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  1. Not stressed out about it. Just one thing I don't need to look at while working. In film we are outputting 100's of files day. This slows things down and it doesn't need to be there. thats all.. Gary
  2. your easter eggs are interfering with work.....had to click 20 times instead of once to find the gradient i wanted. Please stop this. Gary
  3. @Rondem Thanks for your reply. I will give that a try, but if i have renamed the layers before going to slices, it usually renames one slice but not another. Sometimes it doesn't rename any. Seem as though if the layer names are correct , then so should the slices layers by default. Gary
  4. I did screen captures of the what the layers are. It happens every time you reuse a file. One of the other people replying replicated the issue as well. I can't do a screen recording where i am not for another month. But if you repoen a old file save it as a new name. edit something . Change the layer name to your new names relavant to the file. Go to slices, some of the layers in slices to not take the new layer names. You have to go in manually and rename them. Sorry I can't do more than that at the moment. Gary
  5. I started this thread a while back , but no answers, still doing this on new version. Thanks Gary
  6. @PÅ¡enda Thanks for replying. I had my artboard set to white. But his issue would only go away if I put a white box as the last layer. It never used to do this. Think its an issue with the software. The image views fine on facebook. Incorrectly on INSTAGRAM. Incorrectly as LAYER thumb, and incorrectly when attaching in email. Its a very strange issue. Gary
  7. dropped a white box behind. Seems to have fixed the issue. Not sure if this is normal, as the artboard is whtie background and not transparent. Gary
  8. @Blende21 thanks for the reply. Even Designer LAYER ICONS are showing them incorrectly before any export. Think this may bee a issue with software. See attached pic of how the LAYERS show the wrong color. Gary
  9. Hey Getting are really weird output on PNG slices. Something is a miss with the slice module. Never used to get these issues, including and still unanswered naming of slices and artboards. When I ouput the file to PNG, it saves in a odd format. Hard to explain, see pics below. They are even wrong when posted to INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK. Any thoughts. I have now been outputting in JPG , no issues there. But something is miss in PNG. so the last image shows you how it is in DESIGNER, but how it shows when uploaded. Background is all dark, and top HD logo not show MULTIPLY layer style correctly. Gary
  10. Anyone from Affinity have any thoughts on this. Has now had this problem with every file i reuse and try renaming artboards. Its not a show stopper , but its annoying. Any help or feedback appreciated. Thanks to you above for checking this out. Gary
  11. Its weird how this happens to 1 of the artboards for sure everytime, but 50% its to both . Something isn't consistant there. If you rename artboards, I think it should be the came of the slices. Thanks for looking into this GarryP and RC-R, but perhaps some staff can weigh in. Gary
  12. @GarryP Thanks for the video...did some screen grabs showing the name difference. Sometimes they are both wrong, but always one of them. Very odd. Gary
  13. By chance have you tried saving the file. Close designer, reopen the file rename to v2 for example. Then rename artboards and see if they are changed in slice module. Thats my process. Gary
  14. Hey, I have a issue that was in the past DESIGNER and still in the new update. I have a document i always reuse. 2 art boards. One is a wide format for social media , the other square. I change the content and also rename the art boards for output , so they have the correct name. When i rename the art board and switch to slice module, the art boards have the old name before i rename them. So I have to rename them twice. Anyway to get this fixed? Thanks Gary
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