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  1. Hi @Les Wilson, Thanks for your feedback. We have this logged as a bug (contrast issue in automatically named layers). I've updated/bumped the report to bring it up to devs attention again.
  2. You are probably working with an Image layer type. Go to the Layers panel, right-click the Image layer and select Rasterise to convert it to a pixel layer which you can edit freely (mouse-over the left-end icon of the layer to see a tooltip with the layer type in v2).
  3. Before dragging the node, I've selected all the nodes of the shape first (00:18s in the clip above) that's all, then drag the node you want - the whole shape will be moved since all nodes are selected.
  4. Hi @Vito9 Make sure Snap to object geometry is enabled in the Snapping Options, then select all the nodes of the bottom object with the Node Tool and drag it from one of it's maching nodes over the respective node of the top object. You may end up with a thin white line between the two objects due to the antialiasing which is picking the "white" from the background as in the video below. If you do want to keep those objects together without the antialising artefact line consider adding (boolean operation) them back again so they become one. Here's a quick video: snap.mov
  5. They just indicate that it's the last node of a path. If you draw a line (open shape) it should be more clear for you. In your example you have closed shapes so the last node matches the first one you drew.
  6. Hi VectorCat, Clcik the round arrow on the top right of the Channel panel to enable all channels again. It should then work as you'd expect (only the composite alpha is enabled currently). You may also want to set the Blend Mode to Normal as R C-R mentioned.
  7. Hi @WeblabsTech, Welcome to Affinity Forums I've reproduced the issue here. Thanks for reporting it.
  8. Thanks @Benfischer. One more question: how are you importing the image? Dragging it from somewhere to the canvas, using file > Open command and navigating to the Media > Photos section in Finder, other way?
  9. You are using a pixel layer as a mask there. What you want is to use an actual mask layer, so after dragging the rectangle to the mask position in the Layers panel, right-click the rectangle layer and select Rasterise to Mask to actually turn it into a mask layer. You can then use the cmd+I shortcut to invert the mask.
  10. @Benfischer Can you attach the original screenshot image here to see if we can reproduce the issue? Can you also take a screenshot of the Colour section in the Settings please? Thanks.
  11. Hi @Gnils89 Welcome to affinity Forums No, it's not possible to export Affinity documents as Word templates.
  12. @Pšenda, It's not the same thing. The Erase White Paper is mostly to remove the white from drawings/sketches etc. Background Remover as I understand here applies to any generic background (with elements behind the main subject), without having to rely on selections tools.
  13. If it's a casual glitch, restarting the app should be enough before trying a factory reset.
  14. Hi @Vito9, Draw the smaller square on top of the bigger one (make sure the smaller square layer in above the larger sqaure layer in the Layers panel), then select both and go to menu Layer > Geometry > Subtract or click the respective icon in the main toolbar (if available depending on the app you are using). If you press alt while clicking the subtract icon or menu command (macOS only in the last case) you will create a non-destructive subtract boolean operation where both rectangles still remain selectable and editable (expand the compound layer in the Layers panel to see both rectangles).
  15. Hi @Fantomas.CZ, To select the second text frame press and hold alt and click the second text frame (this is also also applicable to other objects when you want to select something behind an object or more). I see the issue you're mentioning and indeed the first text frame is not overlapping the second so the second should be also selectable without using alt. The expanded title seems to be causing the behaviour. I will talk with the dev team to see what they say.
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