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  1. Hi Kensi13, Welcome to Affinity Forums Thanks for the file/report. Issue logged this to be looked at.
  2. Hi iscom, I understand your frustration but PagePlus was in development for several years. Affinity Publisher is being coded from scratch. It can't match the functionality/features of programs with years of development under their belt. Hopefully with more time we will also get there.
  3. Hi dan 2, Welcome to Affinity Forums The staff is composed by five lines (objects) that run across all width of the page. You can't copy just the section you want without breaking (or shrinking) them first. I believe this is what you are trying to do. Can you confirm it please?
  4. Hi davej, Welcome to Affinity Forums No, there's no way to prevent it from panning other than using a non-surface based mouse (that is one with a scroll-wheel).
  5. Hi HarryMcGovern, Welcome to Affinity Forums No, it doesn't sync future edits. You have to save a new copy and replace the existing file you saved earlier.
  6. MEB

    AP for iPad: History not working

    Hi Axel TT, With the document opened, tap the document icon on top left of the interface and select Save a Copy. Enable Save History button in the next dialog and save the file.
  7. Hi AffinityQ, In Affinity Photo (retail), with the cropped layer selected, go to menu Layer ▸ Rasterise to get rid of the cropped parts. On Affinity Photo Customer Beta the corresponding command is Layer ▸ Rasterise & Trim....
  8. Hi gabiange, Welcome to Affinity Forums Why not simply apply the Transparency Tool directly to the portrait group? autoportraitPinShop_Affinity (MEB).afpub
  9. MEB


    Hi RedSnapper, Welcome to Affinity Forums Press and hold ALT and click and hold both the left and right mouse buttons - drag a little and you should see the double-circle on canvas to adjust the width and hardness (not the opacity) of the brush (you can release the right mouse button at this point if you want, but not the left one). Drag horizontally to set the width and vertically to set the hardness. To adjust the opacity of the brush use the number keys on your keyboard (from 1 up to 0): 1 set the opacity to 10%, 0 (zero) sets it to 100%. If you press two numbers consecutively - for example 2 and 3 - the opacity will be set to 23%.
  10. Hi ktc, Thanks for the file. I'm seeing the same issue here with various apps too. Have you used the option New layer with mask in the Output dropdown on the bottom of the Refine Selection dialog to generate the top layer with the mask?
  11. Hi laurentia, This is a known issue as you noted. Unfortunately there wasn't progress here, sorry. I will bump our report/link to this thread to bring this to developers attention. Thanks.
  12. Hi peanutLion, Welcome to Affinity Forums There will always be some differences between viewing an image at 100% (where image and screen pixels match 1:1) and viewing it a 20% because when you set the zoom to 20% to fit the image on screen it must be resampled for display - small details generated by filters/adjustments namely noise, sharpening etc etc will suffer with the resampling process/will loose definition.
  13. Hi moonliner, The fix will be included in the next retail update, however if you are willing to give the Beta a try you can download it from here: - Affinity Photo Customer Beta - (Windows) - Affinity Photo Customer Beta - (Macintosh)
  14. Hi Apertunity, Welcome to Affinity Forums The pink colour cast issue was already corrected/fixed in the latest Affinity Photo 1.7 Customer Beta. If you are willing to give it a try you can download it from here: Affinity Photo Windows Customer Beta -
  15. MEB

    inaccurate eye-dropper tool

    Hi robinp, Thanks for your report. I've reproduced it here. We already have a similar rendering issue logged for objects placed over a white shape versus background although in different circumstances which I believe is also related with this. I'm updating the report and adding your example/steps.