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  1. @Chris B Just because i am not on this project doesn't mean its fixed. I fixed it with tiffs the day it happened. But the JPEG thing is still broken, its the most popular output format and it doesn't work. I HAVE STOPPED USING DESIGNER FOR FILM WORK! I dont' have time to do things twice in this industry, if you cannot fix it, then i will continue using adobe products. You can fix it. I have given you all the information, samples and settings ...You have not done anything to fix this. Disappointed! Gary
  2. @James Ritson @Chris B Hello, I have changed the wide gaumt RGB to SRGB. NO DIFFERENCE at all. @james ritson, samples are above that i can show. A for using TIFF over JPG. It was something i did to move on. This is not going on camera and there for JPEG is good enough. but your JPEG is artifacting. Something is wrong with the JPEG. NONE of the other file formats do this just JPEG. I have finished this task and long since moved on, but your JPEG problem is still there. I am testing these without ACROBAT. Its not a ACROBAT issue. It prints this way out of designer, photo, acdsee , photoshop. You name it. sorry this is short and to the point...really busy and trying to get you the info you need. Gary
  3. @Chris B Tried the CONTROL Key clear many times..no difference...Here are the screens
  4. @Ralf_Maeder Hello, Thanks for the suggestions...been through them all triple checked. I have out put to every format in DESIGNER. Its only the JPEG that is printing incorrectly. all my files are 8bit all rgb and so is my document. Should be fine. Not to sound rude, but i do this for a living and I have never see this issue every before...tested pretty much every scenerio i can..nothing..tried just about every out put. This image prints fine in other software with the same settings.........JPEG and DESIGNER is where the problem lies. Gary
  5. Hello @Chris B Is there soemwhere i should start. If a TIFF is ouputting correctly and printing, should not the JPEG? I can't send t he file, but do you need to see the a screen grab? Everything is at default settings. As a rule i never have to change them. Gary
  6. Hello @Chris B Color profiles are fine. Doesn't do it with tiffs at all. Does the same thing to my inkjet, color copier and laser printer. . I have only had this problem with designer .. All my other software is fine. Gary
  7. @Chris B Anything? Gary
  8. HI Chris... Sorry about the delay in getting back to you. So very busy..I have attached two images. One of the screen and one of the print with artifacting. Let me if you have a solution to try. This is also just printing the JPG...not in a PDF. So has nothing to do with the image bring in a PDF. They Image that is in the designer file, is a larger image scaled down to the window...No DPI mismatch. First image is the screen, second image is the print. Thanks Gary
  9. Hello Chris B Do you have any solutions or something i should try to fix the issue? Thanks Gary
  10. Apologies..Misread. Here you go. Tried it with EMBED METADATA on and off..no difference.. The print was sent to a XEROX color copier, from a Windows 10 machine with all the newest drivers as well...if that helps. Thanks Gary
  11. Hello , A screen cap wouldn't do anything. Its not the screen that is incorrect.. When sending to the printer. Where the JPEG is in the image ( is all pixelated, in spots, wrong coloring. ONLY ON THE PRINT not SCREEN ) outputting to tiff fixed this. The tiffs also created a smaller PDF final doc. As stated above I cannot send you anything as its for a MOVIE and I have signed a NDA. No one gets to see the art. Gary
  12. Hello , I have the latest 1.6.4 for windows. Yesterday i was out putting artboards to JPG. The file contained vector and raster files. I then assemble them in a PDF for distribution and printing. When printing the JPG ( the image or raster part of the file ) is very pixelated and not printing correctly. The vector part of the file is fine. This printed wrong with in DESIGNER or from another program. So its how DESIGNER is creating the JPG. I printed the raster elements that i imported seperatly to test, when they are not in DESIGNER , they print fine. My workaround was to export them as TIFF 8bit. This made all artboards print correctly. The other strange thing, is the 20 pages of JPEGS that i exported, created a HUGE PDF. But the TIFF's created one 1/3 the size. Both JPG and TIFF were exported at 300 DPI. Double checked that all output setting were the same for DESIGNER and for ACROBAT to build the PDF. Need a fix for this JPEG problem soon. I cannot upload any pics sorry. Its for a movie production I am on and have signed a NDA. Thanks Gary
  13. thegary

    Latest version on DESIGNER (PC) very slow

    Hello All, Just an update. What ever was fixed in the latest release 1.6.4 for designer and photo, fixed my issues..No more lagging, smooth and fast as it used to be. A pleasure to use again. Gary
  14. thegary

    Latest version on DESIGNER (PC) very slow

    Hello SrPx, Thank you for your response. Very well put together and you are correct in saying that i don't like these things to go unfixed. This problem has Plagued me since installed a FRESH copy of Windows 10. Nothing else installed, no font no anything. The problem was there from the beginning with the fresh install of Windows 10 Pro. Video card drivers were the first thing to be check. No differnce. How PHOTO and DESIGNER load is much slower in Windows 10 compared to my Windows 7. Overall a worse experience. Time is no longer a luxury i have. I start a new contract in the morning, and have already resubscribed to ADOBE. I will have time at the end of the year to have another look at AFFINITY. There are others in my field that have already given up on AFFINITY as they are having some of the same issues and other ones. My VENDORS will not even accept files from AFFINITY as they cause problems. There is more than one thing going wrong here with the PC version that i know and also with WINDOWS 10. My Windows 7 system had more fonts, more programs, hadn't been cleaned in years nor a fresh install and yet AFFINITY Software ran correctly. I have done as much as I can to try and get answer from support, but frankly i am not that happy with the responses and general lack of help. I have BETA tested software for many years for both 3D programs, 2D programs and more. Trying pretty much every way possible there is to fix and break a product to make it better and give feedback to the company making the software. I am not getting that back from the support end. Sure there are a lot of people on these forums, but my computer knowledge is above most. Windows 10 is far from perfect and thats why i am calling this a WINDOWS 10 Issue. Windows 7 was fine. I will try the next update they send out, but as it stands at the moment, I will not have time to do these sort of tests until my contract ends. Just so you know I create GRAPHICS and ANIMATIONS for the film industry. Going on 60 movies. Adobe software all though not great, hasn't let me down. AFFINITY has, and although its very new software and in my opinion to be a better product soon, i don't believe its PRODUCTION safe. This comes from other designers that are trying to use it as well and my VENDORS that do all my printing. When I get time to try the next release I will report back. Thank you again SrPx for taking the time to help. Perahps AFFINITY should pay you. Thank you to Mark from AFFINITY for stepping in to help as well. But once again the thread is long and I am being asked to do things that have been tried long ago and were first on the list. Gary
  15. thegary

    Latest version on DESIGNER (PC) very slow

    Hello Mark, Nothing changed on the system what so ever. But the software changed how it worked from one day to the next. NEVER had this issue on Windows 7, and even with more fonts installed using version 1.6. Why is i generating previews every startup as well? It should be cached. I can guarantte my system didnt' change in the slightest...NO UPDATE, NO INSTALLS. Working smoothly , 10pm one evening. Next morning NOT SMOOTH AT ALL. I need another explanation. I am only have problems with YOUR SOFTWARE and its only HAPPENING WITH WINDOWS 10. Please read this thread. I have tried everything...quite sick to death of the fact is smooth for a while , then starts lagging and locking up and so on. Gary