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  1. Hi srg, phanault, Are you using a Magic Mouse (surface mouse), a regular scroll-wheel mouse, trackpad or pen&tablet?
  2. Hi @flosef, Yes, you can use the brushes included in the application indefinitely for commercial projects. Ja, Sie können die in der Anwendung enthaltenen Pinsel unbegrenzt für kommerzielle Projekte verwenden
  3. Hi kat, This is a known issue on Sierra, El Capitan and Yosemite. Are you using one of those OSs?
  4. Hi @kat, You have to use the Library panel to import .afmacroS files (note the S and the end). afmacros files are a single or multiple actions that can be imported and run from the Library panel. The Macros panel only imports .afmacro files (without S) - that is the steps of a single macro to be edited in the Macros panel.
  5. Hi WaveF, I'm sorry for the delay getting back to you. I've been trying to reproduce the issue here but no luck. Can you provide a few more details about you setup please? Do you have a single machine for example a Mac Pro connected simultaneously to two monitors, a laptop connected to an external monitor, what? And where is the main application? On the primary or secondary screen? Are running Affinity in full screen mode, separated mode, regular windowed mode? I've tried in several view modes, with the application on both the main and external screen, dragging the PDF's from the desktop to the other screen to the app window and even to the app icon on the dock and couldn't get the PDF import dialog get stuck. In all times except one, the dialog appeared over the Affinity app window. There's one case where it displayed on the other screen but i veneer got it stuck. Thanks
  6. Thanks for the files DuaneW. Please check your PM's (Personal Messages). On the first one (book_cover) the text layers must be updated in Photoshop (most up to date version) to become editable (they are in an old format and cannot be edited even in Photoshop without updating them). I've updated them and re-saved the PSD and all text layers are now recognizable/editable as text in Affinity Photo. Affinity may display a toast notification saying there were issues but the layers are there and editable. I'm afraid we can't do much here to import the original PSD file without being updated in Photoshop first, but i will pass the file to the dev team for them to check. The PSD format is proprietary/closed and poorly document, not all features are supported. In the second file (audio_cover), the layer named "text" is actually a pixel layer in Photoshop, not an editable text layer and as such is imported as a pixel layer in Affinity Photo.
  7. Hi @SirPL, Sorry the delay getting back to you. I confirm this is not working properly. Issue logged to be looked at.
  8. Hi My Strawberry Monkey, This is a known issue when importing SVG's that use ClipPath's elements. I have bumped our report to bring this up to devs attention again.
  9. Hi Adam D'Agosto, You have to press and hold CTRL while launching the application until a Clear User Data dialog appears. Keep the first three checkboxes ticked only and press the Clear button.
  10. Hi safoster71, I'm sorry for the delay getting back to you. We don't support scribble as input for the text tools however you can still call a keyboard while use the Apple Pencil with Scribble enabled. When you tap with it on screen using one of the Text tools you should see a small Pen icon inside a circle on the bottom left, tap on it to bring up additional options, then tap the keyboard button there. See clip below: scribble.mov
  11. Hi @frecklebit, @hamzaaytac, Welcome to Affinity Forums I'm sorry for the delay getting back to you. Can you try the following please: With the keyboard connected, go to the Settings app on your iPad, select General on the left, select Keyboard on the right, then Hardware Keyboard and check if the keyboard layout setting (i suppose you are using English) on top is set to Automatic - if so, tap there and switch it to the language you are using (rather then the automatic option). Try the keyboard again in the Affinity app. Does it fix the issue for you?
  12. Hi @Adam D'Agosto, @Julie478, Welcome to Affinity Forums Does the crash happens when you try to save/load a particular file or it's happening with any file? If it's a specific file do you mind attaching it so we can inspect it please? I can provide an upload link if you wish to keep the file private.
  13. Hi Eddy-2, This document was originally created in Publisher. It's a page based document (notice the page 1 of 1 controls/navigation on the bottom left of the interface) and as such cannot have artboards. Regular artboard based documents don't have those page controls on the bottom left of the interface. If you go to File > Document Setup you will also notice there's a Layout tab there which is also not available on regular Designer documents. I'm afraid there's no way to convert it back to an artboard based document directly in Designer. For some reason it also crashes Publisher. I'm passing this file to the dev team for further inspection.
  14. Hi @ATP I don't know if this is planned but it was requested a few times already. You can add your voice to one of the following threads in the Feedback section, for example: - Stroke Width - Ability to set line width as a variable - Request — Stroke Width Anchors on Curves
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