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  1. MEB

    AP Inside border problem after creating HDR

    Hi HVDB Photography, Do you still have the 3 old NEF files used on video you posted above (or other where this issue happens)? Can you please upload them using this link? Thanks.
  2. Hi snixtonk, Welcome to Affinity Forums Each platform requires its own license. The Mac license you already own is only valid for macOS. If you wish to use Affinity Photo on an iOS device you have to buy Affinity Photo for iPad.
  3. This issue is most probably caused by the Dell colour profile. Removing it should fix the issue assuming System default (sRGB IEC61966-2.1) is selected in the Device profile dropdown in the Advanced tab.
  4. MEB

    Affinity Photo Workbook

    Hi Michel d'Alissa, Welcome to Affinity Forums As far as I'm aware there's no plans for additional languages besides the ones available now (English and German).
  5. MEB

    Product Key

    Thanks Rubyjim. In that case just fill in the e-mail and product key you have in the Beta (you can login in the Affinity Store to check them) and Affinity shouldn't ask for them from now on. I believe the Beta asks for the se credentials once but will have to confirm this with the development.
  6. MEB

    Product Key

    Where have you bought the Affinity Photo app? From the Microsoft Store (which seems to be the case) or from the Affinity Store?
  7. MEB

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta (

    Hi Dedario, Some users do have reported issues while others eventually never encountered problems. To keep the user's work safe we do not recommend relying on external/NAS drives for now. We are still looking into this and try to find ways to make it reliable.
  8. Hi skyking, Welcome to Affinity Forums I've removed the file posted above because this is a public forum - the file was accessible to any forum user. I've already passed it to JFisher for inspection. Thanks.
  9. Hi J Clark, When creating a new document using File ▸ New (or File ▸ Document Setup..., Layout tab if you are working on an existing one) you can select on which side you want the pages to start - make sure you have your set to Right (almost on the bottom). Note that the Arrange dropdown must be set to Horizontal (otherwise this doesn't make any sense). This way you will not have a facing page agains a cover on the right.
  10. Hi lilbuddha, No worries, feel free to ask whatever you need to clear up any doubt you may have. Yes, you can install it on both your computers at the same time (again assuming you are the only one using the program for commercial purposes).
  11. The differences between image and pixel layers were discussed here. An image layer retains the original image data and as such cannot be directly edited at a pixel level - you can apply adjustments/filters to it or transform it globally (scale, rotate etc) but you can't change its pixels - think of it like an embedded document. Pixel layers are the equivalent of what you are used to in other raster apps - layers where you can paint/perform any type of pixel based operations.
  12. Hi BL1MEY, Welcome to Affinity Forums If you have bought Affinity Designer from the Microsoft Store, you have to run the Microsoft Store app on your desktop computer (make sure you are logged in with the same Microsoft ID you used to buy the application on Surface), search for Affinity Designer in the top right then instead of a Buy button you should see an Install button (or similar). Click on it to install the app. The Microsoft Store and the Affinity Store are independent from each other. You have to install the apps (or download in the case on the Affinity Store) from the respective store where you bought them.
  13. MEB

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta (

    Hi Dedario, Welcome to Affinity Forums We do not recommend working directly from files saved on external drives/NAS (and cloud services) because if the connection is lost we are not able to save/write to the file anymore nor save it (using Save As) to anywhere else. Affinity doesn't load all file data to memory (for performance reasons) and keeps adding/loading data to the file while you work on it. If that file becomes unavailable we have no way to keep writing to it and since the file wasn't totally loaded in memory we also can't save it as a new file.
  14. Hi mic furu, If you select a brush from the Texture category and click the white small menu icon in front of the category dropdown to open the Brush editing dialog you can see how the texture (with its head and tail) are applied to the stroke on canvas - they join themselves at the top end node of a circle leaving the white space you are seeing. To get that effect you have to create a brush with no head nor tail and where both end sides of the texture match seamlessly (see image below - note that I have not matched both ends to get a seamless join so you can still see a small misplacement where they join on the top of the circle).
  15. Hi lilbuddha, Welcome to Affinity Forums You can install it on any Windows computer you own/control (no matter the Windows version) - assuming you are the only one using it for commercial purposes.