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  1. Hi Stephen Voisey, Thanks for letting us know. This is something we're already aware of and happens when attempting to move any colour in one of the Mac System Palettes. You can however move a colour in either a document or application palette without an issue. I'll get your comments passed on to development.
  2. Hi chrisjk123, Unfortunately without a copy of the file there isn't much we can investigate. However looking at your screenshot its reporting that it cannot find the Open Sans font. It sounds as though your machines may have slightly different versions of Open Sans, which have some differences in it which are causing it to not get recognised as the same font. Have you tried copying the fonts from the working machine and removing and then reinstalling the copied fonts to the machine that wasn't working? It might be worth getting the latest version of Open Sans from Google Fonts and ensure all your machines are running the same version.
  3. Hi @Mithferion, This is something we'd spotted and has now been fixed by development so should find its way into the next build. Thanks for letting us know
  4. Hi @Mithferion, Just tried this myself in and this is working for me: ShifTGuidesManager.mp4
  5. Hi @Niall123492, We're aware that clicking on a Pantone creates a new document palette if one already exists, and subsequent selections of Pantones do not add them to the palette. Regarding your other issue of your palettes disappearing - this is simply because you're search string of 'black' is still preset and because it doesn't match any terms in your other palettes they're appearing blank - remove this and you will see your colours.
  6. Hi @Boldlinedesign, Do you have any example files you can attach that we can reproduce the issues you are getting please? Note the Alternate/Fill mode behaviour is the correct behaviour when curves overlap - However there is a known issue that these are not always remembered after a boolean operation.
  7. Could you attach a copy of the file you're trying to export please? Also does the same file crash in 1.8 as well as 1.9?
  8. Hi @Askarbek Orakov, Could you attach a copy of the file shown in your screenshot please? Without this we cannot investigate the issue properly.
  9. The value I was referring to is actually the Stroke size. Removing this stroke will allow stop this selection issue, however I've tried your file in the current 1.9 beta and it is now working correctly, so it does indeed seem to be the known issue that has been fixed in 1.9.
  10. That seems to be because the default path direction for a Rectangle is Clockwise, where as the default path direction for the Ellipse is Anti-Clockwise, which is causing the (intended) behaviour you are seeing with the fill modes.
  11. Hi bernhardg, Do you have Clipboard History enabled in Windows? Or do you use any form of clipboard based software? I could only replicate this issue if i enabled Clipboard History in Windows. This is something we're aware off and that is logged with development.
  12. Hi Telemax, Thanks for letting us know - this is something that we're aware of and is logged with development to be fixed. I'll get your comments passed on.
  13. Hi ashf, It is indeed the same issue as the one you linked to. It is currently a known issue that is with development to be fixed. I will get your comments passed on to development.
  14. Hi @Bryce You've already reported this issue to us last week to which I responded. Please avoid creating new posts for the same issue and instead check your original posts.
  15. The current behaviour is not a bug, however I would suggest creating a post in Feature Requests to include the ability to set the default fill mode for newly created objects.
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