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  1. Hi Telecasterdave, Would you be able to attach your afdesign file you are exporting to PDF please along with a copy of the font that you are using that is getting replaced. If you don't wish to attach privately then please PM me a copy of it :).
  2. Hi ThereIsHope, What version of Affinity Photo are you using? Is it the version? What Monitor resolution and Windows DPI settings are you using?
  3. Hi Ronnyb, The last Page Preset you have selected should be remembered, so when you create a new document it should use that one and not default to A4. Does this not happen for you? I will pass in your improvement ideas onto development as well.
  4. We have been unable to reproduce this issue, so we have closed it. If further information becomes available, we will reopen the issue.
  5. Hi Ghefler, I can't see any previous reports from both your account reporting this issue. I presume you have updated to 1.6.6 from the App Store? Are you able to attach the crash report that appears when click New Batch Job please? Also what is your Mac OS version and system specs?
  6. Unfortunately due to the way the AppStore works it is not possible to get older versions of the software. This is not something imposed by us, but instead is a downside of using the AppStore. The only thing I can suggest is that if you have a TimeMachine set up you could use that to revert to the pre-updated build. Alternatively you can create a copy of the App inside your applications folder prior to updating and that will allow you to use the old build after the new one has been updated.
  7. Hi Tcellguy, Thanks for the PM. I've spoken to Callum and had a look at the file and unfortunately I'm also unable to reproduce the crash. Are you able to attach a copy of the crash report that appears on the Mac please? Also are you able to record a screen capture using QuickTime of you reproducing the crash please (preferably using the file you sent to Callum)? With both of these I can get it passed on to development to see what might be going on. Thanks.
  8. This is a duplicate of another reported issue.
  9. Hi VanHeber, I see you've already got a post regarding this problem, so I'm going to close this thread and leave it in the hands of Chris in the other post!
  10. Thanks for getting back to us! Glad you're back up and running.
  11. Hi, I'm a member of QA on the Affinity team so we get customer issues reported to the development team. I've searched our support ticketing system and can't see any tickets from the email address you've signed up to the forum with. Who in support are you speaking with?
  12. Hi Dave, Been trying this myself and I'm still unable to reproduce it. Has it happened any more to you? What OS are you running? Looking at your screenshot you have 3 horizontal blue lines across the top - are these part of your wallpaper? I can see them on your other screenshot, but the software is maximized. Are you using vertical stacked monitors?
  13. Hi Steve, Unfortunately this channels being deleted when exporting to PSD is a known issue that is with development to be fixed.
  14. Hi Shojtsy, What colour mode is your document set to? I can't reproduce this using RGB8, but can reproduce using RGB16.
  15. Hi Tcellguy, Are you able to attach some of the PDF and SVG files that are giving you this issue please?