issue that DESIGNER had. This problem is with a blank document. If i select the hand tool and move the canvas...really choppy and will even lock up for 5 secs and then redraw the screen and then start again . Even worse if i try and paint something...can't make a smooth anything to save its life. THIS IS A WINDOWS 10 PROBLEM. Never had this issue on Windows 7. Even with 1400 fonts installed.. Think its time to renew the ADOBE subscription. Can't work like this and with no feedback from AFFINITY , the software is of no use to me. Gary
  4. I have . I don't seem to get any response. Its stupid the software is working perfect for a week of a project and this morning its broken. No updates during. No installs...the system is the same as yesterday. Gary
  5. so after all the resets and installs...the old version of DESIGNER 1.6 has been working great. Although , i had been using photo up to today after reset and had been working great. TODAY its back to to CRAP SELF again! REally slow and lagging, locks up for 5 secs and starts again, can't even move a blacnk document around smoothly. NOT HAPPY. I am so sick of resetting this crappy software. WHATS WRONG WITH YOUR SOFTWARE? Help me fix this , very pissed of with the time i have wasted with this . Gary
  6. Ha how many fonts ...embaressed to say.. Orignally 1400.....but never any problems ...ONLY DESIGNER. But the full clean reinstall and going back to 1.6 original has fixed the problem it seems. Also i had 1600 on Windows 7 pro...didn't affect DESIGNER on there either. I have always been very lazy with my fonts. With how fast i have to make art for movies, its just install them and move on. As it easy just to have them there. NEXUS font seems quite usefull and so do the links v_kyr listed. Starting to tidy them up and. I am down to 950 or so installed now. But has made no difference since my reinstall anyway. As stated before was never a issue. As for interface design. I do like the minimal flat design, but its become to minimal.. Needs options an ways to customize. There has always been a divide between programmers and designers. I remember the early version of MAYA v1. Used it in animaiton school. You could completely tell it was a programmer that made everything. Its come along way. If you look at programs like MODO or LIGHTWAVE they seem to fit the artist more. I personally use LIGHTWAVE on a day to day basis. Have used it since the amiga video toaster days.. Gary
  7. Yeah i agree with the flat UI deisgn has gone a bit to simple...i like the cleanliness of it, but still need the features and ease of use. Nexus Font seem pretty good..trying it now...thinning out more easy for them to pile up. Gary
  8. Thanks for the link. FONT BASE is a bit odd, so clean a interface, its not really telling you what its doing. THanks Gary
  9. I will try the beta at a later time. I am working and frankly sick to death of software not working. Spent way to much time trying to fix something that just should just work consistantly. Even ADOBE is working fine. Just not DESIGNER or PHOTO. Adobe generally has problems, but they have been good. My workflow with them in uninterrupted. Reinstalling brushes, styles, assests everytime have to reinstall this software is driving my nuts. TO MUCH TIME WASTED. There needs to be a better way to get the settings back. Also a way to save layouts for various things. Sorry for the rant , but this is taking up A LOT OF MY TIME! I just need to create GFX for the movies i am working on. Can't beta test your software and work. Installing fontbase and seeing if that helps. Gary
  10. I will give the FONT THING a try...just deleted 400 of them... The weird thing is i had way more fonts on WINDOWS 7 and this did affect my performance with DESIGNER. Why Windows 10?
  11. SoniaBT, stay and lets get your problem resolved. If we can figure it out, it helps everyone who may have the same issue.. Just didnt' want my issue to go away either.. Did you try what i posted? Gary
  12. did you try what i said about the install and uninstall? Cleaning and so on. changing something to nearest neighbour are the least of your problems if you taking that long to boot. do a control alt delete and go to task manager. See if anything is hogging your memory. Look at CPU %. Should be at 0 or very low before you load the program.
  13. SO HEY! since my topic was hijacked.... I started this thread to help my problem and we end up on someonelses... DON"T mind helping by the way..its how we get things fixed.. But my issue is still not resolved and seems as though AFFINITY are once again not contributing. Please read the thread and some input on how to fix these issues. Gary