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  1. Hi rechnerpools, Would you be able to upload the PDF you're using to our internal Dropbox account please using the link below? https://www.dropbox.com/request/PXHlM2b6wm2kP6kzWD1I I've tried outputting the text shown in the screenshot to PDF, but that is importing fine for me! Thanks!
  2. Hi dkaiser, Unfortunately this is a known issue that is with development to be fixed!
  3. Hi Stmartin, Thanks for letting us know - I've reproduced that here and will pass it onto development.
  4. Are you able to attach some screenshots that show the issue please, also what model printer are you using? Thanks!
  5. Hi aleale1, I've passed this onto development! Thanks for letting us know!
  6. Hi RogerCu, Whilst an A5 will fit onto an A4 page twice, most printers are not able to fully print to the whole A4 region, and instead will have a smaller printable area. You can get your margins to be set from the printable area using the 'Retrieve Margin from Printer' button in the Spread Setup > Margins dialog. I would also check your printer documentation as well as that should generally list the printable dimensions.
  7. It sounds like you may have selected the Publisher when trying to open one of your files and left 'Use this application for all .*** files'. This is not a bug, but instead a feature of Windows.
  8. Hi Debs2203, I've tried this myself in and the point around which the zoom occurs is the click location as you are expecting! Is this still a problem for you using
  9. Sean P

    How to open ORF File and remove Split/Mirror

    Hi SteveP64, Can you go into View > Assistant Manager > Develop Assistant and switch to Serif Labs raw engine please? This is a known issue when using Apple Core Image raw.
  10. Sean P

    Not possible to delete macros from library?

    Unfortunately I can't get access to that mail - would you be able to upload to our Internal Dropbox account using this link please? https://www.dropbox.com/request/t2RVR5mqZEbXA77pBWHE
  11. Hi Chris, We're aware of issues that are preventing Panoramas from stitching together successfully. Instead all that happens is that it attempts to stitch - you get the working icon and the button disables, and then stops and re-enables. This has been logged with development. As for the second one feel free create a new thread in the improvements section of the forum.
  12. Hi Wojciech, Unfortunately the Canon 77D is not currently our list of supported cameras, but should be coming! Also I presume you have enabled 'Tone Curve' in View > Assistant Manager > Develop Assistant? That did make a slight improvement on the RAW sample I used!
  13. Hi Carina2cl, As mentioned in the thread below I've bumped this with development!
  14. Hi kukula, This happens if your object is not positioned (or sized) in whole pixels. Looking at you screenshot, it has a Y value of 2219.8px, giving you the extra pixel making it 48x49px. If you change this to 2220 or 2219px it will export out as 48x48. This is more than likely the same for the artboard location as well! If you tick 'Force Pixel Alignment' in the tool bar it will ensure the objects are always pixel aligned avoiding these issues.
  15. Sean P

    Not possible to delete macros from library?

    Thanks for the files! Unfortunately I'm still unable to reproduce this (even after setting my Mac to be German). Would you be able to zip up and attach the contents of the folder below please? Macintosh HD/Users/username/Library/Containers/com.seriflabs.affinityphoto/Data/Library/Application support/ Thanks!