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  1. Hi Friksel, I've just bumped it with development with your comments!
  2. Carl's nailed this one on the head. Unfortunately it's a horrible side effect of the way we handle files. It is an often reported issue and has been passed on to development.
  3. Hi neoark400, Without seeing the original document I can't be sure, but it looks like the text is being output as curves, instead of actual text. There is an option inside Acrobat called ''Enhance Thin Lines" - however I'm not sure of it's Japanese name. See the screenshot below for the English option in Preferences. This can cause curves to look thicker which might be what is causing your problem. Have you tried printing your document out? The print out should look correct.
  4. Thanks Rick! I'll get it passed on to development.
  5. Thanks for the files! Initially using your PDF I couldn't reproduce it - it opened fine in Preview, Skim and Acrobat. I then exported the afdesign using PDF (For Export) preset and was able to reproduce it. I'll get it passed on to development.
  6. Hi Stanbrid, This looks like a slightly different issue to the original one reported. The reported issue was specific to fonts, however yours looks very different. Could you attach your affinity file you are exporting, your resulting PDF and a screenshot of all the PDF settings you are using please? Also what version of macOS are you using?
  7. It has most definitely been logged with development - unfortunately though we're unable to give any estimates as to when development fix an issue!
  8. Hi Michael, It seems to me that you can open the image once, and then every subsequent attempt to open it will cause the crash - at least for me. I'll get the crash submitted to development and will also pass on the comment regarding PhotoKit to see if they can improve the behaviour regarding RAW downloading!
  9. Hi Sleepingpasa, Unfortunately this is a known issue that is already with development. I'll get the issue bumped with them
  10. Hi Aaron, Are you able to give a bit more information on your Mac specifications please? Would you be able to use QuickTime to do a screen recording showing the issue please? If you could also upload the photos you are developing that would also help! Thanks
  11. Hi atlantik, Do you use any external font managers and/or do you have many fonts installed? Due to Apple Sandboxing restrictions, having too many fonts installed can cause the Mac to refuse permission to saving and opening files.
  12. Hi ndc44, This is a known issue and is caused by clicking the 'Close' button on the Layer Effects dialog whilst you have the node colour pop up visible. See my attached video to give a better explanation showing the issue. I'll get it bumped with development.
  13. Hi Tim, Have you tried disabling Alfred to see if that allows you to copy text?
  14. It sounds definitely like it could be a problem with the profile. If you could attach the profile that would be great. In the meantime if you tick 'Use my settings for this device' and then add sRGB it should display correctly for you.
  15. Hi AiDon, Thanks for the file. This doesn't seem like a new issue to - I can reproduce it in earlier release builds of the software. However I'll get it passed on to development.