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  1. Here you go : https://www.dropbox.com/request/sf17b5iceF8h8uEb8jU5
  2. Sean P

    Isometric settings

    Hi Clamnuts, I'll get these label suggestion passed on to development - it is something I noticed that Front, Side and Top don't always equate to your grid, so I think matching the names of the Grid and Axis Manager dialog would be better. Regarding the Locking to Plane function you mention I'm not entirely sure I understand what you're asking, but you can use 'Edit in Plane' to scale along specific axis. It is also worth noting that this is *NOT* 3D, but objects rotated and sheared to be appear correctly!
  3. Sean P

    Color sliders bug

    Thanks for the steps - I've reproduced it now! I'll get it passed on to development.
  4. Hi PyrosBrother, Thanks for letting us know - I've reproduced this now and passed it on to development!
  5. Sean P

    Color sliders bug

    @Gear maker I'll log an issue with development regarding the button graphics and states. I can see on Light UI it is difficult to see, and also the lack of icon change. That said however, it is the same as the Lock icon on the Layer Panel, which I don't believe anyone has mentioned before! I've also reproduced the colour picker switching from HSL to RGB so will also get that passed on to development. The lock state is also only remembered per session, which as far as I can tell this is by design but I will query it with development. It also seems that the Sliders dropdown defaults to the first in the list rather than the last one set on restart of the application so I can pass that on to development as well. Unfortunately however I still cannot reproduce restarting the app so that the colour wheel is present. Would you be able to record a video showing the behaviour you are getting please? Short demonstration videos issues like these help us greatly in seeing what is happening and what actions you are doing that could be causing the behaviour. @A_B_C The issue you mentioned with the aliasing on the colour wheel is something that we've already logged with development and seems to mainly affect non-retina screens!
  6. Would you be able to share the PDF with us please Iaing. If you'd rather not upload it to the forum, let me know and I can give you a Dropbox link.
  7. Sean P

    Node Tool > Transform Mode

    Hi Petar, This mode is specifically designed to allow you to transform multiple node selections as mentioned above. However when I was using it a while ago I forgot I enabled it and it took me some time before I realised why I could move a node. Therefore I passed it over to development that if only one node is selected it should act as though the button is disabled!
  8. Hi Old Bruce, Would you be able to record a video of this please? I've just tried this myself on both Mojave and Sierra and it works without a problem!
  9. Sean P

    isometric ui

    Ahh got it cheers! It should actually be available on the View > Studios panel, but is not currently available! However I can see the Grid Settings being cut off, so will also get that passed on to development.
  10. Hi Grafkom, This is a known issue that is with development to be fixed. This is a known issue that is with development to be fixed. I've passed this onto development This is a known issue that is with development to be fixed. As far as I'm aware this should be present, so I'll get this passed onto development This is not new to 1.7, but I'll get it passed on. I'll look into this and get it passed on Could you be a bit more specific about this with some steps to reproduce please? There is a known issue that when copying and pasting them their values are not getting pasted correctly This is not a bug - currently you can only view the selected page in the saved file. However it will be possible to switch between pages soon, as mentioned in your link.
  11. Hi Mitherion, Your latter 2 points are already with development so hopefully they will get that sorted, as they're quite bad usability issues - particularly the accidental rotation!
  12. Hi Mitherion, Unfortunately due to the mapping of keys between Mac and Windows, it is unfortunately placed on the RMB. However holding the RMB and then clicking with the LMB should delete the points for you. Regarding the additions to the Construction Items I believe these will come in time!
  13. Sean P

    isometric ui

    Hi Dutchshader, How did you access the Isometric Panel? It is not available on my View > Studios list where it should be! If it was there for you would you be able to zip up and attach a copy of your %AppData% Designer Beta folder please?
  14. Sean P

    Bleed and Personas

    Hi StuartRC, I'll get this passed on to development Thanks for letting us know!
  15. Sean P

    Outline view mode not working

    Thanks for letting us know! This is a known issue that is with development to be fixed.