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  1. Hi F_Wickstrom, Welcome to Affinity Forums Select both the A letter and the black shape then go to menu Layer > Geometry > Subtract or click the corresponding icon in the main toolbar (second icon in the greyed out group after the snapping group).
  2. Hi Meekayashi, Welcome to Affinity Forums I'm afraid there's no option/way to set a a shortcut for this button/panel.
  3. Hi mbrakes, I've bumped the report again to bring it up to devs attention.
  4. Hi SteveRoberts, Welcome to Affinity Forums Have you also checked if the plugin files were actually installed there: /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Plug-Ins/CS6 Some plugins install the files directly to: /Applications/Adobe Photoshop Cs6/Plug-ins/ As mentioned above make sure they are all 64bits plugins. Previous versions of ON1 plugins never worked with Affinity Photo. They were not recognized/didn't appear in the Filters menu. I haven't tested the latest version but it's quite possible it still doesn't work. Will have to check. The Nik Collection however should work in Affinity Photo 1.8.3 with minor issues (excepting Perspective Efex which doesn't run at all/is not compatible).
  5. Hi Lightsmith, Welcome to Affinity Forums What application are you using and what method did you use? Erase White Paper was developed mostly to remove the white background from sketches, line art etc, Only blacks will be opaque, greys will appear semi-transparent and white should be removed. It's not the best solution for general use. Regarding the Flood Select Tool you must adjust the Tolerance in the context toolbar - set it to a lower value for - to restrict the range of colour it selects. For whitish area set it closer to 0 (zero).
  6. Hi mailinxx, Welcome to Affinity Forums Some filters may appear greyed out if you are working with a for 32b bit RGB image/document. If that's the case converting the document to RGB 8 or 16 bit will make them available. To do this go to menu Document > Convert Format / ICC Profile and change the Colour Format dropdown to RGB/16 or RGB/8.
  7. Hi xSavgs, That line indicates the limit/edge of the canvas area - there's no way to remove it. You probably only noticed it now because the blue rectangle on the bottom of the layers stack is larger than the canvas making it more prominent but this line is present in all documents (although less perceptible if there's no objects crossing the canvas).
  8. Hi xSavgs, Welcome to Affinity Forums Can you attach the afdesign file for us to check it out please? I can provide an upload link if you wish to keep the file private. Thanks.
  9. Hi cje, Can you provide a few mode tails about your workflow please? Do you need to adjust the crop frame position for each image individually keeping the pixel dimensions you specified or crop them keeping the same crop frame position for all of them?
  10. Hi cje, Welcome to Affinity Forums To work as you wish we needed to have the ability to save a preset for custom pixel sizes in Unconstrained mode but currently this is not an option/possible. I will pass your feedback to the dev team to see what they say.
  11. Hi Hokusai, Actually it was me who mis-read your post, sorry. Regarding the Pen tool being stuck, are you performing any other task after pressing spacebar - other than panning the document - before trying to return to the Pen Tool?
  12. Hi DarkClown, I'm not sure there's a logical default option here. Depending on user's background both choices seem to be adequate/sensible, but feel free to create a new thread in the respective Feature Request section asking for this to be the default. It's not really up with me to decide it.
  13. There's cases where you don't want it enabled so you can get the edges of an object feathered for example to create a mask, to simply soft the edges of a picture on a design/layout or even to help with the shading on a illustration (by applying gaussian blur FX to vector objects). There's plenty mores uses but those should give you an idea.
  14. Hi DarkClown, Tick the Preserve alpha checkbox below the Radius slider. That's exactly its function - "fill" in the borders of the canvas.
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