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  1. Hi grigoryvp, In Photo Persona, go to menu Document ▸ Resize Document, set the DPI to 72 and untick Resample, then press Resize. It should then display correctly in Export Persona. Alternatively install the latest Affinity Photo Customer Beta.
  2. Hi lazymau, Welcome to Affinity Forums With the Node Tool, drag one over the other as you are doing until you see the highlight in yellow (when snapping is enabled), then draw a marquee around then and click the Join Curves button to join them. If they happen to be the end node of the same path dragging one over the other is enough to join them/close the path. If you are trying to join nodes of a "compound" path (a layer with multiple independent paths) this will not work you have to separate (use Divide boolean operation) the paths first. If you still have trouble please attach the file with the objects you want to join (you can delete all the rest) so we can check out what's going on.
  3. Hi larsh, This should be (hopefully) fixed in the next beta.
  4. Hi Loquos, The latest version isn't available yet on auto-update, but you can download it from here.
  5. Hi mike21, By application I meant Affinity Photo, not the plugin-in. I should have been more clear, sorry. Post above edited for clarity.
  6. Thanks for getting back to me. It does look this is limited to Windows 7 users. We are looking into the issue. It should be fixed in one of the upcoming Betas.
  7. Hi Sheila Finch, Welcome to Affinity Forums The tooltips (names of the tools) appear after you mouse over them a few seconds. You can set the time you want in Affinity Designer Preferences, User Interface section Tooltip Delay slider. Move it to the left to display them immediately.
  8. Thanks mike21. Yes it should work. Seems you have installed them in the Affinity default plugins folder. I'm checking if this make any difference/if it's what's causing the issue although I don't believe that's the case. I'm running them from a custom folder and Color Efex Pro 4 is working fine for me (on Windows 10 / Affinity Photo If you press ctrl while launching the Affinity Photo until a Clear User Data dialog appears (keep the first three checkboxes ticked) then press Clear, can you still replicate the issue? You may have to check if Allow "Unknown" plugins to be used is checked in Photoshop Plugins section in Affinity Photo Preferences after the reset.
  9. Hi oliiix, As requested in another thread, do you mind attaching screenshots of the Color Management dialog (both Devices and Advanced tabs) so we can see how you have them set up please? To access this dialog go to Start menu and enter Color Management in the search input field. I'm assuming you are running Windows 10.
  10. MEB

    PDF Export

    Hi lbyd, Welcome to Affinity Forums Can you be more specific please? Have you checked the More button in the PDF export dialog for additional options?
  11. MEB

    Export question

    Ok, no worries Thank you for your support.
  12. MEB

    Export question

    Hi Wilfred Hildonen, Yes, the chain parts are rasterised in your document - they are not vector objects with clipped pixel layers anymore. Do you have an earlier/older version of this file or another one when the problem still occurs?
  13. MEB

    Show/Hide Text Boxes

    Hi Hugh L'Estrange, Welcome to Affinity Forums Yes, it's possible. To assign shortcuts go to Affinity Publisher Preferences, Keyboard Shortcuts section, set the first dropdown to Publisher (the Persona you are using -in this case Publisher) and the second to View (here select the menu where the command you want to assign shortcuts for are). Then look for them (Show Margins and Show Text Flow in the list below - they are in the same order as the menus in the application. Click the respective input filed and then the shortcut you want to use to set them.
  14. Hi oliiix, Do you mind attaching screenshots of the Color Management dialog (both Devices and Advanced tabs) so we can see how you have them set up please? To access this dialog go to Start menu and enter Color Management in the search input field. I'm assuming you are running Windows 10.
  15. MEB

    Export question

    Hi Wilfred Hildonen, Do mind uploading an example .afdesign file where the export fails for us to look at please? Here's a link to upload the file. Thanks.
  16. Only Adding is available in the Betas ⌘ (cmd) + ⇧ (shift) + click on the thumbnail on Mac and CTRL+ SHIFT + click on the thumbnail on Windows. There's no way to subtract.
  17. MEB

    RAF files

    Yes, it opens them fine.
  18. MEB

    RAF files

    Hi RealAlexander, Welcome to Affinity Forums From what camera/model?
  19. Hi Tony77, Thanks for your report. Issue logged to be looked at. Out of curiosity, what Windows version are you running?
  20. Hi squeezer, I'm checking if this is already logged and will do so in case it's not. Thanks for your report/support.
  21. Hi mike21, The Tone Mapping Persona is an unrelated feature. To use the plugins you have to go to menu Filers ▸ Plugins ▸ Nik Collection and select the one you want to use. Just make sure a pixel layer is selected (look at the label between parenthesis after the layer's name in the Layers panel to identify it). Regarding the crash, do you mind attaching a screenshot of the Photoshop Plugins section in the Preferences dialog so I can check how you have it set up? What type/format of image are you working with? Go to menu Document ▸ Convert Format / ICC Profile and check the Format (dropdown) - what says there (you can close/cancel that dialog afterwards).
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    Hi posterboy, Welcome to Affinity Forums 1. No, you don't have to pay upfront. Just download the trial installer and run it. 2. It lasts ten consecutive days counting from the first time you launch the program. 3. If you don't like it you can simply uninstall the trial. The trial works exactly as the commercial version. Other than the ten (consecutive) days time limit, there's no other limitations. You can save and export files and you will be able to open them later if you decide to buy the application. You can check the system requirements on the respective product pages on Affinity's website.
  23. I see what you mean. I also wouldn't mind to have the ability to fill objects with vector patterns. Thread moved to the Suggestions for Affinity Designer on Desktop section.
  24. Hi Beck, Welcome to Affinity Forums Do you mind uploading the original .afdesign file using this link so I can check what's going on? Notice that not all PSD features are supported - for example we don't yet export text objects as editable text layers to PSD (text layers are rasterised on export). Most of the other objects should export fine and kept as independent objects/layers. Thanks.
  25. Hi tictactoe, Welcome to Affinity Forums Just tick the magnet icon in the main toolbar to turn Snapping on. If you click on the arrow immediately on the right you can set ip up as you see fit. The guides will appear as you move/transform objects. Check this video tutorial for more information: Snapping and Dynamic Guides Additionally you can also check measurements between objects selecting a source object, pressing and holding ⌘ (cmd) and mouse-hovering other objects in the canvas (or the canvas itself) on Mac. On Windows you have to press and hold the CTRL key instead.