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  1. Hi Sempervivum, sonarsound, Sorry, my bad. With the current (updated) profile in the latest Affinity Photo version the fish eye effect isn't fixed/neutralised anymore as it's considered a property of the lens as Dan explained above. We understand some users appreciated the old correction/profile - Dan already passed that feedback to the dev team - so it's now up to them to decide how to proceed/if possible to provide an option to pick the old profile again. I've bumped the report to bring this up to devs attention again. Thanks for your feedback.
  2. Yes, I understand this is the result of the adjustments/editing you perform on the photos (not vector images or tracing) and love them precisely because of that. Taking the background out only reinforces this feeling. Congrats.
  3. Hi Little Giant, Welcome to Affinity Forums Regarding the brush import falling this is due to a bug introduced in the latest version. It's already fixed in the Beta - which should be available soon here in the forums - and later included in the next (retail) update. Regarding Nik Collection: what OS and Nik Collection version are you running? Can you post a screenshot of the Photoshop Plugins section (in Preferences) so you can see how you set it up?
  4. Smee Again, True, beautiful work and fantastic thread. Pattou, Love how you turn/make the image(s) so graphic - for lack of a better word. This last one is gorgeous.
  5. Hi alexp, I've just noticed this thread in the iPad section. The instructions posted above are for the desktop version (Mac and Windows), my apologies for the mistake. I will check if this is possible in the current iPad version (there was some changes to the Crop Tool in v1.7 and I'm not sure if they were already ported to the iPad) and will get back to you soon.
  6. Hi sonarsound, Sempervivum, Welcome to Affinity Forums You can still apply the same lens correction in Photo Persona going to menu Filter > Distort > Lens Correction... and selecting the lens from the respective dropdown.
  7. I don't know where/how you are printing this but you may also want to consider increasing the DPI. You can do this is Designer as well (didn't noticed this was in the Designer section sorry). Here's the instructions: Go to File> Open and open the 64x64px image, then File > Document Setup, set the size to 6400x6400 make sure Objects will have the Rescale button enabled, set the Resample dropdown to Nearest Neighbour, press OK.
  8. See the instructions I already posted in my reply above and you should get what you want. Go to File> Open and open the 64x64px image, then Document > Resize Document, set the size to 6400x6400 and the Resample dropdown to Nearest Neighbour, press Resize. This should give want you want. Let me know if it's not what you intend.
  9. HI Scott. Can you attach the 64x64px image please? I'm still not sure what you want but please try the following. Go to File> Open and open the 64x64px image, then Document > Resize Document, set the size to 6400x6400 and the Resample dropdown to Nearest Neighbour, press Resize.
  10. I believe it's showing the forum Activity (the same info you get in the Activity tab on the top of the forum but by thread, not by reply).
  11. You are completely missing my point. I'm letting this here.
  12. Oval, If you want to quote me please quote the whole sentence: The distortion I was talking about was about stretching the image format from a square (6400x6400) to a rectangular format. I'm not referring to the antialiasing/blurring introduced due to the upscaling. There's dedicated applications for image enlargement like Photozoom Pro (S-Spline based), Gigapixel Ai and others. Some vectoring/tracing tools may also be used for this (like Vector Magic).
  13. The antialiased result of the upscaling operation (depending on the resample algorithm) has nothing to do with distortion introduced due to different image ratios.
  14. If you stretch it to 6000x8000 you are introducing distortion since the ratios are different. Not sure this is intended.
  15. Hi Scott Prock, Welcome to Affinity Forums Do you want to upscale the 64x64 pixels image to what size in pixels? From your posts it's not clear if you want to fill an area of 6000x8000px with the 64x64px image without changing its size (so repeating it multiples times until the whole area is filled) or simply scale up the 64x64px image to a larger size - in that case to what size in pixels?
  16. Hi alexp, Welcome to Affinity Forums If I understood you correctly you should be able to do this setting the Mode of the Crop Tool to Resample in the context toolbar, then entering the dimensions you want for the resulting cropped image (1000x500 in you case), and finally adjusting/scaling/positioning the crop frame wherever you want in the image. After applying the crop the resulting image will have the output size you specified (1000x500 in this case). I suggest you download a trial from our website and check/try the Crop Tool as it's a little different than Photoshop.
  17. Hi ScottP, Welcome to Affinity Forums What Mister Retro plugins are you using? I remember testing a few on a Mac for an older of Affinity Photo version (1.5). Most of them didn't work (see here for details - select Mister Retro on the left column -click on the link's name for details on the right). I don't believe this has changed but I can take a look again.
  18. Hi Magic Pete, Welcome to Affinity Forums No, they can't be adjusted, sorry. What OS are you running - Windows or Mac? I'm moving this thread to the Feature Requests section.
  19. Out of curiosity, are there any reason to work/save directly from a TIFF file other than the need to eventually move it back to Capture One or other third party app for editing? In other words if you export from Capture One and finish the work in Affinity, why not save the file as an affinity photo document?
  20. Thanks for the file Doren. I'm seeing the same behaviour here - it does save the file (for me) but takes way longer if the group with live filters is visible as you noticed. I'm logging this and passing the file to the dev team for inspection.
  21. Hi Gaynor D, Welcome to Affinity Forums Are you using the live filter from the Layers menu (New Live Filter Layer) or the destructive version from the Filters menu? You said you just done it at 100% but are you performing the merge operation while looking/checking the image at 100% zoom or are you doing it at a lower zoom level (<100%) and then checking at 100%? The live filters are dynamic - their output on screen is not 100% accurate at other zoom levels other than 100% zoom. If you zoom to 100%, perform the Merge operation and the result differs from what you were seeing a moment before the merge operation then something is wrong. In that case can you attach the file for us to check please? I can provide an upload link if you wish to keep the file private.
  22. Hi Irab, Welcome to Affinity Forums I'm checking if this was already logged or not and will do so in case it's not. Thanks for keeping an eye on it.
  23. Hi katrinrr, Place the image inside a picture frame (optional), set the picture frame Text Wrap Setting to Tight, then click the Edit Wrap Outline button in the main toolbar and adjust the path that will appear around the image as you see fit (see attached screenshot for reference).
  24. Hi rsymes, Welcome to Affinity Forums Do you mind uploading the problematic .afpub file using this link for us to take a look please? Thanks.
  25. Hi Ecifircas, The issue that caused the crash is now fixed. I'm sending you the recovered file through PM (private message) in a moment.