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  1. Thanks for the files, the Serif Labs RAW engine uses the Lensfun database for distortion correction. What model of lens are you using for the shots? It looks like it is not picking up on that and so it is not correcting the distortion.
  2. Hi Tamawill, I've just tried again using your files and it is fine for me even without checking unmanaged. Have you tried any other 3d accelerated software to see if there is an issue with your display card as it looks more like a hardware fault.
  3. Hi Mr.Burns, I've spoken to development and they've told me that this is by design. They said that the transparent option you are using shows the result you get when you change the output to 'New Layer', creating a mask is completely different. Doing this will allow you cutout to results you expected.
  4. Same for me! The results for me were very quick on both and about the same. Paul, When painting with the inpainting brush are you using a tablet device? If so does using the mouse make a difference to the time?
  5. Hi Adam. Welcome to the Affinity Forums and apologies for the delay in responding to your post! It is very strange that the non-design machines are working correctly, but both of your design machines (that use different OS's) exhibit the problem! Regarding your design machines have you used any hardware to colour profile them at all? Would it be possible for you to do a recording of the issue following the steps you've laid out in your summary on both a design and non-design machine please? You should be able to use QuickTime Player to do that. Also would you be able to attach any source PNGs, PSDs and AFDesign files please as they can greatly help us attempting to reproduce issues.
  6. Hi Mr.Burns, Thank you very much for the video! I've reproduced the issue so will get it passed onto development. Thanks for letting us know.
  7. Thanks for raising this issue - we have closed it as "by design".
  8. This is 'By Design'. The lock button is 'Lock Selection' to avoid you accidentally selecting it whilst editing on the document.
  9. Hi Billgatto, This is an issue I personally encountered on my home machine once, but after restarting the app it was fine and I've not been able to reproduce it since. However there are several other users who have experienced this so I would like to try and get to the bottom of it. Does it happen for you on a new document? Does it happen straight away or if you've been working on a document for a while (2-3 hours)? What specs are your system including what graphics card you are using? Thanks
  10. Hi David, That does sound very odd, and the lack of the CMYK profiles appearing on the dropdown is probably a good indication as to why it is crashing. I did manage to reproduce the crash after manually deleting all the profiles I could from the locations below , however we install profiles (which you have acknowledged there are some there) so that shouldn't be an issue. Could you go to the following locations and attach a screenshot of all of the files in the folders please? Note you might have to adjust the folder location to Affinity if you changed the install path. C:\Windows\System32\spool\drivers\color C:\Program Files\Affinity\Affinity Photo\Resources\icc C:\Program Files\Affinity\Affinity Designer\Resources\icc Also are you able to give some specs for your machine as well? Was it a custom build or a shop bought machine? Have you tried the 'Repair' option on the installer?
  11. Hi Tomas, Sorry for the delay in responding, thanks for your very detailed post. I've reproduced this and found that doing 1333 images saving with afphoto and jpeg took 26minutes using 100% CPU and about 70% RAM with 20% disk usage or so. After that completed (without shutting Affinity down) I added them again and did just JPEG and that then took 49minutes and 26 seconds using various amounds of CPU anything from 30-100%, however both disk and RAM usage were pretty stable at 100%! When you did your tests did you close Affinity down before doing another batch process or did you leave it open and proceed to do another run? Also did you always do the AFPhoto and JPEG tests before doing the JPEG ones? Going to run a couple more tests before I get it passed onto development! Thanks again for your information.
  12. Unfortunately I'm unable to download your samples - Dropbox is telling me they're still uploading! However would you be able to try the following for me and see what results you get? First can you go into Preferences > Performance and change the 'Display' dropdown to 'Software' and then try opening a RAW? If that does not work could you go into View > Assistant Manager > Develop Assistant and then change RAW Output Format to RGB (16bit) and then try opening your RAW.
  13. Hi The Bearded Bird, I've just tried this myself and it appears to be working as expected. Do you have a corresponding file and screenshot you can attach that exhibits the issue at all please?
  14. Hi thadeusz, I'll pass this on to development and see if they'd be open to having the File Size calculation as an optional thing! EDIT: I've spoke with development and they've said that all estimates should be abortable and not stop you from exporting whilst it is calculating. Do you find with your large file that you have to wait before you can export? If so would you be willing to share the file with us please?
  15. Hi RCS, Welcome to the Affinity Forums, Do you happen to have the file that was causing the app to crash when you selected print at all? I've printed several times out of Affinity and not had any crashes. At which point did it crash? Was it as soon as you selected File > Print, or when selecting File > Print and then accepting the settings in the dialog and clicking the OK button in that dialog?