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  1. @v_kyr @loukash Thank you for the info . Appreciate it. Gary
  2. Hello Am i missing something or are the WARP tools found in Designer not in Photo? This should be available in both programs and used the same way. Gary
  3. @Pauls Frankentoon and Daub addons bought from your store and also Frankentoon store. As mentioned earlier, exact same addons on V1 of photo and no slowdown when switching. Let me know if you need a more exact list. Gary
  4. @Pauls To confirm. this is happening in PHOTO. I stated above i put it in the wrong topic. Sorry about that. Something else i noticed that may help diagnose the issue. If i don't create a new document. Program open , no doc. Clicking between brushes is immediate. Only once I have drawn with a brush does it take time to switch between BRUSH Categories. Gary
  5. @Pauls Hello, Thanks for your reply. Tried this option , its still very slow. Gary
  6. I have about 8 extra addons for brushes. Exactly the same as V1. V1 doesn't slow down at all. This is a v2 isuue. Gary
  7. @walt.farrell just the MSI version. Will NOT use the MSIX. Can't and won't use that installer. Gary
  8. Hello, While in Designer, switching from one brush category to another is painfully slow. Gary
  9. @Patrick Connor THANK YOU to everyone at SERIF for making the MSI Installer and Listening to the users. It goes along way. Its very much appreciated. 2.0.3 of Designer MSI was pretty good. Just installed all three apps of 2.0.4 and look forward to continue on with the software. Thanks Gary
  10. Hello, Two images attached. First one shows black warped text. layer was duplicated and converted to curves. Then outline added. The outline doesn't conform to what the warped text was in Black. Gary
  11. Hello , Found this issue while zooming into edit small vector. Interface fast while not zoomed in, but when you get close the interface goes blurry and takes along time to redraw. Tried this on version 1 as well, no issue in V1. Video attached. Gary Designer_2023-01-25_11-14-52.mp4
  12. I have attached two photos of V1 of Designer and V2 of the Preferences windows. V1 font is bright and much easer to read. V2 even with adjusting the interface options is not as bright and some eye strain. Any possibility of make this brighter or bolder. I find this smaller font in the interface in general a bit dim against any background. Thanks Gary
  13. @Patrick Connor Sorry about that. Will repost in that area. Gay
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