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  1. Hi kawabama, Welcome to Affinity Forums If you set the document colour format to LAB the colour pickers should display the colour information in LAB. To define/set colours, In the Colours panel click the small menu icon on the top right of the panel and select Sliders. Then select LAB from the dropdown on the top right in the panel.
  2. Hi MCKarl, Welcome to Affinity Forums To access the presets switch to Tone Mapping Persona (the icon after Photo Persona on top), then on the right click the second icon (the gear). As far as i know we don't switch to/enable Tone Mapping in the iPad version automatically after an HDR Merge as in the desktop version. Not sure if there will be changes here in the future, sorry (same for the ghost option).
  3. Hi Rick deckard, Welcome to Affinity Forums Are you resampling the file when you export? If so try a different algorithm like Bicubic or Lanczos. If you still have trouble can you please attach a sample JPG export so we can see what results/issues you are getting? Thanks.
  4. Hi Tanka, Welcome to Affinity Forums Although the iPad Mini 4 does fulfill the hardware requirements to run the app, its physical screen size makes it hard to use with Affinity Photo.
  5. Hi AtelierCunha, To get the guides as well you have to copy (or duplicate) the artboard layer itself. One thing you could do if you are reusing the same artboard size/guides is duplicate one with the guides already set, delete all existing content inside it (you may leave just one object or text to easily identify it) then drag it to the Assets panel. When you need to insert another just drag it from the Assets panel (the guides will be included).
  6. Hi FriendDesign I'm splitting this thread in two and moving your last post to a new thread in the Bugs on Windows section were it can be easily followed by the Windows QA team as an independent issue. Here's the link to that thread: Feel free to edit it/complete it if needed since it's now out of its original context. You can enable Force Pixel Alignment in the main toolbar, or in the Snapping Manager dialog (see screenshot below).
  7. Hi affiom, Do you still have the e-mail/receipt Apple sent you after buying the app on the Mac App Store? If so you can always get in touch with Apple support to get help with this issue. If you are sure you bought it using the same Apple ID you are currently signed-in try this: copy to an external USB drive/pen, then drag the version you have in the Applications folder to the Trash and empty it. Reboot the computer and try to install it again from the Mac App Store - the button should display Install rather than Open. If everything goes fine you can delete the copy you have made to the USB drive/pen. If not get in touch with Apple support and they will be able to help you sort this out.
  8. Hi Terryco, Welcome to Affinity Forums No, Affinity Photo doesn't support/create cinemagraphs.
  9. If you enable Force Pixel Alignment from the beginning you can prevent the artboards from picking non-integer values for their coordinates when you move them. Are you having performance issues with all files in general or it's just with a specific one where you have several artboards? Are you using large vector textures or a high number of layer effects (shadows, blurs etc) in several objects? There's quite a few factors that can contribute to performance issues... Are you able to pinpoint what operations or types of objects slow down the computer considerably when you are performing/manipulating them?
  10. 9,10 - Previews will be added to the Export Persona in a future version, later. 11 - Not sure if this will be included with the Export Persona improvements. You can always request it in the Features Requests section in case it's not.
  11. Select the artboard in the Layers panel and check the X, Y values in the Transform panel. Make sure you are displaying more than one decimal place in the Transform panel going to Affinity Designer Preferences, User Interface section and increasing the number in Pixels field in the Decimal Places for Unit Types section.
  12. Hi Jethro, Thank you for sharing. Nice to see examples of commercial work being posted too. Great job
  13. Hi FriendDesign, Are you using artboards for the banners? Check if their X,Y coordinates are integer values. If not adjust them and try export again.
  14. Hi affiom, Can you please check if you have in the root of your Applications folder?
  15. Hi ade121, Welcome to Affinity Forums The app update is probably still being spread around the world. Give it a few more hours and check again.