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  1. Hi jackamus, Drag the red node near the circle to adjust it. It should snap to a circle.
  2. Hi maxaffinity, Welcome to Affinity Forums We are aware of these issues. If you scale up the objects considerably, expand them then scale them down the same factor your should get better results.
  3. Hi Ceolmar, Try the following: - press ⌘ (cmd) + R to refresh the Updates page If the updates still don't appear: - sign out of the Mac App Store, then sign-in again If it also fails: - drag the application from the applications folder to the Trash and empty it, then reinstall the app again from the Mac App Store. It will install the latest version.
  4. Hi rn1911, Welcome to Affinity Forums Affinity Publisher should be available as a Public Beta next year.
  5. Hi k44g, Welcome to Affinity Forums Adobe Photoshop native filters will not work on Affinity Photo. Only external third-party plugins can be used with Affinity Photo.
  6. Hi Ceolmar, Welcome to Affinity Forums Run the Mac App Store, go to the Updates tab on top then click the Update button in front of Affinity Photo on the list below.
  7. Which OS are you running? Can you create and export files from the desktop?
  8. Hi teguh, Sorry, my bad. Seems you are using a second partition then. In that case it should work reliably and may be something related with that file specifically. Can you please attach the afdesign file so i can check it out? I can provide you an upload link if you wish to keep the file private.
  9. Hi teguh, Welcome to Affinity Forums Seems you are trying to export (and work) from an external drive. This is not recommended. Affinity apps don't necessarily load the whole file to memory for performance reasons and may also store other data somewhere else on the system while you work on your files, so if for some reason the external drive get disconnected for inactivity or other reason and Affinity lose access to the file these types of errors may occur. Please use system internal drives to work with Affinity files.
  10. That's because the shipping costs are only correctly displayed/calculated after we know your location. As soon as you login and the location is known the shipping costs are updated to reflect the correct price.
  11. Hi MacMac, If you are importing the images from Apple Photos then the image name is not retained since Apple Photos doesn't have/provide them. If you open from a cloud service then the name will be retained when you export the file.
  12. Hi Djoule, Tom Schülke, This is something that has been requested quite a few times already so hopefully it may end up being added to the program.
  13. Hi Ricardo Abude, Welcome to Affinity Forums There must be some notification/dialog from Affinity hidden somewhere/prompting for some action. Check behind other windows you may have opened. Are you using two monitors?
  14. Hi jacki3wrfsef, Welcome to Affinity Forums Are you using the latest version ( I'm not able to reproduce this here. Also which iOS version/iPad are you running/using?
  15. Hi Jimbo2, Welcome to Affinity Forums Please check our FAQ. We do intend/like to develop a DAM but it may still take a while until we get there.