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  1. @Callum I did try both. No change.. I also posted a video above with the guides jumping when selecting. Very odd. These are all 2.2 items. This wasn't happening with last build. Gary
  2. @Callum Hi Callum, No difference changing renderer to fastest. When will Hardware acceleraton work again? Seems like this has been broken for a while. Tried a on a few computers. Doesn't seem to work. Slows everything down and artifacting. Gary
  3. @Callum Here another weird thing thats happening when drag selecting...guides jump. Sorry can't share this files.. but just recorded it. Gary Designer_2023-09-28_10-45-14.mp4
  4. @Callum Any update on the above files? I am also trying to record the interface locking up. I have included one with the artifacting. This started after the latest update. Gary
  5. @CallumHere the files of the screen redraw issue. Trying to reproduce the other method..Video and files attach. Designer_2023-09-25_10-11-42.mp4 11x11 menu with bleed.afdesign 11x11 menu with bleed.pdf
  6. Since updating to v2.2. While making art in general the interface OFTEN stop updating what your doing. Moving points and so on. If you zoom in out it corrects. I have turn layers off and it doesn't update until i zoom or move the artboard. same with HD acceleration on or off. This is a bad bug. Also PDF export unreliably drops layers or doesn;t output certain backgrounds. Gary
  7. @Chris B Thanks for looking. These were 3 files of about 20 i used on the show. Unfortunately i have to use them as they are picked by others in production. This means other software to open them. STOCK images are a big part of the art dept in film, purely do to the amount of work . On this show i am just finishing up, there is 700+ final pieces of art and 1.6GB of files. Its a massive race to the finish. Guess i have to keep Illustrator. Inkscape did work with Ghost script. Gary
  8. @Chris B Hello Chris, Thanks for new link...they are uploaded. Gary
  9. @Chris B Hello Chris, The link says FILE REQUEST NOT FOUND. Nothing to upload to. Please resend. Gary
  10. @Chris B send me a link to the dropbox and i can send you a getty image that does this. Can't send work files. on this show i have had a bout 15-20 Getty EPS files that open as images. I have provided many files in the past. Just not ones when i am on a movie. I have sign NDA's and i wont' lose my job for sharing files that are not mine. Gary
  11. My question to them is if they can fix it. I know that the issue is there. . I cannot upload to here, but i can upload to AFFINITY for a sample. Gary
  12. its seems to be when every there is a gradient or effect like dropshadow , as far as i can tell. Gary
  13. Its not the stock sites. Its how DESIGNER opens them. EPS files open in INKSCAPE , ILLUSTRATOR fine. not DESINGER. Gary
  14. @Chris B I am having constant issue with Designer opening file from STOCK sites ( eps files ) they open as images rather than vectors. I open them in Illustrator and they are Vector. This happens alot. I the movie industry we use STOCK image sites all the time. Can you fix this ? Its annoying. I don't want to own Adobe anymore but i have to for these types of problems. Gary
  15. @Chris B Thanks for the reply. Thing is i have programs open all day and multiple file..Nature of my business. The ram setting seems to be working. Thank you for the suggestions. Gary
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