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  1. Whoops, I must have still been asleep! Sorry about that - please find that link below: https://www.dropbox.com/request/zFvWn9ty9bInYPjZbUDz
  2. Sean P

    Further ruler origin issues

    Hi Pauldev, This did get fixed, but unfortunately got re-broken. However the development team have fixed it again and the fix should be made available in the next build.
  3. Hi Grafkom, I've reproduced the first issue and will get it passed on to development. There is also a known issue with them regarding your second issue.
  4. Thanks for letting us know - I'll get this passed on to development. The Cap, Join and Align options should all be selectable.
  5. Hi grapher, I have a feeling this maybe how you're pressing Alt+Space. I found I could only reproduce this if I release Alt before Space (almost rolling my fingers over it). If I release space and then Alt I don't get it. Would you be able to try this and see if it improves the shortcut issue for you please?
  6. Sean P

    Ruler origin issues in v1.7.0.7

    Hi Pauldev, Glad you got it sorted. I'll check with development with regards to those tools not allowing you change the Ruler Origin. Thanks!
  7. Hi nautiloda, Thanks for letting us know. As >|< has said, this is something we're aware off. I've bumped it with development.
  8. Hi Mayan, This is a known issue that is with development to be fixed.
  9. Hi MaryLou, Thanks for the file - I'll get it passed on to development.
  10. Hi adirusf, Thanks for letting us know - I've reproduced this and will pass it on to development.
  11. Hi osang, Thanks for letting me know - I've reproduced this and found it was hanging and crashing at various different times. Sometimes it would crash when just clicking on File > Print, other times it would crash when cancelling out or toggling the details of the print dialog.
  12. Thanks >|<, I'll get these passed on to development.
  13. Hi vonBusing, Could you attach your assets to this Dropbox link please? If you could include a screenshot or document showing the ones which are at fault please, that would also be helpful! Thank you!
  14. Sean P

    Light UI some interesting remark

    Hi srobot1974, Thanks for letting us know!
  15. Hi adi_cataleya, This is a slightly different issue. The button isn't cut off, instead the Light UI hasn't received the updated graphic yet. I'll get that passed on as well. Thank you!