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  1. Hi Arghmath, This is a known issue that is with development to be fixed. Unfortunately there is no workaround when using artboards right now. I will get it bumped with development and get your comments passed on. Thanks for letting us know.
  2. Hi das454, You shouldn't be getting that amount of slowdown. Does the speed improve after you restart the application? If not, would you be able to attach a copy of the document you are using here please? https://www.dropbox.com/request/gsu4CvjHWUTWi9MDMgEX Thanks!
  3. Sean P

    disappearing programme

    Hi marfbum, Could you follow the advice found at the top of the link below please and update your post with the required information. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/forum/72-report-a-bug-in-affinity-designer/ Thanks,
  4. Hi nwhit, Thanks for letting us know. Unfortunately there isn't yet a way to completely replace a font as opposed to just substituting it. You should be able to find by selecting the missing font using Find and Replace (after selecting the missing category for the Font Family). However it is failing to find the text if the font isn't present rendering it useless! I've passed this on to development to be fixed however. Regarding the crash, I was unable to reproduce that - is that a one off for you, or can you reproduce it? If it is reproducible are you able to record a video showing the process you're going through please? Lastly, as you've correctly guessed there is some zero width non-breaking spaces inside your document. These are present inside the original IDML file, so they are being imported correctly. However unlike InDesign and MS Word enabling 'Show Special Characters' doesn't display these making them almost impossible to find. I've passed on to development however that Show Special Characters should display something to note they're there.
  5. Thanks Joachim_L and william, I'll get this logged with development.
  6. Sean P


    Hi das545, The issue with the toolbar in separated mode is a slightly different issue to the one I mentioned, however that issue is also logged with development to be fixed. Thanks for letting us know. To get it back hold down the Ctrl key whilst launching the application and then ensure the top 3 options are ticked with everything else unticked. After that click 'Clear'. This will fully reset the studio and defaults and allow you to view the Toolbar in Separated Mode.
  7. That would explain it - as you're not going through the File > Open window, it will be using the last folder you were in. There is an improvement in with development regarding this - I'll get that bumped with them.
  8. Hi IDT Adrian, This isn't actually a bug, it is being caused by the rotation on the objects. The group is looking for the edgemost areas of each object and because of the rotation that is getting pushed out. See the attached images. When the object is rotated, the area it occupies is wider, so when everything is grouped, the group has to be bigger than you would expect. Unfortunately there isn't yet a way to fully reset the transform box if you've rotated an object, however you could always manually create a rectangle Layer > Geometry > Merge Curves and then delete the unneeded rectangle curve object. That should give you an object with a Rotation of 0 which when grouped, won't push the group size out.
  9. Ahhh ok - are you opening via double clicking the file, as opposed to using File > Open?
  10. Hi 0125, The last folder you was in is the one that gets remembered and displayed when you re-enter the Windows Open/Save dialog. This is what I was getting when trying to reproduce. For example the second time I went to export, the folder that was displayed was the same location as where the file I had just opened was stored. Was you starting new documents, or opening existing ones?
  11. Sean P

    Navigator not minimising

    Hi Simon, Are you minimising the main Designer Window? After going Window > Float All (with 2 documents opened) and then Floating the Navigator Panel, everything is minimised when I minimise the primary Designer Window. Are you able to get a screen recording showing what you are doing to replicate? Thanks
  12. I've just checked Inkscape and found that they don't have a limit on the value of the mitre, so when the SVG is saved it outputs as 0.2 for example. This file would then fail on PDF export. This is being imported at that value, so I'll log with development that any mitre less than 1 should be set to 1 on import.
  13. Sean P

    View Tool is always selected

    Hi b.b.baldur, How are you generally panning around your document? Do you use a Magic Mouse or Trackpad? Or do you use click the Middle Mouse Button of a regular mouse to pan? I occasionally encounter this but it is very infrequent.
  14. Hi Devil_Inside, This is a known issue that is with development to be fixed. I'll pass your comments on. Thanks for letting us know.
  15. Hi Dennison, Thanks for the file. It is failing to export because the Mitre value on all the objects inside the 'Stray Wires' example have a value of 0.217 which is not allowed. If you select all these objects and set the Mitre to 1 then it will export. Was this imported from an Inkscape SVG? Do you have the source SVG at all? Ideally this shouldn't happen at import stage because it is not possible to set a Mitre to less than 1 inside the application.

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