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  1. Hi RafLay, Can you ensure you've set the following in Control Panel > Appearance and Personalization > Personalization? Failing that what graphics card are you using? Have you ensured your drivers are up to date?
  2. Thanks for your help with this bug. We have now resolved the problem and will make the fix available in the next Windows release.
  3. Hi Graeme14, Welcome to the Affinity Forums! I've moved your posts to the Questions forum as it is a non-beta issue/question. I've also renamed your topic to something more appropriate to your question. The Inpainting tool can be found grouped with the Healing Brush tool. If you click and hold you will see a series of other tools on the flyout. See attached screenshot. This should allow you to use the Inpainting Tool as shown in the Getting Started video.
  4. Hi Alain_bn, Could you confirm you are actually using and not (as you put in your thread title)? Unfortunately random crashes can be very hard to report as they seem like they are just that - random! However if you do notice a pattern forming when it crashes try to remember what steps you were taking and then try to reproduce it and see if you get the crash again. If you do then please report back with those steps. When the software crashes do you see a box appearing letting you know it's crashed and allowing you to add some information as to what you was doing at the time, along with your email address? If you do then please do send us these as they can help our developers in diagnosing the problems!
  5. Hi c_moon, Are you referring to just doing a File > Open? If so you should see a message in the top right (by Minimize, Maximize and Close buttons) letting you know it is opening X amount of files. Are you able to share the images used in your panorama along with an indication of what areas you are inpainting to we can try to reproduce please? I've never experienced in taking 16+ minutes! Thanks
  6. Thanks for your help with this bug. We have now resolved the problem and will make the fix available in the next Windows release.
  7. Hi vjsouza, This is actually by design. What Illustrator shows by default is 'Rich Black'. If you take a look into your Illustrator preferences you have an option called 'Appearance of Black' and allows you to set it to appear as 100K Black (as Designer) or Rich Black. See screenshot below. If you wish to see an option like this in Designer then please feel free to add this into Feature Requests.
  8. Hi Glenn, Thanks for letting us know. We've reproduced something very similar to this by undoing the Create Gradient. It doesn't appear to be redrawing the screen properly. This is definitely not to be expected with an iPad Air 2. We've been using a 2015 iPad Pro when trying to reproduce. We'll get it logged with development.
  9. Thanks for the files owenr, I can definitely see what you mean now - thank you. I'll get it passed onto development. Cheers for putting together the sample file - it makes it so much easier to see. EDIT: Looks like this isn't just a problem with our app!
  10. Thanks for the files, I've been able to reproduce the issue and will get it passed onto development.
  11. Hi mattb5906, We've made a lot of improvements to expand stroke, however it's still not perfect! I'll get your file passed onto development, Thanks for letting us know
  12. bug

    Hi JohaWeber, Thanks for the file. It looks like it is being caused by the rotation. I was able to create a new file in with rotated text that didn't have the problem, but as soon as I loaded that in it was reproducible. I believe it is using the box that will appear if you hit 'Reset Selection Box' for the hit detection. I'll get it passed onto development - thanks for letting us know.
  13. Hi Harrym, Sorry to hear about your disc failure - hope you haven't lost too much! This issue has been reported to development to fix. As Ken has said it is caused by parallel procesing - turning this off should allow you to batch process! Thanks for letting us know.
  14. Ahh reproduced it now - turns out the behaviour I get is only when you have no document open. With a document open you get the behaviour you are seeing. I'll get it passed on - thanks!
  15. Thanks for the file! I've figured out what the problem is. In your document your Slice 21 pixel layer is empty. If you try to create a Slice from an empty pixel layer it causes the crash you are seeing - presumably because it has no height or width to create the slice. If you delete that you can bulk create your slices without a problem I'll get that passed onto development. Thanks