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  1. Hi @ishegeek, Welcome to Affinity Forums "Cut curve with object" does what it says on the teen. Here's a quick example: draw a rectangle (can be more than one object), then draw a second shape overlapping part of the rectangle, select both shapes, press alt and click over the second object to turn it into the key object - you will use it to cut the rectangle. Press the "Cut Curve with Key Object" button. You can also access the same function through menu Layer > Geometry > Cut curve with object. For additional info about this command check this help topic.
  2. Hi @dphoto2, Welcome to Affinity Forums I've reproduced this here both in V2 and V1 (macOS Ventura). I'm logging the issue to be looked at.
  3. Hi @laurent32, Yes, I meant pixels per inch there (the Portuguese translation was correct but I messed up the the english acronym. Post fixed. Thanks.
  4. Hi @chr.schmitz, Thanks for your feedback. I've bumped/updated the existing report to bring it up to devs attention.
  5. Hi @norbinw, It wasn't 3 months. Developers and staff also needed to rest and enjoy Christmas/New Year celebrations with their families. I was trying to address your comment/feedback about v2.0.4 specifically and what it was about. It doesn't mean it was everything we have done during this period. Some issues other than the fixes included in that build also did take time to sort out: the app's activations proved to be more tricky than expected and required some code revisions; the negative feedback towards the MSIX package format also required to build and test new EXE files, a new content package ( for V1 users who upgraded to V2 as a thank you for their support) was also prepared/tested during this period; several bugs more were fixed but weren't ready or considered safe to be included in the first patch (still have to go through QA), etc. It's true there was a bit more bugs than we hoped for - quite a few due to the improved/changed UI - but we are addressing them as quickly as we can. A broader/public release also brings up issues that weren't detected during internal testing. V2 however fixed a few old V1 bugs. The price of the app doesn't always sort everything out - there must be a balance here. And the sad/untrue comment about the developers was unnecessary - they are quite good/qualified actually. The issue is finding more like them. We have been and still are looking for/hiring more developers for months (years?) now.
  6. Hi @norbinw, Version 2.0.4 was a quick release/build to fix most critical/urgent issues detected after release (apart from a couple that were ready and safe to be included) Version 2.1 will cover/fix a broader range of issues/bugs reported by users since launch. We do take your feedback seriously but we need to manage/prioritize them in some way because there's no resources to fix them all in such a short time.
  7. Hi @KaitosArt, Welcome to Affinity Forums Please check the Auto-select options available to set the desired Auto-select behaviour in Affinity Photo (Move Tool, Auto Select dropdown in the context toolbar). You can find a description of all the options and how they work here (on the beginning of the Settings section, on top).
  8. Hi @Deano.S, @Ralph Johann, Thanks for your feedback. I'be updated/bumped the report yet again.
  9. Hi @Fist of the mighty Bob, (Third-party) plug-ins can only be used on a single (selected) pixel layer at once (which is what's passed to the plugin).
  10. Hi @StratocLP, No, this issue is still open/logged with dev, no progress yet, sorry.
  11. Hi @firstnose, The issue with the Enregistrer sous is fixed in v2.0.4.326 (iOS). The other one in the Transform panel (Scale Override Options) wasn't looked at yet, sorry. I've bumped it again. Thanks.
  12. Hi @Glinkot, No, there wasn't changes here since then, sorry.
  13. @yaapu, Here's the upload link. Thanks for your support.
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