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  1. @GarryP Thanks for the video...did some screen grabs showing the name difference. Sometimes they are both wrong, but always one of them. Very odd. Gary
  2. By chance have you tried saving the file. Close designer, reopen the file rename to v2 for example. Then rename artboards and see if they are changed in slice module. Thats my process. Gary
  3. Hey, I have a issue that was in the past DESIGNER and still in the new update. I have a document i always reuse. 2 art boards. One is a wide format for social media , the other square. I change the content and also rename the art boards for output , so they have the correct name. When i rename the art board and switch to slice module, the art boards have the old name before i rename them. So I have to rename them twice. Anyway to get this fixed? Thanks Gary
  4. @Callum No problem at all. Just wanted to make sure it was something to be fixed by me or someone. Thank you for the reply! Gary
  5. @Callum I have done what you asked about a video. But know reply what so ever. Can you please let me know a fix or if this is reported. Gary
  6. This isn't my issue, it was part of the question when its coming. I have another issue as stated in the original post. Gary
  7. Nothing slowing down in the background . Check all these things before posting here. Its something to do with DESIGNER. Gary
  8. @Callum Hello I responded to you request with the video in post above, but I haven't heard anything back from you. Please confirm you have seen the post. Thank you Gary
  9. Hello @Callum Here is a screen recording of various brushes. This is REALLY LAGGING compared to what it used to be. The system is fast, 64gb of ram, GEFORE 2080 Super, Threadripper 1950X, and windows 10 pro. Gary Designer_Brush_Lag_1.mp4
  10. as stated above, the Vector Brushes very sluggish PC designer latest version. NOT BETA. I have to wait 3 -5 minutes for Designer to stop taking ram. Then the brushes drawing is a bit smoother, but very sluggish. This seems to be getting worse with every release. This is happening with supplied brushes and third party. My machine is fast, Threadripper, 64GB of ram, 2080 Super, 4K. No reason what so ever for this to be lagging. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Also when is GPU acceleration going to happen on the PC? Gary
  11. Thank you for your reply @Lee D I have located the (.../Resources/Affinity Designer/) directory. The files you mention are there. I am not sure about the user data folder you mention. You also mention a repair fixed the problem. What do you mean by this? Thank you Gary
  12. Sorry should have included that...I am on a PC..Latest version from AFFINITY. I download from them , not a store. Gary
  13. Affinity Designer, my presets don't save and basic brushes are gone As the title says. If i go to bushes and select the BASIC brushes. All are gone but 1. Also i made about 15 presets for easy setup. When I reopen DESIGNER this morning they are gone. Any thoughts? Gary
  14. Thank you to everyone at Affinity for DESIGNER PHOTO and PUBLISHER! Great update. So glad i switched to your products. Gary
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