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  1. thegary

    Selecting type doesn't show with some fonts

    I have this listed in my post. The first image shows how ARIAL selects fine. The second image shows AMTYPEWRITER mdITC and is also selected, but not showing.. Gary
  2. thegary

    Selecting type doesn't show with some fonts

    Thats the point..its is selected..and yes its very hard to work when you cannot see a selection. This happens with about 10 different fonts i have found. No other programs have issues with these fonts. Gary
  3. thegary

    Selecting type doesn't show with some fonts

    @Chris_K @walt.farrell So i have given you guys the details and samples, what are you thoughts.? Gary
  4. @walt.farrell @chris_k I have uploaded the files you requested...any thoughts? Gary
  5. something like CADTOOLS for illustrator would be fantastic. Gary
  6. @walt.farrell Sorry about that..thought i attached it.. Here it is ...let me know... Thank you everyone for your help! Gary slices problem.afdesign
  7. Here you go. The names explain what persona i used...slices persona is wrong. Gary
  8. thegary

    Expand Stroke needs to be prioritized!

    agree with you..expand is not accurate and needs more options..outline stroke ,expand, path tools like illustrator. Gary
  9. try turning UAC off.. type UAC into start menu...set to off...then try installing..found this to work with some software.. Maybe it might work here. Gary
  10. i have blurred the text..as its not the issue..the one from draw persona is correct... the one from slices , the back ground is darker and where the text is, its actually a image with multiply attached so it shows the back ground. Its not work on slices. Gary
  11. This is not working properly either...its not retaining the information in each of layers such as opacity, layer type ( multiply in my case ) and other settings...just exports them with default settings. Making it useless. I still have to out put them one at a time in draw persona...again a check mark to out put artboards to seperate files makes this less complicated. I have no use for SLICES and definetly not since its not keeping my layers as created. Please dont' ask for a sample ...document has a NDA signed, cannot send.. Need another solution for out put. Right now i have to export 20 artboards one at a time... Gary
  12. thegary

    Selecting type doesn't show with some fonts

    @chris_k @walt.farrell sorry about the delay ..here are to examples..i have text selected on both screens...where you can see the type selected..its ARIAL font. The other you cannot see its highlighted , but it is ..the font is AMTYPEWRITER mdITC. But his happens with other fonts as well...about 10 so far. Its really annoying. any thoughts? Gary
  13. never mind , found the tiff part...but some weird output on some pages.. Will play with this a bit. But this should still be part of the regular EXPORT in draw persona.. Gary
  14. This is one way around it, but it won't output to TIFF. when exporting there should be a checkbox for all artboards. This persona thing is more work than it needs to be. Thank you for the explanation . Didn;t know about this.. But doesn't seem to output to TIFF. No good to me. Gary
  15. In designer i have noticed when selecting fonts for editing , the selection doesn't show on various fonts. Some do and some don't. So you are guessing as to what is selected. Gary