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  1. Hi rayaffinity, Welcome to Affinity Forums It's the arrow icon (the second icon on your screenshot counting from the top excluding the top arrow inside a circle) and it's called Move Tool - use it to select object on canvas and scale and transform them using the bounding box handles.
  2. MEB

    Expand stroke still sucks

    Hi Elvys, Welcome to Affinity Forums Yes, we are listening and aware this is something that must be reviewed/fixed as soon as possible. Now that v1.7 of Photo and Designer are out as well as Publisher we should get back to regular updates/fixes soon. I'm sorry for the inconvenience this is causing you all. Thanks for your support/understanding.
  3. No worries Brad. I understand how frustrating it can be. To help keep the thread shorter and easier to navigate please attach the crash file to the post rather than copy/pasting directly to it. You can quickly create a copy of the crash report pressing and holding alt then dragging the icon from the crash report's title bar to the desktop. Thanks.
  4. Hi Brad Brighton, Thanks for uploading the file. I will check it in a few moments to see if I can reproduce the issues here.
  5. Hi LostInTranslation, The most likely reason is that the vector brush is using a raster texture to draw/render the stroke, so it's not really a pure vector brush and as such cannot be converted to vector (curves). Go the the Brushes panel, select the vector brush in question and click the small icon on the right of the brushes section dropdown. If there's a texture on the bottom of that dialog then it's using a raster texture. Compare it with a brush from the Basic section and you should see there's no raster brush on bottom when no texture is used. Currently the vector brush engine in Designer is more limited than the raster brush engine used in Pixel Persona or Affinity Photo. We hope to improve/expand it the future to also include the ability to work with pure vector brushes generated from vector objects/shapes.
  6. Hi benwiggy, Mihu, Welcome to Affinity Forums We are aware this is an important/fundamental feature and as Callum pointed out it will be added in an upcoming update/version however due to its complexity it's something that will require some time and testing to be implemented correctly. Importing a PDF as a placed 'image' also requires embedded fonts support to render the text properly.
  7. MEB

    layer fx

    No worries and no need to apologise Simon. Glad it's all sorted out.
  8. Hi Hematite, Welcome to Affinity Forums You can have as much layers and elements/objects as you wish (note that in Designer each object has its own "layer" in the layers panel). To create a "regular" layer for organisational purposes as you are used to from other software click the Add Layer icon on the bottom right of the Layers panel (the first one on the group on the right). Affinity can't export directly to Ai (it's a proprietary, poorly documented format) but you can export to PDF which should open fine in Illustrator. There's a full set of video tutorials covering most of Designer's functionality here. If you have any question/issue please post again in the forums. There's plenty of users and staff willing to help.
  9. MEB

    layer fx

    Hi Simon Dobbs, Welcome to Affinity Forums As Old Bruce pointed out you have to also click the Outer Shadow label on the left to display the respective controls on the right side. Ticking the Outer Shadow box only is not enough since the gaussian blur controls remain on the right/selected.
  10. Hi Ulven, KAMAJA_MJ, wostrom, Mwel, Welcome to Affinity Forums Please give us some more time to address all the inquiries/requests. All the teams are quite busy due to recent Photo and Designer updates plus Publisher release. We are going through all e-mails as fast as we can. Thanks.
  11. Hi thomasp, As far as I know that only happens when you switch to Photo Persona inside Affinity Publisher which is the only application that displays the status bar in separated mode since it includes additional functionality there (page navigation). Maybe that's where the confusion comes from?
  12. Hi sandyvdelsen, Welcome to Affinity Forums If the updates are not showing in the Mac App Store app try the following: go to the Updates section (in the Mac App Store app) and press CMD+R to refresh/reload the page (or got to menu Store > Reload Page). If it doesn't fix the issue: Log-out then log-in again with the same Apple ID. Check the Updates section again. If they till don't appear, drag the application from the Applications folder to the Trash on your Mac, empty the trash, run Mac App Store again, click your username on the bottom left of the Mac App Store interface to access the Purchased section and install the application again from there.
  13. Hi johnyoungphotos, Welcome to Affinity Forums 1. No, there's no auto mode in Develop Persona. The closest thing you can do is to save presets for the various tab sections. 2. No. Affinity Photo doesn't support plugins that rely on automation & custom panels/interfaces or any other type of plugins other than basic image filters. 3. The last time I tested (with Perfectly Clear Complete 2.2.5) it wasn't working. The plugin preview was corrupted and the output was wrong (juts a solid colour filling the entire image). I haven't tested with the latest version - it's possible there may have been changes but I haven't checked yet.
  14. Hi JJBee, Welcome to Affinity Forums Thanks for lettings us know. Issue logged to be looked at.
  15. Hi PaulEC, Yannick Gaultier, I will check about the possibility to use AltGr. @Yannick Gaultier It's not that simple unfortunately. Besides the coding work, changes like those would imply modifications to the Help files, video tutorials, the (printed) Workbooks and also change the workflow users are already used to. Besides that some users may actually prefer/find the modifiers way more direct/intuitive. It's no easy to find a solution that pleases everyone.