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  1. Hi Desi Gnarnaz, Welcome to Affinity Forums Go to menu File > Document Setup, Colour tab and check if Transparent background is ticked.
  2. Hi stevenbauwens, Have you pressed Tab at some point? It hides the whole interface. Pressing it again shows the interface again.
  3. Hi Strelok, Welcome to Affinity Forums When pasting make sure the X,Y coordinates of the pasted layer are integer values (in the transform panel). If they are not, remove the decimal part. One thing you can do is enable Force Pixel Alignment in the main toolbar to ensure that objects moved, stretched etc always end with integer values both for their X,Y coordinates and dimensions (width, height). Keep Move by Whole Pixels ( the button on the right of Force Pixel Alignment) disabled otherwise the decimal values will be kept when you move the objects. If the paste object is not placed on integer values and you have Force Pixel Alignment enabled, move it slightly to forcer it to snap to integer values.
  4. MEB

    HSL UI Issue

    Hi FR4DRIK, Thank you for all the details and video, it helps considerably. I'm not sure they are related (histogram lag) and the HSL issue - there was a couple users reporting the histogram's lag issue but i don't remember they mentioning issues with the HSL panel. However i also don't know if they were using a multi-monitor setup. Will have to text/check a few things myself. Thanks for your help/support.
  5. Disabling the extensions helps to prevents mistakes/conflicts while testing. They should work correctly if both are enabled but it's advisable not doing so.
  6. Hi CH Trippe, Any chance you can record a clip performing the whole process (no need to create a detailed selection, a rough one will suffice) so we can see what's going on?
  7. MEB

    Simplify Paths

    Hi Tullywhistles, Welcome to Affinity Forums There's no controls for this is the current version yet, sorry.
  8. Hi Cecil, Andy was referring to the "older" Affinity Photo 1.7.3 extensions. If you install the Customer Beta, a new set of extensions is installed as well. To prevent them from conflicting with the ones from 1.7.3 while testing is advisable to disable them. This can be done in the macOS System Preferences, Extensions section: uncheck all regular Affinity Photo extensions (that belong to the 1.7.3 version) and enable the Affinity Photo Beta ones. See screenshot below for reference:
  9. Hi MdmMTL, Welcome to Affinity Forums The application shown above in your screenshots is Affinity Designer, not Affinity Photo. The trial has the exact same functionality as the paid version - the only limitation is the 10 day time limit (counted sequentially from the first run).
  10. Hi Aechidna, You probably pressed the number keys accidentally on your keyboard with the object selected while you were working. They set the Opacity of the layer/object. So for example if you press 5 it will set the opacity to 50%. If you press 2 and 3 sequentially it will set the opacity to 23%. Pressing 0 (zero) set the Opacity to 100%.
  11. Hi DutchDude, Here's the video. It's a bit old (recorded with an older version of Designer) but the principle still applies: waves.mov
  12. Hi yelloview, The issue is with the gradients. Most of them, if not all, were slightly sheared/skewed. See animated GIF below. If you fix them as shown in the animated GIF below (notice the perpendicular mark appearing when we fix the slight distortion) they become regular linear gradients and will export without being rasterised. Here's your file with all gradients fixed as shown above: test_MEB.afdesign
  13. Hi Aechidna, Welcome to Affinity Forums With the black object selected go to the Colour panel and check if the Opacity slider on the bottom of the panel is set to 100%. If you only see a Noise slider there click the small colour well below the label to switch it to the Opacity. That slider controls the colour's opacity. Also make sure the Blend mode for that object (the dropdown on the top of the Layers panel) is set to Normal. If that doesn't fix the issue, please attach the afdesign file here for us to inspect as GarryP suggested.

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