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  1. Thanks for the report Ken, however could you please refrain from posting the same bug in each sub forum please? If you report it in one, just mention in that it affects the other application - it is much more efficient for us and also saves your time! Thanks
  2. Thanks Guzzi, I've reproduced this and will get it passed onto development.
  3. Sean P

    Printing error when live filters are applied

    Thanks for the file! I've reproduced this and passed it on to development. Currently the only thing to do to work around this would be to rasterise the groups that have Pinch/Punch applied prior to printing.
  4. Thanks for the video Craig, Unfortunately this is caused by incorrectly configured Monitor colour profiles. It can also be fixed by switching the monitor to use the sRGB profile.
  5. Hi Rivka As you probably know the typography panel is populated according to the features supported by the current font, so the contents can vary. Have you saved the document from 1.6.1 and opened in, does that give you the same results? Would you be able to attach the font (and document) that is giving you that behaviour please? I'm not seeing this using the fonts I've got on my machine. Thanks
  6. Thanks Garry! I'll get it passed onto development - although this isn't new to the beta!
  7. Hi GarryP, Can you go into Preferences > Performance and see if you have View Quality set to Nearest Neighbour? If possible could you also attach your document please as I'm not seeing that here.
  8. Wonderful, thanks for file! I've reproduced it and passed it on to the development team! Can't see anything obvious and it doesn't happen on Mac, so I presume it is something hidden!
  9. Thanks for the recording - I presume your mouse isn't that jerky as shown in the video is it? Could you try it on a new document please, and if possible attach the one in the video? https://www.dropbox.com/request/SfkM0e6h7bISetcW185S
  10. Hi Ken, Are you clicking on the font size you want? I've tried this myself and it is behaving - would you be able to do a screen recording showing the issue please?
  11. Sean P

    Issue with Joining Paths

    Thanks for those Bri-Toon - I'll get them passed on to development. Although it's worth noting that when using Insert Inside, it isn't just the stroke that disappears - it is the whole object!
  12. Hi J.L. Forrest, What version of Mac OS are you using? Is it possible you could record a video showing what you're doing to cause this to hang please? I've just tried it myself and it didn't hang. Thanks!
  13. Sean P

    Margins reset if document setup is opened

    Hi Markus, Thanks for letting us know, I've reproduced this and will pass it on to development!
  14. Sean P

    Tiling artifacts

    Hi Ronnyb, Would you be able to attach a copy of your document to the link below? When reporting issues such as these that are reliant on files then PLEASE try to attach your Affinity files where possible as this makes things a lot quicker and easier to deal with! https://www.dropbox.com/request/DAhExoYMQoxa5pXqzf1W Thanks!
  15. Sean P

    Pixel Layer and Color (Bug)

    This is has been reported to development and it is still pending. Also pleased to say that QA's expected behaviour is the same as yours!