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  1. Sorry but I modified the file and find it in the history is difficult, You can create a circle with thick line and broke it with lines tool, after use expand stroke tool
  2. FANTASTIC!!! Thank you so much!!! I'd try with krita but this is spacial
  3. .affpub. photo, designer or .PSD from afffinity?
  4. Hi, when I export .PSD from Publisher the text became pixeles, mi customer needs a .PSD editable in photoshop, I told to use .SVG and use illustrator but he dont want or dont know it, he wants the text editable. Making proof of the text opening the .PSD and .SVG (PSD Editable with non rasterize layers) when I open the file in the three programs the .PSD are all rasterized and the .SVG are all broken. If I can't make a solution the customer will not pay me.
  5. ISSUE.afdesign Seem that is a bake problem
  6. If you don't see the warp groups it's probably because when I did it yesterday I pressed the bake button. I added the red lines separately so you could notice the difference.
  7. Hi, Warp group (perspective) make indesiderabile deformations, thanks
  8. When I use Expand Stroke some modified pressure strokes disappear
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