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  1. Sean P

    Crash when copy and pasting

    Hi guys, Do you have a file you could attach a file that is always crashing when you copy from please? Thanks
  2. Have you checked Preferences > Keyboard Shortcuts and ensured that 'Artistic Text Tool' and 'Frame Text Tool' both have the T shortcut listed? If so could you try resetting the shortcut and see if that helps any.
  3. Do you have an AFDesign file you could attach that shows this (with the resulting SVG)? If you could also attach some screenshots showing the different values that would also help! Thanks
  4. Hi rnbutler87, This is being caused by having a Mitre value of 10 set on the objects inside the shapes - changing these to 1.5-2 should allow your slices to be created at 32x32. There is a known issue that this can cause export sizes to be increased - I'll get that bumped with development.
  5. Hi AndRo Marian, If you go to Edit > Preferences > User Interface you can increase the amount of decimal places in unit types, to help give you a better sense of what your SVGs will export as.
  6. Hi 叶睿超, Would you be able to attach a document that exhibits this issue please? I presume the issue is the comma starting on the second line of the screenshot? Thanks
  7. Hi lowerider, This is working as expected for me - if what Mitherion has said above doesn't work, would you be able to attach your document, along with a screenshot showing the Export options on the main export dialog, along with all of those found under 'More'. Thanks.
  8. Nice spot Aammppaa, I've reproduced this and will get it passed on to development.
  9. Sean P

    Selecting shape bug

    Thanks for the file Maciek, I've reproduced the issue here and will get it passed on to development.
  10. This seems to be working for me - are you able to show a screen recording of what you're seeing please? Also you don't have 'Use Shift Modifier to cycle tools' enabled in Preferences > Tools do you?
  11. Sean P

    Selecting shape bug

    Hi Maciek Blaźniak, Could you attach the document shown in your video please?
  12. Hi Aammppaa, Thanks for letting us know I'll get this passed on.
  13. Sean P

    Crash - Embedded Documents Build #12

    I've reproduced this as well! I'll get it passed on! It does certainly look related to the current Publisher issue!
  14. Sean P

    Failed Update

    Hi grargemeister, Glad you're back up and running!
  15. Sean P

    Crash - Embedded Documents Build #12

    Hi dcarvalho84, Thanks for the file and the recipe! I've reproduced this and will get it passed on to development. Thanks again for letting us know.