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  1. Hi Bryan, Thanks for the video! We did indeed feedback regarding this build that there does still feel like some lag on the colour flyouts, but unfortunately this is to do with the issue on Apple's end (hence Matt's comment in the original post) - so it is definitely something development are acutely aware at the moment. The issue with the Outline Layer Effects I've reproduced and will get that passed over to be looked at.
  2. Hi Bryan, Would you mind attaching a couple of screen recordings showing the areas that are taking a while to respond please? However please be aware that Matt has said the fixes we've made are the best we're able to, until Apple fix the underlying issues causing them.
  3. Hi Netsrek, This is something we have logged with development - I'll get it bumped!
  4. Hi Ronnyb, Like Old Bruce, this is working fine for me. Even in both Windowed and Separated Mode. Are you able to attach a video from a clean boot showing the steps you're taking please?
  5. This is expected as these options are not valid with Artboards. All the disabled ones relate to the page size being changed, but as you have a series of artboards that can all be resized within the document view it is no longer valid to change the size inside the Document Setup dialog. The dimensions shown are automatically calculated from the top left artboard (it's top left point) all the way to the bottom right artboard (it's bottom right point) and show the total height and width for all artboards.
  6. Not a problem, thanks for taking the time out to get the files and video over!
  7. Thanks for the file. The slice you're exporting has been created from the Text Layer, and then manually resized to fit the page's size. When a slice created from an object is exported, it will only export the contents that the slice is created from and ignore anything above or below it. In your case, creating the slice from the Group object would allow the image to export, however that would break the automation it looks like you've tried to create. Off the top of my head you could make the image into a symbol (to save you updating the image multiple times) and then duplicate it for however many slices you need to create (based on the text layers). If you created a group for each set of images and text layers, you could then just create a slice from each group like the attached example. Example.afdesign
  8. Unfortunately the screenshot doesn't show what the Export Area is which is something I was curious if you had changed, for example, if you had 'Area: Selection Only' then that would likely be a reason why it wasn't appearing. As for the icon, the idea is that slices are connected to layers they've been created from them, so if you move or resize your layer, the slice will move and resize with them.
  9. Hi RonnyB, I've created a link for you to upload the files to our internal Dropbox account below: https://www.dropbox.com/request/2vimbtzRiWLt8kFe05m8 Could you also attach a couple of quick video demonstrating the export you're taking please? By Export Panel, do you mean File > Export? If so I would also like to see what settings you're using on the Export Dialog. Essentially I need to see all the steps you're taking to make reproduce this! With regards to the three connected dots, that just means a slice has been created from that layer. If you're solely using the Export Persona to export, and you haven't created a slice from that layer, that maybe why you're not seeing it. That said I would still expect it to be visible on the Background slice - unless that was disabled? If a placed image file is rasterised it becomes a pixel layer, which are never displayed in the Resources Manager so that is why you won't see it in there.
  10. Hi AndRo, I'll pass this on to development to look into as we will be taking a deep look at the UI in the coming future, but I don't expect it to be changed for a 1.x release.
  11. As others have said this is not a bug, this is intentional. As Vector Brushes can also be fully coloured (and not just black), there would be no way to return them to their 'base' colour if you had recoloured them. So removing the fill will return the brush back to its native colour.For example this brush is made from a colour image - by setting the stroke colour it can be recoloured, and by setting the stroke colour to 'None' will return it to its original colour.
  12. Hi marlies09, It looks like you're curves have the pressure all over the place. You can check the pressure curve on the Stroke Panel and use it to modify the pressure along a curve. However without your document its hard to say - are you able to attach the document shown in the screenshot? You can find some more information about the Stroke's Pressure Panel here: https://affinity.help/designer/English.lproj/pages/CurvesShapes/draw_pencilLines.html
  13. Hi QQQhn, Thanks for letting us know - I've passed this on to development.
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