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  1. Hi dadesign, Welcome to Affinity Forums As Chris said this is a known issue that's being looked at. Meanwhile try to perform the boolean operations with just a small part of the shapes instead of the whole thing at once. It may help in a few cases.
  2. Hi psheld, Thanks for the additional info. The issue was already assigned to a developer but there wasn't progress here yet, sorry.
  3. Hi Balazs Vekony, Welcome to Affinity Forums Those issues are usually caused by artboards positioned (X,Y coordinates in the Transform panel) in non-integer values. Click the artboard layer in the Layers panel (with the Move Tool selected) then check the X,Y coordinates (also make sure width and height) are integers values. If they have decimal parts remove them. You may have to increase the Pixels value in Affinity Designer Preferences, User Interface section, Decimal Places for Unit Types area, to ensure the input fields in the Transform panel are not rounding the numbers to integer values and are indeed displaying the decimal parts (so you can remove them). Additionally you can also enable Force Pixel Alignment in the main toolbar (the first icon in the magnet icon group) to ensure artboards (and other objects) always end up on integer values when move/transform them.
  4. MEB

    Node Tool Curve Selection Accuracy

    Hi simonlayfield, It's possible the horizontal lines on top are affecting the selection of the lines on bottom - this shouldn't be happening and i will pass your file to the devs to take a look. Meanwhile pressing and holding ⌥ (option/alt) while you click on a vertical line should pick it immediately for you, which may help a bit. This shortcut cycles between overlapping objects so you can pick/select ones located below others. You are having trouble creating dotted/dashed lines because most (if not all) of the lines in your drawing have a pressure profile applied (see Stroke popup, Texture Line Style section, the Pressure button on the bottom right). If you reset the pressure you can then turn those lines into dotted/dashed lines. You can't have both dotted/dashed lines and pressure simultaneously.
  5. Hi Jen77, I'm afraid there's no way to prevent that. You can press the shortcut C to quickly switch to the Crop Tool again if that's what you want.
  6. Hi Jen77, Welcome to Affinity Forums Apart the limit of ten consecutive days of use, the trial is exactly the same as the retail version. To "save" files in non-native Affinity formats (JPG, TIFF, PNG etc) use File ▸ Export instead.
  7. Hi pauldraws, Welcome to Affinity Forums Thanks for letting us know about this. Issue logged to be looked at. Thanks everyone.
  8. Hi bergmar, Welcome to Affinity Forums I'm afraid this is not possible when the colour switcher only displays a single colour well as it happens when you are working with a Fill Layer. I will pass your feedback to the dev team for consideration. Thanks for your support.
  9. MEB

    guide lines lag behind rotate design

    Hi PatrickBosKessen, That command (View ▸ Rotate Left/Right) only changes the view of the document to facilitate working on it in certain situations - it doesn't truly rotate it - i believe you are aware of this. Anyway this issue was already fixed in the latest Beta (which you can download from here in case you are willing to give it a try). The guides will rotate with the canvas as you's expect.
  10. Hi CCal, Welcome to Affinity Forums CCal, firstdefence, My reply on the other thread (quoted above) is only applicable to objects that can be aligned to the axis of the pixel grid (vertical/horizontal). For diagonals (and circles/curves, non-geometric shapes etc) like the example posted by the OP only the coverage map (or other methods - overlapping the shapes a little bit, adding thin strokes with the same colour as the fill etc) can fix the white bleeding through the edges of the objects. So the method described by @firstdefence here (coverage map) is the easiest way to fix the issue in this case.
  11. MEB


    Hi GRScott, Make sure the document's colour format is not set to Grey 8/16 (menu File ▸ Document Setup..., Colour tab, Colour Format dropdown). Change it to RGB (or CMYK) if that's the case.
  12. MEB

    Stroke not reacting in AD

    Hi Morten_Hjort, Select the object on top (the one that don't react), change to the Node Tool and drag the red node (on top left), then drag the other one that's below (on the exact same position). You will see that the "shape" is not properly closed (there's no inside/outside) thus no way to change the alignment (until you close it properly).
  13. As a general rule the most up to date versions should open files created in previous/earlier versions, however, since Publisher is still in Beta it's possible that due to changes introduced during the development/file format it may not be able to open files created in earlier Betas (this is also valid for the final release version). Although we try to avoid these situations as much as possible there's cases we have really no choice. Also note the disclaimer in each Beta thread stating that it shouldn't be used for production work: As this is a beta it is considered to be not suitable for production use. This means that you should not attempt to use it for commercial purposes or for any other activity where you may be adversely affected by the application failing, including the total loss of any documents.
  14. Hi chakko007, This is already available in the latest Betas of all products for Mac (go to menu Affinity Photo/Designer/Publisher ▸ Check for Updates) but not on Windows (at least for now).
  15. Hi Manucoruna, If you don't feel comfortable installing the Beta, don't do it, no worries. The bleed guide preview on canvas will end up in the final 1.7 version when released. Currently you can use multiple artboards in a Designer document which may work for certain types of projects. Pages may end up in Designer as well but - as far as i know - not in v1.7.
  16. Hi alan.khalili, Welcome to Affinity Forums Do you mind uploading all the 53 images using this link so we can test/check this here ourselves? Thanks.
  17. MEB

    unable to.get resources for Book

    Hi alan_hodges, Welcome to Affinity Forums The url you are entering is not correct. After the co. part is a forward slash "/" not a dot.
  18. Hi Othmane, Welcome to Affinity Forums If you mean reproducing/draw visually the style displayed in your image - then yes - Affinity Designer has the tools to do it. If you mean having it drawing this for you automatically based on data provided through an external file (a spreadsheet, a text file, whatever) then no, Affinity Designer can't do it.
  19. Hi PKBran, Welcome to Affinity Forums Check the Baseline value (third input field in the left column) in the Character panel, Positioning and Transform section. Make sure it's set to zero. You may have applied it to a text style accidentally which is then formatting the text with that value.
  20. Hi CNicholson, Welcome to Affinity Forums Yes, bleed preview was already implemented for version 1.7 which is currently in Beta. You can download it from here (for Mac) and from here (for Windows) if you want to give it a try. To display the bleed guide on canvas (in the Beta) go to menu View ▸ Show Bleed.
  21. Hi Big_Stan, There's no eta yet for the final release, sorry. Regarding the cloning, as fair as i know the straight line problem with the brush tools. Clone included (while pressing ⇧ (shift)) was already fixed in v1.7. Are you still having issues here with the 1.7 Beta? If so can you please record a small clip or detail the steps you are taking so we can take a loom at this? Itt seems to be working fine for me here (in the Beta).
  22. Hi GreatSouthernBear, Last time i checked the AKVIS plugins were not compatible with Affinity Photo 1.6 on Mac (see here, click the name of the plugins for more details). [EDIT] They also don't work/are incompatible with the latest Affinity Photo Beta 1.7 on Mac.
  23. Hi Big_Stan, The cause is the ProPhoto profile of the original image not being honoured (not being passed to the plugins in Affinity Photo). This is a known issue that's already with the dev.
  24. Hi Wimads, Welcome to Affinity Forums Use a Live Perspective Filter (menu Layer ▸ New Live Filter Layer ▸ Perspective Filter) and nest it to the pixel layer with the mask also nested to the pixel layer. See the layer structure below (to nest masks, adjustments/filters etc to a pixel layer drag them over the thumbnail of the pixel layer in the Layers panel):
  25. Hi Manucoruna, Welcome to Affinity Forums There's no option to display the bleed guide on canvas in Affinity 1.6 but this was already implemented in the latest Beta (which you can get from here for Mac and here for Windows). Regarding the guides precision, despite the guide manager round the value for display on its panel, the guides are placed exactly where you have set them, honouring the two (or more) decimal places. If you want to increase the precision displayed by the different panels/input fields etc (Guides Manager included), go to Affinity Designer Preferences, User interface section and increase the values for the units you want in the Decimal Places for Units Types section.