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  1. Sean P

    [Designer] App closes when i try to import...

    Hi SaphiLC, Would you be able to send me a PM with the Propaganda kit in please so we can try it here? Also would you be able to record a video showing the issue you are having with Files please? Thanks!
  2. Sean P

    Designer: Guides disappear in Pixel persona

    Hi Jeff, This is a known issue that is with development to be fixed. They're only visible if you select the Move Tool or select Guides from the Menu like you said!
  3. Thanks for the file and video, however unfortunately I'm still not able to reproduce it! I did notice you're opening the recovery file version (which will be different to the file you sent). Do you get this crash if you don't open the recovery version (please ensure you save the recovery one prior to doing this!)? If it does still happen, does removing the slice and remaking it stop it from crashing?
  4. Hi af101, Welcome to the Affinity Forums! Do you still have a file that you can reproduce the crash on at all? If so could you attach it please? I've just tried myself with 11 artboards all exporting to three different formats (all with the same filename) and couldn't get it to crash. Thanks
  5. Sean P

    Unverarbeiteter Ausnahmefehler... eps-files

    Ahh thats good news! Thanks for letting me know!
  6. Sean P

    Unverarbeiteter Ausnahmefehler... eps-files

    Glad that has stopped the crashing, but could you try the steps below please as this will generate another pop up and I want to check if that one also causes a crash!
  7. Sean P

    Unverarbeiteter Ausnahmefehler... eps-files

    Hi Nicole, How exactly are you opening the file? Are you doing File > Open, Double clicking it, Dragging it into the application etc? Also could you disable the three options highlighted in the attached screenshot and see if it stops crashing for you? Could you also try the following and see if this crahses please? Start a brand new document (doesn't matter what size) Enter the Pixel Persona Select the Paint Brush Tool and paint on the page Do you get a little notification appear and does it crash? Thanks
  8. Sean P

    Affinity Photo slowing computer randomly

    Hi GrassBeChews, Are you able to record a video showing the issue please? How big and complex are the documents you are using to zoom - do they have any kind of Live Filters in? Would you be able to try the latest Beta version to see if that improves anything for you? It also gives you the benefit of being able to run that one in Compatibility mode as well! Thanks
  9. Hi LenC, Never seen anything like what you've described, however it could be that some of the channels are not visible/editable like owenr has mentioned. The only thing I can suggest is that when the software is next in this state do a quick screen recording showing the software not functioning like you would expect, (ensuring the Channels Studio is visible) and then just click on the Reset button at the top right of the Channels Studio. This will then make all channels both visible and editable and then try what you wanted to do. Thanks Sean
  10. Hi florrpan, Would you be able to record a video showing this at all please? Also if possible would you be able to attach the file that is causing you problems! Does the freezing go away if you disable Snapping, or change the Snapping Candidates to 'Candidate List' or 'Immediate Layers'? Thanks!
  11. Hi MRivera, Welcome to the Affintiy Forums! It sounds like what you're seeing is the full uncropped camera data. The Serif Raw engine shows the full data from the sensor which is why it might look corrupt. The Apple Raw engine doesn't do this which is why you're not getting it with that. The easiest way to check is to look at the Context Toolbar on opening and note down the pixel dimensions with both raw engines. With the Serif Labs one you will probably see an extra 10-20 pixels either side.
  12. Sean P

    Unverarbeiteter Ausnahmefehler... eps-files

    Thanks, Does the software crash completely or is it still usable after clicking OK? Could you get that message to appear on screen and then do the following before clicking OK please: Go to %AppData%\Affinity\Designer\1.0\CrashReports\ and attach any of the files in there to this thread. Could you then go to %AppData%\Affinity\Designer\1.0\ and attach Log.txt please? Finally could you attach a screenshot of Preferences > Colour please?
  13. Sean P

    [Designer] Brush issues

    Hi Daniel. It is being caused by the 'Wet Effects' state not being remembered when you return to the brush. If you notice when you first draw you have the brush with blue drop icon enabled (Wet Effects), then when you return this is no longer selected giving you the softer edge. This is a known issue that is with development!
  14. Sean P

    Unverarbeiteter Ausnahmefehler... eps-files

    Hi Nicole Bock, Welcome to the Affinity Forums! Is this any EPS file or a specific one that is crashing? Would you be able to attach one that is crashing for you please? Thanks!
  15. Hi d00d, Ideally it should be giving you the same geometry as the export settings are all the same! Would you be able to attach the afdesign file you're trying to export that is giving you differing results so we can try to reproduce. Thanks!