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  1. Hi Anto, I've bumped the issue with development. It does also affect 2.1.1, but the reason you're not seeing it in your video is because it only appears if your facing pages document only contains more than one page.
  2. Yes, the scaling is set on the Frame object itself, so when an image in the frame is replaced, it uses the frame's scaling. For example I can set the Frame scaling to be 'None' and then any images dragged in via the Layers Panel will not rescale. In your video, you're not replacing the frame's image, so it will never rescale.
  3. Hi Anto, This is By Design. When you drag an object over the text label it will place it inside that object as that frame's image, so what is happening is that object is being 'Scaled to maximum fit'. If you want to clip the object to that shape you have to drag it over the Layer's thumbnail - as your video shows around 30seconds mark.
  4. Hi Benfischer, We don't have that model available to us, however we do have a PTH-451 Intuos Pro that also has touch gestures, and these are all working as intended for me in Designer See attached video. Two finger tap = Right Click Two finger Swipe Left/Right = Pan around the document Two finger Swipe Up/Down = Pan around the document Two finger Pinch = Zoom in/out Two finger Rotate = Rotate Canvas Two finger double tap = Smart zoom Are you able to show a video showing the same gestures in Designer 2.1.1 and 2.2 Beta please? Have you tried doing a Ctrl run up with Designer 2.2 Beta? Screen Recording 2023-09-11 at 10.27.01.mov
  5. Hi Hangman, I can still reproduce this in and this is still an issue, so I will get it logged. Note I did edit your Step 10. It previously said repeat steps 1-7, however I've changed it to be steps 4-7, as demonstrated the last part of your recipe (otherwise I'll be continuously making new documents).
  6. As I mentioned, it has to be a picture frame, so the object you're dragging is being previewed inside the frame. It also does affect 2.1.1 as well - you just need to ensure you're dragging over the text label (to place it inside the frame) and not over the thumbnail (to clip it).
  7. Thanks Anto! I can reproduce this on both macOS and Windows (It has to be a picture frame I think). I'll get this logged with development.
  8. Hi RichardMH, Looking at the crash reports all they're showing is that they're crashing inside your Intel Graphics Drivers (igc64.dll ver and opencl-clang64.dll ver There doesn't seem to be any reference of Affinity in the crash dumps, so I've got no hints as to what you were doing inside the app to cause them. Anything obvious you were doing at the times of the crash? The only thing I can suggest is to try reinstalling/updating the intel drivers. Failing that you should be able to limit the app to just use your NVIDIA card?
  9. Hi Harry, Just had a look at your post history to see if I can find out what Mac you're using and saw your post here. Am I correct that you're still running Windows 11 on an M2 Mac? Unfortunately only Windows 11 ARM edition works on Apple M devices via Parallels and as we do not support ARM editions of Windows 11 - you're likely to run into a few compatability issues. The failure to update in app is unfortunately one of those compatability issues.
  10. Hi Harry, We renamed one of the update files to stop the EXE and MSIX files sharing the same one. It sounds like you may still have some rogue files there, particularly an update.json pointing to an incorrect location. Can you go to the following location and empty them for me please? It should then let you update in-app. C:\ProgramData\Affinity\Designer\2.0 (Beta)\
  11. Hi Bob I don't believe there is a bug here. For some reason you've got a 105pt White stroke applied to a portion of the text making it appear like this. Simply highlighting a portion of the text and removing the white colour from the stroke using the Colour Panel, or just the entire line style will solve the issue for you: Sample file with problem_Resaved.afpub
  12. Thanks for the video and also for Hangman for the mention of 'Mouse over an object to get measurements.'. I believe what is happening is that this is getting stuck enabled, so effectively you're stuck in this mode when clicking objects - it is just continuously selecting the pinned objects inside the text frame. See attached video. Does this seem to tie in with what you're seeing Mike? Screen Recording 2023-09-05 at 11.33.12.mov I can also reproduce this as well. That is a tad easier to reproduce. I will also get this logged.
  13. Thank you both for that. I have now replicated it, and added additional steps to the original issue to cover that. I will take a look at the other stuck issue and see if I have any luck in reproducing that as well.
  14. Thanks for that! I've reproduced that here and will get it logged! Thanks for letting us know.
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