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  1. Hello the most recent build is not printing Files correctly. The effects of layers seem to not stay clipped when printed. They are perfect on screen, but not while printing. the first file is the original file and how it should look, the other three are photos of how the the drop shadow is leaking out side the clipped area. For now i am printing from a JPG to fix it, but i should be able to print from the DESIGNER file without having this happen. Gary
  2. Yes sorry need this added to WINDOWS version. Please unify these platforms. Options should be the same. Gary
  3. Can we please have the option of these buttons for PHOTO? They are in DESIGNER as in the picture attached. They are would be most useful in photo as well. Thank you Gary
  4. I am with you . Its about time these things were tidied up. Perhaps if we all put forth these suggestions they may be implemented. Affinity is very good at listening to its customers. Please add it to the suggestions area, and so will I . Gary
  5. Found a backup for all the assests. Log into your account and go to your downloads. Here all the assests and templates are available for download. Have them backed up now. and use them in the manner i want. Gary
  6. Hello Affinity Team, GREAT UPDATE! Request! ( for all the programs , designer, photo, and publisher ) when i downloading content from the account window, I and probably other really need the option to where its downloaded to. My C drive is OS only. I have all my programs and content on D drive. I need the ability to save or move these downloads off my C drive as there is limited space for the OS only. Is there a way now to move them and re add the assests manually? Perhaps a option for downloads later release? Gary
  7. Thanks for the reply. Look forward to it in next bug release fix. So far the features are fantastic. and the OPENGL acceleration is brilliant... THANK YOU TO EVERYONE at AFFINITY for such a great product. Gary
  8. I saw the post for the beta testing said they knew about it and it was being fixed. Doesn't seem like it has been. Gary
  9. Contour Clone with ALT not working Is there something wrong with THE CONTOUR TOOL? It says holding down ALT will clone it , it doesn't? Thank you Gary
  10. The 1.9 upgrades look fantastic. Question. After registration you can download some of the free packs, like the snow in PHOTO. Where are they downloaded to? no path showing. Can you change the path? I don't have my affinity software on my C drive. Just the OS, so I would like to choose where they go and know where they are. Right now i can't even find them. Gary
  11. So far so good...Fast, really like the contour tool. Looking forward to final release. Gary
  12. Not stressed out about it. Just one thing I don't need to look at while working. In film we are outputting 100's of files day. This slows things down and it doesn't need to be there. thats all.. Gary
  13. your easter eggs are interfering with work.....had to click 20 times instead of once to find the gradient i wanted. Please stop this. Gary
  14. @Rondem Thanks for your reply. I will give that a try, but if i have renamed the layers before going to slices, it usually renames one slice but not another. Sometimes it doesn't rename any. Seem as though if the layer names are correct , then so should the slices layers by default. Gary
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