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  1. Meanwhile here's yet another way you can use to solve this: press CTRL+A to select everything in the drawing, switch to the Node Tool press and hold ALT and drag a marquee around the nodes of the car. Click and drag over one of the selected nodes to move the whole car away from the caravan, then select the car the usual way with the Move Tool.
  2. Thanks for your feedback @mdennemark. I agree this can be improved. I've logged the issue/passed it to the dev team for consideration.
  3. Hi jc4d, Was it a black and white layer originally? If so, select the layer, go to the channels panel, right-click the respective alpha channel (should have the same name as the layer) and select Create Greyscale Layer. If it was a colour layer do the following: go to History panel and move the slider to the left up the the point where the layer was selected (you should see the bounding box around it on canvas) just before you converted the layer to a mask - do not click on canvas at this point to avoid losing all the history steps that come after -, then go to menu Edit ▸ Copy (to copy the selected layer), move the History slider back to the right end, to return to the current project state, go to menu Edit ▸ Paste. You should now have the layer back.
  4. Hi kentsor, Welcome to Affinity Forums Thanks for reporting this. Issue logged to be looked at.
  5. MEB

    add to curves mode

    Hi maxen, Welcome to Affinity Forums Yes, this is new in v1.7. @DarkClown Select the Pen Tool go to the context toolbar - notice the 5th icon in the Mode section (two circles). The next one is also new (Ruber Band Mode). Other changes you may have not noticed is the new Merge Curves and Separate Curves commands in the Layer ▸ Geometry menu.
  6. Hi abfdesign, I've been using Mojave since it's release (now running 10.14.4) and have no issues with it. All Affinity apps work fine on it.
  7. Hi Patryk, This should now be fixed in Affinity Photo Customer Beta Let us know if you still find issues.
  8. Hi stunpix, LevelB, This should now be fixed in Affinity Photo Customer Beta
  9. MEB

    Crashes when opening multiple files

    This is now fixed in Affinity Photo Customer Beta
  10. Hi abra100pro, I'm assuming you mean a vector mask here (a shape). What object/layer is nested to the parent layer? the vector mask (shape) or the image layer (so a clipped image)? If it's the image that's nested, expand the parent layer in the Layers panel, select the image layer there and move the image on canvas or double-click the object on canvas to select the nested layer for you and move it as usual.
  11. Hi janetw, Welcome to Affinity Forums Can you confirm you are you opening a .NEF file please? Seems Affinity is just loading a JPG preview of the file. Can you also attach the .NEF file you are trying to open in Affinity Photo so we can take a look? Thanks.
  12. Hi Steps, Please check the next Publisher's Beta build. It will contain a few improvements to the picture frame widget which should help address some of the issues you mentioned in this thread.
  13. Hi Old Bruce, This (black text) should be fixed in the next Publisher's Beta build. The misaligned buttons (bottom right of Auto-Correct dialog) are still being looked at.
  14. Hi AllanD, Thanks for the file. Do you mind also uploading the original .afphoto file from which the .PSD file you provided was originated please? You can use the same link (above) to upload it. Thank you.