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  1. Hi Claudia_D, Welcome to Affinity Forums Neither of these operations are possible currently so no you haven't missed anything. Thanks for your feedback/support.
  2. Hi JesusSheep, If you have updated the Mac App Store to version 1.7.2 then the latest Beta build (which is exactly the same version) will stop working since it doesn't recognise the new Mac App Store version. The next Customer Beta however will recognise it/validate and will work again as usual.
  3. Hi JoF, Welcome to Affinity Forums Thanks for your feedback/support. All helps files/manual are already available online too. They can be accessed through this link (affinity.help). We could really add a link to the main website site too.
  4. Hi Richard Liu, Do you mind uploading the afphoto file shown in your movie clip using this link please? Thank you.
  5. The button you have clicked in your screenshot (first control on the top left) affects the kerning (space between two characters) but you have the whole word selected in the workspace. Place the cursor between two letters only and the buttons for the kerning in the Character panel will work. If you want to adjust the space for all letters simultaneously in the word use the Tracking controls instead (the controls right below the Kerning).
  6. MEB

    Batch Crash

    Hi pixeldoggy, Thanks for your report. We are already aware of this issue.
  7. Hi gfischman, Welcome to affinity Forums What macOS version are you running? What is happening exactly? You go to menu File > New Panorama, click the Add button, it opens the Finder window, you select Photos in the Media section on the left then what? Are you able to see any images stored on Photos on the right? Is the library where you have stored your photos set as the System Photo Library in Apple Photos Preferences, General section?
  8. Hi 5argon, This happens when the dimensions of the objects and/or their X,Y coordinates are not integer pixel values. If you change the doc units to pixels and check their X,Y coordinates and dimensions in the transform panel you will see there's decimal values there. Remove them/adjust object's positions and dimensions and all with export with the same size.
  9. MEB

    Alignment bug.

    Hi andreimarchenko, I'm afraid there's no changes planned for this (in the short/medium term at least). If we could get rid of it without compromising in other areas we would have done it already. But it's not so simple unfortunately. As said it's just a side effect of how we render images on screen at arbitrary zoom levels, it has no consequences on the exported files.
  10. Hi Chul, I'm sorry for the inconvenience this is causing you. We have improved app detection/checks in the latest builds and this shouldn't be an issue from now on. The respective retail update should be out soon. Let us now if you still have issues after updating both apps. Thanks for your support/understanding.
  11. I'm sure it will. Just give the dev team some more time.
  12. Have you moved the applications to another place other than the root of the Applications folder?
  13. You're welcome Sarah. We are here to help.
  14. You have a Vibrance Adjustment selected. These tools only work with a pixel layer (check the label between parenthesis after the layer's name in the Layers panel). If you switch to the background layer (which is a pixel layer) the tools will work as you'd expect. These live adjustment (and filter) layers should only be used in conjunction with (some of) the brush tools when you want to edit/manipulate their built-in masks (so you can hide their effects on some parts of the image if you paint with black on them or paint with their effects in case you invert the mask and paint with white)
  15. Hi Sarah Yuster, Welcome to Affinity Forums Also check if you have the Opacity or Flow of the brush set to 0% in the context toolbar. If so change them to 100%.