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  1. Thanks for the videos - I've just been trying this in both Catalina and Mojave using 1.8.4 and still only seeing the jumping when releasing the keys first (as I mentioned above). What kind of device are you using for the pointer? I've tried a standard USB mouse and also a Macbook Pro track pad with both the same behaviour. Do you have any other software running like tablet drivers or any other utility like applications? I've tried showing the behaviour again that i'm getting but annoyingly Screenshot utility on my Mac is not showing mouse clicks despite enabling it! Note that whilst its done in Windowed mode, it behaves the same as separated. Screen_Recording_2020-08-04_at_15_33_36.mov
  2. Hi Christian, Just to confirm this is something we're aware off as LibraTraining says (thank you!). I will get your comments passed on to development. Thank you
  3. Again this is something that is still open with development. If an issue you've reported is still a problem, then please comment in the original thread instead of creating a new one please! Thanks
  4. Unfortunately this is still open with development - I'll pass on your comments.
  5. Hi @pekranodon I've bumped the issue with development and passed your comments on - thanks for letting us know
  6. Hi EndyNight69, It sounds as though you're using a graphics tablet? (Please try to supply as much information as you know about your issue) In 1.8.4 tablet input has been changed to use high precision data, which unfortunately has had a knock on effect for older tablet devices that use 'Mouse Mode'. You can add --legacy-wintab (note the two hyphens at the start, best to copy and paste) to the command line options of the shortcut you launch the application from. This will use the older input options that 1.8.3 used and should allow you to use your tablet how it was in 1.8.3.
  7. It is a bug that we're aware of that is with development to be fixed.
  8. Hi postmadesigns, This is something you've reported to us back in March. There are actually three separate issues here, that are still open with development: Incorrect Tools for the selected persona are appearing in the Keyboard Shortcut list Setting a keyboard shortcut for the 'Pie Tool' creates a duplicate entry in shortcut list Keyboard shortcut for Pixel Brush Tool doesn't save after a restart I've just tried the last one again as you mentioned and still only found that the Pixel Brush wasn't being saved - the Fill Tool was.
  9. Hi jackamus, This is a known issue. Constraints Groups (unlike regular groups) will clip anything outside the of the group. So in your case because your Strokes are set to Align Centre, half the stroke is getting clipped, which is why you're having to double the thickness.
  10. Hi kokosmolch, Thanks for letting us know. This is something we're aware of and with development to be fixed. I'll get your comments passed on. As a workaround you can place an object in the position you want the Spread Origin and then drag out from the ruler intersection to the point you want the origin. This will adjust the spread origin (without the dialog limit) and align to the object placed ensuring it is exactly where you want it.
  11. Thanks for raising this issue - we have closed it as "by design".
  12. Hi Jowday, This is By Design. If you don't want the rasterisation to happen then you can set 'Rasterise: Nothing' in the export options. This will maintain a vector gradient as close to the source as possible without rasterising it.
  13. There will be a release fairly soon - though I don't have an actual date right now!
  14. Hi Jowday, This is something we're aware of and is logged with development - I will pass your comments on.
  15. Hi Pat Rick, This is a known issue that has been fixed by development in 1.8.4 (there is a beta available here). Thanks for letting us know!
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