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  1. MEB

    Stuck on hand tool

    Hi spinko, Can you detail step by step how to reproduce it? Are you using alt+spacebar whilst clicking on canvas to zoom out?
  2. Hi fradimar, Welcome to Affinity Forums Are you pressing alt+spacebar shortcut whilst clicking on canvas to zoom out?
  3. Hi henrik reid, Welcome to Affinity Forums How are you selecting it? Clicking the icon on the toolbar or pressing spacebar to access the View Tool momentarily? When it gets stuck in the the hand cursor does it revert to the correct cursor/tool if you press the spacebar key once? If you could record a small clip/video showing the app getting stuck in the View Tool (hand cursor) it would help immensely. There's currently a known issue when using the alt+spacebar whilst clicking on canvas to zoom out that also triggers a similar behaviour - the cursor gets stuck in the hand tool. Are you using this shortcut?
  4. Hi henryb, The "alternate" method (the ellipsis icon, using the Edit in Affinity Photo extension) does work for most users (i believe) in Mojave. A few users have reported that it was failing for them - some because they have moved the application from the root of the applications folder to somewhere else (usually a subfolder), and a few others for which we still don't know the cause - that's what we are trying to diagnose/discover. I've bumped our report and i'm bringing this up to devs attention in the hope to get some feedback.
  5. Text will be more obvious but it really doesn't matter the type of object if it ends turning into something you didn't intended/wanted.
  6. Hi henryb, The Edit With command issue is known for some time yes, the macOS Catalina issue (point 2) is a new and has (apparently) limited even more the workflow between the two apps (macOS Catalina and Apple Photos have both introduced quite a few changes/new features) - as said above we are still investigating what's going on and hope to have both issues fixed as soon as possible. We are sorry for all the trouble this is causing you all unfortunately i can't give you any eta regarding a possible fix until both issues are correctly diagnosed/causes identified. Thanks for understanding.
  7. Also works but you end up with a flipped object. While with a circle that doesn't make much difference it will do with other non symmetric objects.
  8. Hi jackamus, If you mean snap to a guide while scaling up from centre make sure you pick a corner handle on the same side of the object as the guide.
  9. Hi LyricsGirl, Yes, you can perform boolean operations (add, subtract etc) with text. You can also do it while keeping the text editable using compounds. For example draw two independent letters with the Artistic Text Tool, make sure they overlap each other, with both selected press and hold alt and click the Add boolean operation icon in the main toolbar - this generates a compound object which you can expand in the Layers panel (clicking the small arrow on the left of the thumbnail) so you can select/access and edit the two letters individually.
  10. No, i meant i'm seeing the same behaviour as you. For higher values it reverts back to 65536 MB.
  11. Hi edlo, Welcome to Affinity Forums I'm checking this with the dev team (i'm seeing the same thing here). Shouldn't be happening.
  12. When enabled you can select any object no matter what layer it is contained within. With it disabled you can only select objects contained within a single (selected) layer.
  13. Hi evtonic3, Place the cursor over the text you want to edit and click to select/edit it. It it picks another text frame which have text overlapping the first one, press and hold alt and click again in the same place. Repeat as needed until the text frame you want gets selected (pressing and holding alt and clicking somewhere over overlapping objects allows you to cycle between them). If the text frames are inside a group double-click the first time to enter the group first then proceed as described above.
  14. Hi Joachim_L, This happens when you set the Hole Radius to 100% forcing the inner and outer lines of the pie to overlap. Same happens if you duplicate an object overlapping the original - these issues are related with the antialiasing.
  15. Hi jeffnles1, Welcome to Affinity Forums We are aware of the issues sending/saving back files from Apple Photos/Affinity Photo (issues being followed here too). We are investigating them - Edit With and Edit in Affinity Photo extension - no eta for a fix, sorry. Thanks for your report/support. I'm sorry for the inconvenience this is causing you.

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