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  1. Sean P

    Stroke size inconsistency

    Hi evtonic3, There is a known issue that changing the position of the stroke (Draw Behind/Infront) on the flyout doesn't update the Appearance Panel so it looks like you are running into that. I should also add that the 'Scale stroke with object' can also cause the size to get reported incorrectly in the Appearance Panel if the object is resized. Both issues are already with development!
  2. Hi serpenteagle, Thank you for your comments, this indeed still open with development. I'll get the issue bumped with them.
  3. Hi CJ Randolph, We have a known issue that this can happen if you start the app with the UI hidden and then reveal it. We've found that just creating an object will refresh the tools! I'll get it bumped with development.
  4. Hi 5argon, The behaviour is by design and is because your snapping options are set to use a Candidate List which can only contain a maximum of 6 objects. This means you can only snap to the last 6 selected objects. If you enable 'Show Snapping Candidates' it will show a purple outline to indicate which objects you want to snap to. If you don't like this behaviour then you can change 'Candidates' to Immediate Layers or All Objects.
  5. Sean P

    Mask edges

    Hi Rizronk, It would be helpful if you could attach your file, however in the meantime does enabling Use Precise Clipping in Preferences > Performance sort the issue out?
  6. If you enable the On Screen Keyboard on the Mac it will show you which keys are being pressed.
  7. Hi ETJLewis, Welcome to the Affinity Forums! Would you be able to attach a couple of EPS files that exhibit this issue please?
  8. Hi Ivan_M, Welcome to the Affinity Forums! Do you have a copy of the document you could attach prior to it going wrong? If not could you attach the one shown in your screenshot please?
  9. Hi NataliePH, Welcome to the Affinity Forums! Sorry for the delay in responding, there is a known issue that can cause the tool to get stuck, so you cannot switch tool, however this is resolved by just drawing on the screen. Does this only happen on specific documents, or have you had it on a new document. Once it goes wrong are you able to use a phone to record an example that shows the behaviour? Thanks!
  10. Sean P

    Accurate object selection

    Hi CygnusAlmaki, Welcome to the Affinity Forums! Sorry for the delay in responding! We have seen similar issues to this before but they be very document specific. Would it be possible for you to attach the document and a screenshot of the objects you're trying to selection please?
  11. Hi Domvel, Thanks for letting us know - this is a known issue that is already with development to be fixed. I'll get it bumped with them.
  12. Sean P

    IPad Designer Crashing

    Hi Carrie1811, Sorry for the delay in responding! Is this still an issue for you in 1.7.1? If it is could you use QuickTime to get a screen recording that demonstrates the crash and attach that, along with a copy of the file that you are using to demonstrate the crash please. We can then investigate the crash! Thanks!
  13. Hi JackieF, Sorry for the delay in responding! This is a known issue that has been fixed by development and will be made available in the next release
  14. Haha! Just can't go wrong with the classics! Glad this now works for you, hopefully Apple will fix this issue in iPad OS13!!
  15. Hi maco, I've spoken to development about this and they've suggested that this could be an issue on the iPad models without the home button. The side of the screen detection can go wrong and cause the behaviour you are seeing. They've said they also find that scrolling in Safari deteriorates as well! Restarting the iPad should correct the behaviour for the time being - let me know if that does the trick! Thanks